Indecent Proposal on a Getaway Trip for a Young Couple
Disclaimer: THIS IS A CUCKOLD STORY INVOLVING OLDER AND YOUNG SEX. If your not into this, I suggest you don't continue reading.

AC Tugjob

It was a getaway trip for my girlfriend and me to Atlantic City. She is 24 years old and I am 26. We are both of Indian descent and both are fulltime students in college. We needed a break and headed to Atlantic City for a mini weekend vacation. My goal was to have sex throughout the weekend and spark our sexual relationship. I always pestered her to be kinkier and to be wild in the bedroom. I also mentioned of doing it in public places. I always feel like she is ready to have sex after a couple of drinks. So I was stocked with liquor for this trip.
We arrived Thursday night and our drinking began. We had three to four mixed drinks and feeling nice. It was 11 pm and by now, we had done a lot of foreplay in between the drinking. I was ready to fuck but my girl wanted to hit the pool. I complied and we proceeded to the hotel’s indoor pool and Jacuzzi. When we got there, there was this elderly gentleman by the Jacuzzi and only us. My girl headed straight for the pool and started to swim. I wasn’t in the mood to hit the pool and opted for the warm Jacuzzi. I met the elderly guy and he introduced himself as Robert. We made small talk and I told him our purpose for our trip. He said he was on a business trip. In between my girl joined us in the Jacuzzi. She introduced herself and sat next to me. She caught up with our conversation and we all had a friendly talk. I noticed the guy himself was drinking on the side with a clear plastic cup; it was filled with some kind of whiskey.
My girl excused herself minutes later and went back to the pool. As she left, I could see Robert eyeing my girl’s body up and down. He definitely loved the view of her bathing suit. She was wearing a white two-piece suit. It displayed all of her curves. The top piece was barely concealing all of her 34 C size tits. A little bit of her sides showing and her curvy mountains peaking. Her bottom piece was clinging onto her ass from getting wet and crept into her ass. Her ass cheeks slipping from the sides. My girl looked sexy because she is about 5’7 and 135 lbs. Her weight distributed in all the right places. She has longer killer legs, thick thighs, nice big tits, and an ass to match. She has short hair like the singer Rihanna and has caramel skin complexion. I couldn’t blame him for looking, any guy would.
After she entered the pool, the silence between him and me was broken. Robert said, “Do mind me asking you something and please try not to take it offensively?” I said, “Sure go ahead.” I was curious and had no other choice. He started saying, “You know I am a traveling business man and it gets awfully lonely for me.” He paused and I asked him, “And?” He continued, “I was wondering if you and your girlfriend could help me out?” I asked, “What you mean?” He said, “Well more like your girlfriend to help me out. I have a problem getting hard and haven’t cummed in awhile. Have you ever heard of a tugjob?” I knew where he was going with this and was getting a bit annoyed. He sensed it and said, “I only say this because you have a extremely beautiful girlfriend and I only ask this offer as a compliment. Please find it in your heart not to be offended. I will take it back, I am sorry.” I didn’t know what to say, but felt bad for the guy. He probably had no female attention in his life. He was a stocky older guy with a beer belly and receding hair. He ended his sentence with an apology and I choose to forgive him. I told him, “It’s ok, and I could understand where you are coming from.” He replied, “Thank you for having a calm head and not kicking my ass. I just felt like saying it. I also considered paying you guys 200 hundred bucks for it.” I just laughed it off, I guess he figured we were money strapped and needed the money. He knew we were some college students and he is just some horny old guy with money. He thought it would be a win win situation.
