Does Julie's little boy like men?
This is a fictional story and in no way am I promoting sex between adults
and children in anyway.

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"I bet it wont be to long before he has a girlfriend" Julie said with a
sly smile to her long time friend Brian.

"Evan?" Brian laughed as he pondered Evan ever being with a girl.

"Why is Evan having a girlfriend so funny? I know he's only 10, but I
think he will probably be interested very soon."

"I hate to break this to you Julie, but Evan is gay."

"Why would you say such a thing about my baby. Evan might be a pretty
boy and have some feminine qualities, but I doubt that makes him gay."

"Fine have it your way, I'm sure I was just imagining things."

"Imagining what things?" Julie was getting flustered now and just could
not imaging her little boy being gay.

"Well for one thing Evan always gets real shy and quiet and stares at me
in weird ways. Like he is a school girl with a crush."

"That's just his way. He is like that way with most men. That doesn't
make him gay."

"If you say so, but I would bet my last dollar that boy of yours is a


"Ha, ha sorry. Just saying he has all the makings of one and I swear I
have smelled cum on that kids breath before. Its made me jealous a couple
of times to be honest. A boy that pretty is a gift from heaven."

Julie was half mortified and half titillated by this conversation. She
was not exactly an old prude. Quite the opposite actually, she prided
herself on how open minded she was. She always kept gay friends like Brian
around cause they made her feel hip and cool. Like she was better than
everyone else. But, now with Brian talking so openly about her son this
way she was doubting exactly how open she way. Brian shared with her in
the past how he and his boyfriend Harry picked up a young boy in Amsterdam.
He explained in detail how the kids mom was a red light district prostitute
and had been willing to hand her little 8 year old son over to these two
for a mere 200 Euros. Brian and Harry took turns fucking both the boys ass
and mouth until they each had spent 3 loads into the child. Brian had a
cell pictures of a cute little boy with light brown hair, brown eyes and a
small little cock. In all the pictures the boy had cum on him. The first
one of cum covering the boys face, the second of cum coating his little
cock and belly, and the last with reddish cum dripping out of the kids ass.
Julie was high, drunk and horny at the time and found herself wildly
excited to see and hear about such a taboo adventure. Harry told her that
when they returned the boy they paid the mom an extra 50 euros to spank the
little tyke in front of them. He explained that she quickly agreed and
spanked him hard and merciless. When they told her to hit his balls she
complied without a thought. While the boy did not enjoy that exactly,
Brian said that the boy didn't mind most of what happened that night and
even relished getting his own little dick sucked and played with.

So now here she was. Drunk, high, and horny again as Brian kept telling
her that her little angel was a gay boy. She could not stop her mind from
picturing Evan in one of those pictures with cum dripping off of his cheek
and spilling out of his mouth. She finally came back to her senses and
admonished Brian.

"Evan can be whatever he wants, I really don't care. I am sure someday
we will both find out if he is gay or not."

"Oh hes gay alright and if you really want to know you don't have to
wait that long."

"I can't ask my 10 year old son if he prefers dick Brian. Ewww now I'm
getting grossed out."

"Relax Julie. Trust me I wish my parents would have known I was gay at
10. By 11 I was out there hanging around bathrooms and parks just hoping
that some guy would be willing to show me something. I can't tell you all
that happened to me, but not being able to tell my parents I was gay and
having to feel ashamed by it was worse than anything else that could have
possibly happened to me."

"Well I guess you make some good points there, but I'm still not going
to accuse my boy of being gay"

"You don't have to. I'll tell you what, just setup the nanny cam in
here, take the monitor and go hide somewhere and leave the boy alone with
me. I guarantee you that you will see Evan come on to me like white on

"Ha I don't know if I want you alone with Evan now."

"Hey I'm just saying I wish I had support at his age. If you knew for
sure he was gay you could help him and make sure he doesn't go looking for
info like I did. Trust me from someone who knows, men don't go gently on
young boys looking for cock at the local park."

"I don't think Evan is out there looking for cock, but you do have a
valid point that it would be nice to know if he was gay."

