See how the brother was blackmailed back
I tried to improve back my English. I think it was the reason for my low votes. Please read the previous part as well. Story is more erotic and dirty. Proceed with caution. It would be more dirty.

Lucas was lost , in deep thoughts. He had enough power to be the master of 2 females. One was her sister Cindy whom he had fucked already in his dreams. Other was his mother, whom he never thought to bang. He was thinking of all erotic things he could do with them. He loved asses and assholes and wanted to play with Cindy's ass well. But Lucas wanted to be a slave rather than master. The silence was soon broken by Cindy's advancing footsteps towards the room. Cindy dressed her mother back and came over to her room as per Lucas's instructions. Lucas was waiting for this moment and he started to play his dream.

Lucas told her sister about his fantasy of being a slave rather than a master but Lucas also warned her sister by showing the clips he had of them and asked her to be quiet whatsoever happens in course. Lucas asked her to be a dominant queen. Cindy was shocked when she heard this. She was not into any of this but suddenly all of this made her think. Cindy thought it to be good as she too wanted to humiliate Lucas for his deeds and agreed. In this way both were satisfied. Cindy sat down thinking how to teach Lucas a lesson rather than letting him enjoy. Cindy thought for sometime and proceeded.

“Just lay on that bed, I would be back in a minute.” Cindy told Lucas. Cindy went to the bathroom. But there she did a trick as she mounted her own cam on the door knob so that Lucas can get the taste of his own medicine. Cindy wanted him to be on film. It would later serve as a medium to blackmail him.

Lucas was already dreaming. He saw Cindy coming out and got ready. Lucas layed down on her bed. Cindy was soon nude and was sitting on his face giving Lucas the taste of her sexy ass which he dreamt of. Along with that , she also unbuttoned him down to his waist so that she could hump him with her hands. Cindy started to shake around her ass and almost suffocated him sometimes. But Lucas did not give up. Lucas kept on enjoying that erotic smell of her sister's ass which was sometimes dirty as well. He loved that smell from a girl's ass. His face was smashed by her ass and he thought it to be entertaining unaware of the fact that he was being filmed. Cindy soon had his dick in her hands and she started to play with it. She had started it hand massaging. Lucas had pre cum juice on his dick. He was moaning and enjoying the act so well.
“Bend down please and blow me in your mouth” Lucas said.
Cindy was startled. But she agreed to keep it going. She bent over. She took his dick in her mouth and started to blow him. Whereas Lucas was already onto her pussy. He stuck out his tongue to lick her pussy. He started to move his tongue in and out in an erotic way. It was Cindy's time. She was moaning now as she was enjoying it. Lucas turned out to be great licker. Meanwhile Cindy too was started to blow him hard. She kept on moving her head. Lucas was high now. He had nothing to resist now. He knew that he would cum down soon enough. He put one of his finger in her pussy and started to vibrate it. He moved it in and out very fast to make her sister also cum down. Cindy also felt currents and she stopped humping for sometime enjoying the heat. She soon cummed and felt relieved. She gathered up again and humped her brother out. He cummed in her mouth. Cindy could feel the cum flowing out. Soon Cindy's mouth was full of cum and she felt disgusting but Cindy took it all in to satisfy her brother. They both sat down for sometime after that session. Lucas was still unaware that he was being filmed. They both were resting now.
“I want to do your ass as well” Lucas demanded Cindy.
Cindy did not wait this time. She just wanted it to get over so that she could blackmail him. She layed down on bed on her belly and soon turned to doggie position. Lucas started to tickle her asshole with his finger. He kept on moving it in and around to enjoy. He soon pushed his finger in. His 1 finger was completely in her asshole. Cindy was feeling the pain now but she decided to remain quiet. He started to widen the hole and Cindy's tight ass started to become soft. After 20 mins or so , the hole was big enough for Lucas to ram in. He took out his dick and put it her ass. He started to fuck her ass now. Cindy was in tears. She had been never hurt so much. She hated this act of Lucas but stayed quiet. Lucas while on kept pounding her ass with his dick. Soon he was again high and he cummed inside her ass again. Lucas felt great. He was happy beyond bounds ass he was a great lover of asses. Specially his sister's ass. Cindy's ass was full of cum. Lucas cleaned himself. Cindy thought that this is the perfect time to strike back. Her cam too had recorded all of Lucas's acts and was sufficient enough to blackmail him.
“I want to clean myself” said Cindy.
“sure , you are great humper sis” replied Lucas.