I just excused myself and he apologized again before I left. I met my girl by the pool. We were circling around each other in the pool. She asked about me and Robert’s conversation and why I had a funny face. I said nothing at first, but she knew something was bothering me. I finally said with a not so serious tone, “Oh he mentioned how beautiful you are and if he can get a tugjob from you for 200 hundred bucks.” My girl was taken back from this and asked me, “Are you fucking serious?” I just nodded and she questioned my reply to his offer. I told her, “He is just an desperate old man and probably had too many drinks in his system. He is just speaking nonsense and told me not to take it to heart. He said you’re beautiful and said sorry a couple of times. It's a compliment babe.” She was disgusted the fact I let it go and forgave him for his bold offer. She said to me, “What that guy thinks I am some prostitute that gives out handjobs for a couple of dollars? And my boyfriend doesn’t say shit back to him and forgives him.” She was bitching at me, I could smell the liquor in her breath and could tell she is buzzed. She was fuming and jumped out of the pool.
She rushed towards the Jacuzzi and I knew she was going to bitch some more to him. I went over there quickly to stop her from making a scene. She stood by the Jacuzzi with her hands on her hips and looking down to Robert. She asked him, “So you’re just an dirty old man checking out girls and asking their boyfriends for permission for sexual favors?” He was taken back from that and shyly smiled. He mustered up to say, “Well, I think you are very sexy and couldn’t hold back from asking. I live life with no regrets.” She saw me coming and said to all of us, “My good for nothing boyfriend didn’t even get offended, so why should I right?” Robert just nodded. There was a moment of silence and I could see my girl gathering her thoughts. A small mischief smile started to form from her. She asked Robert, “How much were you offering again?” He said, “I think 200 hundred is a fair price for a tugjob.” She shocked me and Robert by saying, “Ok I am game! Get up and lets go to your room.” My mouth just dropped to the floor and she saw that. She said to me, “Let this be a lesson for you to be offended next time when a stranger asks for such bullshit.” I also noticed Robert was ready to comply with my girl’s orders and got up from the Jacuzzi. He was a tall guy, about 6’2 in height. He dwarfed my girlfriend and me. I am only 5’8.
Before you know it we all headed to the hallway. The big guy Robert in front of us, and leading us to his room. My girl fighting my protest by saying, “What, you always say I am not sexy enough or kinky enough. Now I am going to show you how kinky I can be and make 200 hundred dollars from doing it.” She is definitely now letting her inhibitions go and proving me wrong. She also wanted to teach me a lesson.
We were now in his hotel suite and it was nice and spacious. It had a stocked mini bar. He made us a new round of drinks and I noticed he made my girl’s drink strong. It was a bit uncomfortable carrying a conversation with this guy now, considering the new scenario. My girl was standing and drying off her hair and body, Robert was sitting at the edge of the bed ogling at her body. My girl wanted to get it over with and took a deep swig of her drink. She finished 3/4th of it and told Robert, “Ok buddy lets do this. Where do you want to do it?” He replied, “I was thinking if me and you could do this in the bathroom, while your boyfriend waits out here.” He was saying he needed a little privacy and doesn’t need an audience of another guy watching. He was afraid his dick wouldn’t get up under the pressure of watchful eyes. My girl just shrugged her shoulders and said “Why not, lets go.” And off they went to the bathroom. I was by the bed and drank my drink. I noticed they didn’t close the door and I sneaked towards the bathroom.
I could clearly see them through the reflection of the mirror and hear them as well. Robert put the toilet seat cover down and sat down, and not before he untied his trunks and discard it. He was butt naked and sat sprawled on the seat. His tiny white cock shriveled up. He told my girl, “I put these towels on the floor for you.” He had a bunch of white towels piled up and provided good cushioning for my girl’s knees. My girl’s sarcastic reply was, “Oh why thank you, you are too kind. Now, you ready for me to get on my knees and start wanking your cock?” He just widely grinned and anticipated her first touch. He said, “Fuck yeah!”
She went by the sink and got a washcloth with water and soap. She was attempting to give a tugjob like that porn with the soapy massages. She has seen those with me, and trying to replicate it here. In that porn, you see Asian woman rubbing their bodies against their client’s bodies with soap and jerking them off with it.
