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all good fiction conatins elements of truth
I had just turned 19 I was enjoying life to the fullest at this point I had a high end career and mad enough cash to move out of home which is what I did the first chance I got but what I found was that it was hard to find anyone who would rent to me being young and not having previous references that was until finally I found an ad in the classifieds.
It was for an allotment apartment I could only think to myself that it wasn’t private or of high standard but hey it was worth a shot so I got in the car and headed to the address when I knocked on the door a gruff middle aged man opened the door I stated “I’m here to inquire about the apartment” he just glared and looked me up and sown I thought to myself for a quick moment is he checking me out or just trying to gauge if I’m serious.
After a quick stall he grabbed some keys and said “you’re the first so far I’m not into time wastes you’re not a time waster or going to be a pain in the ass with rent or noise or party’s” he looked back as he led me down the path towards a tall building that looked like a farm stable but not too shabby I glanced into his eyes gulped and shook my head vigorously in a no formation.
He smirked and said “right well let’s have a look inside” and I replied “if it sweetens the deal” and he flicked me another look up and down and I could have sworn he lingered on my zipper then looked at my face with a fresh smirk on his lips as I finished “I can pay you bond plus fourth months’ rent in advance his head tilted back and a look appeared on his face that appeared to be bewilderment that it wasn’t what he was expecting.
And pleasure as it was an offer that was just as good as what he may have been thinking I may have been about to offer I figured then what the hell I will hint I’m that desperate so I said “and I really need this place I will give you what you want” he chuckled and said “ it’s yours but I want my money as you just stated the bond and four months’ rent and you better be quiet and pay your rent on time every Friday by midday or boy I will take it out of your ass”.
So I moved in and payed him his money no skin of my nose I just hoped he would not realise that I could have payed a year upfront and as the months rolled by and I fell into routine I payed my rent on time and left him to himself I have never known what it if he does exactly he spends most of the time in his shed using tools I kept to myself and he kept to myself although the love life took a hit and when I say love you know what I really mean I wasn’t game to bring chicks back to the place lest he perv or creep them out and guys were out to I still wasn’t sure if he would look kindly on that or not of course it wasn’t long at all before I found out
after work on a Thursday night I would go to the bar with a couple of work colleagues usually it would only be a couple of drinks and then id head home but this time my friends and I decided to make a night of it and get hammered if I went home I wouldn’t sleep anyway due to my landlords noisy weekly poker game the hootering and hollering that came from the main house you’d think they were having an orgy huh I wish.

Eventually I stumbled into a cab and asked to be take home but when and boy was I pissed that annoying pissed because I started spilling my guts about not having enough privacy and being able to pick up this was due to the grog and cause all the guys from work had got some tail but I hadn’t bothered knowing a girl probably wouldn’t be interested I also discussed that I hadn’t had a guy in a while either but as I was discussing how I longed for a good pounding I noticed we were close to the address and also the cost of the fare.
I said “Jeez stop and let me out I can barely afforded this far” the cabby glared at me and pulled quickly over into a shoulder where truckies could stop and rest I pulled at my wallet opened it up and handed the cabby the money as I went to open the door and I heard him clear his throat and say “hang on bud this aint enough” I turned back and looked at what I had handed him and started to sweat as I realised he was right I went to plead and he said any money on your card I shook my head no and slurred out “I can pay you tomorrow if you drop in” he shook his head no “that aint gunna fly buddy”
There wasn’t anger in his voice but a curious tone as if he may be thinking what he could ask for he then said “you said you need a bit of relief right well its lonely out here at night” I didn’t mind being taken advantage of but I couldn’t be sure he didn’t plan this from the moment I stated I got off with men as well as women so I started to protest only because I felt played but he used the auto lock on the door and whilst saying “keep me company or I call the cops and tell them you tried to run from your bill ”.
That was all I needed to here before I said “sure but nothing to dirty” and with that he motioned for me to get in the back seat he climbed in after me and was right on me planting his hands on my crotch squeezing and the other hand slid under my shirt and onto my left nipple pinching and twisting if felt great I lost all cares about having been played and forced my lips my and his together and kissed him passionately until he pulled away with a gasp saying “wow you want it now don’t you huh” in my sexiest voice I nodded and said “uh-huh” as I simultaneously grinded my crotch into his hand and lent into his ear and whispered “as hard and deep as you can muster make me earn my cab ride”.
He kissed me roughly again and forced me back against the seat I slid my hand up his thigh to his hard cock now showing through his shorts begging to be released I was only too happy at this point to oblige after giving it a good squeeze and rub through the material I work some fingers around the button still kissing each other he stared breathing hard and let out a groan it appeared I wasn’t the only one who had been waiting a while to get some loving.
