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This one might need some editing as I haven't posted in a while so I wanted to get the chapter uploaded. I was having second thoughts on the progress of the story. Made some changes though. I like the road it's taking now.
Chapter 3 - To hunt from the shadows

The giant beast drew a circle around Carl. Its fangs were bared as it growled and snarled. A sense of fight

or flight erupted in Carl- he needed to either run or fight.

Then his saving grace came; "Fenris- down" Danielle placed her hand atop the wolf's head hushing him.

The animal circled in behind her and followed her as she approached Carl, walking with long seductive


“It’s you…” Carl cursed, yet he was relieved.

“Who else do you know who can create such a fine a creature as Fenris- the wolf of Ragnarok?” She

seemed proud as the giant wolf sat next to her in the snow.

“The wolf of what-now?” Carl said disturbed.

“Oh you don’t know the Myth of Fenris? Well many – many – many years ago I made this adorable little

creature while I was making my way through Europe… you know sowing havoc. Fenris impressed upon

the Nords. So they added him to their tale of their gods. He was the wolf that would rise along with the

end of the world. Like a beast from hell…” She seemed enthused looking at the beast with admiration.

She seemed proud.

“A beautiful story…” Carl said sarcastically… “Why are you here?”

“Oh dear boy, you seem unhappy to see me?” She was surprised but not fazed.

“You left me to my questions when I had no one else to turn to…” he turned slightly away from her.

“Poor you! Get over it it’s not like I gave you some sort of incurable disease… besides you’ve already

enjoyed the fruits of my spoils” she said approaching him.

“In fact, I think it’s time you returned the favor…” she smiled putting her hands together with excitement.

“So it came at a cost?” was his eventual retort.

“Well, everything has its price…”

“And I can assume I don’t have a choice?”

“There is always a choice, dear boy. But there are also always consequences” she said tapping his nose

with the tip of her long black nail.

“So that’s a pretty solid ‘No choice’ situation. What do you want me to do?”

She took a few steps back motioning with her hands as if to say ‘wait for it’.

“Rape” Her words startled him- he wasn’t sure what he was expecting but that most certainly wasn’t it.

“Go back to where you came from. Ruin that woman you so cherish or else… You have until sunrise” She

stepped back into the shadows and vanished completely.

Then suddenly Carl felt an overwhelming heat surge onto him. It was as if he was burning alive only when

it finally ceased he couldn’t feel the heat anymore. Neither could he feel the cold. It was strange to Carl

he felt stronger immediately after the pain stopped. So he stood trying desperately to get a grip on reality.

Carl checked to see if there was any damage to his body only he couldn’t find his body.

“She turned me into a ghost?” He shrieked in a panic. He tried to move his hand through a tree but it

caught against the tree. It dawned on him that he was not ethereal just invisible. He sank down to the

ground with his back against the tree trying to contemplate what his next move would be.

He must have been sitting there for half an hour before a stimulant awoke him from his thinking trance.

There was a flash light to his right, far in the distance. Then his name echoed through the darkness.

“Ca-a-a-a-a-arl!” the woman called. Carl started sneaking in her direction. She was still a good 200

meters away but he was afraid to be seen in his current state.

“Carl!” She shrieked again with the loss of hope in her voice. As Carl drew ever closer it occurred to him

that he might as well lose the clothes. So after he took cover behind a tree he stripped completely naked

and became, save for his footprints in the snow, completely invisible. Carl approached the woman from

an angle shortening the distance between them. Then as he saw who it was his heart started racing.

Stacy called his name one more time then placed her face in her palms sadly. He noticed that she wasn’t

wearing his jacket.

“Ruin that woman you so cherish or else you will stay this way for ever” Carl whispered softly. He thought
of what his mystery woman had implied. In his heart he knew and the though, although it shocked his
morals, made him stir with lust. He started closing in on her with no ill intentions just yet. He observed her;
she was in a new dress of clothes much warmer and much less revealing than the clothes he had torn off
her earlier.

He thought “I might as well have some fun with this” as he trialed a few feet behind her. She started
walking at a faster pace calling out for him every few seconds. Then her two way radio shrieked alive.

“Any luck on your side Ms. Smith?” the high pitched voice of a younger woman came through the tiny
speaker on the radio.

“No luck here Jacky … and with you?” Stacy answered in a depressed tone.

“Guess we better head back and join the official search party first thing in the morning…” A wise decision

Carl thought, one he couldn’t allow just yet. Carl had been following a few feet behind Stacy, being careful

to only step in her tracks.

“You’re probably right… I just don’t know where he could have gone!” She looked around in a last attempt

to spot something. Just then Carl leaned in whispering in as mystical of a voice as possible “Close”. Stacy

turned around startled searching for the source of the voice.

