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Ted stopped at a diner to eat lunch. The waitress caught his eye as she had a body "made to ride" as they say. When the waitress came over to wait on him she looked vaguely familar but he couldn't place her. He thought he saw a flicker of recognition in her eyes as well. He ordered his meal and lit up a cigarette while he waited for it to come. When Bonnie brought his meal she asked him where he grew up. When Ted told her he grew up in southern Pennsylvania she got all excited.

"I think I know you" she said. We went to the same school in 5th and 6th grade. You used to come over to my house and play once in a while. Ted took another look at her. Was it really Bonnie? His mind floated back to grade school. Bonnie was one of several girls that liked to put on freebie shows for the boys. One by one they would lean over the bar of the teeter totter. Another girl would come by and lift their dress so all the boys gathered around could see their panties. This went on every day that the teachers weren't out on the playground with the kids. Bonnie was one of the girls that after some one would pull her dress up would sometimes pull her panties down some. She never showed everything on the playground but she sure like to tease the boys. One day when Ted went to her house she pulled her panties off for him to see her hairless pussy. Ted moved away that same year to Florida so he lost track of Bonnie. He always wondered what would have happened if his folks had not moved.

"Is that really you Bonnie?" asked Ted.

"It sure is" replied Bonnie. It was Bonnie's turn to drift back to the fifties. Back then she adored Ted and only wished he hadn't moved away when he did. She knew now she was a bit advanced sexually for her age back then but she had always wanted to fuck Ted. The closest they had come to it was one day he pulled his pants down to show her his little dick and she had gotten to play with it for a minute before her Mother called her inside and Ted had to leave. She still remembered the feeling that his hard little dick gave her. She hoped his dick had grown up with his body however. "So tell me do you remember when I played with your dick?" asked Bonnie.

"I sure do and I wished at the time your Mother hadn't called you in. Maybe we can make up for that now." answered Ted.

"I get off work in an hour. I'll call my roommate and tell her not to pick me up if you will."

"You bet I will" said Ted.

After Ted left Bonnie called her room mate Gloria. "You'll never guess who is going to pick me up after work" she exclaimed. "Do you remember Ted from the fifth and sixth grade?"

"I sure do. I was in love with that boy but he was always to shy to get to know real well. What's he like now?"

"You'll find out in about an hour because I'm bringing him home with me." replied Bonnie.

"Are you going to hog him all to yourself or do I get a crack at him as well?" asked Gloria.

"Well I guess I can share him if you insist" answered Bonnie.

"Well you better or I'll never eat your pussy again" promised Gloria.

"Well we can't have that but you got to promise I get to fuck him first"

"Ok, bitch, if you insist" said Gloria.

"I'll make it worth your while" promised Bonnie.

Ted picked up Bonnie at the appointed hour. As they rode to Bonnie's house she told him about the fact that Gloria was her room mate and how the two girls planned to molest Ted. As she was describing the planned activities she had her hand inside Ted's pants playing with his cock. As it grew to its full nine inch size she pulled it out of his pants and inspected it. "I'm sure glad you have a nice big cock as I love big cocks and can't wait to get you inside of me and fuck your brains out. I certainly have waited long enough to do that!" Ted couldn't believe his ears. Bonnie was certainly a delectable piece of pussy and she was very adept at playing with a dick. He could feel himself getting ready to come when Bonnie leaned down and took his dick into her mouth and deep throated him. Just then Ted's cum exploded into Bonnie's throat and filled it and her mouth before leaking out of her cheeks. Bonnie did her best to catch it all but one drop escaped and fell down on the floor. "There now you will be ready to fuck us when we get to the house" declared Bonnie. "Us" thought Ted. Wow that must mean that Gloria wanted to fuck him as well and if she was any where near as sexy as Bonnie he was sure going to enjoy himself. He thanked his lucky stars that he had decided to stop at that particular diner today.

When Ted and Gloria got to the house they walked in arm in arm and Ted's hand playing with Bonnie's tits. Gloria met them at the door. Ted sucked in his breath. All Gloria had on was a lacy see through short negligee. She came up to Ted and kissed him as she fondled his cock. "Hi ya handsome" she said. Ted put his arm around her and grabbed a tit as they all walked into the house. When they got inside Gloria was all over Ted rubbing her body all over him. Bonnie unfastened his belt and undid his pants. They fell to the floor as Gloria grabbed his briefs and yanked them off. Bonnie removed his shirt and both girls started kissing him all over. Ted reached over and pulled Bonnie's dress up and began rubbing her ass. He let his hand wander between her legs and started rubbing her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties. He turned his attention next to Gloria by tearing her negligee off and inserting a finger into her cunt which he plunged in and out several times. By now Bonnie had gotten all her clothes off and pulled Ted toward the bed. She laid down on her back and pulled Ted down on top of her. She grabbed his dick and pushed it into her cunt. She also put her hand between Gloria's legs and played with Gloria's pussy as she guided Gloria to the bed and had Gloria kneel down over her head so Bonnie could eat Gloria's snatch. Meanwhile Ted had impaled Bonnie with his cock and was busy fucking her. When Gloria got on the bed over Bonnie's face he started playing with her tits and kissing them. Gloria reached down between them and put her forefinger and thumb around Ted's dick as it pumped in and out of Bonnie. Every little bit she would flick Bonnie's cunt. By doing this she had heated up the action considerably as by now Ted was fucking Bonnie so hard Gloria though he was going to rip her in two. All of a sudden Ted and Bonnie erupted in a simultaneaous climax. Gloria got down and licked Bonnie's pussy to catch any pussy juices or Ted's cum that might seep out. For some reason Ted didn't get soft as he usually did after fucking so Gloria pulled him out of Bonnie and guided him into her love hole. She rolled over on top of Ted and began fucking him. Her pussy slid over his dick until Ted was buried to the hilt. Then Gloria began moving back and forth slowly easing almost off Ted's dick. As the head of Ted's dick came out of Gloria's cunt she settled back down to make it go all the way up inside her. As Gloria neared a climax she speeded up which got Ted's juices to flowing once again. They came together and collasped on the bed with Ted's dick still in Gloria. Bonnie curled up beside Ted and all three drifted off to sleep.


2005-05-14 03:25:12
i wish i was that lucky


2004-09-01 09:31:20
I should be so lucky 3


2004-06-20 22:50:13
I should be so lucky 2


2004-03-10 19:31:30
I should be so lucky

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