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Ed is seduced by Becky in the school's public restroom during the SATs.
NOTE: This is ONLY one Chapter of a long running saga. It works as a stand alone, but there is information on how to get the WHOLE story at the end.

Chapter 16: Edward

Rachel and I had a mostly uneventful week back home after our vacation the weekend before the big day of the first SAT had finally arrived. Becky and Lisa were as well versed in the Math section of the test that I could make them, with them hammering hard and studying with practice tests in our study sessions. I didn't even have to scold Becky, my newly pregnant mistress, to stop seducing me while we studied diligently that whole week.

Of the two of them, I was sure Becky would do great, but Lisa did have a few issues. She wasn’t dumb, just got confused by numbers sometimes which seemed funny since she was half Asian and that stereotype usually eclipsed the one with girls being bad at math. When she took her time she did fine, but sometimes in the timed practice tests she'd panic and spend more time fretting than working. We'd worked hard to ensure she remember to breathe and take her time, so hopefully she would today.

It was Saturday, so felt weird walking into the quiet school. Only a few teachers were here, about ten. We were here to administer the test, ensure that the students weren't cheating, and even walk them to the bathroom since every student had to be accompanied at all times. As luck would have it Christine was also one of the teachers who'd been assigned to this round of the SATs. The test would be offered a total of three times to give all the students a chance to take it, and many would even take it several times to try and improve their score. I did have to do it once more next month in April, but got to stay home for the one in May.

"Good morning Ed," Christine greeted me happily as I entered the teacher's lounge.

"Hi Christine," I said back in a friendly tone. I had been initially worried that she would try and be more intimate since we had sex about a month ago. She'd confessed to me that she was a virgin still into her late-twenties, and that she has found out about my sexual relationship with Becky. After that she blackmailed, well more of begged me to take her virginity. I was caught between being excited at a new conquest and terrified of losing my job and my wife. Luckily she never mentioned it since and we thankfully returned to a plutonic coworker relationship. I don't know if I could take juggling another secret lover.

We chatted about getting ready for the test until the principle came in. He was a sixty year old guy, but tough as nails and got right down to business. "Alright people gather round, you all know the drill." Once all of the teachers were close enough he continued, yet still just as loud as when he started, "When a student comes in, we will verify all of them with photo ID and take their administration ticket. If they do not have both of these they do not come inside. Once cleared tell each student to sit in their pre-assigned seat. They all have their names on them and are in alphabetical order, last name first."

He cleared his throat and continued, "No student is to have a cell phone or computer of any kind and we will be collecting these at the front desk as they enter. Basic calculators are acceptable and there is a list of approved scientific calculators at the front desk as well, confiscate anything else along with all phones. All students will be given two number two pencils and can request more if need be, we sharpen then and provide them throughout the test, so no student needs to get up for them."

At least we were getting paid overtime for today I thought as he droned on, "During testing all students shall be accompanied to the bathroom by a teacher. Just stand outside the door and wait for them, and don't let two students in at the same time."

Most of us had done this a couple of times for several years now, so just nodded while the Principal droned on through the rules. When he was done we heading out to the check in desks while he went to unlock the doors to start letting students in. About ten were waiting at the doors already, and over the next half hour another sixty or so showed up. They were still trickling in as the cut-off point for closing the doors came when Lisa and Becky finally showed up.

"Cutting it a bit close aren't we?" I asked Becky as I took her ticket, ID, and cell phone as I checked her in.

"Maybe you can scold me later..." she teased back. I blushed, but made sure not to make a scene. "Actually I had a fashion crisis. I didn't want to wear a skirt or sweatpants, but none of my jeans fit my waist anymore." She was wearing a skirt and a baggy shirt that cut off just above her belly button, so I could see her belly distend ever so slightly over the low waist band of the skirt. I figured she was just pushing it out on purpose and I thought about saying so since she was only two months pregnant, but even thinking again that she was growing our adulterous child inside her stole my mental capacity for a moment as I just stared at her waist. "Wish me luck?" the chipper teen asked to snap me out of it.

"Oh, yes, of course," I stumbled. "Good luck." Then she made room for me to check Lisa in. I wished her luck as well, but there were thankfully no distractions more until the Principal gave almost the same speech once more about the rules to the finished gaggle of students before ushering them into the gym filled with individual chair-desks all five feet apart, already stocked with paper and pencils.