Cindy went in to clean herself but instead secretly took her cam on the way. She saw that she had perfectly recorded all on her cam. She did not clean herself. She came out where Lucas was resting on bed.
“Lucas , well I want you to upload the films you have” she said to Lucas. Lucas was surprised.
“Are you sure?” he said smiling. He didn't know that he was trapped pretty badly.
“Yes. Actually I have recorded you too as well in my cam and have it well. All your ass-crazyness is well here and I am also ready to upload” Cindy said showing him the film. Lucas was quiet now. He knew that he was trapped. He hung his head down.
“You have many punishments to follow bro. You have destroyed a lot” Cindy said.
“Fine I would do whatever you like.” Lucas said trying to avoid fights and mishaps.

Cindy was not in a mood to leave that scoundrel. She wanted to humiliate him as much as she can. She held him by his hairs and pulled him into the bathroom and made him lay down there.
“Suffer bro , here you go”. Cindy said while trying to bend on Lucas's face. They were in 69 position again. Just that Cindy was not going to blow him. She was there to blow him out of his wits this time. She opened her showers. Cindy peed on Lucas. Lucas was disgusted but since he had no control over situation , he decided to remain quiet. He was wondering if this was the starting or end of his miseries. He was already regretting his act of filming his family. He never wanted to suffer.
As soon as the pee showers were over , Cindy wanted him to pull out each and every bit of cum he put on her. Lucas was onto his job soon. His fingers were forced in to her ass where he found his cum mixed with ass litter. He had to clean it out with his hands. To torture him further , Cindy used to squeez his balls in between to play. Cindy went out and allowed him to clean himself. Soon Lucas was standing in front of her. Cindy resorted to rest as she had enough to blackmail him whole life. Cindy was thinking dirty now.
Cindy again unbuttoned him down. She again started to blow her brother. Lucas was just bewildered. He thought that his sister has too joined him in and he too started to enjoy. But cindy had other plans. She could soon sense that Lucas had started to cum. She stopped blowing with her mouth and started it with her hands. Lucas was still confused and content. She brought Lucas's hands forward and allowed him to cum in his hands. Cindy asked him to stay still and went back to bed and switched her cam back on.
“Take it in Lucas” she said looking into her cam. Lucas was stunned. He had no choice. He got filmed while eating his own cum. He was disgusted.
“The Gay Lucas, this name suits well to this video” she said chuckling.
Lucas was still standing still.

“I would make you eat my shit but I want mother to be in as well so that she too could see you suffer” said Cindy. Lucas begged her to forgive which she refused without consideration.
“Come early morning as well” said Cindy. Lucas was searching for the reason on her face.
“I would like you to lick me off after I do it as I love to remain clean” she said.
Lucas knew he had been stuck very bad. He decided to remain quiet as he had no option and prepared himself. He moved out of the room leaving her sister who was laughing now. The table had turned.
From Half Casanova Prince , to Full Ass Slave.

Well read on the next part to know how nasty Cindy and her mother became. The story would be too dirty next time.
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2015-02-24 18:29:07
Your story does not make any sense at all. If he wanted to be a slave instead of a master that would had been simple. It would had been easier to make it a incest story from the start since both had porn movies.

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2014-01-29 20:48:43
This makes no sense. If they both have footage of eachother than theyre at a stand still and no one has the upper hand. So why is he doing all this?

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2014-01-29 20:48:29
This makes no sense. If they both have footage of eachother than theyre at a stand still and no one has the upper hand. So why is he doing all this?

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2013-10-18 02:11:05
Stop writing this SHIT!!!

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2013-10-18 01:04:28
You need an editor whose first language is English. Otherwise, go to sites that will facilitate your native language. And stay there.

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