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Blonde Newscaster takes a Terrible Journey
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Prior: Megyn Kelley - Surprise Sex

Prior: Megyn Kelley - Terrible fate

They let go of her legs and she fell in a pile to the floor. Everything was spinning.
Megyn’s life was spinning out of control.
SMMAAAACK across the face.
“Snap out of it.” Laughed the cruel voice.

Her ankles were tied together and then roped behind her head and arms.
Her arms were tied and she was hoisted up hanging from a rafter.
“Wait, what are doing? What’s happening?
She hung like a pretzel in front of the circling thugs, pussy and ass hanging out.
One of the thugs was swinging his belt, laughing.

Her shoulders and hips were burning from pain.


Fully exposed and helpless she waited for her certain fate.

36 hours later

Megyn lay in the crate, alone in the dark, a wooden crate with open slats.
She knew she was in a truck but had no idea where she was headed. Naked she lay in a wooden prison with only a couple blankets and water.

She was cold and dirty. How long had it been? Where was she going? What was going to happen?
This can’t be happening, she should be doing a morning newscast, drinking coffee, chatting
with guests. This is not real.

Megyn tried to block out the pain, the abuse of her attack. It would return to her in
swirls of disconnected thoughts. In a bizarre way she could see herself from the outside.
Forced to dance, hung up waiting, men shouting, screaming, hands all over her………..

The truck stopped and she heard voices. Megyn screamed but her crate was buried in the truck
and her screams were in vain. The truck started moving and she bundled up in her blankets.
She didn’t want to get to where they were going, she didn’t want to stay in the truck.

Captive in the truck the terrible events replayed over and over. The horrible pleasure
the men took in attacking her body, the hands slapping her, the cocks invading her.
They mocked her. “Smart ASS Blonde.” “News Bitch.” “Right Wing Whore.”

When they were done they had locked her in this crate. Naked and bruised the once
haughty bitch was plastered with cum. Her attackers had taken a perverse pleasure in
covering her with jizz. Her hair was matted with it. It was caked over her body.

The movement of the truck was different, the speed was slower. The rear door opened.
There was light. A fork lift pulled off crates. Megyn waited in apprehension.
A black drop cloth was thrown over her crate and the crate was lifted, Megyn
could not see what was happening, where she was.

Megyn heard voices as the crate was set down. Shouting, laughing, the crate was rocked back
and forth. No No, now what. There were dogs barking. The barking got louder and louder. The cloth was pulled off and Megyn could see the crate was surrounded by a half dozen men.

Dogs barking, men shouting, the crate was rocking, Megyn was crazy with fear.
She knelt in the crate covering her ears. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH she screamed trying to
drown out the sounds.

The drop cloth was pulled off and Megyn felt her ass prodded with a stick. She moved away and another stick pushed her from another side. Then from every side a stick pushed her. Desperately
she tried to move away. STOP STOP STOP she cried out begging. She could make out men around the crate jabbing her with sticks.

“Stop. Why are you doing this. Stop.”
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGG Megyn jerked screaming from the shock of a cattle prod.
The door of the crate opened and Megyn tumbled out shocked again. Huddled on the ground Megyn was kicked in the side.


Megyn crawled to her knees. Everything was blurry, she was disoriented. As she focused, she looked up
to see a familiar face. It was a pro football player, she had interviewed. “Michael? What is this. What
am I doing here.”

“Shut the fuck up. You thought you were so smart with all those questions. Well you are
going to learn everything you wanted to know about my dogs.”

“Michael, this crazy, you can’t do this.”
“Stupid bitch, I am doing it. You thought you were so smart. Blonde Bitch trying to bully me.
See where that Right Wing Bullshit got you?”

“String the Bitch up and hose her down. She is a dirty fucking pig.”
“Let me go. Leave me alone.”
The men just laughed at Megyn’s pleas as they roped her wrists and pulled her up on her toes.

“Look at you.” Laughed Michael as Megyn twisted and turned, screaming.
“Big time bitch just hanging like a piece of meat.” “The boyz took you down last night.”
Michael laughed as he looked her over, bruised, battered and cum caked.
Her hair stringy with jizz.

“What is that? OH NO.” Megyn heard the power washer startup and one of the workers
waved the wand. “Time to wash down the filthy pig.” Michael spit in her face and watched the
saliva drip down her nose. He made her wait, knowing what was coming.

The winch cranked and Megyn was completely off the ground.
“I hope you enjoy this like I will.” Laughed Michael. We are using the hot water just for you.
The power washer roared to life as the worker pressed the trigger. At a distance he waved the
the flow over Megyn . The spray was light but she could feel the pressure and the heat of the water.
He moved closer and closer with the wand starting with her feet. Megyn danced trying to keep
her feet away from the water. The hot pressure water burned her feet as he ran the spray over and over.

Michael laughed at her struggles. “Wait til we get to your cunt and your tits. You are going to be
Red as a beet all over. “ Michael watched with fascination as the water made its way higher.
“Stop them Michael. I am sorry. Please, I can make it up to you. Give me a chance. AGGGHHHHHH.

The sprayer worked its way up her legs. Up the calves, over the knees and on to the thighs.
The water spray was on the inside of her tender thighs. The inside and outside of her thighs were
Red. Two men grabbed her ankles, pulling her legs up and apart. The wand was waved around in front
of her crotch but only on light power.

“NOT THERE. NOT THERE. You will rip me apart.”

Michael took the washer wand and released the trigger. The water stopped to a slight trickle.
Smiling he started rubbing Megyn’s pussy, her legs still held open by his workers.
“Michael, you can’t. NO. You will kill me.” There was little pressure but Megyn could feel the hot water. He pushed the tip inside her cunt pushing slowly, twisting, turning.

Megyn was shuddering but tried not to move, fearful she would cause the pressure to go on.
Michael twisted the pressure end. Megyn felt the hot water dripping inside her.
With a mean and angry face Michael looked Megyn in the eye.

With a hideous laugh he shouted at her.
“I am gonna turn this on full power flushing out your cunt and then push it up into your guts.”

To Be Continued
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