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An encounter with an elven beauty.
When I was fifteen, I left my village and started my journey to the unknown. Since then, I hadn't stayed in one place more than days, roaming middle earth from south to north; weeks may pass without me having any kind of human contact, just out there living among the birds and beasts of the wild.

It was early spring when I finally made my way through the mountains of Ered Luin and started my journey into Mirkwood, the elven forest. I had seen a few elves in pubs here and there, mysterious yet comforting folk they are, but strangely enough, through all my years of travelling, this was the first time I ever set foot on elven grounds.

Something was different in this forest than any place I had been, as if a thousand spirits were living in the wind. The trees were ancient, almost as old as the earth itself, and their tops almost touched the heavens. I could feel the magic in every corner, and I wondered what kinds of magical creatures live here. I recalled my grandmother’s stories of elves and their magical forests, which brought back warm memories of my home, along with cold ones.

“Here is a good place to camp” I said to myself as I stepped in a clearance between the trees. I could hear a distant sound of water, but the night was falling already and I really needed a rest, it could wait till the morning. After gathering enough dry branches, I managed to start a small fire to keep me warm, and off to sleep I went.

After such a long journey, I expected myself to fall asleep till afternoon, but it was dawn when I woke up to the most beautiful voice I ever heard, echoing in the distance with a song that took my heart away without me even understanding any word of it. The voice filled the emptiness of my soul, and I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes, tears of beauty. I started walking in the direction of the voice, which happens to be the same direction of the running water sound, I left my weapons and armor on the ground, such beauty shouldn’t be faced with a sword, and if it is a trap after all, well I would love to fall for such a beautiful trap.
I walked up a small hill, which blocked what lies beyond from the eyes, but not the ears. The sounds of nature were embracing that angelic singing voice in such a way that makes you think of no other place that can cope up with such beauty. I reached the top and finally I could see a stream of water running through the forest as if it was its vein of life. In the distance there was a small waterfall, from which the sound was coming, I suppose, and here she was, the lady of the forest.

At first I didn’t see her, as she was a part of the forest, hard to be distinguished, then I saw her on the other side of the stream, sitting on a rock with her back to me. I got closer to the stream, hiding behind a thick tree to see her more clearly. The strands of her hair were as dark as the night itself, and it was long enough to cover her back and reach the rock she sat on. The sides of a silver tiara were visible through the hair on the sides of her head, so were the tips of her pointy ears, and as she raised her head to continue the song, I caught a glimpse of her bare shoulders through her soft black curtain of hair. I felt my soul trying to escape my body and go to her, and I wondered if I would drop dead if she turned around.

A short while later, she ended her song and sat there, it was still echoing in my mind nevertheless. After a few minutes of silence, she stood up and turned to face my direction. My heart jumped and I almost ruined my cover as I saw her face, it is really hard to describe it without using the word magical. Imagine the fairest maiden of all middle earth then add a bit of magic, and you still wouldn't be close. She was wearing a long blue velvet dress, with silver linings at the waist and the lower edge, and it had a low round cut at the top, showing her beautiful skin, so soft it could reflect the early sun rays.

My eyes traced down her face to her neck, I couldn't imagine any more beautiful neck to connect this face to this body, and down to her collar bones and bare chest, and then they settled on her bosom, two truly unearth-like breasts with a cleavage to match them, I felt like I could live right between them for eternity. She took a few steps toward the stream, and for my utmost joyous surprise, she reached to the back of her dress and started untying it.

The dress fell down her soft body with no resistance, leaving me a sight to behold and to remember for the rest of my life. She had no undergarments at all, which made me wonder how her breasts looked the way they did when dressed, and her naked body was in front of my eyes. My eyes followed her breasts down to the curves of her waist, her hips, her thighs, all the way to her tiny bare feet. If anything can compete with her face for the definition of beauty, it is her body.

She walked into the stream, letting the silvery water embrace her body, and started swimming around, her long hair floating on the surface of the water following her, for which it can’t be blamed. At the edge of her hair were the two round mounds of her buttocks, their skin is so soft and wet that they glistened in the sun light, like two reflections of a full moon on a summer night. She swam to the small waterfall and stood under the falling water, letting the lucky water run down her body. As she put her arms up and started passing her fingers through her hair, her breasts were pushed to the front and her buttocks to the back in such a feminine pose. At that point, I doubted that my pants would hold on and not get torn off any longer.
After finishing the shower, she walked out of the water and headed for the rock she sat on a while ago. She laid down on the rock, letting the sun warmth dry her wet magical body. I begged the sun to take its time. A minute later, her hand moved over her body, going all the way down to settle between her legs, I couldn't see perfectly from my angle of view, but it didn't require a Gandalf to figure out what she was doing. She started moving her fingers back and forth between her legs, moaning lightly with her beautiful voice. Her other hand traveled up her belly, till it reached her left breast, and started fondling it. Her moans were getting louder, and I could hear the sound of her wet fingers going in and out of her wet womanhood. I wished something else did though.

It wasn't long before she started breathing heavily, her body started shaking, and she let out one last moan, while her hand gave her breast one last hard squeeze. Her breathing slowly returned to normal, and then she opened her eyes, stared up to the heavens, and just laid there for a while. She finally got up and started putting on her dress, which magically embraced her body as if it was a part of it. For my surprise she gave a loud whistle and out of the distant trees, a flawless white horse, beautiful enough to be her horse, came running to her, and before I could do anything, she jumped on its back and raced the wind.
Through all this I couldn't get down to pleasure myself while watching, it was so overwhelming that I felt a thousand spiritual orgasm, to which physical orgasm can’t be compared. As I watched her rides away, I wondered if I was going to lay eyes upon her again. Little did I know at that moment, little did I know.

To be continued....

(This is my first story, constructive criticism is welcomed)

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