“Jacky… see if you can get to me I have… a feeling his close by” Stacy said after a few moments of

“Sure Ms. Smith I can see your flashlight! I’m just a bit to your left” Stacy waited, leaning against a tree,
for Jacky to close the distance.

After a minute or two a 17 year old girl whom Carl recognized from his Mathematics Class came around

the tree. She had long black hair that was tied into a pony tail and a tall curvy figure. She had an athletic

body with wide hips and what appeared to be strong leg muscles. Her breasts were held in place by a

sport bra, making them seem a fraction smaller. Carl had admired the girl before; he used to watch her

training every other Wednesday. But he’d be watching when she wasn’t aware… when no one was

looking. He knew that she was the ideal student. She was popular, smart and a participant in school

activities – she had it all in his opinion.

“So Ms. Smith, don’t get me wrong I love helping out but why would you go this far out of your way to
help Carl?”

“Oh… uhm, well… he’s one of my patients and I feel like I need to protect him” She lied.

“… and you? Why’d you come all the way out here to help me, we barely know each other” Stacy tried

to take the focus of what was an obvious lie.

“Truth be told?” she motioned to Stacy with a nod of her head.

“Truth be told I’ve always had a thing for Carl” She said star gazing.

“He’s always been that kid who maintained the peace…” She continued.

“Oh, you want someone gentle? Is that it?” Stacy said with a mocking ring to her voice.

“Haha, not at all actually! I’ve always pictured him to be a bit of darker personality a bit deeper down…

you know the kind of person who would eventually turn into an alpha male of sorts… taking what or

who he wanted how he wanted” As those last words left Jacky’s mouth Stacy’s eyes widened. She could

remember quite clearly that earlier he did just that.

“So once or twice I imagined him – walking up to me and doing just that” she giggled as much as she

Stacy felt intimidated all of the sudden and tried everything in her power to suede Jacky away from Carl.

“I wasn’t expecting to hear that! From our sessions it’s quite clear that he is the gentle type…”

“Really, what makes you say that?” Jacky fell to her knees next to Stacy to listen to what she had to say.

“Well, I really shouldn’t say… but he has been seeing things… having ‘visions’ of a woman – and he’s

scared of her. Or he admires her… either way I find it weird” her words brought a frown to Jacky’s face.

“Yeah that sounds creepy… maybe he’s not as deep and dark as I thought he was” just then a branch

broke nearby. Carl felt anger swelling in the pit of his stomach. He wanted to restrain himself but the

combination of lust, anger and the goal at hand took over.

“Who’s there?” the girls said in unison rising from their prone positions, quite alarmed. A force knocked

Stacy back against the tree winding her. She fell to her knees holding her midriff with both arms Jacky

shrieked as she jumped backwards. She saw two footprints moving in the snow in front of Stacy and

turned to run. Panic over took her but there was no way she would outrun Carl now. He sprinted up to

her then slammed his invisible mass into her side forcing her into a tree. Her head collided with the solid

wood and she fell to the ground as her consciousness let go.

Carl stood over her then robbed her of her scarf. If she was to come too now, she would find her hands

in binds. Carl started back to Stacy who started to stand. She walked in the opposite direction trying to

get away from whatever attack Jacky. She was limping slowly away from where they were talking when

her one foot was grabbed out from under her she fell with her torso onto the snow.

She felt a strong hand on her shoulder then she was flipped onto her back she tried to push the force

that was laying down on her away but it was much stronger then she was and that made her attempts

futile. Carl ripped her zip down in one harsh movement. She was wearing a T-shirt beneath the warm

winter jacket and Carl ripped it away as she tried to fight him off. Then a tight hand locked around her

throat. She tried to pull it away but she was completely powerless as his fingers cut off the blood flow to

her brain. She finally surrendered. In her mind something supernatural had plans for her.

“Okay…” she whimpered in a hope that it would let her live after it had its way with her. Carl

manipulated her body to remove her jacket and tattered shirt. Then he ripped her bra free. Carl flipped

her onto her stomach and he could hear a soft sob leaving her lips. He pulled at her pants, walking

backwards until she was rid of it. Then he walked up behind her until he was standing over her, she

didn’t try running she just lay half of her face on the snow waiting in anticipation. He could only imagine

how cold she must have been- then it dawned on him that he wasn’t cold at all. “A happy side effect” he

thought. He knelt down behind her spreading her legs as he placed his knees between them. He then

reached for her hands that were balled in fists clenching little puffs of snow. He brought them together

behind her back and took the remnants of her shirt, using it to bind her hands. She wasn’t resisting but

the site pleased him. Then he brought himself close to her mound. Her lace panties was still protecting

her so he grabbed a fist full and yanked it sideways, ripping it off.

