A long way down the road from when my daughter and her friends decided to make a 'Happy Daddy Project' - but was it the right road...
(I had begun fantasizing as a substitute for real sex; no names, no faces, but they were all young - well, girls….just fantasies….but my own daughter and her school friends began turning those into a new reality….)


The Opening
[From Ch. 3 - ….I tried to separate each strand of curly hair with my lips just to taste a single one at a time – but we would have been in this cubicle until the next millennium, so much, so many hairs did she have covering her girlhood, her womanhood, hiding within.

As with her aunt, Ming, my face was covered in her fur the more I burrowed and it entered my nostrils and eyes and mouth as I sought the path to young Yoni’s holy grail of a slit, itself hiding the entry way to what I expected Nirvana to be like.

I looked up at the breasts which had caused me to scurry into the Men’s: they were bouncing their way to the pool side near us, enormous and natural: Linh’s mother….
“Do you like her, like her body, Mr Steve?”
“Just a dream Yoni, just a dream I sometimes have….”

Part 1

I helped Yoni, my new 12y.o. lover with the bush of hair I so loved around her cunt, out of the pool; after our long session in the Ladies’ toilet cubicle where I explored her forest of hair for the first time and for a very long time, she was weak and needed my support as we gathered our towels and headed for the elevator back up to my apartment.
Yoni told her aunt Ming, my housekeeper, she had felt really tired in the sun and just wanted to lie down and have a rest; Ming helped her to my daughter’s bedroom and I went for a quick shower and came back to find Ming a little concerned.
“Did something happen at the pool, Khun Steve; it wouldn’t be like her to feel the sun so early?”
“That’s what Yoni said, Ming: just tired….”

I headed for the dining room table, not much else to do but read my newspaper…oh, where was it? And my cigarettes – must have left them at the pool. “Ming, I am just going back to the pool, left my things there.”
I opened the front door, just as Linh was about to knock it appeared; she smiled “Did you ‘sense’ me coming Mr Steve – that’s rather romantic, wouldn’t you agree?”
Blushing, I looked down and then saw she was holding my cigarettes and lighter in her hand; “My mum saw these on your table; she has borrowed your newspaper and will give it back of course, but she asks if you would like to come up to our apartment for a café, or something to drink?”
Not for the first time, a young girl already knew she had me hooked and knew my answer would be “Yes, ok, nong Linh.”
I called to Ming that I was going out for a café for a while and went with Linh to the elevator, recalling the ride up with her earlier this morning, but she didn’t grab for my dick this time. We got out at her floor and she opened her apartment’s door and ushered me in.

Her mother was in the kitchen; she had showered and changed and was dressed, as was Linh, in a simple light shift, hers light blue and Linh’s pink; neither had bras on it was plain to see and while Linh’s were the young, strong but small perky breasts of a teenager, her mother’s jiggling mountains as she walked towards me were also strong and seemed to defy gravity by not having any sag – amazing, and I stared impolitely as she covered the 6-8 steps closing the distance between us to wai and welcome me to their home.

I responded, not sure if I spoke or not before she led me to their dining area, the same layout as my own, and sat me down; “Would you like a café or cool drink, beer perhaps, Khun Steve?”
“A beer would be welcome, thank you….sorry but I don’t know your name….”
“Have you forgotten me already, Khun Steve; I just told you 1 minute ago – it’s Maw.”
I blushed again – seems to be an easy reaction towards both Linh and her mother Maw; ‘Maw’, now that was fitting: she had seemingly glorious breasts, and 12y.o. Maw down on my apartment level did have glorious breasts; perhaps ‘Maw’ means ‘beautiful breasts to suck and fondle and make love to’.

She brought me a large bottle of beer, glass and ice and set it on a table mat in front of me; “Please smoke if you want, I do occasionally” but I indicated I would go out on the balcony as I did in my home. Linh came to the table and sat in a chair next to me, drinking strawberry milk.

Just then her mother’s phone rang and when she finished she said “Sorry honey, Mr Steve; there is a problem at the office and they need me to come in, I could be late Linh, sorry.”
“I should go too” I began, but she waved me back into my seat and said “No need at all, unless you must. Linh will be bored in 5 minutes but you could distract her if you can stay a while, please.”

Linh put her hand over mine and looked up with puppy dog eyes, begging; “All right, if you’re sure it is ok; we could go down to my apartment for lunch if that helps; my housekeeper is there and her 12y.o. niece also, so there would at least be ‘girly’ things to talk about and do I guess.”
“I do womanly things, Mr Steve, thank you.” I smiled and bowed over her hand, “I offer you my sincerest apologies, my dear old Lady” and kissed the back of her hand; she giggled and then spanked me lightly on the arm.
Maw went into her bedroom to change and soon left, a kiss for Linh, a quick whisper, and a smiled ‘sorry, hope we see you soon’ and she left.

I poured another glass of beer, my hand shaking and clinking on the rim of the glass; Linh said “Are you nervous with me, Mr Steve - why?”
Her disarming manner somehow made my words blurt out the simple truth to her. “Ah, yes, a little I guess, nong Linh; well, you don’t really know me and I am an old man and, to be honest, young girls attract me very easily, especially young, beautiful, sexy ones like you; ah, that’s why I feel a little nervous and am trying to control myself.”

“Oh, is that all, Mr Steve; Maw and Yoni told me at the pool all about you: you fuck your daughter, and Maw’s friend, and others she thought, sucked forever on Maw’s tits and told her you want them more than your wife’s, Yoni said she gave you a hard cock just by letting you see her naked, and she had been sitting on a pole like a steel rod swimming with you and you must love her bushy cunt….ah, what else…you love my mum’s tits too, and I hope you love mine like the 2 Maws; there.”

“Oh my, ah, have you told your mother all of that, Linh?”
She smiled – was it a mischievous or devilish smile there? “Oh, no, Mr Steve; well, not yet of course….but there might be some things I would like you to do to me, with me, with my sister too actually; but I am sure you won’t mind, will you, after all you do like young girls, don’t you?”
‘Sister’ – I had forgotten she had said she lives with her mother and sister, and no-one had even mentioned her yet; that wasn’t the immediate problem: was I being somewhat blackmailed, even if she was holding out the promise of ‘doing things’ which instantly fuelled my mind with visions and dreams and fuelled my cock at the same time.

“Ah, Linh, you don’t really have to threaten me; I am having a hard job keeping my hands from cuddling you right now, without worrying if you tell your mother; and your lips look so inviting for a kiss.”
“I am only joking, Mr Steve; if I was going to tell my mother, I would have run up here yesterday when I first heard; instead it gave me an orgasm just listening to the girls, and I knew I wanted the same as they had had. My mother told me when she left: ‘don’t play tricks on Mr Steve’ – you need to know me and you will find out: I am somewhat of a joker and like to make mischief with the men Mum has here sometimes.”

I sighed, relieved; “Ok, I will be wary of that, young lady – though it makes me wonder what sort of devilry you get up to with ‘men’; by the way, where is your sister, your mother didn’t mention her?”
She was laughing before answering; “Oh she went to a friend’s house for the day, guess Mum didn’t need to mention her, she will phone my sister, Moni, and her friend’s mother and explain; she’s only 9y.o. but an ‘old’ 9y.o. trust me!”

The conversation was stimulating and erection maintaining; it was painfully so and luckily hidden under the table, but I needed a minute’s calm and was thankful when Linh got up and said she had to go to the toilet.
I ducked straight out to the balcony with my newspaper for lap-covering and a cigarette and a renewed full glass of beer; I figured to ask Linh to let me have the cigarette and read for 10 minutes – though how I could read when my mind was in such a kaleidoscope of images, all fantasised, was easily answered: I couldn’t concentrate on any news item no matter how earth-shattering and it wouldn’t compare to the thoughts I was having.

The expression “The best laid plans of mice and men….”sprang to mind as my cock did the same yet again, when Linh reappeared on the balcony, clad only in a bra, so cut-down her nipples were pushed out at the top, and a pair of thong panties, both in a purple satin material.
“I sometimes walk around the house like this, if I am alone; do you like it, Mr Steve, I only just got this set last weekend and you are the first person to see me wearing it, is it beautiful, am I beautiful?”
I groaned and my cock pushed the paper off my lap as it strained to incredible proportions it seemed; “yes and yes and yes…to all those questions, my young Linh.”

“I wouldn’t wear this in front of Mum’s men; for them, I wear a normal bra and panties and I come out to the lounge, or into Mum’s bedroom, if he is in there in bed, and pretend I didn’t know he was here; I act like a little embarrassed girl and squeal and stand in shock so they can get a good look at me; I like to make men get a hard cock in their pants, I always think they probably give better sex to my Mum if they are thinking about me – would you think so?”