Now with a wet soapy washcloth, she got on her knees between Robert’s long legs. Her face was inches from his cock. Her right hand reached forward with the cloth and made contact with his member. She slowly caressed his cock and looked up at him. She saw his reaction; he was deeply looking into her eyes and almost couldn't believe this is happening now. He had a younger Indian girl on her knees and stoking his white cock to life. She was taking long strokes and coating the soap all around the cock. She even covered the material around his big ball sac. He said, “Oh that feels good. I can’t believe you are doing this to me.” She said, “You best believe it. You got me here stroking your cock, come on make it hard for me. Show me how big you really are.” She added, “Now it doesn’t seem too bad to ask stranger’s for their girlfriends. Now you got me here to take care of your needs.” His reply was, “Oh yes, life with no regrets and I am glad I asked! You are soo hot, can I see your tits sweetie? It will get me rock hard quick, please?” She playfully laughed and said, “Stop being a little kid and begging. Sure if it will make you hard.” With that she dropped the cloth on his thighs, she reached behind and untied the knot to her top. She struggled for a minute and it was agonizing for Robert. He even offered to help, but she refused and finally got it undid. The material got loose and it easily slipped off her shoulders. She threw the top on the side. Her big tits completely exposed to this guy, her big brown aureoles and pointy nipples for his eyes. Her tits stood proudly and had no sag. His comment was, “Wow, what a nice rack. Your boyfriend is so lucky.” She said, “Well, you are the lucky one now. Maybe you will appreciate it more.” He took that comment as a sign to have permission to grab them. Before he could, my girl stopped his extending hand and said, “No touching, I could only touch you. Got it? You could only touch me if I let you.” He just nodded in agreement.
She went back to jerking his cock, but I notice this time she didn't use the cloth. Her hands in direct contact with his penis, his dick was heavily lubricated with the soap. His dick grew exponentially and had a full erection now. His dick looked puny before, but now looked like a solid 7 to 8 inches long. Most of all, it was thick. She was amazed how quickly it grew and how big it is. She said, “Gosh, you really like tits huh? And you got a big cock mister.” She was inspecting his cock up and down and stroking away. His reply was, “With those big knockers and your soft hands touching my dick, can you blame me?” She just smiled and blushed from his remark. The stroking must have gone for like 5 minutes, but felt like eternity watching it. She was smiling and ever so often hover her mouth above the head of his cock, making it seem that she would put his cock in her mouth. She was trying her best to tease him.
By now the soap and water was wearing off, and Robert said, “I will give you another hundred if you can make my dick wet with your mouth.” My girl surprised by his suggestion and replied, “Are you implying I suck your dick?!” He was intimidated by her questioning but choose to smile. She just told him to “Hush and be quiet.” I thought she was putting an end to his request. She then went to the sink with the washcloth and rinsed it clean. She went back to her kneeling position and continued her tugjob with the cloth. She covered all the areas of his groin again. The silence was broke again by her comments, “I guess its true that taller guys have bigger dicks. You got a nice looking cock. It’s even bigger than my boyfriend’s. “ He just nodded and said, “Thank you sweetie. You can do whatever you like to it.” That's when she hovered mouth over his cock again, but this time dived in and sucked the head of his cock with her mouth. She sucked so hard it made a plopping noise as she released her mouth off it. Her reply was, “Hmm you like that? Want more of that? Where is that hundred dollars again?” He reached for his near by wallet and showed three bills of hundred dollars. She got her visual confirmation. She then moved her head closer to his groin and lowered her mouth over his erection. She asked him, “So you wouldn’t mind if I do this to you?” With that her mouth leaned forward; she wrapped her lips on the mushroom head of his cock! Her cheeks sucked in and had a huge suction on his member, and then she made another big plopping noise as she released his penis from her mouth. She looked at his face for a reaction. He had a million dollar smile and brought his two hands forward to grab her head. Her hands met halfway and gripped his two hands, and they clutched each other hands. My girl stopped his attempt of gripping her head, but she led the way by impaling her mouth on his cock again. I now realized she cleaned his cock clean of the soap before, so that she can suck his cock. Now the more she went deep on his member, the more he clutched onto her hands from satisfaction. His head looking up to the ceiling and groaning loudly from pleasure. My girl was attempting to deep throat his long white cock. Her tongue sticking out and coating the cock while she descended. Few gagging noises can be heard from her struggled deep throating.