"Don't take offense Julie, but I would bet my paycheck that Evan has
already been out there looking for something from men. And trust me with
his blue eyes, blond hair and cute little body and ass he will have no
shortage of men willing to share their cocks with him."

Now Brian didn't know any of this for sure, and he wasn't even sure Evan
was gay. All he knew was that Evan was probably the cutest boy he had ever
seen. The boys hair was blonde and long causing Evan to constantly walk
around doing the Bieber hair flip. Evan's face was angelic if not a little
girlie, bright blue eyes, a small nose - not so small as to be a button
nose, but still cute. His teeth were perfectly white and aligned and were
framed by bright red lips that just begged to be kissed. He was small for
his age, having just turned 10 he could have still passed for an 8 year
old. He was bony in places, like in the shoulders and hips, but that just
made him all the more desirable. His ass, which Brian got to see
completely naked on three occasions was the stuff of legends. Pale,
muscular with just a hint of flesh to it. Like a 12 year old girls tits,
Evans ass seemed to jet impossible straight out from his slender form. He
did not possess a bubble butt, but rather a perfect boy butt that was just
made to be worshiped by both cock and tongue. Brian pictured that ass many
times as he fucked Harry or jacked himself off. The boy they fucked
together in Amsterdam was a direct result of the frustration they both felt
at having to be so close to a boy like Evan. They even called the boy Evan
as they fucked him.

"Well I don't know what the harm would be in just watching how Evan
behaves around you. I guess that would be alright."

"Go get the nanny cam and set it up. I am going to go make myself more
attractive to your son." What Brian was really doing was heading out to his
car to get some xtasy to slip Evan. Brian wanted to make sure that even if
Evan wasn't a little cocksucker, that he would be tonight.

Julie gets her nanny cam and sets it up with a view of the couch. She
can watch the picture through her ipad which she grabs and checks to make
sure she has a good view and can hear the sound as well. Evan was across
the street at a friends so she calls and tells him to come home. Once home
she tells him that she is going out for a while and Brian would be watching
him. She sees a huge smile spread on Evan's mouth causing her to think
that Brian just may be right. The weed and vodka had gone to her head more
than she was willing to admit and felt ashamed at herself when she gave
Evan a lingering kiss as she imagined she was kissing cum off of his rosy
lips. As she was leaving Brian handed her a few more joints and a pill
that he promised would be worth the water to take it. She told him she was
going to go park outside of the local bookstore so she would have wifi and
could watch them. She thought about giving Brian warnings and rules to
follow, but before she could say anything she felt herself being pushed out
the door.

Brian gives Evan a drink containing his secret recipe. It is a
guaranteed recipe to leave anyone as horny as possible and for them to lose
all inhibitions. He never used it on a young boy before, but figured it
would work all the same. He had not needed to worry to much though. Evan
was actually starting to flirt with him. Brian felt his cock harden and
his face flush as he realized that Evan might actually be a little gay boy
out looking for cock.

Julie drove fast and reckless to get to the bookstore. She parked
around the back in a secluded spot, but was pleased to see she still had a
strong wifi signal. She pulled out her iPad and opened the camera feed.
Her living room couch came to life as she opened a flask and took a long
drink of vodka to calm her nerves. She started to doubt what she had just
done and the lunacy of it all. What was she thinking leaving her little
boy alone with this man. She knew damn well from his cell phone pics that
Brian had a thing for little boys. She remembered quizzing him about what
it was like to fuck that little boy in Europe. Brian's answers were cold
and heartless.

"It was like fucking anything else, you just have to hold the little
fucker down and do your business. Boys are the most fun because their
asses are so tight and you are not only ruining their little shitters, but
also you're mind fucking them as well. Boys who have dicks in their asses
and mouth will never be the same. They are set on a path that can only
lead them to more dick."