Thinking about her was all I could do now; her words were designed to shock me, I knew this; her sex-shop (must be) bought bra and panties shocked me too of course, but even through any shocking revelations she might make, the perfection of the body (barely) covered now was uppermost in my mind, along with the mass of things I would love to do with it.
Her nipples, pushed up as they were, showed red and hard and very big; her breasts had to be beautiful – I wanted her bra totally off – and her thong covering her cunt slit had wisps of hair escaping, so she was not shaven bald down there and it was all scintillating and titillating and cock fucking desirable.

She was facing me when I heard a whistle from somewhere behind her; looking past her, I saw a man leaning over his balcony above us, a clear view down to Linh’s body; she heard it too, nonchalantly turned to give him a front view and then headed inside, calling softly “Come in, Mr Steve.”
I followed obediently, her virtually naked back from shoulders to toes marred only slightly by the thin strap of her bra and the string up the crack of her so beautifully young buttocks.

I found my voice at last, “Linh, can I see you naked?” “If you are naked too Mr Steve: yes.”
My t-shirt flew over my head and my shorts and underwear, soaked at the front with pre-cum, dropped as quickly; I wasn’t flaunting myself, I wanted her to be naked as quickly.
But she took an age – it seemed – just to unclasp her bra and untie and let drop her thong; I was a wreck of nerves waiting just to see the goddess unclothed in front of me.

Her lips were smiling, her tongue licking them; she stood with her hands on her hips, her breasts were slightly framed by her long hair flouncing down over her shoulders – she must have curled it this morning after her swim I realised – but they were perfect apple-sized mounds which I might not be able to entirely enclose in my mouth, but I wanted to try so very badly.

At 14y.o. her hips were flaring into a woman’s and then her body shaped down long slim legs to her feet, and she was curling her toes under my gaze – my gaze, heavens my eyes had popped out and were actually travelling that body close-up it seemed to me – and then my view went up the inside of those legs to the ‘V’, her life-starting vagina, and yes, she had deliberately left a strip of hairs straight up and down her slit, alluringly mysterious, hiding her treasures behind a very thin veil, waiting for someone to pierce it surely (or had they already?)

I walked the few steps to her and went down to the floor, honouring her body; “You are my Aphrodite, Linh” and called her the name by which I would forever refer to her in our most intimate moments, few as they might be. “What do you want from me, my Lady?”
“Fuck me to orgasm, Mr Steve, simple as that, right here, right now; you seem to be ready.”
I led her to the sofa chair and sat down, my legs wide to support her, my cock waving welcome up in the air; “Your cock is very big, Mr Steve, I am not sure I have seen one so big.”
She sounded slightly fearful and I asked, fearful of her answer myself, “Are you a virgin, my Aphrodite Linh?”
Linh chuckled “Oh no, my Daddy saw to that when I was 8y.o. and for a couple of years after – but then my Mum found out and threw him out!”

She climbed onto my lap, extended her legs outside mine, opening her cunt wide and sat herself down on my waiting cock – well, halfway down, then she rested; “It is big” and she let her arms relax on my legs and sank a little more; “But it feels beautiful and filling” and she was smiling across at me and then she leaned her chest forward and proffered her breasts to my mouth which had waited, open, patiently for this moment and my saliva glands immediately gushed and I slurped her right breast’s nipple before stretching my jaws and swallowing her whole breast.

She climaxed then and thrust herself down on my prick until she just couldn’t get the last 3-4cms inside, and so she began bouncing, “I want it all” she said harshly and ground her hips on me until my pubic hairs covered and caressed her own strip of the same.

Linh sighed and I went back to my self-appointed role as breast eater as she just sat still for a moment and squirmed on me, feeling the fullness of my cock inside her cunt, bigger than her daddy’s it seemed. She was clearly highly-sexed and managed to bring herself to another climax just by twisting and squirming and squeezing me, all while basically sitting fully down; the juice she spurted meant there were certainly no lubrication problems after this moment and it gurgled and sucked where our bodies joined with each movement.

A key turned in the lock just as I changed breasts and began nibbling her long nipple; “Oh sis, you told me you were going to catch Mr Steve today, but I didn’t think you meant fuck him today – I would have stayed at home!”
I didn’t stop: I had a delectable breast in my mouth, the speaker’s words vaguely registered but not as Linh’s mother’s voice, and, more critically, I was dreaming of Maw – the younger – and her breasts in my mouth, and shaping her breasts in my hands and I couldn’t help but compare them for a while….I was in trouble, comparing breasts of a 14y.o. with those of an even younger girl!
I guess it was her sister, Moni, I remembered, as she had said ‘sis’ to Linh; she didn’t seem upset by what she was looking at as she strode into my eye’s peripheral view; god, she was sexy - at 9y.o. – I knew this because she had stripped off her clothes before she had even crossed the floor from the door to the side of the sofa chair!

She came straight to my side and pulled my mouth off her sister’s breast; I moaned and didn’t want to let go; Linh groaned as my teeth pulled on her nipple, but her younger sister was insistent: she finally got my mouth away and hopped on to the side of the sofa and held my face tightly as she spread her legs around my chest and pushed her young cunt to my mouth; “We share everything don’t we Linh? Now eat me, Mr Steve.”

2 sisters; one fucking me with my cock feeling no need to cum any time soon, and the other offering me her tiny, young cunt to eat from – so, I did both, as basically ordered.

Where has my good fortune come from this past – gosh, not even one week – short time! I seem to live in the middle of a dimension unlike any other: one devoted to living out any fantasy and it could only be called ‘Sex and Love for the Young’ or something inane; whatever, since my fantasies had become names and faces and bodies they had become entangled with my daily real world and one or the other was dominant now, but I couldn’t be sure which one was.
Whichever, the cunt on my cock and the smaller cunt in my mouth was now a part of my present reality and I stopped thinking to enjoy them.

Moni’s very young cunt was incredibly tight, but flowered easily when she took one hand and pushed my finger inside her, making herself squirm and moan loudly; this set Linh off into another bout of bouncing and her cervix by now was getting hammered as she kept hitting her depths even though I feared it must be hurting her.

Perhaps it was because she suddenly collapsed forward and laid her head between her sister and my torso for a minute before asking me to help her off my cock; Moni was watching and as Linh withdrew, she was panting “my god, where is the end of it, how did you get that inside you Linh?”
In response, Linh’s cunt sucked my head, unwilling to let go and then she popped off, a clam shell closing its jaws and she just slid off and down my legs to lie on the floor at my feet, her cunt red and inflamed, seeming to gasp for air, that clam opening and closing, glistening with her juices as I hadn’t cum, but had made her cum.

Moni took herself from me, “I want to try that” and she went to my lap and sat up on it, grasping my wet, slippery but rigid cock in her tiny hands.
When she began to rise to feed it into her body, I saw some sense, enough to say “Moni, stop; you are too young, your body too small, wait 5 or 10 years until you decide this is what you want for the first, maybe painful, time.”

She laughed again, “Oh, I am not a virgin, Mr Steve, but my Daddy’s cock is a small sausage compared to this, but he did take my virginity and fuck me, so don’t worry about me, just let me try.”
“Your Daddy fucked you too, how old were you; I thought he had gone a long time, Linh told me?”
“Last year he begged our mother to let him take us on a holiday when we were off school; she didn’t want to, but the divorce did give him time with us, so she let him at the end of each semester, and he fucked us both many times in those 2 weeks we were on ‘holiday’ with him.”
“You didn’t tell your mother?”
“I didn’t because I actually liked him fucking me, but Linh grew not to like him, so she told Mum….and that was the end of Daddy’s fucking days – or Mummy said she would go to the Police.”

“But his cock was nothing like this” and she sat on my cock’s head, spreading herself as wide as she could; to give her enormous credit, she did get my bulbous head inside her cunt and shifted herself on it until she was dragging it over and over on her little waiting clit, and there was now moaning replacing her earlier bouts of laughter.
She was hairless of course, so I could see everything she was doing and trying to do; it couldn’t possibly work, I was sure, but I let her try and enjoyed the playing around – until I imagined Yoni’s bush hiding her cunt and my cock half hidden in her jungle as it disappeared inside her, lost to the outside world’s view. As with Linh’s lovely breasts, visions of Maw’s took over, and now my vision of Yoni’s cunt overlay that of Moni and I was teetering between the 2 worlds.

“Your Daddy’s cock probably went in further than this, but this is going to prove impossible, young Moni, I am sorry to say; wait a few years, ok?”
“No, Linh did it; I can do it too” and she pushed her pelvis down especially hard, smiling when maybe a whole centimetre extra of my cock went up her cunt, and like her sister she blew like a firecracker just at this much stimulation – I wondered briefly if their mother was as fast to orgasm; my mouth and hands on young Maw’s breasts did it for her and my mouth and tongue in the jungle of Yoni did it for her too: I liked being able to bring them to a climax or 3, it made me happy at the same time.

