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I woke up sweating. It was hot and I sensed it was late. My entire face was burning with arousal and my cock felt hard than ever. I turned onto my back. My cock had left a huge spot of precum on the bed. I could feel the warm wetness against my skin.
I sighed and with a jolt remember where I was. I was awake and back into his service. Only in my sleep had I been free from him.
I turned my head and saw that my laptop had sprung to life. Little dings told me someone was talking to me on skype.

I sat up with a groan and wiped the sleep from my eyes. I arched over to the laptop. Gerard, or ‘boytrainer’ was talking to me. I saw myself sitting naked with a huge boner on the little webcam screen.
“Morning my slave. Wakey wakey” Gerard said.
The audio was on. “Morning, master” I croaked.
“Look at you, all ready for a new day I see.” He said. My cock was unmistakable on the cam.
“Hmm get yourself clean and go to my cabin. You missed breakfast with the family so I brought you some.” He ordered.
I stretched myself and slowly got up to go to the bathroom for a shower.
*ding ding*. Gerard said something else.
“Wait don’t go wash yourself in the bathroom right away. You should clean yourself first.”
I looked at the webcam confused.
Gerard was quiet for a while and then gave me new orders.
“You are my slave. You don’t wash your cock with just some soap, silly. Use your finger. Twirl it around and lick it clean. “
I sighed deeply. I was too tired to even defy him. I peeled my uncut skin away from my cockhead with one hand and started cleaning it with the other. Soon my finger was shining with my own precum and I licked it off like he told me. I repeated it a few times until my cockhead was dripping in saliva and I tasted nothing but my own cock.
“Good boy” Gerard said. “Go take a shower and get yourself squeaky clean. I want you to smell all nice for your master.” He ordered me.
I sighed again, got up and really went to the bathroom now. I relieved myself and after that took a long warm shower.
I was scared of what was to come. I had no idea how far Gerard would push me. No matter how hard I thought I just couldn’t see a clean way out. But I also wondered if it was worth it. Perhaps it was better to have my family see my naughty video instead of being my uncle’s toy for the rest of the week.

Once I was done I looked into the mirror to myself. I liked what I saw. I was proud of my skinny body. Glad with my cock and I actually really loved my long black hair. Gerard should pay to play with this I, thought.
I combed my hair straight and then walked to my suitcase. I wondered what clothes I was going to wear today but then realized that wasn’t up to me. Even worse, he had told me to go to his cabin but hadn’t told me I could wear any piece of clothing. Oh fuck.
My legs felt like rubber when I walked over to the door. It was quiet outside but I didn’t dare to open it yet. I felt so naked again. I leaned against the door and tried to get myself ready for the walk to his cabin. It wasn’t far but it seemed like miles. Nothing to cover me. Then it got even worse.
I felt it. The familiar twitch and warmth. My cock started to grow inch by inch.
I couldn’t understand why. I was so scared and worried to go outside naked, but yet I got harder and harder. My cock hit the door with a soft pat.
It was too much. I turned away from the door and grabbed a towel from the bathroom. I guessed a towel wasn’t actually clothing so I wasn’t disobeying him. Right?
I knew it was a flimsy excuse. I tied it to my middle and grabbed the door but then stopped myself.
It bothered me that I was going to start the day disobeying Gerard. I didn’t know why it bothered me. Perhaps it was fear, but it just felt wrong to suddenly defy him at the very start.
I hated everything about it. I jerked the towel from my body and threw it violently across the cabin.
Fuck it.

I flung the door open and sprinted to his cabin. The bright sun and cool air on my body felt so exposing I thought I was going to pass out. The soft grass passed under my feet with high speed yet his cabin looked so far away.
I threw my head left and right, looking for anyone who might see me like this. Thankfully our part of the complex was empty. I heard my cousins yell and shout in the distance, but around me there was nothing but empty nature.
I almost crashed into his cabin. I banged the door loudly.
“I’m here” I breathed.
Heavy footsteps told me he was coming. But once they were at the door nothing happened.
I knocked again.
“Please let me in.”
Every seconds I panicked more. I was so exposed and the way back seemed way too long. I heard the yelling of my cousins louder and louder. I wasn’t sure if I was imaging it or if they were actually nearing me. My cock was still hard and I had nothing to hide.
With a big shock I realized my error.
I knocked the door loudly again. “I’m sorry! Please open the door, master” I added the almost magic word.
The door opened right away after I had called him by his title and I stumbled inside.
I was shaking all over. I leaned on my knees and breathed heavily to get my composure back.
Gerard felt like my savoir. It was odd, he was the one forcing me to expose myself like this yet I was so grateful for opening the door I could kiss him. He softly rubbed my back.
“Well done boy.” He complimented me.