Julie remembered Harry telling her how he fucked his 7 year old cousin.
The boy was a cute little thing according to Harry. With dark black hair
and a nice body. Harry said that the boys dad told him that if he could
get his entire 7" cock into the boys mouth he would pay Harry $100..
Challenge accepted and without mercy or compassion Harry told Julie how he
hung the boys head backwards over chair and rammed his hard pole harder and
harder into the boys throat until his balls were resting on his cousin's
little nose. The boy passed out from lack of oxygen as Harry's nuts
emptied their cum directly into the boys stomach. After the boys dad waved
a smelling salt in front of the child's nose to bring him back he and Harry
took turns fucking the boys ass. Harry said that for well over an hour the
boy was pounded into by their cocks. After Harry came deep in the boys
ass, the boys father flipped his son over on his back lifted his legs and
resumed the hard and brutal fucking. As he sped up his thrusts and came
closer and closer to orgasm the man put his hand around the child's neck
hold him down with such force that he was choking him. With the boy on the
verge of blacking out again the man finally came and let go of his son's

Julie remembered being riveted at this part of the story. On the edge
of her sit to see how far the man was willing to go with his son for his
own pleasure. She tried to act cool as Harry and Brian told their sordid
tales of taboo, but inside she was a whirling durbish of emotion. She
wanted to slap, chastise and yell at Brian and Harry for their callousness.
She wanted to scream rapist, pedo and sicko at them. She also wanted to
see video and hear more. It was this part that she hated.

"How could anyone get off on this kind of stuff and why the hell am I
dripping wet at hearing about boy rape?" she would ask herself.

To set her mind at ease and relax her spirit she told herself that these
were just the boastful claims of young men. Neither Harry nor Brian would
ever do anything like they have claimed. She believed that the truth was
probably more like they paid some 15 year old boy in Amsterdam for a suck.
And that Harry and his cousin just fooled around and maybe jacked each
other off. The way Brian and Harry would look at each other and laugh at
her reactions told her that they were just messing with her to try and get
a reaction.

Now her she was sitting in her car. A little drunk, a little high, and
more than a little horny. She stared at the screen again wondering what
the hell she was doing. Her son was not gay he talked about girls all the
time. Sure he was a pretty child and she knew damn well that adults, both
men and women, looked at her son in a longing way, but she always
attributed that to his youthfulness not to his sexiness.

"Is that was he was" she though "sexy?"

Julie startled as a figure appeared on the screen. Brian walked over
the couch and sat waving for someone off screen to come over. The pit in
Julie's stomach widened as she say Evan walk over and stand in front of
Brian. She saw Evan's shorts she laid out for him that morning. She saw
how his ass made his shorts curve and how the shirt she laid out for him
was obviously to small for him now. She stared at her sons tight little
buns, seeing them in a completely different light now. His ass by all
accounts was sexy. She watched mesmerized as her son appeared to behave
like a nervous school girl in front of Brian. Swaying back and forth,
crossing and uncrossing his legs. She could not hear anything, as
unbeknownst to her Brian taped over the mic on the cam, but she started to
get the sense that Evan was indeed flirting with him.

Back at the house Brian was playing Evan and his mom like a fiddle.
Evan was now starting to feel the effects of the drugs Brian fed him. His
little cock was half hard and Evan had the strange desire to rub it on
anything. Evan could not help but to cross his legs trying to squeeze his
nuts to make them feel better. He had no idea that the feeling building
deep inside him was a horniness like nothing anyone has ever experienced.
Evan would soon be willing to do anything if someone would just be willing
touch him even for just a second.

Brian sat and stood at this dream boy. Mesmerized by his beauty and by
the situation he now found himself in. His cock wanted to grab the slender
lad, bend him over and ravage his sweet ass until all of the seed inside
him was planted. Brian's mind however knew that it was a dangerous game he
was playing and one that each move had to be perfectly played. He needed
to keep Julie horny and show her that it was Evan and not him that wanted
everything that was about to happen. Brian knew that if Julie saw her son
coming onto him she would not be able to fault Brian nor would she mind
getting herself off watching her son be molested. Brian just hoped that he
didn't give Evan too much of the x like drug. The last thing Brian needed
was for Julie to suspect that Evan's desires were anything but sincere.