But I was beginning to feel guilty – I was thinking about other breasts when I had a new set in my mouth and another cunt when I had 2 new ones on me; I felt my cock shrink a little with these thoughts and it seemed to fit the bill, so to speak, as Moni’s cunt slipped down more and she let out a whoop of triumph “See, I can do it!”
She was an impressive little fucker, I had to give her more credit; “Is your father the only one you have done this with, Moni?” She gave her trademark laugh and shook her head, her cunt shaking my cock within a tiny bit further; “Our Daddy shared us with his 3 brothers, but that’s all – but they weren’t any bigger really, small against this like a little twig versus a log!”

Hell, I now knew 5 girls being abused by their fathers and his relatives or friends!
But aren’t I abusing them also, since I am taking advantage of them too? I countered this by knowing I had not once forced myself, that all the girls had chosen to have sex of some sort, up to and including fucking – mostly them fucking me in truth.

I thrust myself up in a surprise move which Moni met on her way down and I was halfway in, but I knew that was it: there wasn’t any more room in her to penetrate without damage, and I won’t do that I decided.

Moni didn’t actually seem to know how far in I was; she was now past laughing and could only pant; she had to have felt me hit her tunnel’s end and it seemed to throw her into a paroxysm of orgasms; her eyes rolled around in a different direction to her head and when I slid my hands up her flat child-like chest to pinch her nipples, she bounced 2 or 3 times to give herself what became a final clench of my cock with her now well-fucked cunt and she too fell forward on to my chest, a move which abruptly tore my cock from her body to wave uselessly in the air behind her bent body.

A while later, when Moni recovered and found Linh grinning at her - Linh herself recovered well before and able to watch her young sister on me – I suggested they both shower and follow me down to my apartment if they wanted lunch….”Why are you home anyway, Moni?” Linh now asked and Moni said she had been bored at her friend’s and thought she would come home for a swim – “but fucking you was much better than a swim, Mr Steve”.
I gave them my mobile number and told them they were both beautiful lovers, kissed them both with passion and headed home for my own shower and a rest I hoped.

Part 2

But Sex met me at the door, in the body of Yoni: she had her hand under her shift scratching at her groin; I moaned.
“Where have you been, Mr Steve; I have an itch and need you to help, I am sure!”
“Ssshhh Yoni; what about your aunt Ming, she might hear you?”
“Oh, she has gone for food for lunch, said she’d be back soon; where were you?”
Accusations from a 12y.o. – wow, I was certainly dominated by youngsters these days! “I went for a café upstairs, now I am going for a shower; oh, there might be 2 sisters come down for lunch with us- you met one at the pool before - you could play ‘Barbie’ games with them, my young Yoni….”

I ran very quickly as she looked ready to hit me, laughing, but I stopped when my phone rang in my pocket; I held a hand up to stop Yoni and answered – “Mr Steve, its Linh; Mum just called, she will be coming home soon and we should wait for lunch with her, she is buying on the way; sorry, Mr Steve, maybe another swim later…?”
“Ok Linh, that’s fine; call you later after I have a rest – I feel tired!” I rang off to her laughter and looked at Yoni, “Ok, the girls’ mother is coming home, so I don’t have to babysit them; now I am going for a shower and a short sleep, tell Aunty I will make a sandwich later thanks – and if you want a swim with those girls later, Yoni, we can.”

I did go into my shower, but what I wanted was Yoni’s muff washing my face with her special juicy cleanser.
5 minutes reading of my book, door closed, fan on, no duvet and no clothes; I did wonder if I needed to lock my door – I truly did need a nap – but that wasn’t something I ever did, so I hoped between Ming and Yoni, neither would wish the other to find them invading Mr Steve’s room.

I stirred, but my eyes remained closed and, for the 3rd time this day, I found a cunt on my cock’s head – but this was different: this was the cunt I had been dreaming of a short while ago, and my hands reached for the hairy body preparing to mount me, and it was such a small body obviously it was Yoni.

Heaven was in my grasp and preparing to slide down my cock, which clearly had woken up before my brain did, and was far more ready to be assaulted by the cunt which lurked, hidden, in that dense camouflaging foliage surrounding it.
I opened my eyes to her smiling face; “Oh Yoni, I have been thinking about you all the time since this morning!”
“Perhaps that is why I have had this ‘itch’ since this morning also, Mr Steve; I had to have you inside me.”
“But your aunty, Yoni….” “She sent me in here, Mr Steve, when I told her I wanted you to be my first lover; she thought that was a very good idea, 12y.o. or not.”

She was a small girl still, her naked body like that of a 7-8y.o. as she knew; sitting on me, I felt the same fear of hurting her as I had with Moni earlier, but Yoni was equally as confident she wanted this and would do this. I felt up her bare ribs, feeling every one, to her buttons of nipples, surprised they could extend perhaps 1 centimetre or slightly more when aroused as she must be now; they were cute and lovely and I wanted them in my teeth and on my tongue sometime soon.

“But if you are a virgin, Yoni, this will hurt; you are so small and I am quite big for your body and I don’t want to hurt you.”
Another laughing girl on my cock, helping it slip inside – the head and some of the shaft at least; “Oh, Khun Steve, you don’t have to worry about that; my brothers and uncles have all wanted to do this, but I haven’t let them; the most I would let some cousins do, about the same age as me, has been to put carrots and cucumbers, stuff like that, inside me, and some of them were very big believe me!”
“It was fun after it hurt the first time and made me bleed, but yes, I enjoyed it after that. So, I am not a virgin in my body, but have never had a boy or a man inside me: that is to be you.”

And so began the fuck of the day, but this was different: this was my cock being tickled, scratched and massaged by all her hairs at once as it progressed en route down her cunt’s slippery channel; it was small, as one would expect, but it expanded easily, testament to what she had just said about ‘very big’ vegetables paving the way for this, for me.

Because I had no experience with such bushy cunts as she and her aunty shared, it was one of the most erotic couplings I have ever shared and it gave me a feeling of excitement at a much higher level than earlier in the day, and gave an urgency to my cock to actually fuck this little girl on top of me by rolling her over and taking over, and I did.

Of course, I towered over her, above and below, but my head could bend so my mouth could get at her nipples, her toes could scratch and tickle my legs and ankles, and I could gently move in and out with slightly more force each few times – and, the most incredible aspect of this: I could take my mouth from her nipple, lean up higher on my arms and look underneath my body to where my spear was so hidden by her tangled, grasping foliage that it appeared to be buried inside her even though I knew almost half of it was still outside and only slowly being disentangled from her bush and proceeding inwards.

I sighed, it was so wonderful, the feeling of her hairs around my cock, my whole groin, tops of my thighs and even, as we reached each slightly deeper depth of joining, their probing tendrils into the crack of my bottom.

When Yoni pulled my mouth up to face her and her lips sought mine, open and inviting, I felt completely joined with this, my newest, most exotic and erotic, young lover.
When her hands stretched to slowly glide down my back until she could dig her fingers into my buttocks and push on me, I lifted my mouth from hers and growled and with her eyes urging me on, I pushed in and was there, at the sexual heart and soul of her, and I wept at the romance I felt in that instant.

And my cock gave up its own form of tears and young Yoni became not only my best fuck, but also the recipient of a built-up prodigious amount of the day’s semen, more than her stomach could have held if I had been able to penetrate to there, certainly more than her vaginal cup could contain and I felt myself pouring from her, between us and onto the bed; Yoni was shuddering in a climax of her own as my cock pulsed and surged within her, her cunt helping by squeezing and holding me….

Then I put my mouth to hers for a gentle, loving kiss and rested my head on her young shoulder; she gave my body a womanly cuddle, stroking my hair and back and it was Bliss just there, just now, as we came down from a first fuck for her and a wonderful one for me.

We both dozed, still suctioned together, until her Aunty Ming came in; how long, what time it was, I had no idea.
I rolled off a poor squashed Yoni who looked up and then across to me, and then up to her aunty standing beside the bed; “I made the right choice, Na Ming; it was wonderful, all you told me it could be: thank you.”
Ming looked down at our bodies and then at me; “It was a wonderful act of love you did for her, Khun Steve; I thank you, but you must be dry and thirsty, so my thanks will be to give you a drink” and she dropped her skirt, no panties and climbed on my face, her Amazonian tangled furred jungle pressed over my face from forehead to neck and down to my mouth.

It was irresistible – it mightn’t have been to an asexual robot – and she was right: I needed a drink, and what better nectar to swallow than her, once I navigated my path once again through that morass of dank, dark bush covering the faucet of her offering.

My cock twitched as my tongue swept its way through the bush, frantic and dry for some of her juice, or more than the droplets I was encountering so far.

A hand, Yoni’s, took hold of my cock and then her mouth took the head in and began to suck; she wasn’t going to get anything more to drink from there, but that clearly wasn’t her intention; she made me hard enough and moved herself around to then climb on and sit her cunt down on me, fucking me at her own pace and in control. I concentrated on my own quest and shut my eyes against the invading hairs as the cunt on my face squirmed around, tickling my nostrils and face as I pushed on.

