Fresh off the plane from spain Angel arrived in sunny Florida. His parents sent him to stay with his grandma for the summer. Angel was 13. He had scruffy dark black hair and brown eyes. He was skinny and lanky but very toned and defined. He had very little hair on his legs and arms, however you can see that some were growing in. Once he arrived had his grandmothers home he quickly left to find someplace to play basketball. He was wearing tan cargo shorts and an white American Eagle shirt. The name was written and blue as well as the logos. Down the street and around the corner he found a little kid playing basketball. Angel had always had a very horny gay side to him. The boy he saw playing was very hot and had very good sex features. He walked over to the playing and asked him his name. The little boy replied that his name was Brandon.
"How old are you Brandon"
"10 and you"
The two boys continued to play basketball. Brandon had medium long hair. It was dark brown. He also had hazel eyes that glistened. He was wearing a black t-shirt with black shorts. Brandon rubbed up on angel as if he was defending him. Angel could tell right away the he could more than likely get into Brandon's pants. Angel immediately got a boner. Angel started to rub Brandon's stomach down to his penis. Brandon grabbed Angel's hand and led him into his house. Angel leaned over and began to kiss Brandon in the living room. Brandon kissed back and they immediately began to lip-lock. Angel stopped kissing Brandon and took Brandon's shirt off. Angel carried him over to the couch. Angel removed his shirt and then Brandon's shorts. He started to rub Brandon's bulge. He then removed his underwear and licked his cock. It was about 3 inches long. As he expected he had no pubic hair. He started to suck his dick. Brandon moaned and his dick started to throb.
"Angel could I suck your dick now." Angel stood up and removed the remainder of his clothes. Brandon then knelt and started to put his mouth around Angel's dick. Angel had a few hairs growing around his crotch. Brandon slowly moved his mouth back and forth on Angel's dick. Angel let out some moans. Angel's dick was about 4-5 inches long but still was not full grown. Angel grabbed the back of Brandon's head and guided his head back and forth. He stopped his head and let Brandon deep throat him the best he could.
Brandon stopped and stood up. "Do you have any vasseline or something" Angel asked Brandon "No" Brandon replied nervously. "It's okay I know how to improvise" Angel said in a cheery voice. Brandon bent over and Angel knelt down. Angel brought his mouth towards Brandon's ass. He spread his cheeks and licked his ass. Brandon let the loudest moan Angel had ever heard. Angel began to aggressively eat out Brandon's ass. Brandon's body began to contort with every lick. Angel spit onto his asshole and stood up. He guided his dick into Brandon's ass.
Angel slowly pumped his ass. "Have you ever done this before Brandon" Angel asked as he slowly penetrated Brandon."Only once before with my 2 cousins Hunter and David.
" A threesome. That must have been hot?"
"It was" Brandon replied. "Pump me faster"
Angel started to pump his ass faster. Each time Brandon moaned louder and louder. Angel swooped Brandon's leg up and threw it over his shoulder. Angel grabbed his dick and began to jerk him off while he pumped his ass. "Can you cum in my mouth" Brandon asked in between moans. "Sure just wait a few second' After a few second passed Angel removed his dick and Brandon quickly dropped to his knees. Angel shoved his dick into Brandon's mouth. Angel jerked off and finally started to spew cum into Brandon's mouth. They sat on the couch for a few minutes.
" Do you think you could get someone else over here to have fun with Brandon."
"Maybe i'll make a call"
After about half an hour of just fooling around a small stocky kid walked through the door. This kid had short blonde hair blue eyes. He had semi big ears. "Who's this"asked Angel
“His name is Garrett” Brandon replied
Garrett walked over to Angel. Angel pulled him close to him and took his pants off. Angel started to bring his mouth to Garrett’s dick. Garrett’s dick was a little bigger than Brandon’s and had a few hairs sprouting by his crotch. Garrett’s dick got engulfed inside Angel’s mouth. Garret started to moan. Brandon got up and went behind Garrett.
“What are you doing Brandon” Garrett asked when he was able to catch his breath.
“You’ll see, it feels great’ Brandon then kneeled down and brought his mouth to Garrett’s ass. Suddenly Garrett’s ass became went. His moans doubled. Angel grabbed Garrett by the hips and moved him onto his dick. They began to move together in synchronized fucking. Brandon began to suck on Garrett’s dick.
“I thought that you had only had sex with your cousins Brandon” Angel asked
“I have me and Garret only talked about having sex. Garrett moaned as Angel fucked him and as Brandon sucked his penis. Everyone then dismounted. Brandon bent over and then Garrett started to fuck him. Angel brought his penis towards Brandon’s mouth. After a few minutes cum started to spew into Brandon’s mouth again. He kept in there as Garrett than came into Bandon’s ass. Garrett leaned over and Brandon started to spit into his mouth.
After the cum was swallowed and everybody was just playing with each other Brandon asked “Do you want me to see if you could sleep over later”. Everyone smiled.

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2013-10-20 04:42:41
It was a pretty good start, but way too fast. You made it seem like within an hour of Angel meeting Brandon, he was sucking and fucking him and his friend Garrett. More build up will make it more believable.


2013-10-16 18:27:42
Learn how to separate paragraphs, spell, and write. For instance is it Brandon or Bandon?


2013-10-16 15:38:06
So im the author obviously. Sorry guys I will repost it and write some more. I lost some of it so I had to rewrite it. I will be adding more.

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2013-10-16 14:31:08
Write more!!! Make the next one longer and add more detail, like how old is Garrett? More emotion

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