Brian suggested Evan, who seemed to be lost in his own world at this
point, sit down next to him and Evan quickly complied. Brian stared into
Evans eyes seeing a blank and starry stare, luckily for him Julie saw this
as well and figured it to be a puppy love gaze.

The drug in Evan's system made his androgynous zones like his little
cock, balls, ass and nipples come to life with desire. This drug also had
a similar effect on the rest of his little body as well though. His entire
body begged to be touched. Even sitting on the couch was providing him
pleasure or relief depending on your viewpoint. Evan kept pushing his leg
into Brian's to feel that touch of pressure. Brian was well aware that
Evan's entire little body was now essentially as sensitive as a clitoris.
Brian just needed to figure out a way for it to look like Evan was a cock
crazed little fag, and not as it were a boy on Xtasy.

Brian put his hand on Evan's knee just resting it in place. Evan
shivered at this welcome touch and quickly put his hand on top of Brian's.
Julie watched as her little boy started to rub Brian's hand up and down his

"Fuck me, my son is a horny little fag" she thought

Evan continued in his drug induced coma rubbing Brian's hand higher up
and down his legs. Higher and higher Brian's hand went as little Evan's
pelvis started to slide lower and lower. Brian was scared now that Julie
would certainly know that her son could not just become this uninhibited on
his own. Brian's cock however ceased to care what Brian thought.

Julie was in a state of panic. Her head was filled with vodka, weed,
impure thoughts and motherly instincts. A voyeurs urge to watch as her son
worked to seduce this man was winning at the moment. She finally realized
that she had forgotten to breathe in the last minute and gasped as she
refilled her body with air. She put the iPad down and started the car
putting it into gear and taking one last look at the iPad's screen before
racing home to stop her son from being molested. What she saw however was
a very horny boy writhing and humping his little penis into what looked to
be a surprised and embarrassed Brian. Brian's hand was now held in place
over Evan's cock by both of the boy's hands. Evan's eyes were closed and
his hips were humping frantically into the man's hands. Julie saw Brian
look into the camera with almost a pleading look.

The look Brian was giving the camera was one of worry and fear that
Julie now must know that her son was drugged. He jumped as a txt message
beep filled the room. Looking down at his phone he saw a message from
"do me a favor and let him continue, Evan's obviously done this before

and I want to know how far he's gone and how much he knows"

All of the worry and fear left Brian as he replied back to Julie:

"ok, but this boy of yours is very randy, if I dont stop him soon my
cock won't let me until I've finished"

A moment after sending the reply, Brian;'s phone beeped again.

"do what you need to do, obviously the little slut isn't as virginal as
I thought"

Brian smiled as he set the phone down. His plan worked and he now had
express permission from the boy's mother to molest her little son. Brian
was going to do just that and make sure Julie got a good show. He asked
Evan if he would like to sit in his lap and without waiting for a reply
pulled the boy on to him.

Julie finally looked up from her phone wondering who just sent that txt
telling Brian to continue so she could see how much her son knew about sex.
Her hands were visibly shaking. Like a virgin whose pussy is touched for
the first time she could not explain why her body was so hypersensitive.
She finally looked back at her iPad and saw her son sitting on Brian's lap,
their mouths joined together in some heavy french kissing. Brian had his
hand inside Evan's shirt and was apparently rubbing or maybe even pinching
the boy's nipples. Julie watched open mouthed as she saw her son alternate
from humping the air to rubbing his little bottom into Brian's lap. She
found herself growing angry at having raised such a little slutty fag. It
was obscene watching him hump the air and grind his little ass like some
Peruvian whore.

Brian looked into Evan's eyes and saw the vacant stare as he ordered the
boy to put his hands in the air. With one deft motion Brian removed the
kids tshirt revealing a marvelous, muscular boy chest. Brian wasted no
time in attacking boys nipples biting and sucking each in turn. This new
sensation on the boys heightened androgynous zone sent shock-waves through
his body. He felt like crying and laughing at the same time from the
intense sensations.

