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Aunt Gorgeous

By Blueheatt

…My Aunt lived with my single mom, my sister and I. She was beautiful to me. She was my mom’s sexy younger sister. Watching her around the house in her night clothes, robe, panties and bra was pleasantly driving me wild.

… My sister teased me about having the hots for her. I told sis that there was something about her that got me hard. Sis said: “So I’ve noticed…Mr. lumpy pants.” I told sis: “Sis, you know I’ve always had the hots for YOU first, come here and let me feel those tittys of yours.”

…She always got flustered when I said stuff like that and covered her chest with her arms and got pink in the face. (“Don’t do that Bobby!,…. you know I have a little crush on you and stuff like that doesn’t help me deal with it.”) she whispered. “Come on sis, step over here and let me feel at least one tit…please.” as I continued teasing her. I loved the wide eyed look she always got, and now she took one hand and covered her pussy over her night gown. It was like I was going to jump up and grab her tits and pussy. She had this cute scared look just waiting for me to strike. I said: “Come on sis, just a few steps and I’ll make you feel real good.” She whispered: (“…Bobby! Stop it!..”)

….She was breathing hard now with a look of…’is he going to feel me up or not?’…

…Sis thought….
…damn you Bobby! know that talk makes me hot. Maybe I’ll just stand her and let him feel me up. He’s done it before and I just let him do it. It felt so damn good, that’s when the crush started. Look at him just sitting there smiling at me. I couldn’t have an ugly older brother,… no… I got sexy Bobby. Well…make your move Bobby, I’m in the mood to be felt up and more, so now’s the time big brother…

….I looked at sis’s cute figure and tits as she gave me this little sexy smile. I stood up. She jumped and took a tiny step toward my bedroom doorway. She began to giggle as I held my arms out wide and said: “Sis, I’m sorry, let’s hug and let me make it up to you.” I waited. “One hug?” she said. “Yep” I said.
“Are you going to try and feel me up?”
“I sure am” as I lunged at her, she giggled and said “ I might tell on you, Bobby.”
“No you wont, you like it and we both know it. So put those arms down and let me feel those nice tits of yours.” She kicked the door shut with her foot and took my hands and put them on her tits.

…. Our hug became a sexy squirming pussy and boner rub. “I’m sexier than Aunt Sara, say it Bobby…Aunt Sara won’t let you feel her up and I know you love feeling me up Bobby. Say it Bobby…‘Sis is the sexist girl in the world’…do it an I’ll let you feel me ‘down there’.”
“Sis,…If you’ll jack my boner, I’ll lick you ‘down there.” She whispered: (“Is anybody home?”)

…I said “Nope”. She fumbled for the zipper on my pants when we hear a knock on my bedroom door. “Are you in there Bobby?”, our Aunt Sara says. My sis panicked as I said: “Yes…” “Is Sissy in there?” I said “Yes.” “Ok...we’ll talk later.” I looked at sis and she was in shock. She whispered: (“…Bobby!...she’ll think we’re messing around and tell mom!”) Sis was too shook up to continue….damn…just as I was going to get her to jack me off or suck me off or something. Sis flung open the door to see a surprised Aunt Sara who was obviously listening and quickly walked away….

….Later in the day Sara pulled me aside for a talk. She stood close to me. She had a beautiful face, tits, hair and she really liked me and was always touching me and rubbing on me.

…She talked quietly in the garage. “Bobby….a…it’s none of my business…but…if you and Sissy are doing something sexually you shouldn’t, I can help you. If you need a female to feel or release your male feelings to, you just let me know and I’m always available to help you. She then pulled me close to her for what I thought was a hug. Her hand started feeling my back and she started to whisper in my ear. Damn she smelled so good and was so sexy I got a boner. She felt it and moved her pussy back and forth in it. (“..any time bobby….any time you want a girl to feel, we’ll get together and let those feelings you get out. Say you’ll do it for me.. please.”)

….Son of a bitch…I felt her pussy on my boner, her tits in my chest and now she was feeling my butt cheeks. I wasn’t about pass this up.