Ming gave me her first drink, a trickle, and I think her second yesterday was even better; it certainly was today when she climaxed again and my mouth was filled with a sweet refreshing drink.

It seems impossible but I fell asleep!

“Daddy, you look like a cum-covered rag doll! What have you been doing today – I can’t even leave you alone anymore, can I?”
I considered it best to just stay asleep; if my daughter was home, berating me like this, instead of a hug and ‘hello, Daddy’ smiling greeting, then my eyes might open to face an even longer tirade of complaints: I stayed ‘asleep’.

Letting her sigh exasperatedly, I waited a decent while before getting up for a shower, and going to face the music.

“Daddy, what have you been doing?”
“Just dreams, I think Sammy, I am not sure what happened…”
“Don’t ‘Sammy’ me, Daddy! Ok, you don’t want to tell me, Yoni and I are going for a swim….”
She flounced out, a silent Yoni in tow; I went into the kitchen where an equally silent Ming was folding washing; I made a café and a sandwich and went to the balcony, looking out and feeling the space below and out to the horizon was the hole I had dug for myself: so big!

Part 3

Thinking deviously, I put my costumes on, grabbed a beer and cigarettes, thinking Sam would be less likely to be interrogating me out in public and I might just make her smile and laugh again without having to go into details of the day.
Besides, Ming seemed a little embarrassed in my presence also, so I left her with a smile and a parting “Swim with the girls” and headed down and out into the hot afternoon warmth, choosing to head for the shaded end, but finding the girls there in any case.
Not only Sam and Yoni; they were huddled in the water with Linh and Moni; ‘oh dear’ I moaned, thinking ‘what might they be talking about – school, I hope’; yeah, as if!

It was hot, but dare I get in the pool? I opened my beer, signalled to the bar for some ice and a new young boy came running with it; “Anything else, Khun Steve?” I shook my head, “Not yet, thanks; you just started working here, I don’t know your name, but you know mine….”

“Oh yes sir, I am Mac; Pi Tare has moved to the restaurant bar and he and Pi Dang told me all about you, so I am very happy to meet you; anything you want just wave.”
He bustled about putting ice into a glass for me and trotted back to the bar area; why the emphasis on ‘….all....’ and what did they say anyway, though that was stupid; one or the other had sucked me off at Ting’s bidding, in the pool’s Men’s toilet; that might probably be what they had told the young Mac!

“Come on Daddy, come in for a swim; you look roasted out there”; Sam was right of course, but I held up my can to show I would drink this first. In truth, I was scared to be in the same space as the 4 of them, all of whose cunts my cock had visited - and it was showing every intention of making return trips to all of them.

Fortuitously, or knowingly, I had left my shorts on for now, so my growing erection was somewhat better protected, but not enough; I needed time again so I stood, motioned to the toilet and headed over.
Mac and Dang were both there, nothing to do for the moment; I stopped to order another can and more ice and 4 drinks for the girls; Mac took the order, Dang excused himself and went somewhere while I was confirming the items with Mac and checking on the girls, making sure Sammy was close to Yoni, the weakest swimmer.

I was hiding myself at the tall bar, but Mac came out to the side as I prepared to walk past to the Men’s and he openly looked down to my groin, a widening smile splitting his mouth open; as I moved past him, cock leading the way whatever I tried to do, he sighed but never raised his stare from the spot attracting him; I was blushing and that should have wilted my cock, but it reacted with a surge almost splitting the seam of the crotch of my shorts; I ran.

There were 3 urinals, one was occupied by a man I didn’t know, another by Dang from the bar; I had no choice but to stand at the middle one nonchalantly pull the front of my shorts and costumes down, exposing my groin hair and…my cock was hard and long and it wouldn’t just slip out, I would have to pull my costumes out and over it to get it free.

The 3rd man finished, flushed, washed his hands and left; I waited for my cock’s co-operation and could feel Dang watching, seemingly unfinished himself. “Having problems, Mr Steve?”
I blushed, looking at him looking at my groin; instead of getting ready to urinate, my cock was leaking, I could feel it, but I had emptied myself into Yoni, perhaps twice I wasn’t sure, so I shouldn’t be feeling like having a cock ready to blast again: but the signs were all there as it jerked, leaked and became even harder to try and force out of my costumes without taking them all off.

Dang solved the problem; he pulled up his shorts (over his erect, short uncut cock I happened to see) and took my arm and pushed me into a cubicle, closing the door; not only little girls dominated me!

He smiled at me, then went down and pulled my shorts off, holding my cock hard up against my belly; the same with my costumes: down and off.
Looking at me, I sighed and he took my prick’s head into his mouth, and in that instant I wondered if I was so sexed these days I could find sex in any and all who offered it, or who wanted me to offer it.
I should have burst quickly, but he was so slow, his tongue slurping up the underside while he slid my head along the roof of his mouth, but never more than half my length – perhaps he couldn’t, I wasn’t experienced at this man-to-man sex.

What he did do well was make my cock jerk in him, teasing it but not enough to reach the ejaculation point, not slow enough for it to lose interest, ‘just right’ like Goldilocks when she spooned the not too hot, not too cold porridge into her mouth.

But then a voice intruded; “Dang – are you here, the Boss wants to talk with you”, it was Mac outside the cubicle; Dang slipped his mouth off my cock, stood and said ‘sorry, but I have to go’ with his eyes, and “don’t move, Khun Steve” with his mouth.

He stepped out, whispered to Mac, who promptly entered and closed the door, dropping to his knees and sitting me down on the closed lid of the toilet; “How lucky am I today, thank you, Khun Steve!”
What did I have to do with it, I wondered, as his mouth attacked my prick waving ‘come on’ at him; he wasn’t slow and gentle like Dang – was it Dang then, or Tare, that other time when Ting arranged for one of them to suck me off here? I had kept my eyes closed that first time letting a man at my cock, but this time my eyes were wide open as he swallowed a large portion on his first attempt, cheeks pulling in as he sucked on me, intent surely on drawing out a drink from me.

He needn’t have worried unduly; his manner was so different to any of my girls, or to Dang/Tare, that I was groaning within a minute or two, feeling my balls begin mixing and building up the stock of semen for him to cajole out the other end of my prick.

And so to the climax: Mac had his luck and his drink; my body emptied itself, hopefully wilting the item which caused me the problem in the first place! I blasted down his throat and he swallowed it for an early dinner, ending the meal with a sorbet sucking and cleansing of my cock’s head.
He stood up and kissed me, full on the lips for a quick moment and said “Thank you, Mr Steve; I hope I have been of service.”
He left me to myself; 2 minutes later, after my bladder had rid itself of the trickle of beer/urine it contained, I washed my hands and face, brushed my hair back and went out to the table and ‘my’ girls, finding them all looking and wondering what took so long…”I was talking with someone” I said, not very convincingly to Sam who snorted at me.

I opened my beer, took a long swallow after pouring it over the cooling ice, and threw my shorts on the chair to dive into the water, cock successfully able to be at least exposed within my costumes.
Mac and Dang had done what I needed and the cooler water of the pool helped, so I didn’t mind fooling around with them when the 4 girls strode around the edges until they were close enough to jump in close to me – but I ‘fooled around’ from a distance!

Yoni tried to come to me, I evaded her; “Ok” she said a little petulantly, and a little loudly “All your girls have either bare cunt slits or lovely shaved ones; do you think my cunt would look better shaved, Mr Steve?”
I was open-mouthed and flabbergasted – asking this question in public, telling me she had seen, or the girls had described, each other’s slits, and she was asking me what I think if she shaved…oh my, I was in a very big hole, perhaps the pool would turn into a whirlpool and suck me down into the depths of hell – not the ‘innocent’ girls of course, just me, the depraved old man to whom young girls asked such questions!

I stayed where I was and motioned Yoni over to me; whispering “Yoni, perhaps this isn’t a subject for here and now, and you should ask your mother this, or your aunty – but not me; do you understand?”
“Yes, I do, but it is you I care to know: what do you think?”
“Well, for me: Yoni, you are beautiful just as you are, different to others, unique; I wouldn’t change you at all.”
She smiled, “I told them that is what you would say, Mr Steve, my first lover; yes, I also told them that – I couldn’t keep it a secret!”

I blushed and couldn’t think, but Yoni came to me and put her hands to my face and pulled me to hers, her tongue attacking and getting in my mouth to attack my own tongue; not for long as hands came to my back and I shook and jumped in the water.

Sam jumped on my back, her legs wrapped around me, her hands wrapped around my cock squirreling in between Yoni’s body and my own, before my cock could penetrate Yoni’s costume material and fuck her – as it wanted right here again: my daughter knows me too well now when other young girls are close and available.