She yelped, and then as she was more focused on the pain of the material ripping against her skin than

his manhood at her sex, he pushed himself inside her. She made an uncomfortable moan and then he

picked up the pace and with each rugged ramming motion a loud slapping sound echoed between the

trees. Then abruptly he stopped. He was close to cumming so he withdrew then started stroking himself

with quick efficient movements. He spilled his fluids into her back. But like earlier that day he wasn’t


He used his opposing thumbs and moved them in between the cheeks of her bum, spreading them.

Then, with little to no hesitation, he started slowly forcing himself into her.

He had barely breached her when she started objecting again. She apparently was not broken, a

fragment of her spirit had remained, she tried crawling away but her hands were tied… quite literally.

She didn’t break free, but she managed to annoy Carl thrashing and kick as she did. He was forced to

withdraw. He decided her actions were worth punishing- but that would come later. His hands locked

harshly around her hips, clenching skin and flesh between his fingers and his palms. Then he made one

piston movement forcing his whole length into her. A dry cry of defeat escaped her mouth and that

satisfied Carl. He started pumping in and out of her picking up speed. After a minute or two he slowed

down then took a second to admire her body. He noticed that she was soaking wet.

He wasn’t sure if it was the ghosts, the brutality or just the sexual stimulation turning her on but either

way he smiled knowing she was taking some satisfaction from this encounter. He resumed his previous

pace building onto his peak, then finally cumming. He didn’t withdraw this time. The thought of her

going home and having to wash his essence out of her turned him on even more. He was erect again. He

turned her on her back to continue his session when he noticed that he bare breasts and shoulders were

covered in little particles of ice. Even her nipples had turned a deep blue. He was concerned for her

health so he decided he’d take both the girls to Stacy’s home.

He decided to just take one last action before they left.

He pulled her onto her knees and then placed a hand on each side of her face. He applied pressure to

the side of her jaws forcing her mouth open. He jammed his manhood into her mouth as deep as he

could. She writhed from side to side as she found a shortage of breath. He only withdrew after he

thought she was on the brink of passing out.

Then he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder with remarkable ease. He started in Jacky’s

direction then lifted her under his arm. He had definitely gotten stronger.

Danielle floated in a space between spaces. A shadow world of sorts, watching as Carl leaned against the

tree thinking. Oh how he amazed her. What she was asking him to do wasn’t that big a deal. It was one

woman’s agony for a world of power…. And this would only be the start she had so much more to give

him. But she had found herself falling all the more for her lustful side. She wanted to make Carl do this

to a woman that Danielle was envious of. Danielle wanted to be in the same position that Stacy was in

earlier that day on the couch. But she had a game to play – that would come later.

Just as Danielle started getting bored in her shadow realm, Stacy finally arrived. Danielle watched the

scenario unfold.

They gossip a bit then Danielle can see, even though he isn’t visible, a man losing his temper… a man

losing his control. He tied one of the girls up then left to tend to the other one. Danielle watched and

listened as he tore her clothes then stepped out of the shadows so that she could indulge in mortality.

She was completely naked this time. The shadows remained behind. She knelt down next to the

unconscious girl that Carl had left for dessert. Then Danielle watched from the sidelines as Carl ravaged

the woman who wasn’t fighting back anymore. With her one hand Danielle was stroking herself… the

other had made its way under Jacky’s panties. She struck both herself and Jacky in unison. Slowly at first

but picking up pace as the scene played on. Eventually Danielle saw Carl withdraw then after a

moment’s pause he started again.

“Oh good, she’s fighting again” this made Danielle stir within. She had a deep lust forming and she

wasn’t quite sure how she would see to it yet. She let go of herself then placed the fingers that she was

using to entertain herself into the 17 year olds’ mouth. Jack started licking Danielle’s finger free of the

juices that were covering it.

“Oh I think you’ll be a good slave” Danielle told the girl who was lying passed out, now in her lap.

Danielle was still busy inside the girl’s pants and soft moans escaped her mouth. Danielle watched as

Carl gave a final thrust into Stacy – her time was short. She moved her arm much faster in a sideways

pattern until the girl arched her back. Then a stream of juices spilled past Danielle’s hand.

Carl was helping his victim onto her knees.

Danielle tried wetting her hand as much as possible with the fluids that had been spilled. Then she

pressed the tip of four of her fingers into Jacky’s mouth again. She slurped eagerly at the fluids.

“Oh my dear- I’m far from done with you…” She lingered with a deep passionate one-sided kiss then

crawled back into the shadows before Carl started making his way to Jacky. She didn’t go into her realm

though the lust that was burning in her had to be quenched first.

She followed them from a safe distance until they reached the home. She noticed Carl was navigating by

following the tracks that Jacky and Stacy had left behind. Danielle wondered what all Carl had in mind

for his two victims. Whatever it would be she couldn’t help but wonder if she had created yet another


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