Once I had caught my breath I looked up to my master. He was fully dressed this morning and it seemed in a cheery mood. He chuckled.
“Kind of a shame having you already sweating after being so clean. Ah well lets eat.” He said and leaded me to the living room.
My heart sank when I entered it.
He had done his best on the breakfast table. It was filled from side to side with food. Fresh orangejuice was in a large pitcher. There were two empty plates waiting for us on either side of the table.
Gerard had taken a chair from outside for me. One that wasn’t plastic like his but made from woven wood strings. Right in the middle of the chair he had set a rubber toy with the flat base caught between two strings. I just stared at it. I looked actually kind of small. I didn’t know they made anal toys in those sizes as well, being used to seeing the toys for porn movies.
I felt him softly squeeze my shoulder.
“Looks good doesn’t it?” he said happily. He walked over to it and stood right next to the chair, offering it to me.
“It’s a good thing they have these chairs here. Or else I would have had to work with glue or tape and that wouldn’t look right for my little toy.” I didn’t know he meant me or the rubbery thing stuck on the chair. My cock was pointing proudly forward again. I hated it but this time I knew why.
I had never used a real toy. Just that one sharpie and sometimes a finger. This was more of the real thing. Something made for pleasure and a part of me couldn’t wait to try it out.
“Come here.” Gerard ordered me gently. Step by step I walked towards the wooden chair. My heart was pounding again. Once I was standing in front of him I looked down at my own bouncing cock.
I didn’t want him to see I was kind of happy with this.

“So have you ever played with a real sex toy?” he asked. I shook my head. “No master.”
“I thought so. I’ll make it easier on you.” He said and grabbed something from his pocket. It was a tiny black bottle with a naked man on it. He uncapped it and poured some of the slick liquid over the rubber toy. It shone all over now and looked inviting. I turned myself and stared at the breakfast table while I lowered myself to the toy.
I grabbed the edges of the chair so I could carry my weight as I moved my hips back and forward, aligning my hole with the tip of the toy. Once I had found it I slowly lowered myself.
I opened up. Slowly my hole accepted the toy as I went further down. The first inch was fine, but nearing the seconds the toy got wider and I felt the pressure increase. At the third inch it started to really hurt and nearing the last inch, at the widest part of the toy I couldn’t take it anymore. I held my weight but stopped moving.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry I can’t.” I breathed. Gerard moved slowly and placed both his hands on my hips. He didn’t push me down but kept me from going back up.
As gentle as a lover he whispered “I’m sorry, what?”.
I started to sweat all over and felt my face burning. “I’m sorry master.” I quickly said.
Gerard let go and I moved myself back up, away from the pain and pressure. The moment the toy exited my toy a rush of pure pleasure washed over me. I let out a high pitched girly moan that embarrassed me to no end. Gerard chuckled.
“You know, it’s called a toy for a reason. Don’t force yourself on there, play with it.” He told me patiently.
I was glad he didn’t say anything about the sound I had made. Shivering I lowered myself to the toy again. It would never work, I thought.
The first inch went in easy again. But Gerard stopped me when I went lower. He placed both his hands on either cheek, carrying my weight.
“You need to ride it a little” he told me and lifted me a tiny bit, then lowered me. Again I made that weird childish moan. I bit my lip and Gerard removed his hands. I quickly carried my own weight before I slipped down.
He caressed his thumb over my lip. “No no no Lex. Don’t be ashamed. Let yourself go.”
I opened my mouth and let out a long satisfying ‘ah’. Gerard smiled and cupped my face.
I couldn’t think anymore. I was so aroused. I knew he was enjoying my hard cock and my embarrassed face but I couldn’t stop myself.
“Ride it” he whispered.
I obeyed. I moved my butt up and down. It felt amazing. At first it was just the rubber sliding along my opening. But I started to realize I was holding the chair. Both my arms were nowhere near my ass that was being filled. My own body started to move faster. The room filled itself with my moans and all I wanted was more. More and deeper.
The intense pressure started to feel good and dirty. There was an actual toy in me.
It went deeper and deeper. My cock was twitching and throbbing. I let myself go and with one final thrust I lowered my body over the last inch. There was a tiny hint of pain but then my hole closed itself over the final smaller part of the toy. I was plugged.
My own butt was stuck to this chair, plugged and caught by a real toy. I was breathing loudly and my nails hurt from digging themselves into the chair.