With a flick I undid his top button on his shorts and the mass swelling up underneath put so much pressure on the zip it stater slowly undoing itself my eyes were drawn to his crotch at this point waiting with anticipation to see what his cock looked like but the slow reveal happening before my eyes was killing me so I grabbed hold an tore down the zip along the last of its lengths and out flopped his big mushroom headed cock as he began to nussle my neck I inspected the rest his shaft was long about 8-9 inches and a s thick as a cricket bat handle.

“oh hell yes” I said with baited breath “just want I needed” I wasted no time and grabbed his shorts to pull them all the way off I wanted to see his ass and balls to I wasn’t disappointed by either he had a nice smooth ass and big balls the kind that make a thud when the slap against your ass or chin I rapped one hand around his balls and squeezed and rubbed them gently whilst I used one of my fingers to slid from his taint and crack I used the other hand to slowly stroke the shaft of his member and gently rub the mushroom knob this made him moan louder “oh yeah that’s the way bitch boy”.
His precum had started to flow vigorously coating his hole cock and my hand my cock had also begun to ooze as he had moved his hand into my pants now as well and began stroking and rubbing me “mmmmm that feels good baby”I said “you’ve had some practice haven’t you how many guys do you make pay their fare this way” he laughed and then bit my neck I gasped it hurt and felt good at the same time.
When I regained my senses I realised I focused on the license hanging in the front of the cab but couldn’t make out the name that’s when I realised I didn’t ask it to begin with name so with a sexy voice I mustered “so when your ploughing me whose name do I call out in pleasure” he lent back and began to remove his shirt and said “your cloths take them off now I obliged enjoying the order as it sent chills up my spine.
But I obviously wasn’t quick enough for him as once he had removed his own he grabbed by shit and tore it open then off me I heard a button clack against the window as it was torn away then he tore down my pants and shoes then a slap as his naked stomach and chest collided with my own I began breathing deeply with anticipation I knew I was about to get a god thrashing that when he lent his face into mine and kissed me softly on the lips then grinning his eyes made contact with mine and he said “you call me daddy or baby okay” I just nodded and made a groan in acceptance and pleasure as two of his fingers slid into my ass and began sliding in out with speed and force.
After a couple of seconds of this he sat next to me in the seat and grabbed my head forcing me towards his still rock hard cock I didn’t hesitate I opened wide and stretch out my tongue as soon as the tip collided with his precum drenched hood he moaned and thrust upwards and I was compelled downwards but the sweet scent and salty creamy taste of his cock and semen I swallowed the whole thing and rapped my tongue around the shaft as he trusted upward I went down taking every inch savoring the taste of his sweet cum.
He moaned and so did I especially when he spanked me hard on my white ass and shoved his fingers in my hole the suddenly he grabbed me by the hair and ripped me from his cum I whimpered I wanted more of it “sit up and face the back window “yes daddy” I replied out of breath I positioned myself in a pose with my bubble but sticking slightly out and up he gave me one last approving smack and I groaned in pleasure.
He squeezed my cheeks and snaked his hands up my body stopping one hand to play with my stiff nipples tweaking them pulling them I groaned again and arched my back forcing my ass back to meet his cock still oozing precum as the wet knob came into contact with my begging button I clenched my cheeks together around the tip of his cock an squeezed as hard as I could then he slid his body up my own kissing and nibbling me along my back until his face was parallel with mine then we began to kiss deeply passionately as I had released his cock he began rubbing against me coating my hole with sweet sticky man juice.
The all of a sudden that stopped and he braced himself up and the head of his cock was again aliened with my hole before a solid thud as his hips crashed against my butt and then again and again I gasped and whimpered not in pain but pure pleasure I could feel every inch of his rock solid cock inside of me he would pull back till his head just popped out and slam it back in again “does my little bitch boy like that” he said with satisfaction in his voice knowing full well what he was doing to me and loving that he was pleasing me but I gave him his answer I screamed “yes daddy yes fuck just like that that’s what I need daddy give it to me more please daddy”.
His thrusts picked up pace and strength and he change his position rapping himself around me he began pulling me backwards into his cock the slap slap slap of his balls and hips against me were driving me crazy as was his thick member which kept grinding my prostate I lost all control and suddenly my ass grabbed hold of his cock this didn’t stop him with grunt he pushed even harder until he yelled “I’m there fuck yeah” I begged for his load deep in me and he obliged with a torrent after torrent of thick cum the was so much that when he pulled out my ass shot a load back at him across his stomach.
Which I happily licked up I wanted to taste his full load from the moment I tasted his precum I wasn’t disappointed we sat there panting for a couple of moments before he said “you shore pay your debts off well” I smiled and started dressing I gave him a kiss and my card and told him to call me if he was lonely again and trotted off home until I finally got to my apartment and climbed upstairs tore my cloths of had a wank and fingered my still gapping and cum filled whole before falling asleep as it oozed out of me.
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