She also knew she wanted to fuck her Daddy again: school night or not, the rules had to be broken; I looked around the pool – no-one close, all at the other end as the sun had lost its strength.
I pulled my cock out the top of my costumes; it was hard and ready as I spun around to face my daughter; she felt my nakedness, cock pressing against her and she put her hands on my almost-bare buttocks and shoved my costumes down until I kicked once and they floated clear; Yoni grabbed them and then clung to my back as Sam clung to my front.
Sam’s hands then scrambled to tear her one-piece aside and grabbed my cock and she did shove me inside, and I was there again: inside my daughter, my daughter’s cunt and now we could fuck in the pool – how cool was that!

I backed to the side, Yoni against it first, stopping me there as her nipples crushed into my back and her tiny hands came around to fiddle with my own hard, tiny nipples.
My hands pulled Sam’s buttocks hard to me and I lifted her enough so my shaft penetrated up straight and hit her backbone surely; she cried out into my shoulder and met Yoni’s mouth there, I could tell, and they tongue-fucked there as I cunt-fucked Sammy, the action rubbing Yoni’s bushy cunt against my back, adding to the exquisiteness of this sinful act.

Sam didn’t take long and she was moaning loudly into Yoni’s mouth and shuddering her cunt on my prick, clenching me inside, not needing me to move at all to give her a long orgasm – not with Yoni adding to her pleasure also. I was throbbing, but surely my balls were empty (the contents in Mac’s stomach just a short time ago) so my cock just stayed alive and hard and pulsing inside my daughter.
It could have stayed there forever, but a second prolonged climax from Sammy and she collapsed in my arms and I had to help her hold to the side of the pool as my cock deliciously pulled a long way back, up or down her cunt and out to the water, vainly waving to any passing cunt.

Not in vain at all; as Yoni supported Sam and they both began clambering out the side of the pool, Moni climbed on my back, replacing Yoni exactly, and Linh reached for my cock, turning me around and immediately replacing Sam with her own cunt sliding down my wet, slippery pole – this time she went on me more easily than this morning, her cunt stretching to the now more familiar size of my cock and then sucking herself closed around me.
She had stamina and she wanted to fuck me: so be it; she put her hands around me, grabbed her sister’s hips and pulled us all back and forth with her arm muscles, slamming her cunt through the water from cockhead to roots of me, again and again.

I had hands and Linh had breasts: they belong together, I knew, so I pulled her breasts to me when she backed away from my cock and she thrust forward again as I switched to grasping her nipples in my fingers; she came then and bit my shoulder to stifle the noise; Moni bit my other shoulder and rubbed her cunt violently against my back, left out of my cock’s action but seemingly able to bring herself off on my bony back.
They both bit me hard, violently as they came somewhere on my body – what will the pool cleaner think?

Oh my, I have found myself/put myself/made a group of over-sexed children around me!

Yes, of course, every moment was a revelation to my sex-starved body – my fantasies could never have dreamt these reality fucks!

2 more girls needed help climbing up the side of the pool, Linh just lying there for a minute or two.
I stayed at the side, my cock raging for attention, more attention, without any need to ejaculate it seemed, but I was feeling rather self-conscious; “Yoni, could you hand me my costumes please – I feel a little naked in here alone….”

Yoni and Sam had risen and were gathering their clothes and towels; so was Moni and then I saw Sam lean down to Linh, help her to her feet and 4 girls began leaving; “Yoni, my costumes please and I will get out now also”; Sam looked at me and grinned “You mean these Daddy?”
She held my costumes, towel and shorts and t-shirt up in the air and 4 girls left me there – no costumes, no towel, no covering whatsoever! They ran over to the bar and paused to look back, “We’ll be upstairs when you finish, Daddy” Sam called, laughing as she waved, before turning to Mac and Dang and speaking for a few moments before they all headed leisurely away.

Part 4

I stayed glued to the wall, cock rather deflated now – a good thing at least – and looked around to see the closest people: no adults anywhere near, few kids with their parents at the other end; but there were 2 young girls and a boy playing in the water at my end, so far on the other side of the pool, but splashing and chasing each other with no care of who might be anywhere of course.
Mac came down the pool side with a beer for me, filling my glass with ice and beer – placing it on the table; how refreshing and calming it looked.

Mac looked at me “Everything ok, Khun Steve?”
“Ah, nong Mac, I don’t suppose my daughter left my shorts for me did she, she picked them up by mistake I guess….”
“No, Khun Steve, she didn’t, but that’s ok – going up the elevator in costumes is ok.” He grinned and then I knew he knew – that’s what Sam must have told them! He turned and headed back to his work station – leaving my beer out of reach on the table!

“Hi, you’re Mr Steve, aren’t you?”
I turned startled at the voice just behind my back; but I very quickly faced the side wall again, before answering, “yes, I am, who might you be?”
“Tina, I live up on the 10th floor, but I know some of the girls; why are you standing here like you are hiding?”
Now, a normal man’s cock would have wilted and probably pulled itself back into the owner’s body in embarrassment at this situation; but since my fantasy is always about young girls, this particular cock did the exact opposite by growing and extending and literally pushing me away from the wall in its bid to be in the open, so to speak: there were no inhibitions in this appendage.

“Ah, bit of a long story, young Tina [how old is she, my cock seemed to ask]; ah, how old are you, where are your parents?”

“I’m 12 and my parents are at work, but they let me come for a swim after school ok; our housekeeper is upstairs. So, why are you standing here?”
I thrashed my hands in the water to create splashes and waves to hide me, but I turned nevertheless; a 12y.o. beauty was in front of me, feet or toes on the bottom and standing still. She had blonde hair – a rarity here – but it was as long and sleek as the ‘normal’; she also had olive skin and a lovely face, but under the water I dare not look.

But Tina did; she suddenly dived under and came up closer to me, so close my cock was almost touching her, and then she broke the surface and smiled at me; “Oh, now I understand” and now my cock was touching her, or rather she was grasping my cock, as much as she could, in one hand; what else: I moaned.

“Ting told me how beautiful this is, but I didn’t expect to find it out of your costumes, Mr Steve!”
“Oh my….Tina, maybe you shouldn’t be doing that; it was just a joke my daughter, Sam, has played on me: she took all my clothes, but I am sure she will come back in a minute so I can get dressed; I am so sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry, Mr Steve, but how did you also lose your costumes, in the pool?” Her hand squeezed me cock and rubbed.
“Ah, another complicated story, Tina….just a joke sort of.”
“Hmm, ‘sort of’; what does that mean, Mr Steve?” Her thumb probed over the hole in my cock’s head and rolled around and around the ridge of my circumcision line, as my cock throbbed in invitation.
“Oh, oh, Tina, it just means it was not a very good joke….oh Tina, you should stop that; we shouldn’t do this, you are so young, I am so old, and we shouldn’t do this, please, for you, you should stop….”

“I don’t think so Mr Steve; rather, I should ‘keep going’.”

She had a bikini on; I knew this when she held her bottom piece up above the water in her hand; “Perhaps you could wear these, Mr Steve, but then I wouldn’t be able to hide this, would I.” She moved her cunt to my cock and – she must have done this before – she pushed up off her feet on the bottom, and then came down at the same time as splaying her legs wide and pulling my cock’s head to line up with a descending cunt: a gymnast she must be, as my cock sank inside her as she slowly settled down on top of it, and then we were joined and then we were fucking.

“Ah, Tina, can I guess you are not a virgin….oh my, how did you learn that…oh!”
She had sunk on my cock and spun herself around, legs somehow going up and over so my cock never left her, what an incredible feeling, twisting in her cunt!
“My mother is a gymnast, she taught me and exercise broke my hymen, but my teacher taught me good fucking; am I good, Mr Steve?”

“Tina, I have had 3 cunts on my cock this afternoon before yours; I never came in any of them, but I feel an eruption coming here with you, so very fast, unless you can hold me back.”
In response, she grasped my balls and the bottom of my shaft and closed off the passageway between them; I softened a little immediately. “Not yet, Mr Steve, you are very big, but I am not ready yet – be patient….”

It was an amazingly frustrating copulation for me; Tina could bring my cock back from the brink even as she raised herself to the heights, if not again and again and again, then over and over, until she was sated and she released me to thrust hard inside her and pump out that frustration finally, stifled groans from us both at the power unleashed by a cock denied its raison d’être for too long.

A cough from above disturbed the comedown; “Which ones might you prefer, Khun Steve?”
It was Ming, holding Tina’s costumes bottoms in one hand and mine in the other!
Asserting my age and authority – who am I kidding – I blubbered and babbled and turned redder than Tina’s bikini pants in Ming’s hand; she didn’t say anything else, for now, just handed both costumes to me and seemed to look down through the water to where my cock was as yet disengaged from Tina’s young cunt.