Gerard softly massaged my belly and chest and I leaned back. It was over. The toy felt a bit annoying so I spread my legs as far as I could, easing the pressure.
I couldn’t help myself and grabbed my balls and pulled them up. It was a strange sight. I could see the toy just disappear in my own body. I smiled proudly to Gerard.
“Perfect.” He told me and moved behind me.
He slid the chair towards the table and I yelled out loudly. The scratching of the chair over the floor sent vibrations all throughout my body. I leaned forward and grabbed my tummy with both my arms where the vibrations had been. Breathing loudly again.
Gerard grabbed my shoulders and gave me a very intense and relaxing massage.
“Just relax yourself, you’ll get used to it.” He comforted me.
Once my breathing had slowed and I could open my eyes again he stopped and settled himself on his own chair.
“And?” he asked while he grabbed some bread “How does it feel?” he asked me.
I shrugged as much as I dared. It felt as if any movement I made would stop the pleasure and start pain. “I… I don’t know, master” I stammered.
“Well does it hurt?” he asked.
I shook my head slowly. “No, master. It just feels… full” I said.
He chuckled again.
“Well I’m glad it didn’t hurt. It is the smallest buttplug I could find.” By the way he said it I knew what I had to say. I didn’t want to, but I felt so vulnerable I had to.
“Thank you, master” I softly whispered.

We started eating breakfast. It was difficult at first. Whenever I grabbed something from the table and moved back I whimpered and moaned. The toy didn’t hurt but my body kept telling me it was there. In my own ass. I felt dirty and vulnerable. My cock slowly went flaccid.
Gerard started chatting. About what my family had planned for the day. The great weather. How his night was.
I started to relax more. I started to enjoy myself. Then Gerard asked me how I figured out I am gay. The question took me by surprise. But suddenly I felt so relieved and happy. Throughout all this mess of him using me I had forgotten an important part. I now personally knew someone who knows about my sexuality. For the first time in my life I could openly talk about it.
I first answered him shortly, but quickly I opened up a waterfall of stories and feelings. How guilty I had felt. My first crush. The gay porn I watched. Everything.
Gerard listened with great care and patience.
Once I was done we were quiet for a bit. Then I asked him a question.
“How did you figure it out? Master.” I softly asked.
Gerard chuckled.
“That would be a complex story. And too personal. But how about I’ll tell you how I started training boys like you?” he offered in return.
I nodded.
“It comes with a small price though.” He said with a friendly smile and handed me a glass teacup.
“Fill it up. Just your precum though, no orgasms yet.” He ordered, then he grinned. “Oh and no hands either.”
I could have known. I actually kind of enjoyed the idea. I clasped the cup between my legs and lay my flaccid cock in the glass. My cock already made an imprint on the side with precum.
I shook my hips back and forward. Very slowly. It felt amazing and my cock increased in length with every thrust. Once it was pressing hard against the glass I stopped. I waited for it to go soft again and looked up at Gerard waiting for his story.
He started telling me how he first just watched boys and men jerk themselves on cam. How he thought it would arouse him but ended up just boring him. Until he met a boy online, “only half as cute as you though” he said with a smile, that wouldn’t mind giving him a little show.
He stopped talking here. My cock had gone soft and I was rocking back and forward with my body making it hard again. Once I had stopped and had my breath under control Gerard continued his story.

He told me how that boy wasn’t actually that good at giving a show. So he started directing him. Giving him ideas and tips on how to be more sexy and dirty. It didn’t take long for him to realize that that was what he had been looking for. After he was ‘done with the boy’ he started to really get into it. He did tell me once more that so far it had only been online. I was his first actual little slave.

