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This is a fictional story that I like to tell you all about it came to me in a dream I had one night.
The neighbors

Chapter One

A little bit about myself my name is Anthony ,
I'm single age 30 I'm slender 6'4" brown hair hazel eyes .

I work at a classic car shop my job is restoration on old cars. It was a spring day in April I have known the Rogers Family for at least 12 years April their daughter just turned eighteen last week .

Mary 32 and john 39and April 18 are my friends ,
and neighbors next door to me on the right side of my home .

This particular spring day I was out mowing the lawn .
I saw a police car and ambulance pull up to their home .
last night I went over for dinner , John said he was not feeling well after dinner so we went to lay down .

Mary and April and my self talked a while then I went home.
John had cancer but did not tell anyone except for me .

He passed away in his sleep during the night , Mary
called me on the phone crying . I immediately went right over to see what was wrong . She told me John passed away in his sleep.

I told Mary and April if there is anything at all I could do ,
I am there for them . They had a private wake funeral service's.

I attended and a few of their family members , I helped with The outside chores as best as I could .
April will be done with school in a month , Mary she worked in a local Department store in our small town .

I was reading the evening paper one night when I heard a Knock at my door . It was Mary she was Crying , Hello Mary please come in and sit down .

What seems to be the trouble Mary?, well Tony scene my husband passing things have not been the same .

Tony do you remember we use to go camping on
weekends , at the lake with our trailer .
Ye I do well this weekend is was going to be our annual going to get camp set up for the summer months .

April is so depressed she can't go with her girlfriends up there . Her grades are not good in one class , I'm afraid she will not graduate .

I need her someone her dad would talk to her and things would get better. Tony would you Could you Please, for me talk to her .

I would be glad to Mary , what would you like me to say .
Tony please try to explain why we can't go camping
any more .

Mary is this all that's troubling you Yes , I would be honored taking you and April camping . Tony What about your work on weekends ? no more over time .

The boss stated to all of us recently nine to five weekdays and some Fridays off . That's not good tony my home is paid for no mortgage. Well if you feels you want to, yes Mary I do .

Alright Tony Ill send April over after school she will be thrilled.
Thursday afternoon rolled around , I was home working on my computer it broke down .

I never really looked at the time I lost track really a knock at the door distracted me . I got up and answered it hello April come in please .

She was a chunky girl of eighteen not fat , she was a cheerleader . She wore glasses black framed , short skirt plaid and white shirt .

She always sporting a ponytail or pigtails, Her breast size I
guess a 36c legs shaved .

Hi Tony mom told me that I could come over and talk to you about my problem . Sure April hone com on in , you can honey anytime .

Tony my trouble is this I wanted to go camping the girls this weekend . you know them , my cheerleader friends from school .

They always went camping with mom and dad and myself . I would say at least once or twice during the summer .
Yes I am familiar the thee girls your referring , Janice Beth and Susie yes that's them .

Did your mom tell you what I told her , no she went to work . she will not be returning home till after ten pm this evening .

I told your mom I would be glad to take you and your girlfriends camping. That's awesome Tony thank you ,

April jumps up and crosses her legs on my lower back and places her hands behind my neck and locks them together.

and kissed me right on the lips , I was shocked . My eyes widened as she tried grinding her hips on me . we broke the kiss then I said " April ! what the fudge ? " in the world are you doing ? .

I'm showing my Appreciation to you don't you like it ? , yes but we I could my gosh . Young lady I am surprised at you , Tony I have the hots for you and you know it .

she hops down and sits on the couch and we begin talking about her troubles .

Tony I have been so horny for you ever scene last year ,
I have never been with a guy .
I'm a virgin I been saving myself for you , I try to change the subject .

April your mom was telling me you need homework help .
Yes I do but Tony I have to tell you something first , I want you to be my boyfriend .

I am to old for you April sweetie , I know but I am old enough too . She starts crying and pouting and shouts .

"I am eighteen ! " I do not want another guy ! I want you .
Look at these , she flashes me her tits and what about this?.

She lifts her plaid skirt then drops her panties , showing me her hairless pussy . Her folds are wicked tight Now do you think I am a woman ?.

I got a hard on and she noticed it , Never Mind telling me Tony I can see your already thinking with your other head .

April I have tomorrow off we'll pack up my truck .
your mom you myself included will go open the trailer at the camp .

What about my girlfriends ? , well my extended cab can hold three. Invite them all alright I will call them when I get home.

We can do an opening and a good cleaning we'll get it ready for the summer . Alright that sounds alright I guess .
April smiles now wiping the tears away it's near the ocean Tony the camp ground is so cool .

Thank you Tony how can I ever repay you ? it's not necessary honey . Would you consider ever being my dad ? . Maybe but I can never replace your dad , your dad was a kind man and loved by everyone .

I hear my mom at night crying she gets very lonely . She breaks down , I don't like to see my mom sad ,
Neither do I April . Does your mom have to work Friday yes
but she has sat off .

I will speak with her before she goes to work , Tony that sounds good to me. What are you doing for supper ? , I'm not sure sweetie just staying home I guess .

Would it be alright if I eat with you ?, my moms working until ten or eleven this evening I think . Yes it will be fine do you have any home work no I don't .

would you like pizza OK yes that's fine , what are you doing over there? . I am fixing my computer the hard drive let go , you know how to fix computers ?.

Yes can I leave mine with you some day so you can fix it for me?. Yes I would be glad to I was thinking , why don't you go home and get it and I'll order us up some pizza .

April walks out the door , I began to thinking to myself if she is that horny what does her PC contain ?. I called up pj's pizza and ordered her favorite ham and bacon a large one .

About a half hour later I hear my front door open , hello Tony I'm Back I'm up stairs . I'm in the shower I will be down shortly I said to her. I know my stairs creek and the house is not haunted .

I figured it must be April coming up the stairs, just then
a knock on the door . Dam it all she says I'll get it ,
I call down there's money on the table alright .

She pays the pizza guy he then leaves, she continues back up the stairs. I hear her talking to herself now maybe I can get lucky with Anthony.

I heard her because shes just outside the bathroom door,
I am out of the shower totally naked . I try to hurry but it is too late , she opens the door and shes naked as well .

April "Put your cloths on !!! " Why? don't you like seeing me naked?. I just wanted to show you that I'm really a virgin , see tony, get a good close look .

I keeled down it looked so tight , I figured I'd go for it .
she wants me any way besides I am so horny, April honey spread it a little wider .

I then placed my tongue on her tight folds , I parted them with my tongue I reached her sensitive clit . Ooh she cooed as Her eyes rolled back in her head .

" oh Tony ! fuck me with your tongue please !! " .

To Be Continued
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