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This is the second part in the series about my relationship with April , the neighbor's daughter . How she fell in love with me . How we had to keep the relationship secret even though she is of a legal age .

This is the second part in the series about my relationship with April ,
the neighbor's daughter . How she fell in love with me .
How we had to keep the relationship secret even though she is of a legal age .

The Neighbors

Chapter Two

I continued licking and suckling her slit , she spread her legs wider . Her hands were holding the sides of my head , pushing my face deeper between her legs .

Oh God!!! Tony she screamed "yeah " "oh God !! " it feels so good ooh !! .

I held the backs of her legs as i ate her out , I felt her thighs begin to tighten . I knew soon she would orgasm ,

" I'm going to cum !! " oh fuck!!! , I'm cumming! Oh God I'm cumming!" " yes it feels so good !!" Oh God !! Ah !!! .

Her legs began weakened to the point of collapsing from under her . I lifted her up and carried her into my bed room ,
" Oh My God !! " we forgot all about our dinner she said .

I'm hungry let's go eat do you think you can walk ? , or shall I carry you ? . I'll be able to walk down stairs alright just give me a minute .

we get dressed and go down stairs to eat dinner , May I ask you a personal question . yes go ahead Where did you ever learn to eat pussy like that ? .

That was amazing what you did to my pussy , well I have had a few girlfriends when I was younger .

Mom had me when she was 21 I hope I do not get pregnant that early on in life . Have you thought about the Pill ?
yes I have .

All the boys in my school now that I am a virgin , how they found out I don't know.

It seems all they want is sex , I know some younger girls whom are seventeen and pregnant .
Their parents are not happy their boyfriends quit school and left town .

when they ask me out for a date what their really asking is can we have sex with you . I tell them I'm sorry I prefer woman my own age I'm a lesbian . When a girl asks is it true what they heard I tell them I like guys .

This way I confuse them all and I still keep my virginity .
Well young lady it's getting late it's ten pm , are you kicking me out ? . No I'm not but your mom will be home soon, and you have school tomorrow .

This is why I'm my pj's so I can go to bed soon .
Tony what that April When I was in your bedroom yes ,
I noticed I could see my bedroom window .

Are you spying on me ? No , I mean I never really gave it much thought .
I was thinking to myself has she finally noticed ? ,
If she ever knew I watched her masturbate in bed wow .

Well just in case you do want to peek in on me sometime, when I am out of the shower . I will leave my shade open half way .

Are you sure you want me to see you naked ? your a Perv you know that .
I caught you spying on me and you know it I was last year I was seventeen .

I saw you spying on me I was on my bed naked , I was looking at porn on my laptop . I was pleasuring myself , it was then I looked out my window and I saw your night light on .

I looked again and you had your binoculars in your hands , so there Tell me your not a perv . Alright so you caught me I could not help myself your so beautiful I'm sorry .

Do you really think I am that sexy ? you like my tits ? Well I yes I do I like them a lot there very nice . That reminds me I forgot to tell you may find a lot of porn on my computer .

If you can fix it would you please delete all it's contents on the hard drive really clean it up .

Even if there's some videos me naked that I have done, I'll try to it will take about a week to fix it . I will say this it all depends on if I need to buy parts or not Thank you so much I appreciate it .

Please Tony I beg you , Please don't tell my mom .
I'll do anything you want me to do mom would have a fit if she ever found out .

Alright I will keep this between you and I honey I won't say a word to your mom.
I would do Anything within reason of course , do you mean like having me inside you . She frond I'm just kidding honey don't worry it's our little secret

Thinking to myself maybe she thought I was going to take her virginity.
I couldn't do that now that would come later on down the road .

I wasn't sure when I would take it from her all I knew is that she did want me deep inside her .

April before you go I need ask you one question , what is it Tony ? are you really in love with me ? . I let you lick me didn't I yeah well than there's your answer .

Alright April honey but your mom must ever find out about us , don't worry she won't I'm just stating a fact . If she did we know what would happen Yeah the shit would hit the fan .

I think my mom wants you inside her also . Why do you say this ? because,
I over heard her one night in her room she was moaning Oh Tony ah yes .

I got to get home and go to bed now I love you She hug's me and kisses me on the lips a passionate kiss good night .

I love you too honey I can't believe my ears , I just can't believe it .
mother and daughter both want me ? I miss my friend he was a good man .

What should I do what would he want me to do? I am so confused .

I saw Mary's car pull up and she went into the house, the windows were open slightly to get fresh air. April Mary calls out Mommy's home I'm up stairs mom .

She had left her window open a little bit for fresh air the shade was down , I could hear her and mom talking . April Mom has to work the weekend shift I'm sorry we can't go camping this weekend .

Mom do you think it be alright with you if Tony takes us Please mom ? well I don't know. One man and three teen girls, he'll have his hands full . I'll have to think on that one .

Mom Please I promise we all will be good , well alright just as long as you promise . I suppose I could ask tony to take you girls up to the camp .

I will give him a call better still I will walk over and see him about this.

Mary walks out of April's room and closed the door .
I am up stairs changing in my room when I see April's shade open,
She flashes me her tits and give a two thumbs up sign .

To Be Continued>>>
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