She was stabbing away with her mouth on his cock, her head was bobbing up and down intensely on it. She had a good rhythm going, and the old man was in heaven from the blowjob. He eased his grip on her hands and she let go of his hands. She took her free hand to massage his balls as she sucked away. She spat, jerked, and sucked on his cock numerous amounts of time. He boldly reached forward again to touch her tits, but she knew his intentions and spat out his cock from her mouth. She smacked his well lubricated dick from her salvia and said, “Hey hey now, remember no touching. You lucky I agreed to suck your dick.” He begged back, “I am sorry, I won’t do it again. Please continue you give such a great blowjob.” She proudly responded, “I know, but I think I like teasing you old man! I want to see how long you can last before you cum all over the place.” With that she got up and went to the sink, there she applied some soap with water onto her chest. Her tits looked nice and shiny from the soapy mixture now.
She was wearing a white pair of sandals with a one-inch heel and stood directly in front of him. She instructed him to put his hands on the sides and he obeyed. She went forward and almost straddled his lap and let her chest be at the same level as his chest. She began rubbing her smooth big titties onto his hairy chest in an up and down motion. There were times where her tits would meet his neckline and almost hit his face. He was breathing hard and said, “Oh my God, your such a tease!”
She said in return, “You think this is a tease? You haven’t seen nothing yet.” She then let her bikini bottom rub against his bare cock a couple of times. Her pussy covered mound rubbing against his naked erection and creating more agony for this fellow. She was dry humping him, and only a barrier of her bikini bottom material preventing any insertion. He shook his head like “That's not fair.” He then said to her, “Show me your pussy.” She said, “No that's not part of the deal. Why should I?” He fired back, “I bet you don’t want to show me because it is hairy. You Indian girls leave it hairy right?” She felt a bit offended and wanted to prove something. The next thing she did was to get out of that position and moved to the sink. She took a seat on the sink counter and spread her legs, and then she pulled aside her bikini bottom in order to display her bald pussy to him. She snickered to him, “Why don’t you take a closer look and see that Indian girls do shave.” That was more than enough convincing for him to get up and almost get on his knees in front of her womanhood. He was eye level with her pussy and inches away from it.
She commented, “Damn, I could feel you breathing hard on my pussy. You get really excited to see my shaved Indian pussy?” He replied, “Yes I really do.” He leaned in and started to lick her twat and caught my girl off guard. She could only muster, “Oh shittt, what are you doing?” My girl loved the newfound attention on her pussy and closed her eyes from his tongue flickering her clit. He even put his lips on her clit and sucked on it. Her clit became nice and plump from the suction, and he continued his rapid tongue movement on it.
She was moaning and saying, “Oh fuck that feels good! Lick it right there.” He slobbered all over her cunt and made it extra wet. He was consistent at his pussy licking, but took breaks to rest and admire her. At this point she looked like she was under his control. But when he began attempting to insert his fingers, she broke off the attempts and told him to get off. He stood up and disappointed from the leverage he had just lost. She compensated by getting off the sink and she jerked his cock a couple of times. She said to him, “You weren’t supposed to do that, no touching unless I let you Robert.” With a sly smile, he said, “I didn’t hear any protest from you.” She shook her head at his sly comment. She pulled her bikini bottom to the covered position again. Then she bends forward and sucked on his penis for a little to revive to full strength. Once she knew it was at full strength again, she instructed him to sit back on the toilet seat cover.
Once he sat, she almost straddled him again and hovered her pussy-covered bottom over his dick. She began rubbing her covered mound over his erection like before. He was groaning from the dry hump. She increased the teasing this time by pulling aside her bikini bottom and had direct contact with his cock. Her clean-shaven pussy lips making little taps onto his naked dick. He looked down to see this newfound contact. He couldn’t believe it and said, “Oh my God, your such a fucking tease! How can you do this to me? Your even wet, I could feel it coming off your pussy.” She just smiled cockily. She felt well in control over this old man and loved it.