“Might I suggest you do this somewhere more privately in future, Khun Steve; I doubt you would like Sam, or even Yoni, to come and find they have competition, would you?”
Bowing politely to her, even as her cunt clenched to hold my cock and suck it of the last drops of semen it had, Tina said to Ming “It wasn’t really his fault, Khun ka, I did rather rape him, I am afraid; he had no chance to escape me, especially without costumes, but I must say: he has a beautiful cock to fuck with – perhaps you should try it….” And her cunt clenched me again, she was so flexible and in control of her body, and of mine certainly, and when her nipples brushed across my chest just at that moment, I groaned and wanted so much to fuck her again.
Ming looked at Tina, “Yes, I rather think I might, young lady, but doubt I would be able to do as well as you by the look of Khun Steve….see you upstairs, Khun Steve ah, when you are finished here; don’t forget to wear your costumes.”

She turned and left as Tina now slipped her cunt off me, faced away from me to put on her bikini bottoms under the water, but that pushed her buttocks against my cock and it lurched back to life in an instant and I had to have her.

I held her by the waist with one hand, slipped my cock through the crack of her bottom and straight back into the cunt I had just left; with 2 hands on her youngster’s hips I thrashed her back and forth on my cock, a frenzied fuck which turned her back on too and she came on my cock, vibrating and shuddering and relinquished control to me now.
I pounded her repeatedly, deep to the maximum depth of her cunt’s tunnel; when I paused at times, I could feel her cunt almost breathing around my cock’s shaft, as if gasping for air by holding and releasing, holding and releasing this invading spear, no chance of warding it off as it lunged again from tip to root.

Something made me look up, over Tina’s shoulder, down the pool; a pair of eyes and a mouth were smiling at me and, when my eyes met hers, for a woman it was, she nodded her head at me and lifted her clapping hands just to the surface of the water so I could see her applaud the actions she must have been witnessing.
That was the cock-wilting moment, the mind-clearing moment I really needed to stop this insane public fucking of a 12y.o. which could get me lost in jail for several re-born lives.

Then a young girl swam over to the woman and cuddled her around the neck; her mother, I assumed, was talking to her and looking over at me, and then the girl looked at me the same, a smile on her face; she even waved ‘hello’ to me as finally Tina came away from my body and I held her lightly as she breathed heavily.
She turned and smiled at me, “I was right, wasn’t I: it is a very good cock for fucking.” She came to me and I realised I hadn’t even felt the breasts I knew she had; too late now as she leaned in to me and kissed me hard on the lips; “It was very good to meet you, Mr Steve – this first time; see you again, soon.” She squirmed into her pants and swam with languid, slow beautiful strokes away from me.
My own costumes had drifted away so that I had to wade a few metres to retrieve them and struggle to put them on again. When I had finished, I found the same woman and girl laughing at me and I blushed yet again before climbing out – oh no, no towel, no shorts….

I was presentable, my cock was presentable, so I walked nonchalantly round the length of the pool to the bar and asked Dang to borrow a towel; a voice behind me made me jump; I turned and saw the young girl who had been watching me with her mother.
She bowed and greeted me respectfully as ‘Uncle’ Steve, a correct form of address at some times; she said her Mum had asked someone for my name and suggested she come over and introduce her self – “my name is Sophie, I am 9 years old” - because her Mum thought I was just the teacher she wanted.
“Teacher, for what, young Sophie” as my mind whirled at what her mother had been witness to and what she might ask of me before blackmailing me or calling the police?

But my mind was whirling for another reason…“Oh English, of course; can you teach anything else as well?”
Sometimes, it seems I can, I thought but didn’t say; and young girls can teach me a lot too, sure! But I was agape at what she had in front of me: the biggest breasts on a 9y.o. or even perhaps a 29y.o. I had ever seen!

“Oh, I love breasts!” I thought to myself, staring and feeling the stirring yet again in my costumes; “she is so beautiful; my mouth wants – can it be - on those; what are her nipples like in my teeth, I wonder; my cock should be dead but it is so alive again, right now; is her cunt as developed, can she take my cock at 9y.o., is everything of her as beautiful as her face and breasts!”

But I hadn’t been ‘thinking’ these words: I had been thinking out loud – through my mouth, and my words were heard by this new young girl/woman with the enchanting, unimaginably large breasts on a beautiful rest of her!

“Well, Mr Steve, this is all me – but to answer your questions, I need you to accept to teach me English; each lesson I will answer, maybe show you, one of the answers you seek; a deal?”
Sophie held her tiny hand out to me, moving even closer to my body, hiding the fact that she didn’t shake my hand but rather took hold of my cock straining below and she shook that; “Seems we have an agreement, Teacher; shall I come to your apartment, say, 09.00 tomorrow?”

I couldn’t move, not until she shook my cock vigorously: “09.00 tomorrow, Teacher, ok?”
I nodded and she released a grateful, yet wanting, cock and she turned away to make me groan at the sight of her buttocks showing because her costumes were pulled up like a string into her buttocks crease – and, of course, her buttocks were as beautiful as the rest of her…’don’t turn around and catch me ogling, Sophie, please….I will be lost’ but, of course, she did – and worse, her mother was now leaning on the side wall of the pool close to us, and she was watching and smiling at everything, just as her daughter was doing looking back at me!!

How is it I never saw these people before, never met any of them, neither adults/parents nor their children, and yet now I was finding them/they were finding me every few minutes/every day and I was fucking like a rutting stag who has just eaten a pack of Viagra found on his forest foraging!
I accepted the towel Dang gave me and a glass of water Mac handed me; I threw the water over my head and face, vaguely wiped myself with the towel and wrapped it around me to stumble off; “Sleep well, Ajarn (Teacher), 09.00 we start ok.”
I waved agreement and continued stumbling to the lift, trying, really trying, to appear calm, indifferent, untouched by events…yeah, right; I was a mess!

Part 5

Heading quietly into my apartment – thank heavens, Ming I guessed, had left the front door unlocked – 4 girls were sitting in the lounge area seemingly waiting for me.
“Daddy, come on – we are hungry! We want to eat dinner.”
“Ok Sam, what would you like; I just need a quick shower – and find my shorts and t-shirt, thank you girls – and we can go.”
“No, Daddy, we all decided Pizza and Pi Ming will take us; we just need your money and you stay home – Pi Ming left your dinner ready in the kitchen.”
“Is that all you want me for – my money? Gosh, after all I have done for you….”
Yoni answered, “Not all, Khun Steve – just that we are hungry at the moment, ah, for food….”

Money given – to Ming – the 5 of them ran out and I went for a shower and washed my hair of chlorine, just finishing when my computer ‘dinged’ – “oh, what now?” I said as I wrapped the towel back around me and went to the dining table where it normally sits.
It was Skype and I opened the connection; it was Maw – well, more correctly, her breasts which almost jumped off the screen into my face.

I knew they were Maw’s – she was moulding them as indeed I loved to do with them also; they were just glorious young breasts on a 12y.o.
“Hi, Mr Steve, do you know who I am?”
“Oh yes, nong Maw – well, unless you gave your perfect breasts away to another girl, or you have a twin sister I haven’t met who has exactly the same body! But I would know them anywhere, especially if my hands and mouth were on them as I love.”

But then Maw’s face squeezed in beside the tits – a physical impossibility – and she smiled, “Mr Steve, meet where my breasts come from: this is my mother Mien; she got so excited when I told her I orgasm over and over just from you playing with my breasts or scraping my cunt on your body, and how you love my breasts more than your wife’s…so my Mum decided to see how you feel about another pair!”

“Hi, Khun Steve; so, how do you feel about these breasts” Maw’s mother was asking, but I was alternately blushing, not my face: my cock, as it engorged with blood yet again, and if not blushing it was pulsing and pushing at the towel.

I couldn’t really talk, so mesmerised was I at the sight of a second set of perfectly malleable tits offered to me on the screen; finally, I managed to squeak “Beautiful, nong Mien….I cannot say sorry for what I have done with your daughter’s breasts, they just took me over as if magic and I had to eat and play with them.”
She laughed, “I know, we have been away for 2 days and I found her moaning and mauling her tits and calling ‘oh, Mr Steve, Mr Steve….’ And so I made her tell me; she was missing you so the minute we came in the door, we both knew we had to Skype you.”
“I am very glad you like my breasts too, it is nice for a woman when her body is appreciated, not just used.”

There was a note of melancholia in her voice and I assumed her husband was less than a considerate lover, as well as a father preparing for the day he could sell his daughter’s virginity.