Julie, without having realized it, had her hand between her legs and was
rubbing her pussy. She felt like she was outside her body while only lust
remained inside. Painfully aware that everything about this was wrong, she
was mollified by the inherit unrealness of it all. Her breathing and heart
stopped when she watched what happened next.

Brian stood the boy up and with trembling hands unfastened the boys
shorts. Time stopped as he fumbled to slowly lower the zipper unveiling
the paisley boxers underneath. Slowly Brian opened and then slid the
shorts over Evan's slim bottom and down to drop around his ankles. Brian
grabbed the boxers with both hands, one above each hip bone. Evan, finally
having some realization of what was happening quickly grabbed Brian's hands
to stop him. To Julie, it looked like Evan was helping Brian as the boxers
quickly came down revealing her sons small, hairless, hard cock.

Brian wasted no time sensing that Evan was coming out of his drugged
state. He quickly swooped in and slid his mouth over the boys cock.
Keeping the whole thing in his mouth, Brian swirled his tongue around the
boys cock, then feeling the boy shudder started to suck and slide it in and
out of his mouth. Evan quickly put both hands on top of Brian's head,
humping his stiff little cock into the waiting mouth. The sensation was
unbearable as it felt like a thousand feathers all tickling his cock at
once. Finally, as the sensation became to overwhelming for Evan to handle,
the boy tried to pull his cock out and away from the sucking mouth. Brian
quickly grabbed the boys ass and held him in place. Finally feeling the
muscular yet soft cheeks he had been fantasizing about for the past years.
He finally let the boy pull his cock away from his mouth. Quickly and with
deft precision, Brian pulled the boy so that Evan's legs straddled one of
Brian's. Evans body laid across the other leg facing him backwards into
the couch. Julie now had a splendid view of her sons ass.

Julie saw his tight little hairless nuts pressed into Brian's leg, she
saw his tightly puckered asshole rosy and clean just waiting to be used.
Brian used his elbow to hold Evan in place freeing both hands to start to
kneed and rub the boys perfect ass. Each caress became harder and harder
grabbing and pulling the boys cheeks with building desire. Not being able
to bear it any longer, Brian wet a finger and started to circle the boys
rosebud with it.

The touch on Evan's most intimate place sent him into a frenzy. Brian
smiled when he heard the boy moan and press his little ass back into the
finger. Brian did not want to deny the little boy and gladly pressed his
finger inside Evan's body. Brian spit down between the boys cheeks and
after adding this extra lubrication he was able to start finger fucking
Evan. with his right index finger he thrust in and out of the boys ass up
to knukle. Tight tight ring that circled his finger felt like a fist
tightly squeezing him. Only after minutes of slowly but shallowly fucking
the kid did he feel Evan's ass relax its grip slightly.

Brian wasted no time once he felt this and quickly pushed his whole
finger into Evan. The boy lifted his head and let out a half moan half
cry. Brian used his left hand and elbow to hold the boy tighter as he now
fully finger fucked the boy. Harder and faster making sure he fully buried
his finger each time into the boys ass, Brian fucked him.

Julie was fingering herself in the same rhythm as Brian was Evan. As
soon as Brian buried the entire finger and she saw her baby boy lift his
head in ecstasy she came. Her pussy was flowing with sex and was calling
out for more. She had a deep need now to see more, to take this depravity
as far as it would go.

Brian looked into the camera as he pulled his finger out of the boys
ass. Brian held up his index and middle finger to the camera. Julie heard
herself moan with pleasure as she knew what Brian was planning next. She
heard herself exclaim yessss as she watched Brian force both fingers into
her boys tight ass. Again Evan's head popped up and she could only imagine
the boy was also moaning with delight.

Brian held fast onto Evan as the boy screamed feeling the two fingers
ripping him apart. Not even the powerful X drug he was given could mask
the pain in having his virgin ass opened up so wide by Brian's large
fingers. After a few deep and hard fucks with his fingers, Brian started
to scissor them to open the boys ass for what was to come. Hearing the boy
start to whine let out a demon living in Brian's gut. It was always the
whining that did it to him. Hearing any child use that whiny voice sent
blood into his cock and fire into his belly. He instantly wanted to break
the child, to fuck, to conquer the whimpering object. It was like hearing
a whore moan with fake passion. The sound became fuel for the raging
desires that lived within.