She responded back, “I told I loved teasing you and that you haven’t seen nothing yet. I want to hear you beg to cum.” By now she was doing mini taps between her sexual organ and his. It was enough where is head would move a centimeter into her pussy. He was flustered and couldn’t take any more foreplay from my girl. She took him up to his boiling point from the dick sucking and dry humping. All I saw next was Robert grabbing my girl’s two ass cheeks and forcing her down, and this is while her bare pussy was touching his cock. All she could say in protest was, “Wait wait wait, what are you doing?” Then end result was her wet pussy traveling down on his pole with ease. His dick slipped into her pussy so quick, and he was balls deep inside of her in no time! Her response was a loud gasp and clutched his shoulders from loosing balance. Her mouth was agape from shock and couldn’t believe he did that. She was now pinned down on his cock and was disappeared in her womb. He held her down tight and awaited for her reaction. He let her pussy soak up the feeling of his girth. She had no verbal indication of protest, and he took the opportunity to grip hold of her hips. He gave her little time to get over the shock and let her mind get over the fact that his cock is in her. He then assisted her in gliding up and down on his cock. He looked deeply into her eyes for further response, but she just shook her head no. She knew it has gone too far. Even though her head gestures indicated refusal, but she made no efforts to hop off his dick. He asked her while she rode instinctively, “Why you shaking your head no? You know you want it, your pussy is soaking wet. You need my cock in that tight pussy of yours.”
Her pussy was ready for some dick action from our foreplay earlier and from teasing this man. Her pussy is now well lubricated and is easily gliding up and down on this white man’s cock. Her confident mouth is now muffled by this guy’s bold move to fuck her, he succeeded and now had her pussy filled with his meat. It was fulfilling the void she was having. There was about a good amount of strokes in and out of her pussy before he eased his grip off her hips. She automatically rode him for a couple of more strokes out of sexual instinct. Then she all of sudden plopped off his dick. Some sticky juices trailed between them as she did. She stood momentarily in front of him. Robert, and me watching secretly thought she wanted to put an end to this mess. That wasn’t the case. She just said to Robert, ”This is bothering me” and with that she untied the ties to the sides of her bikini bottom and let the garment hit the tile floor. She was buck naked now with only a pair of white sandals and headed towards Robert’s lap again. I knew what was coming as she grabbed hold of his bareback cock and aided it back into her warm crevice again. He was grinning as she returned to their sexual position. As his dick slide in, she asked him, “Are you going to fuck me good, cause my good for nothing boyfriend was suppose to fuck me tonight.” He knew that she was all his by that question and how she squatted back onto his cock. He resumed squeezing her ass checks to assist her in the fucking. His reply was “Oh yeah baby, I will fuck you really good and better than your boyfriend. I will even give you an extra two hundred dollars. I am going to fuck you five hundred dollars worth tonight baby!”
I peered my head further into the doorway of the bathroom for more of a vantage point. He saw me and didn’t utter a word, but winked at me knowing he had my girl at his disposal. He had a devilish grin as my girl consensually rode him. He had no problem having an audience now and was fully erect; he had my 24-year-old girlfriend for his own pleasure. She couldn’t see me because her back was facing me. Her glorious ass traveling up and down on his pole. Her tight sexy body was enough visualization for his stimulation. His erection was taken cared by her pussy. Her warm wet pussy must have felt great for him. No protest from my girl and he was going to enjoy this moment with her. He bargained for a tugjob and got much much more.