My cock had gone flaccid and once more I rocked my hips. The pressure deep inside my body made me shiver and I felt myself leaking. Once it was hard Gerard ordered me to squeeze out everything and show him the cup. I obeyed.
One side of the cup had a nice decent layer of precum. The clear slick juice was running down slowly in a tiny puddle on the bottom. Gerard took the cup from my hands and looked at it closely.
“Not bad.” He said and then raised it to me “Tea?” he asked with a big smile.
I nodded slowly, knowing that if I refused I would receive my dose in another way.
He filled the cup with water and placed a teabag inside. I could smell the sweet aroma of roseberry.
He handed it back to me. I took a small sip.
It tasted wonderful. I felt the nice warmth and sweetness of the tea, while the aftertaste was unmistakable my own cock. I blushed a little when I thought of doing this more often with my own tea. I took a few more sips and let the warmth course over me. I fully relaxed now. I was still a little aroused but more in control.

“You like it?” Gerard asked.
I nodded faintly. Why was it so difficult to defy him. All I wanted was to disappear and relax.
Gerard got up and took the cup from my hands. He opened his fly and aimed his own cock right over the glass. After a squeeze I saw a huge dose of precum fall in and mix with the tea and my stuff. He handed it back to me.

I looked at it. I couldn’t see anymore which of the floating strings where his or mine. I didn’t care. I took a sip. I could clearly taste cock stronger now. A salty musky taste. I wanted to wince and grimace. Tell him it was disgusting. Instead I felt kind of proud. I could taste another mans cock. I was actually swallowing it. My cock got harder and the plug felt tighter.
I hated him so much yet it tasted beautiful. I hid my reaction from Gerard.

He didn’t sit back down but instead walked from the table to a large suitcase that was in the corner of the room. He opened it up and I got a glimpse of bright red colored clothing and a hint of lace.
Gerard saw me watching and quickly turned the case away from my sight.
“No peaking now. You don’t want to ruin the surprise now?” He said.
“No, master” I softly answered.
Gerard mumbled to himself while searching through the suitcase.
After a minute or so he said “Ah, gotcha.” And picked out some kind of underwear. It was neon blue laced. It was the tiniest piece of fabric for a underwear and I quickly noticed to front was wrong.
Or missing in a way.
“Come here my little boy.” Gerard said friendly. I took a deep breath and tensed up all my muscles. In my head I slowly counted from 3 to 0. I stood up.
There was a twinge of pain and a huge increase of pressure, quickly followed by a ‘plop’ and a near orgasm. My ass was freed from the plug and I nearly fell down in pleasure.
My entire being disappeared. I wanted to run to Gerard and tear his pants down so I could stuff his cock in my mouth. I wanted to moan loud and jerk myself to an orgasm. My hole was throbbing pleasantly and my knees were shaking.
The feeling quickly disappeared luckily.

I turned and tried to walk to Gerard. I only made it two steps and them my legs gave way. I nearly fell to the floor but Gerard dropped the underwear and launched himself forward. He clapsed both my arms and I fell onto his body.
“Careful now” he said breathing heavily and softly stroked my back. I felt his clothes against my naked body. My hard cock was pressed against him. I hated myself for it but I hugged him tightly. I pressed my head on his chest and relaxed. I felt safe with him.
Once I had a grip on my own body again Gerard slowly let me go. He picked up the underwear and gave it to me.
“For you.” He said.
I took it from him and thanked my master.
They were crotchless panties. So girly.
I had to turn it around a few times before I saw how they should be worn. Then I slid it over my legs.
The fabric was softer than anything I had ever worn before. It was difficult to get my hard cock into the slit at the front but I managed. Eventually with a bit of tugging I got my balls through them as well.
The panties made my package stand out more than ever.
“Perfect” Gerard told me and pushed me towards the bathroom. It felt weird walking with it. My cock kept tugging on the underwear so the little string at the back rubbed over my still throbbing hole.
Inside the bathroom Gerard showed me to the mirror. I was pleasantly surprised with the result. My round butt looked cute in the girly underwear. It was so weird seeing the blue lace on my hairless body. If I would squint and hide my cock I looked like a teenage girl. I looked… sexy.
I couldn’t help but smile a little and I turned sideways, showing off my butt.
Gerard softly slapped it and made the skin jiggle.
“See, you really are a naughty boy.” He complimented me.
“Thank you, master” I thanked him.