Hard and wider Brian scissored his fingers. Causing the boys ass to
stretch wider and wider. Every once and a while Brian added some spit
which he fucked into the boys ass with hard and deep strokes with his
fingers. After a hard and brutal few thrusts by his finger he offered Evan
a deal.

" I will stop hurting your ass if you will suck my dick like I did

With what sounded like a whine to Brian's ears, the boy responded with a

"ok, but i don't know how"

"Don't worry Evan i will show you, just come in front of me on your
knees and I will guide you. Its fun and you know how good it feels. If
you suck me for a little i will do it to you again."

Evan went down to his knees in front of Brian. Julie watched in
anticipation as Brian stood up and started to undress. Maybe all cocks
look huge on an iPad, but Brian's looked enormous. In reference to the
boys head it appeared to be longer than Evan's entire head. The girth
seemed to match the boys arm and Julie saw with fascination as precum
dripped out of Brian's cock like it was a leaky faucet.

Julie watched as Brian said something to her son and he quickly got up
on his knees and took Brian's cock into his pretty little mouth.

"fuckin cocksucker" Julie said out loud as she saw her son start to blow
Brian. After a few seconds she saw Brian's hands on Evan's head. She
wasn't sure if they were there for balance or not, but she felt herself get
closer to orgasm when she saw Brian pull Evan's head deeper onto his cock.
Harder and faster she watched Brian pump his cock into Evan's mouth. She
had the absurd thought that here was a boy who wouldn't even eat broccoli
but was more than happy to suck precum from a man's cock.

As Brian looked down at the boys face he saw that the boy had tears in
his eyes. Brian felt some remorse and eased up on the hard plowing he was
giving the kids mouth. He knew that the drugs would make the kid want to
be touched and felt, but they wouldn't exactly make him a cocksucker.
Feeling his balls starting to boil over, Brian decided that this was enough
foreplay and it was time to deflower the kid. He knew that if Julie saw
the boys face she would instantly know that Evan wasn't as wiling as she
thought. Brian pulled his cock from Evan's mouth and stepped over the
kneeling boy. Once behind him he pushed the boys head down into the sofa.
This gave him Brian a great position to fuck the kid in and Julie a nice
shot of her sons ass without her being able to see his face.

Julie watched in growing trepidation as she saw Brian preparing to mount
her son. His ass looked so small now in comparison to Brian. Seeing his
head pushed down into the sofa, ass up and legs spread she could not help
but think back to the times she was fucked in this same position. She was
first fucked anally at age 23 and it hurt so bad she made the guy stop
after just a few seconds. She could not comprehend how her little boy
would even take such a large cock in his ass, much less enjoy it. She
assuaged her mounting guilt and fears by reminding herself that Evan
obviously knew what he was doing. The boy was as randy as anything and
looked comfortable and ready in his fuckable position.

Brian wanted to fuck Evan dry with only the spit from before to help
lube the boy. Unfortunately knowing the boy was indeed a virgin and how
tight his ass was, Brian understood that KY was absolutely essential. Not
really for the boys comfort, mind you, but just to make sure the skin on
his own dick wasn't rubbed off. Brian had no qualms about hurting little
boys when it came to fucking. That was actually part of the fun for him,
he always wanted to make sure the little cum rags knew that they were used.
That they had pain in their minds that could linger and remind them what
they were worth and what their asses were for.

Julie watched as Brian produced KY and covered both his cock with it and
pushed some into Evan's ass. Her mouth watered as Brian walked close by
the camera, she seemed to see his cock for a full second before the rest of
his body appeared. Long, thick and as hard as they come, Julie wanted to
be on the couch next to her boy waiting for her turn with such an
impressive phallus. She saw Brian finally bend down using his knees behind
Evan. Brian didn't drop to his knees, he just bent them to be able to line
up his cock with the boys ass. With one hand on the boys back to steady
himself, Brian used the other to rub his cock around the boys tight anus.
Using a trick he was taught by the mom of an 11 year old boy he once had
the pleasure of fucking, Brian slapped Evan's back hard. In the moment
Evan took to be stunned and then yell out in pain he forgot about his
asshole. Without the boy actively clinching, Brian was able to quickly
shove the head of his cock into the small boy. Evan started to struggle
and writhe beneath him. With his only option being to back up away from
the couch, Julie only saw her son try to get more and more of the cock
inside him.

