My fantasy daughter.

I resisted her for as long as I could. The constant flashes of nubile teenage body, the kisses that went on a bit longer than was platonic, the soft ‘accidental’ brushes of breast, the hot little bum sliding around on my obviously erect cock when snuggling.

My daughter and I were always close and she has always been very physically affectionate with me, but now my very hot, sexy 16 year old daughter was giving me every indication that she wanted to be sexual with me, and I was scared that it was all just her trying out her new found skills or my fevered imagination. But the day that I finally lost the battle will be vivid in my mind forever.

My wife was away on business for a week and me and Dana were at home together. It was winter and after her evening shower, clad in furry PJ’s ( no underwear) she snuggled up in my lap on the sofa to watch TV. Her heat, her sexy smell and that beautiful female softness had my cock throbbing in 5 minutes. She started moving around and it was clear she knew what she was doing. She took my hand and after a minute of just holding it, she hesitatingly placed it on her left breast. Time froze as the softness and sexiness of the moment hit me.

Casually as I could I asked her " sweetie, are you trying to drive me crazy"? to which she replied, very matter of fact " no, I'm trying to get you to play with me, I'm dying to try sex but I’am afraid, and I've read loads about girls and their Dad's and was wondering if maybe you'll teach me".

Those big brown eyes were filling up at her obvious embarrassment as she looked ay me pleadingly. I looked at her and have never loved her so much or felt so close to her as at that moment. I pulled her to me and kissed her as a woman for the first time and the strength and passion of her response was awesome.

Our hands raced all over each other as all those years of horny and forbidden fantasies became reality and hesitation was thrown to the four winds. She quickly pushed my hand down towards her pussy "touch me Daddy" she said and I didn't need a second invite. My fingers found her swollen lips which were slippery with her arousal, parted them and slipped one finger into her hot, tight, wet depths.

She groaned, and pushed her body down hard on my hand, and at the same time I felt her hand wrap around my solid shaft. " he's gorgeous Daddy, but bigger that I thought" she said. "I want to taste you", as she dived down on my cock and inexpertly but with great enthusiasm sucked my cockhead into her mouth.

I was in Daddy heaven, my beautiful teenage daughter wanted me, her Daddy, to educate her in love making, and was giving me the best blow job of my life. ( There's no such thing as a bad blowjob) I managed to hold out, just, long enough to ask her if she wanted me to kiss her pussy, to which she answered, " yes Dad but later, I've waited years to have you inside me, and now's the moment, I want to give you my virginity, I want to feel your cock inside me" Now how many Dads could refuse an invite like that from their nubile daughter ?

I slowly, gently kissing her all the way, placed her on her back, pushed a cushion under her gorgeous ass and placed the head of my cock between her wet lips and looked into her eyes. " Are you sure you want me to do this" ? I asked, her response was to grip my hips firmly and pull herself up onto me, forcibly impaling her pussy to the hilt in one move on my rock solid cock.

She had lost her hymen while horse riding years ago, so I entered her easily. Oh the bliss of her after so many wanking fantasies, words cannot describe it. She moaned aloud and we went into a frenzy of fucking that was truly shocking, but what a rush. I tried to slow down the thrusts but she wanted it hard and fast. Her orgasm, when it came, was mind-blowing, she screamed "Daddy, Daddy, Oh my god Daddy" over and over and went into convulsions and her pussy sent waves of squeezing ripples down my shaft which blew me over the edge and I erupted into her also. I have never pumped so much cum for so long as I did that first time with her.

She squealed with pleasure and continued to squeeze me as I throbbed inside her. I picked her slim body up in my arms and carried her straight to bed and after 10 minutes or so, we were at each other again like maniacs. She smiled at me and said “can you kiss my puss now, I’d love to know how it feels”.

I slipped down the bed, between her eagerly parted thighs, kissing her softness and arrived at what I can only describe as the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen, Her lips were open and swollen from her arousal and previous orgasm, her slit was wet and glistening from our juices and a pearl of cum was at her entrance.

I slowly slipped my tongue into the folds and was rewarded by a low, guttural groan and quiver all along her body, her hand pressed down on the back of my head and those electric words, “oh Daddy that’s fucking gorgeous” rang in my ears. I flicked my tongue over her rather large clit which sent her into a rhythm that slow built up into an explosive orgasm which almost drowned me in fluid. She clamped her thighs around my head so hard I thought she’d crush me as wave after wave of ecstasy swept though her.

I laid back dripping from her pussy gasping for breath, but she was having none of it and quickly mounted my now throbbing member. “OK lover, your turn” she said and proceeded to grind her tiny body down with all her strength, trapping her engorged clit firmly between us. What a gorgeous sight I had, her slim teenage body, small firm high breasts jigging, and her open pussy lips displaying her erect pink clit with each thrust.” Oh my god”, I thought, “I’m in love again”.

We made love that night for hours and after a short sleep, all of the next day. We made love for the rest of that week, sometimes 3-4 times a day only stopping for rest and food.

I have never had a lover before or since that could equal her. That was the start, and we have been regular lovers since and although she has taken other lovers occasionally, of both sexes, we are still each others best and will always be close because of it.

So Daddies, if your daughter is coming on to you, she probably means it, take it slow, let her lead but never, ever reject her. She’s a budding sexual person and is honouring you with her first exploration into sex,

We had some other adventures with her best friend, but that’s another story, subject to the reviews of this one, I may even post it.


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Amazing !! Thats All I Could Say


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Jeez, B, I hope you're sickeningly happy.
Sasha's seriously wet after reading this, and I must say, it's had a similar effect on me.


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Good story, I enjoyed very much

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