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This is my first story so please leave USEFUL coments

Cara walked through the shopping mall, she was 14 and had clear brown eyes a slim build and a very pretty face she was about 5,7 and had A cup tits. she was looking for the shop she needed to go to to buy herself a new school uniform as it was the second last day of the holidays. She reached into her pocket and felt the money sitting there and she smiled knowing that her parents had given her almost twice as much money as she needed to buy her uniform and she hoped she could keep the rest with out them knowing. With that thought in mind she found the shop she needed and went to buy her school clothes Inside the shop there was shelf apon shelf of school clothing, so she went over to the front desk for help. The person at the desk was a attractive 18 year old  with a lovely smile. This girl in particular was truly stunning, Cara never thought of herself as a lesbian but she felt a strange attraction to this girl, but Cara ignored the feelings she felt from her heart and ask the shop attendant if she could help her find her school uniform as she couldn't see it anywhere on the shelves. After asking the girl at the desk if she could help her find her uniform, she was in one of the changing cubicles trying on her uniform. After finding that the dress fit her perfectly she tried on the special school underwear. Cara was feeling quite horny so before she tried on the underwear she stripped down completely so she was standing completely naked facing the full length mirror on the wall. She looked at her perfect naked body. First she looked at her face then her eyes swept over her perfect tits then her stomach then she paused when she was looking at her completely shaved pussy to take in all the detail then carried on down her legs (which she had been told were to die for). After looking at her body she pulled on the pair of undies which were a little tight so she took them off and asked for another larger pair which the girl passed over the door Cara thanked her and tried them on, a perfect fit she so she took them off and put her clothes that she was wearing when she came in back on and walked out of the cubical and handed the clothed that she didn't want to the shop helper and put the other clothes that she wanted to keep on the front desk and waited for the girl to put the unwanted clothes back on the shelves. As the girl bent over to put the unwanted clothes back on their shelf Cara saw she was wearing no underwear and had a clear view of her also shaved pussy Cara started to feel herself getting horny and her pussy start to leak juices. It wasn't the first time Cara had seen someone else's pussy she had frequent masturbation sessions with her best friend Emme, but this was he first time she saw someone's pussy that she was not permitted to see. As the girl stood up and walked over towards the desk she said to Cara 'could you follow me please' Cara nodded the girl said 'its just out the back' Cara followed her. The girl led her around the corner from the front of the shop then turned around to face Cara she then leapt forward and before Cara could react she grabbed Cara's dress and tore it off her shoulders and let it fall to Cara's feet the girl then grabed Cara's bra and pulled quite roughly over her head. She then reached down and grabbed Cara's undies and dropped them with to the floor with dress the girl then bent over and shoved her tongue deep into Cara's soaking wet pussy. Cara let out a  long moan of delight as she grabbed the girls head and held her head there as the girl tongue fucked her to a massive orgasm. Cara could feel her orgasm approaching as the shop attendants tongue slid in and out of Cara's vagina. "Ah fuck yes" Cara moaned "oh yes" she said again "oh fuck I'M GOING TO CUM!!!!!" almost straight after she finished saying that she had a huge orgasm in the girls face. The girl then licked up all of Cara's pussy juice and stood up. For a moment the girl looked into Cara's eyes and then said "lie down" Cara nodded and sat down on the ground then lay backwards so she was lying flat on the ground then girl then undressed and before Cara could react (again) leaped forward and began to grind her soaking pussy on Cara's face. Cara could hear the girl start to moan then suddenly BAM! cum splashed all over Cara's face. Cara looked around and saw lying on the ground a coat hanger which had a thick rubber covering the bottom bar. Cara went over picked it up and snapped the other two bars and the hook off the rubbery bar. Then grabbed the rubbery stick and walked over to the girl who was lying with her pussy pointing slightly upwards Cara grabbed her makeshift dildo and rammed it strait up the girls pussy the girl gasped as the dildo entered her pussy. Cara then sat down on the other end of the dildo. Cara gasped as she felt the dildo enter her pussy. They both slid down the dildo until their pussies had bumped together in the middle and they then both slid up and down on the dildo bumping their pussies together on the center of their slides they then came massively. Cara then slid off the dildo and looked at the time she still had 25 minutes until she had to go home. Cara turn to the girl and said "how did you know?" 
"I saw your cum on the undies that I put back on the shelves and I thought this girl needs to cum and cum hard". Cara nodded they went back to the front desk and the girl said "you know how you can avoid paying?" 
"how?" said Cara 
"if you dry hump behind this desk for 10 minutes"
"we have deal" said Cara 
With that Cara lifted up her skirt and dropped her now soaked undies in the bag with her school clothes and began to bang her pussy into the girls pussy. 11 minutes later Cara walked out of the shop with her school gear and still no undies on.