By now my girl held his shoulders and panted from the sex, and he leaned forward to put his mouth on one of my girl’s bouncing titties. She loved the attention he gave to her left tit. At one point, he had his mouth engulfing her left tit and his left hand groping her right tit. His right hand was squeezing her ass cheek, and now probing towards her exposed anus. There were different kinds of stimulus given towards my girl by this elderly man. She was in pure ecstasy and loving the attention, she rode him wildly and in pure heat of sex. He knew this by the she was reacting and the way she encouraged him, “Ohh fuck mee! Don’t stop. Ohhh your dick feels soo fucking good! Fuck me you old man!” The old man was taken back by her excitement and was looking up to her grinning. She then leaned in and started to kiss him, she planted her lips on his and started to dart her tongue in his mouth. They were making out as they fucked. She was a bitch in heat and doing all the work. Riding his dong to pleasure herself.
Later he sprawled his legs wider and slide lower on the seat to get a better angle of attack on her pussy. He was stroking upwards while she came down to meet his strokes. A lot of moaning and grunting by the two of them. I could see her ass going all the way up on the head of his cock, and then descending completely down and making his cock disappear in her hotbox. He bear hugged her now and she lay pressed onto his body. Her head was over his shoulder. There was no movement from the two upper bodies, but their lower half was doing all the work. He spoke in her ear asking, “Ever got fucked in the shower and pinned against the wall?” She raised her head back up to look at him deep into his eyes; she just shook her head “No”. He then instructed her to hold onto his shoulders and she did. He then grab hold of her ass cheeks and stood up with her. My girl’s leg wrapped around this guy’s waist, and his dick still in her pussy. All of this while they moved into the bathtub. They didn’t miss a beat. She held onto him for dear life as he pinned her against the shower wall. She looked like his little doll by being manhandled by him.
He wrapped his arms under her thighs and held dangling legs there. She was held up against the wall by his constant thrust into her pussy. Each of his strokes out of her, made his arms hold her body up, and his deep strokes into her would give easy leverage and support. Her legs were spread eagle wide and allowing Robert deep penetration into her vagina. She panted, “What are you doing to me? Oh fuck your so deep inside of me, ahhh!” That was further encouragement for this guy to continue fucking her in this position. He took a moment to turn on the showerhead and water was running down their bodies. He went in to kiss her and she accepted, and they were tonguing again. His semi-wrinkled white butt could be seen moving back and forth and drilling my Indian girlfriend, while my girl clutching his ass. It looked like some passionate sex in the shower.
He was penetrating her in this position for good five minutes before he pulled out of her. She was a little disappointed from the detachment, but was reassured their sexual encounter would continue, when he order her to suck his cock briefly and then get into doggie style position. She must have tasted her own pussy juices off his cock when she sucked him. Then she happily bended over for him. She was really into the sex and showed by her lustful acts. She loves to be on top and to be fucked doggie style. He grabbed her hip with one hand and with the other assisted his cock into her.
His cock slipped with ease and their fucking continued. His hands explored her back, ass, and tits as they fucked. My girl’s tits were rocking back and forth and her ass had ripples with each of his strokes. She was panting lowly as he pounded his meat from behind. As the momentum picked up, he was spanking her ass and pulling her hair. She loved that and his long strokes into her. Water was covering both of their bodies. My girl gripped the shower tiles for balance and spread her legs wider to receive it. He was talking dirty to her “You love my cock slut? Huh? Tell me how much you love it. Why you panting so low? Don’t you want to let your boyfriend next door know your getting fucked good?” Her reply with some heavy breathing, “Oh yeah fuck me! Your hitting the spot, make me cum and I will let him know.” With that encouragement he was making thunderous balls clap against her ass cheeks. At this pace either one would have climaxed. I went towards the bed to see if I can still hear them.
Once by the bed, I pulled out my cock to stroke my dick and relive what I have been seeing. Within minutes I could her my girl scream “Ohhh fuck, fuck me!!! Oh shit I am going to cum soon. Yeah you are fucking me better than my boyfriend. I need this now, give it to me. Ahhh” I bet he was chanting her to say that about me, and achieved that by giving her what she wanted. She likes it rough and this old man was getting out his frustration of being sexual deprived with her. It was a perfect combination for the two. I just hope the neighboring rooms don’t complain of their noise. His white cock beating away in her pussy, rather than his usual jerk off sessions. The only thing I heard next was “Ohh shit I am cumming!” by my girl.