The better part of the next two hours was spent walking the isles, sharpening pencils, and walking those with nervous bladders to the bathrooms. I tried not to notice Becky as I patrolled past her, but I notice she always smiled anyway. Lisa seemed not to notice me at all and was totally engrossed in her test, much like most of my other students, but some nodded as I passed by.

About bit more than halfway through the three hour test Becky raised her hand while I was nearby and I walked over to her. "I need to use the bathroom," she said like she really meant it. I nodded and had her follow me out of the gym and down the empty school hall to the first floor restrooms. I stood by the door as she went in, but she paused. "You can come in with me if you want."

"I can't. I need to be here if someone else comes to let them know you are in here," I explained. "Only one student can be in the bathroom at a time to prevent cheating."

Becky shrugged and sighed. "Too bad, I guess I'll have to rub myself off. I really concentrate better when I'm not so horny." Then she disappeared inside.

I stood there for a moment, alone in the hall with only my crazy thoughts and an instant hard-on that wouldn't settle down. Then, like an idiot I ducked into the lady's room and found Becky sitting on the cold radiator beside the speckled glass window with one hand holding up her skirt and the other rubbing her exposed clit with her panties pulled down her thighs.

"Are you crazy?" I said shocked. "What if someone walked in here and saw you like that?"

"I thought you were guarding the door?" she said with a smile. "Now who will protect me from being molested?" She bit her lip deviously then answered herself before I decided to say something. "I guess it doesn't matter if I'm already being molested, does it?"

I knew we couldn't spend very long alone here so hurriedly opened my pants and ordered her, "Get in the stall and bend over."

"Yes sir, teacher," Becky said with false innocence. I followed her in as I pulled my waistband of my underwear down over my cock as I came up behind the teen who stuck up rear end as she bent over the toilet. "I've been a bad girl. You might have to spank me."

I grinned and flipped her skirt over her naked smooth round ass. "Maybe I will. What did you do?" I asked as I caressed her fuzzy mound with my fingers, already feeling her wetness.

She moaned as soon as I touched her. "I've been having dirty thoughts about my teacher and haven't had sex for over a week . That and his baby in my belly keeps tickling my insides makes me have to masturbate all the time."

"Then maybe I need to spank him instead?" I joked as I pushed my prick up inside her slick vagina from behind in one swift movement.

"Oh God, yes. Spank us both!" she gasped and shivered as I quickly began pounding her, smacking my hips into her ass with a loud smacking sound. "I'm cuming already!" I almost didn't believe it, but her cunt gushed and I felt her twist inside and knew she really was. Knowing she'd been really horny for me got me going too, so I really let go and just used her spasming hole hard. Her knees were going weak and I half held her up as I fucked her, but a few minutes later I grunted and held dug in deep to shoot a hot load into her already occupied womb.

I stayed sheathed inside her as I squeezed off every last salty squirt, but I knew we needed to clean up and get out of here quickly. I pulled out and her plowed open cunt immediately drained half my cum down her leg onto her white panties and the floor. She just moaned and shuddered as she collapsed onto the toilet seat, so I quickly pulled off some toilet paper and wiped up her leg and pussy to get the majority of it, but said, "I better get outside while you finish getting cleaned up."

"I love you," she groaned softly and let some more of my deposited sperm drain out of her into the toilet she mounted.

I gulped and pulled up my pants as I exited back into the hall where I was surprised to almost run into Christine standing outside. I didn't know what to say, but she just pointed at my crotch. I looked down and one tail of my shirt was stuck in the top of the zipper. I fixed my mistake quickly and cursed silently to myself then gratefully thanked her. She just smiled when a male student who she had obviously escorted to use the bathroom came out and they walked away silently back to the gym.

Becky came out a moment later all smiles. "Thanks, I really needed that."

"Better hurry back, you don't have much time left for this segment of the test," I warned her.

"This was the Math part," she replied. "I was already done before we left thanks to me having the best Math teacher in the world." I couldn't help but grin with her as we also returned to the gym.



Chapter 17: Christine catches Ed and makes him her own in her classroom after the test is over.

Chapter 18: Ed gets home exhausted, but cannot rest yet as his wife wants a little something in her naughty rear.

Chapter 19: Becky, having Ed say he has to be someplace else goes to see her Mom and Rachel at Ed's house, but they don't know Ed is secretly with Christine, so Becky finally learns about their lesbian relationship.

Chapter 20: Ed's life is sure complicated. He gives a brief deion of his next two weeks of sleeping with three different women, and somehow keeping it all a secret when he is forced to start tutoring Lisa again.


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