“Maw told me you wanted it to be her breasts you were sucking rather than your wife’s; I have seen your wife, she is beautiful and looks to have lovely big breasts – do you really love Maw’s more than those ones you could eat every day or night? I find that so erotic and stimulating and Maw and I are sharing a finger-fucking right now talking with you and having you look at our tits….drop the towel, Mr Steve, I need to see your cock, see if Maw tells me the truth…you know, my village back home has so many girls with breasts just like Maw’s…drop it please….”
Her words made me groan, my towel getting wet from pre-cum; she could mesmerise me just as her daughter had, so I tilted the screen, stood back, and dropped the towel, allowing her to see that which she had asked to see, as I envisaged a village of young Maw’s breasts….

There were squeals and moans and keening noises coming from the speaker as I turned side-on and let them see my profile, wanting them both to cum and be happy; their camera wobbled and then showed me 2 hands furiously fingering 2 cunts, wet, glistening, red cunts; whose hand was in whose cunt I didn’t know, but it seemed Maw and her mother were, at least now, very, very close indeed as a mother and daughter – a bit like Sam had been kissing Maw, and then the other night with her own mother discovering her woman’s need for another woman – and now here were two women enjoying each other because of me.

I felt rather proud of myself.

“Oh, heaven help me!” Maw’s mother squealed and clearly they had both had orgasms; their camera moved back to their breasts, 4 of them squashed together, 4 nipples erect and needing my mouth on them!
“Oh heaven help me – you cannot know how much I want your breasts, both of you, in my hands and mouth and around my cock: right now! I would need a new life every day to re-discover them again every day and start all over: you 2 women have the most glorious breasts I know to have in my hands.”
I was over-wrought with fantastic desire, but that was rudely denied me further as a whispered, “Husband home, bye” prefaced a blank screen in front of me.

I sank weakly into the chair, whooshing breaths from my mouth: Maw and her mother, exact copies. My fantasies could not have run wilder than at that moment….

Part 6

The evening and night passed but I was in a daze of conflicts and emotions, with no means of making sense of how dreams of a few months ago could have come into my daily and nightly life so suddenly, so real, so young, so overpoweringly sexy, so overwhelming in their intensity, so rejuvenating my body and cock into a manifestation of how a fantasy would be, could be: IS.

Sam and Yoni came home; Ming had gone leaving Yoni for yet another night after the pleading of Sam; Linh and Moni had gone to their home.
I had managed to dress in my shorts at least before they arrived, chatting and laughing; Sam promised she had no homework, no essays, truly nothing tonight, so she said she and Yoni would just go to her room and mess around until going to sleep; I nodded; Sam paused to look at me “Are you all right, Daddy?”

I smiled at her, pulled her in for a fatherly hug and fatherly kiss in her hair before saying “Yes, Sammy, just a lot of thoughts in my head I can’t seem to unravel just now; I am fine, you girls clean your teeth please – after that junk food!”
I swatted at her bottom and then Yoni came, asking for a hug the same; I obliged, fatherly-like at this moment with 2 young girls and kissed her hair just the same, “Good night Yoni, it is lovely to have you here.” She kissed my cheek and turned, wriggling her bottom and I made a gruff noise and tried to swat her bottom as they both ran off, happy together, happy with Dad/Dad for tonight in Yoni’s case.”

My wife came home, smiled, showered and went to bed, her eyes asking if I was joining her; I nodded ‘soon’ and she went into Sam’s room. Several beers and cigarettes later, hoping the anaesthetic effect would stop the thinking, I went to my room: no wife in there – oh, she is with the girls, 3 women playing!

I showered again, forgetting I had earlier and had done nothing since; cleaned teeth and lay on the bed, naked, but then climbing under the thin duvet and, thankfully, with a mind blank, fell asleep.

A body snuggled up to me sometime in the darkness: the breasts were those of my wife – I thought of Maw and Mien and groaned – but covered that: I had to get up and run to the toilet before returning and putting an arm under her neck and letting her meld to my side.
I sniffed: she smelled like Sex; I kissed her gently on the mouth: she tasted like Sex. I even felt a hair on my tongue after and used my finger to take it out: crinkly, so I knew she had been buried in Yoni’s muff – perhaps with Sam buried in her mother’s cunt at the same time.

My daughter, perhaps now Yoni, seemed both to be discovering their bisexuality at a frighteningly rapid pace!
I closed my eyes but it seemed they were re-opened within moments in the morning light as my wife disentangled herself from my arms and rose to shower.

I couldn’t sleep more, so I joined her in the bathroom and washed and cleaned; needing a shave but that was the one thing I could almost say I ‘hate’ – I don’t like that word and never use it, except to myself about shaving!
But I shaved anyway: thoughts of scratching Maw’s breasts, or now her mother’s – oh heavens, maybe a whole village – with my stubble caused me to spend the 5 minutes to be clean-shaven, cleaning the mirror of condensation from my wife’s hot shower.
I asked my wife if she had slept well; she did have a beautiful body, no wonder other women, girls, her own daughter loved to play with it; it was just that I didn’t anymore and not really an ‘age’ thing: just too many young mouths, young breasts, young nipples, young bodies, young cunts and toes and legs and undeveloped hips and long hair and virginity and incest and….and I was a dirty old man who now wanted beautiful young things to play with, interspersed with their mothers (or even men sucking me off I had to remember).

I made a café and sat outside in the still beautiful morning air – before the heat and the traffic could interfere too much with solitude and enjoyment.
I heard Sam coming out; “Perhaps you need a bigger bed, Sam?”
She hugged me from behind and then jumped in my lap, knowing she would sit on my cock and probably what reaction it would give: it did and she giggled. “Can I, Daddy – a king-size, and then you could have room to be in there too – but I am not sure if this will fit anymore…it just seems to get bigger Daddy!”
“Samantha….” I began, but she kissed me, small tongue licks, and she jumped off and into the kitchen for her breakfast before School.

Yoni came out, smiled rather shyly at me, but I motioned her over for a hug and ‘good morning’ and kiss and whispered to her “I found one of your ah, hairs, when I kissed my wife a gentle ‘good night’ – this morning sometime – just don’t let her, or Sam, bite and eat them all out! I love them as they are, as many as they are, ok?”
She laughed, “Don’t worry, Mr Steve – they will grow back fast, just for you; my hairs love you.”

She kissed me on the cheek, but it was a very long kiss; “I love you too, Daddy” she said quietly, emotively, fervently even; before I could say anything, she moved her lips to mine, sealing any comment inside and she shook her head, mine also as she didn’t let my mouth go; she was telling me: ‘don’t say anything; I am telling you my Truth.’
I remained silent as she went to eat cereal for breakfast with Sam.
Yes, even without the vasectomy my wife and I had agreed to have: 2 daughters were proving to be a Beautiful Thing.

My wife came out, spent a few minutes with the girls, kissed them both on the mouth I could see, laughingly complained about her lipstick and then came out to me; “Our Life has changed suddenly, hasn’t it husband? Do you like the changes or do they upset you?”
I smiled and leaned up for a kiss, smearing her lipstick more, to her anguish, “I am totally satisfied with Life as it is now, this very moment.” She kissed me and then ran off to repair her lipstick, before shouting “Late now, bye all!”

2 minutes later, Ming arrived and asked me if she could go to the market first and she and Yoni could eat breakfast out also; “Of course Ming, no problem; are you going to clean your teeth Sam, and you Yoni, after that sugar-filled cereal? Come on, I will walk you to school.”

Returning to the apartment, I had just removed my t-shirt and made a new café when the doorbell rang.
“Good morning, Ajarn Steve, are you ready to start? This is my mother, Sylvia….”
“Good morning Tina, yes ready; welcome, Tina’s Mum, Khun Sylvia” and I bowed respectfully and greeted her in Thai, as did she in response.
“Actually, Tina’s English seems already to be of a high standard – are you sure she needs me?” I asked Sylvia, a similarly long blonde-haired woman as her daughter, with a wide smile, large breasts, slim legs and pretty face; that was the only difference to Tina: Tina’s face was beautiful to the extreme.

“Oh yes, I am sure: she needs you to ah, ‘fine tune’ her pronunciation and ensure she can understand everything. She wants to be an actress one day so be careful she doesn’t play ‘Hollywood’ too much with you, but she does like to role-play as well, so you could let her do this and see how good she is perhaps.”
It seemed rather a lot of challenges to throw at me when I thought we would just study English, but her mother was smiling, Tina was smiling and swaying, her feet gently moving closer to me, and my cock dictated I should accept, agree and move away and inside – very quickly.

“Mum, enough talking, I want to get started, go home please; 2 hours Mr Steve, that ok for you?”
I nodded and her mother waved ‘bye’ and Tina closed the door after her.
“Good, she has gone; nice apartment, Ajarn – where is the bedroom?” She walked down the hallway peering here and there until she came to the spare 3rd bedroom; “in here, Ajarn, for the first lesson and first answer….close the door.”

I followed as ordered by this precocious 9y.o. and stepped into the bedroom; she was perched on the bed, her dress off and unclasping her bra; “Tell me some of the things you could do with these, Ajarn, and you shall have your answer in your mouth….”
She lay back on the bed while I fumbled and sweated and stared at the exposed breasts in front of me; they can’t be real, not this size on a 9y.o. baby!