We walked back again. Instead of sitting down at the breakfast table Gerard poured himself a cup of coffee and took it out back. There was a tiny porch on the backside of his cabin where more of those wooden chairs stood. I followed him out but Gerard sent me back to get my tea. I should finish it, he told me.

It was weird sitting down. I could feel my balls and cock touch the wood while I was wearing underwear. We sat down in silence for a while. I silently drank my juiced up tea and he sipped of his coffee. I felt the outdoor air. I felt the sun on my naked skin, yet this time I didn’t felt exposed. It didn’t really feel that naked. After seeing myself in the mirror. Seeing myself as being, sexy, I didn’t really mind it so much. Adding to that was Gerard sitting next to me. Weirdly, I felt safe with him.
I really relaxed now. I enjoyed the weather, my dirty tea and naughty underwear.

“Wanna get dressed and see what the rest is up to?” Gerard asked me.
I nodded “Yeah sure.”
There was silence. Then Gerard sighed deeply.
“Come now Lex, you were doing so great this morning.”
Oh fuck. I was so relaxed I had forgotten.
“I’m sorry master!” I quickly said. But Gerard was shaking his head.
“Go fetch all your clothes, and walk slow this time. I want to a relaxed stroll and not a sprint.”
My heart started to pound. I dreaded the walk. I slowly got up and walked around his cabin towards the trail that led to mine. Every step made my panties tug on my crotch and remind me of my naughty underwear. Slowly I started to relax. My mind was divided. A part was panicking and shouting I should run, yet another kind of wanted to be caught. I wanted to be seen in my revealing underwear. I wanted more people than just me and my uncle see how good it looked on me. How it made me look sexy.

When I closed my cabin door behind me I was actually a bit disappointed no one had seen me. I quickly fetched all my clothing and stuffed them in my own suitcase. I picked it up and slowly walked back to my master. Step by step I revealed myself to the world without being seen.
I was actually smiling when I walked back into his cabin.

I handed my suitcase to my master and I quickly started to sort through my clothes. Eventually he found one of my low-waist skinny jeans. I loved that one. The middle curved downwards leaving hardly any room for my crotch. I didn’t like it that it was so revealing. But the feminine curve in the jeans made my body look awesome.
However I knew he chose that one for it wouldn’t hide much of the lace around my waste. Before he handed it to me he slipped his hand in the left pocked and pulled the white fabric out.
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll sow it back again at the end of the week.” He said before he grabbed a pair of scissors and neatly cut away the sowing line leaving a hole.
“There.” Master said. “Now you have access to your beautiful cock whenever I want you to have.” And he gave me the jeans.

I wrestled myself in the tight jeans and felt pretty good on how my cock and butt touched the fabric inside. It was exposing and dirty.
I slipped my hand in my pocket and felt how I could touch the skin on my leg. Gerard had picked out a nice tight black shirt. It was a good choice, it hid my panties unless I would raise my arms above my head. After I put on my shoes Gerard started touching my crotch.
He placed his hand between my legs and started to feel me up. Slowly he got me hard. I had to steady my self with his shoulders again and moaned softly as my uncle played with my cock through my jeans.
Once I had an almost painful bulge he used his thumb to shove my cock to the left.
With a bit of tugging he managed to get my cock through the hole in my pocket until the head peaked out. He softly fingered the tip of my uncut skin and let it slip between it. The bare touch of his finger on my cockhead really made me moan and shiver. He then fed that finger to me and I licked it slowly.
“Perfect.” He said.

We left the cabin to go join the rest of the family at the main building.
The first part of the walk was difficult. With my head out of my jeans every step I made jerked on my cock. Keeping it hard and exposed. I started walking slower as we were nearing the first of the other cabins. Eventually I stopped completely and waited for my cock to go soft and I could hide it again.
Master didn’t mind but patiently waited for my body to relax.
I knew why. The crotch less panties made me have a bulge even if I was completely soft. Between my legs you could even see an outline of my lowest ball. I ignored it.