Julie watched as Brian's cock and Evan's Virginity disappeared. With
raw power and determination Brian pushed past the kids remaining anal
protests and bottomed out inside the child. Evan screamed and cried his
heart out. Bucking wildly like a bull whose nuts have just been clamped,
Evan felt his world turning to blackness with pain and dis-pare. Just when
he thought his body could not take anymore, Evan felt a hand start to rub
and gently pinch his nipples. Still sensitive from the drug he was fed
earlier the sensation acted as a counterweight the pain he was feeling.

Brian gently started to jab at Evan's ass with tiny thrusts. Like
testing the water with a big toe, Brian would push just a little before
retreating. As he felt Evan relax some and even heard the boy moan in
pleasure from the treatment his nipples were receiving, Brian started to
pull out further developing longer thrusts. With each thrust Brian felt
Evan's ass stretch more and the lube start to do its job. Easier and
easier the thrusts became and before he knew it he was essentially long
dicking the little faggot.

Julie was desperately trying to get her hand shoved inside her pussy.
She too wanted to be stretch to the max like her little slut son. She
watched as Brian grabbed her sons small hips with both of his hands. After
taking what looked like a very long break she saw Brian gently slide his
cock almost entirely out of her son, then with the power of Thor's hammer
she watched as he slammed his cock back in. Again and again Brian pummeled
her sons ass and again and again she orgasm-ed. She saw Brian spank her
sons ass occasionally as he continued to power fuck him. Julie's thought
of "why dont I ever get fucked this hard" was so out of place that she
started to laugh at the absurdity of it. She was actually jealous that her
little boy was getting fucked harder than she ever had. After the string
of orgasms subsided her senses started to come back to her. She looked at
her sons face now, turned sideways on the pillow she was able to see that
the boy looked to be yelling. She saw that he seemed to have red eyes and
perhaps those were wet streaks from tears on his face.

"What have I done?" Julie thought out loud.

Brian was in a trance now, fucking harder and harder his only goal was
to thrust so hard on of these times that his whole body would enter the
beautiful boy in front of him. Seeing the boys face now as he turned his
head sideways put Brian over the edge. The boy was just to cute for his
own good. With a final thrust Brian's cock started to pulse and spew cum
deep into the boy. Pushing into the boy harder and harder as he came Evan
let out a final wail in pain. Brian gave a few final strokes with his cock
before pulling out.

Julie watched as Brian sat down on the couch while her son stayed on the
floor. She looked closely at the boys used asshole and saw when the cum
started to flow and drip out of it. She saw the redness to it which she
finally realized was blood. Her motherly instincts were returning and
tears started to stream down her face. Just when she was about to start
the car and go tell her baby how sorry she was, she saw Evan get up off the
floor and go and sit in Brian's lap. She saw Evan grab Brian's hand and
pull it down onto his little cock. Her son started to hump the air again
as Brian stroked his cock into a hardened state.

Julie's pussy started to spasm once again as she saw her little boy turn
back into a faggot. She knew there was money to be made here and only
hoped Brian would have the answers on how to get paid for having raised
such a cute little boy whore.

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2014-07-21 11:15:59
I like it. I've read all of your stories on asstr and I liked them. Keep going, the idea of mom "selling" her boy is really hot.

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2014-07-18 21:39:31
AY1Qko A big thank you for your post.

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2014-06-15 23:29:44
Very exciting, wish some man would have taught me at that age!

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2013-10-19 00:49:02
I would have liked it if the boy was wiling this is just fucked up all the adults should be arrested.

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2013-10-18 18:30:38
Wow that's grim.

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