“Come on Ajarn, I am waiting and I am horny for you to get your answer….”
“I will stroke them, cup them, lick them, try and swallow them – but think they are too big; your nipples I will suck, hard, with my lips and hold them in my teeth; I will jam my cock between the mounds and fuck you as I squeeze my cock along the valley between those luscious tits of yours, Tina; how did you ever grow these?”
“Good teaching Ajarn Steve; come for your answer – you think they aren’t real, don’t you, so come and find out for yourself, for your answers will be found when they are in your mouth.”

One soon was in my mouth after I had laid Tina down flat and kissed and licked my way from her neck downwards to the outside of her outsized breasts; the mound moved and jiggled naturally: nothing fake or surgical about that for sure.

I stretched my jaws and began an anaconda or python-like widening of my mouth and just managed to envelop her whole mound, with a pulsing nipple up at the roof of my mouth as my teeth held on to her breast’s edges and my lips sucked for the milk which would one day be in there, the day when no man would be able to swallow her size, of that I was certain.
“No-one has done that to me! You are a great Teacher, Ajarn Steve!” Tina was writhing a little now and I moved slightly more on top of her to hold her still enough not to dislodge my mouth; my cock was big and throbbing against her leg and hip.

“Would you like me to masturbate you, Ajarn – jerk you off? I can’t fuck yet, Mum says I am too small ‘down there’ but she has shown me how to get a man’s cock to spurt, if you want….”
“Do I feel like I need you to do that, Tina; don’t worry, this is just my cock reacting to your beautiful, delicious breasts. I didn’t ask and wouldn’t ask to fuck you; your mother is quite right, and really breasts are my number one passion and what I love above everything – and your breasts are just fine for me!”
As indeed they were; of course they were unlike Maw’s, these just so middle-teens perky and upright and large, and on such a petite rest-of-body very young girl; I feasted on them.

I was swapping breast to breast, my hand roaming her abdomen and stroking her cunt through her panties, and she was panting, getting wetter against my finger – more so, I soon noticed, when I backed off her whole breast to nibble and suck her nipples: clearly, her nipples were an erogenous zone for young Miss Tina.

I tested that theory more and more as my finger became 2, ever so slightly delving her panties material into her tiny slit, and soon she was soaked through and writhing until, I am sure, she had an orgasm and she squealed and became frozen in place for a minute, while I ever so gently tongued her nipple and kissed up her breasts to her neck and ears and mouth; she wrapped her arms around me then and opened her mouth to mine and sucked me like she was thinking of a cock there, perhaps my cock there – or had she done that already in one of her Mother’s lessons?

I didn’t, and Tina certainly didn’t, hear the front door or the bedroom door open, or close again; I didn’t stop my mouth from being joined with hers, or my fingers stroking her cunt; the first I knew of an interruption was the tickling from bushy hairs on my arse!
A slight body: Yoni! I had to take my mouth so reluctantly from Tina’s breasts to quickly ask “Yoni, where is Aunty Ming?”
“Still at the market Khun Steve, I came alone – just as well, right” and she giggled as she squirmed her bush against me, tickling and stimulating together.

“Khun Steve, I am itchy – you know what I need; can I take over with my mouth up here and you take care of me, please, with your mouth; I promise this girl will not go home until she is very happy, and I am very happy too!”
Young Tina was still coming down from her orgasm, but she didn’t like my mouth being removed as I gently pushed her over a little on the bed to allow Yoni to climb over me, her cunt bush tickling from hip to groin to hip over me, until she was in the middle of us, but then she changed her plans and she lay herself along Tina’s body, cunt to cunt almost, and she now put into practice what I guessed she and Sam had practiced: her tongue in Tina’s mouth and fucking her there.

And so I found myself burrowing into Yoni’s jungle of cunt bush and sometimes finding little Tina’s cunt buried under there the same, and I treated them the same: with my tongue, my teeth and my mouth and lips.
Both cunts jerked at various times, a spasm and squirted; my mouth was very wet as was the bed and bodies in between, but my heavens it was a beautiful thing we were doing, the 3 of us: giving happiness to each; how can ‘sharing’ be any better than this!

I couldn’t resist one time when ideas occurred to me, and I took my mouth from below and transplanted my body back up the length of theirs and joined my mouth with theirs: 3 of us, 3 mouths and 3 tongues all battling to bring orgasmic bliss to each other.

Never had I done anything like this, not even in my wildest fantasy; 3 tongues – who knew which was whom, who cared! I squirreled my hands under Yoni’s body, across her nipples which shuddered at my touch, but it was the breasts of Tina I wanted to hold in my hands, fondle and maul in my hands until she came, and then I would bring Yoni off very quickly with my fingers or mouth back at her cunt; I knew this.

Caressing Tina’s breasts also meant I was rubbing Yoni’s stiff nipples while my cock was battling her bush, its independent spirit beating a path through to the gateway against all obstacles: the awkward positions the 3 of us were in, hands occupied, legs twined like vines.

But my cock had done this before and needed no help other than a wet, inviting young cunt – and it found one naturally, concealed in that morass of jungle; it found 2 actually, 2 slippery, jerking, inviting cunts, both seemingly covered by the mass which was Yoni’s groin, so my cock, seemingly confused by the grasping hairs for some moments, finally made its choice and dived in.

The squeak which greeted the invading prick disturbed my conscience as I realised it must be Tina’s 9y.o. tiny virginal cunt, not Yoni’s, which had at least experienced my cock before and knew the size of it – and that it would actually fit; but Tina was so much smaller and younger.
Only my head had intruded, very nicely I must admit, and her slit had taken it to the ridge line of my circumcision; she was wet, so she was titillated enough and mature enough to produce plenty of juices when aroused as she must be – perhaps by Yoni’s mouth, or my hands, or perhaps both of us – but still I wasn’t going to rape her and pulled back to go searching for Yoni’s cunt from behind.

But that wasn’t Tina’s new plan, and she must have struggled away from Yoni’s mouth and growled at me “Put it back!”
A very womanly Yoni suggested “Mr Steve, fuck me first and then you will be wet and slippery to go in Tina; don’t worry, she will take it.” “Put your hands on my tits, Yoni, and your mouth back where it was please” Tina now commanded, freeing my hands to aid entrance to Yoni’s chosen cunt: hers.
2 very young girls who knew what they wanted and how to go about it: I must be old!

Yoni lifted her hips a little and my cock happily plunged home inside, shoving her way up the bed too; my hands pulled her hips back towards me, on my shaft until it was hidden, again, in the foliage which was her cunt’s camouflage.

It was beautiful before in here; it still is and I fucked her as she wanted, not too harshly, not banging away at her, rather gently and sensually and, I hoped, lovingly. My hands didn’t need to hold her body, making love in this gentle fashion, her hips moving slowly to meet my slow thrusts.

But my hands did want breasts, so I slid them up Yoni’s back, big enough to enclose her body, and then slip under her ribcage to her hands on Tina’s breasts and we joined hands to stimulate that tiny baby girl with the outlandishly big breasts and nipples, heaving and straining to thrust themselves up to keep hands on them and keep her churning inside into new sensations, perhaps never before felt, but certainly felt now.
Yoni said “Oh, Mr Steve, this is such a beautiful fuck; I don’t want it to end, just a little more, I will be in ‘a happy land’ and then you should do the same to Tina.”

I did continue until Yoni reached her ‘happy land’ but a change had come over me and I knew I wasn’t going to put my cock inside Tina’s cunt again: not the head as before, and certainly not the whole cock of me.
Tina had told me she was a virgin and her mother had said she was ‘too small’ and if I ignored that, then it would be a rape, and I wasn’t going to do that.
Fondling her breasts, fucking Yoni, didn’t seem quite the same as a 9y.o. virgin being forced apart by an old man’s cock; I knew what I had to do....

(Epilogue: I played with the girls until we all rested and slept, but I woke first and left them there. I showered, packed a bag with essentials, and drank a beer as I waited for Ming to return.
She was actually home but I hadn’t noticed her out doing the ironing; when I went to the balcony for a cigarette, I saw her on the other balcony off the kitchen.
I wrote a note, letter really, to Sam and placed it on her pillow. Then I sent my wife a text message saying what I had prepared to tell Ming.
I went through the kitchen, and told Ming I was ‘going away, just for 2-3 days’; I gave her money, asked if she could stay here and take care of Sam, her mother/my wife – who I had told by phone message already – and, of course, Yoni.
It was odd, but Ming didn’t ask ‘why, Khun Steve?’ and I silently smiled my thanks for that.

I checked on Tina and Yoni – asleep – and went down to my car and drove out, my phone turned off.
It was up to me to decide where my life was going – and I had to be alone to do that….)

End of Chapter 4.

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