“Sara…I need to release my feelings tonight if you have time. Mom works all night tonight and sis is staying the night with her friend (I think). I need a woman to feel. My girlfriend and I have split up for now and…”

…I thought Sara was going to pass out. She was huffing and puffing in my ear. “Oh Bobby…come to my bedroom tonight and….(she takes a big breath)..I’ll take care of your needs. I hope it doesn’t bother….. you that I’m your Aunt, because we can’t let that….(breath).., stand in the way…Ok?”

…Damn if she didn’t reach between us and squeeze my boner. I reached up and felt her warm tits. We gave each other a little preview of what was going to happen tonight….I hoped.

….Sissy was pissed at Sara and ignored her for messing up our feel up session. She feared she would tell mom something and we’d be in big trouble. I talked to Sis later and told her I had a talk with Aunt Sara and said there will be ’no’ telling mom anything. Sis looked at me and grinned….”Just what kind of a deal have made with Sara?…Bobby….Bobby, look at me!…you better not be messing with that bitch. You owe me a feel up and more. You caused my crush on you. Now you gotta pay for that…”

….She backed me up against the wall in the hallway and pushed her pussy into me real hard. I grabbed her tits and we did a quick return to our feel fest where we left off. Sis was hot and she wanted my attention. She whispered breathlessly…(“…Bobby…I’m tired of waiting for you to make a move on me…so I’m going to do the moving on you. Don’t lock your bedroom at night….damn you Bobby… you make me so hot for you…”) She gave me a quick tongue kiss and walked away smiling smugly….

I just stood there smiling for a second and thought...

I like my cool sister….but I can’t pass up my aunt….mmmm. That night I waited for sis to leave….she gave me the ‘look’ and said it had been called off. Well there goes my date with Aunt….but wait…I’ll go sis’s bedroom first a get a feel up, then wait till 12am or so and then go to Aunt’s. About 10:30 I went to sis’s room.

….The room was dark and it smelled like flowers…she was naked. I just had on my pajamas bottoms on….she pulled me down on her and took off my pajamas and locked her legs around me. She kissed me over and over again… my hardon rested against her pussy….She whispered: (..I got you now big brother…)

…I felt her beautiful tits and she jacked my hardon at her entrance…then guided it in…oh yes…
….I started slow pumping her deep, I like to hear the moaning sounds…. She smelled like rich perfume and her body did too. I speeded up a she reacted with a ’gasp’ …..and she held on to me for the impending climax she wanted so bad…. her vagina did a squeeze of its own along with a …”Ohhhh ’’…and we shook and strained…I shot a load again & again in her as we kissed and moaned for a long time….she wouldn’t let go….she just shook…


The time was near for Aunt….I went to her door, which was open. She lay naked in the middle of the bed….I approached her and laid down…she whispered: (“…you’ve come..”). She rolled over on me and started kissing me all over….then she brought her knees up and started slowly started jacking my dick….her bush rubbed on my balls and she started breathing hard. I got mouthful of her breasts which I got a full hardon. She said: (..”…your not lonely…I’m horny!!, you bad boy…. You just wanted to see me naked…well try it out… I think I’ll rape you….”). She inserted my dick in her mouth and deep throated me…..

….I moaned as I grabbed her hair and guided her to my pleasure….she loved it and squeezed my balls to the point of pain…I was going to cum…when she got off and buried my dick in her pussy.

….Man could she fuck….is had been a long time since she had any fucking…..I felt her tits as they bounced on me and speeded up….she started making these sounds…..’oh yes--oh yes….Oh yes!…I love it….Oh yes’ …and more and more…‘O god!’….and I had to cum …she was like a bucking mare with moans to go with it…”OOoooohhhh Oooooohhhh” and she received a jolt ….I came & came and gave all I had….….she shook and kissed all my face over & over again….…and we laid there spent in each others arms….
At 2am my sister came in and woke me up….pulled me out and put in her bed….I fucked her for another hour… 3am I went in my bedroom……and collapsed..

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