After that I didn’t hear much from the two of them, and peered back into bathroom door. I could see my girl on her knees now in front of his cock and ready to receive his build up of a load. I bet he requested to cum on her face like in porn. He even turned off the shower so that his babies would only cover her body. My girl motivated him by putting the head of his member in her mouth and jerking the base. She even massaged his old ball sac for extra incentive. His two hands were by her head and her left big titty. He clutched her hair and tits as he was grunting from the upcoming orgasm. She knew this and pulled her mouth away. She cheered him on by saying, “Come on, give me that cum. Give me that hot cum all over my face and tits.” His cock started to spew his man juice. His thick sperm hit her open mouth (from shock), her face, and her big knockers. He was squealing from delight and satisfaction. He had a huge load and every ounce was jizzed onto her. After he calmed down from his climax, he saw that some his sperm was in her mouth. She caught it good. He bends down to see her eye to eye and gently held her throat. He looks her deeply in the eye and says, “Oh that looks so good in your mouth. What are you going to do with that? You know I am paying you for your services.” He was inclining that she swallows his cum shot. She knew that and all she did was close her mouth and swallow his sperm for his pleasure.
Robert spoke after he was pleased with what he saw “Why don’t you get washed up and join me in the bedroom. Maybe we could have some more fun and this time your boyfriend can watch. I will even pay you more.” My girl’s response was “I don’t know. I should get going, I don’t think he would be too pleased with this.” She simply got up and started to wash off the cum shots off her body. I too have cummed against the wall outside of the bathroom from seeing all of this. I just put my dick back in my shorts and decided on leaving. I could see him admiring her body as she soaped up and rinsed. I assumed they are going to be out of the bathroom soon, so I just left and proceeded back to my room.
Twenty to thirty minutes later my girl knocked on the door. She had shy and blushed smile as I let her into the room. I confronted her on her actions. She was at first hesitant to respond, but she said “I did it to prove you wrong and to teach you a lesson. I also made some money from it.” She showed me six bills of hundreds. I asked her, “Was it right doing that without my approval?” She just meekly said, “I guess you didn’t mind, because me and Robert saw you’re cum stains on the wall.” It was my turn to blush and no response. She broke the silence by saying, “Come on babe, its your turn to fuck me.” She just took my hand and led me to the bed. We were buck naked in seconds and she was in missionary position. I entered her and felt her pussy a bit expanded. She mentioned to take it slow because she is sore from the old man. As I sank into her crevice, I asked her “What took you long to come back. I thought you would be back sooner.” She replied “ I wanted to leave, but Robert insisted me to suck his dick in bed and offered another hundred dollars.” So she explained how she sucked him comfortably in his own bed, while she was on all fours and bobbing her head up and down on his cock. My dick got harder from hearing the news. I asked if she swallowed again, and she just had a huge grin. She said, “Lets just say I put the old man to sleep with a great happy ending!” I came from hearing that!

The next day at 10 in the morning, there was a knock at the door. I had to put some clothes on to answer it. My girl just stayed under the covers. It was hotel security. They questioned me about Robert and how they saw us interacting with him by the pool, and going into his room. Since they saw the footage of us (by security cameras), I just told them he was a friendly guy and we just gave him company. I asked the security, “What happens to be the problem?” They informed me that he is in violation of counterfeiting and asked if I had any currency of his in my possession. I quickly replied no, and they told me to get my story straight for the Feds. They told me not to leave the hotel until the Feds get to question us.
They left and I told my girl of the situation. Her shocked but extremely upset remark was, “So basically I sucked, fucked, and swallowed for free?!” I could just nod and be in a new state of paranoia. My girl slept with a criminal and has his babies in her stomach. Who knows if any other DNA traces are in that room? We had to get rid of the fake money and get our alibi in order. If the Feds were to find out my girl was exploited for money, we would be in trouble for prostitution.

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