The next day Cara woke up she was still completely naked after all she had gone to bed that way. Her parents had gone to work about 45 minutes before hand leaving her home alone. Cara walked out into the kitchen still enjoying the freedom she felt when she was naked and she also felt Horney because there was nothing secret about what she was doing and someone could probably see her through the windows if they looked closely. Cara began to make herself a bowl of cereal. When she had finished her food she decided she had been horny for long enough and needed to do something about it, so she walked over to the living room and lay down on the sofa in front of the tv. Cara then got up and plugged her laptop into the tv so the computer screen could be seen on the tv, she then went onto her favorite porn sight and began to stream someone porn on her  computer and watched it on the tv. After this Cara flopped down on the couch. She then began to rub her pussy in time with the pornstar on the tv. Cara had always liked female masturbation videos because she loved to do all her movements in time with the girl masturbating in the video. Cara then licked her finger and spread her legs and then slowly inserted her finger into her pussy. She loved that feeling, having something inside her. After a full hour of masturbating Cara was completely exhausted. 

The next day Cara got up and climbed into her school gear she paused for a moment, clothes felt strange-ish after being naked all the day before and all night. After her first day back at school Cara got onto the bus to go home as she got onto the bus she noticed she was the only person on there. Cara was sad and happy at the same time she was happy because the bus wasn't over flowing with people like it usually was when she got on. Five minutes after getting onto the bus it pulled up to another stop where a boy called John got on. Cara really liked John he was always really nice to her and she thought he was quite cute. She had masturbated to him the day before during her massive masturbation session. John smiled at her as he got on she smiled back at him. John sat down on the seat opposite to her and looked at the window. It was then that Cara noticed something wet against her leg she wondered what it was so with a final quick glance at John - who was still looking out the window- she pulled up her skirt and pulled her undies away from her pussy to see cum running in a thin steam out of her pussy, she shrugged and let her undies and dress fall back into position she looked at John who quickly glanced away "he was looking at my pussy!" she thought and then an idea struck her like a lightning bolt. Cara turned to John and said "do you want it?" 
John looked at her for a moment then said "fuck yeah I want it!" with that he leapt up and grabbed her head and kissed her deeply on the lips, he then began to undo the buttons on the front of her 
dress, he then saw she wasn't wearing a bra and he then  began to fondle and squeeze her perfect rock hard tits with his left hand and his mouth while he undid the rest of her dress with his right hand. Once he had fully undone Cara's dress he pulled the edges of her dress off her body so he had a clear view of her semi nude body. After taking in every inch of her mostly nude body he pulled her undies clean off her legs and bent over and began to eat her pussy. Cara had never felt anything so good before in her life even with the girl in the shop, she writhed and wiggled and began to moan as John brought her closer to her orgasm. Cara loved the feeling of John's lips on her pussy as he ate her. Cara then felt him spread her pussy lips and begin to stick his tongue inside her pussy and began to tongue fuck her. Cara moaned more and more as she got closer and closer to her orgasm (which she suspected was going to be a big one) and then cum erupted out of her pussy and covered John's face. The two of them then began to kiss and roll around on the seat and Cara licked her cum off John's face whilst grinding her pussy on the hard lump in his pants that was his cock. Cara got into a position where she could take John's pants off once she pulled his pants and undies off she saw John's 6 inch dick stand up in all it's glory. John then stood up and pulled his shirt off so he was standing naked as well. He then asked "Cara can you suck my dick?" with that Cara grabbed his dick and shoved her mouth down on it and began to suck his dick like she had seen porn stars do it. Cara slid her mouth up and down on John's 6 inch dick until she tasted the pre-cum leak out. Cara looked at John and said "fuck my pussy you dirty boy" to which John replied with "spread your legs you horny slut"  he grabbed her thighs and pulled  her legs apart and shoved his cock strait up her pussy. They both froze for a moment to take in the feelings that they felt at that time, John said "oh my god your tight" 
"your so long and thick" Cara replied 
John then began to pump her sliding his dick slowly in and out of her pussy with a soft squelching noise every time John shoved the full length of his cock up her. Cara felt an orgasm begin to build and build until finally "FUCK OH FUCK YES IM GOING TO CUM!!!" Cara felt her pussy clamp down on John's dick and she had a massive orgasm. John grabbed her and picked her up and carried her to the seat across the back of the bus and and put her down so knees were on the floor and her hands on seat. John then shoved his dick back up Cara's vagina and began pumping her once again. Cara had just began to moan "oh fuck your dick feels so good inside me OH YEAH! fuck me like that". Cara loved the feeling of John's balls swinging into her pussy every time he reached the top of his stroke inside her. After another huge orgasm and another five minutes of fucking Cara began to draw nearer to her third orgasm her best friend Emme climbed onto the bus she paid the driver and looked up the isle and saw John with his dick buried deep within her friend and Cara's cum spray out of her pussy. Emme gasped and her jaw Dropped. John looked over his shoulder saw Emme's tits immediately stand up hard he figured she would have to be next. 

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Again, we see the infamous "white wall of text". Please learn to format your text into a readable version by using double spacing to break up your text. Also, learn the difference between "your" (the possessive form of "you") and "" (a contraction of "you are"). You may also try to learn the difference between "isle" (a small island) and "aisle" ( a passageway, normally between rows of seats) as well as the difference between "site" and "sight". Haven't you ever heard of proofreading BEFORE posting? This was VERY amateurishly done.

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