Once I was ready we moved on and eventually found mom and dad sitting in the sun on a patch of grass behind the main building. My sisters and all of my cousins were on the far side of the complex in the pool. My parents greeted me and they thanked Gerard for bringing me breakfast as we sat down next to them. At first I was nervous. I thought that any movement I made would show them my naughty underwear. But they were too busy tanning and relaxing.
After a while I started to get bored.
The morning with uncle had got me so aroused and my emotions all over the place that this normal tanning was just boring and dull. Somehow I wanted a new sexual impulse. I took short glances to Gerard, seeing if he ordered me something, but he didn’t. He took off his shirt and relaxed like my parents. He only once teased me by asking me why I didn’t take my shirt off. Knowing that would fully reveal the laced string around my hips.

After a long hour of doing nothing my parents got up and said they were going for a swim. I didn’t join them, fearing what uncle might ask of me if I did. He stayed silent accept for the occasional chit chat. No orders, no slave stuff. Just relaxing.
It was terrible. I kept being worried and anticipating about what would happen next. My cock was stuck in my skinnies with a hole in my panties and jeans. Nothing happened.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the heat of the sun. I was almost asleep when I felt his hand on my leg. The sudden touch caused me to jolt. He chuckled.
“Are you relaxing?” he whispers.
“Yes, master” I whispered back.
“Aroused?” he asked.
“No, not really, master.” I replied.
He smiled friendly and let go of my leg.
“Do you despise you entire family, or is there an uncle, aunt or cousin you can actually talk to?” he asked.
I raised my eyebrow in surprise. I hadn’t expected such a question. I thought about it for a while.
“Mary.” I finally answered. Aunt Mary wasn’t actually related but married to one of my uncles. She had grown up in our capital and she had this open and direct way of talking. I kind of liked her.
“I’m going to give you an order you are going to hate. But trust me in this, it would be good for you to follow it.” Gerard slowly said.
I was really in fear now. Suddenly I felt completely naked again and hating Gerard. If he would corrupt my relationship to the only one I could actually talk to I would be out of this whole mess. I didn’t care what would happen but I would stop and go to the cops.
The order he gave me was nothing I could have suspected.

“I want you to find Mary and come out to her.” He softly said.
“What?!” I replied.
Gerard sighed. I knew I hadn’t called him master but whatever. I didn’t know what his plan was but I didn’t like it anyway.
He repeated his order with care. Stopping after every word.
“I want you to find Mary and come out to her.”
“Why?” I retorted.
He grabbed my leg again. “I have already explained why I do what I do. Now, we can either go back to my cabin and figure out a new way for you to obey me. Or, you can stop acting like a brat and do what I told you. Go.”
I hated his relaxed tone. So warm and calming, even though there was a clear threat in what he said.
Hatred rushed through me. I whispered so I made sure only he heard me.
“Why don’t you stick your cock in me and be done with it.” I told him.
Right afterwards my face burned and I felt scared. I did my best to hide it from him.
Gerard reacted relaxed and he chuckled. “Beg me for it.” He said.
I looked at him. “what?”
“Beg. Go on your knees and beg me for it and I’ll give you my cock.” He patiently waited for my reply.
I was too shocked and angry to get my voice to work. He raised one eyebrow.
“No? Well go find Mary then.” He said and leaned back into his chair and closed his eyes.

How was it that he had so much power of me. It was so difficult to grasp. I gave up. I stood up, adjusted my girly string that to my hatred felt so good and stalked off.
I didn’t know where I was going until I stood in front of the closed door of Mary’s cabin. It seemed my body would listen to him even if I didn’t .
I raised my arm to knock, and then lowered it again. What the hell was I going to do now. Just randomly tell her about me being gay. Even my best friends didn’t know.
The only ones who did were anonymous old perverts online and my uncle, who was worse than all the perverts combined.

I was about to leave the cabin when I heard a voice behind me.
“Mary is at the back!”
One of my cousins ran past the cabin followed by another who was making some sort of death scream. Before I could really go away I heard her voice.
“Yeah I’m here! Who is it?” I heard her yell from the back side of the cabin.
With lead in my shoes I followed the path that curved around the cabin and ended in another small path of grass with some chairs and a blanket. Mary was in one of the chairs and she was holding a glass of wine. I waved slowly at her.
“Lex! Oh come join me. I missed you at breakfast.” She invited me with a smile.
I slowly sat down in a chair next to her and hated the fact the string pleasantly rubbed over my hole as I did that.
The fact my left pocket was missing for easy acces to my own cock, and that I was wearing ladies underwear, and the fact my ass still throbbed from my ‘special chair’ that morning all reminded me of the power my uncle had. I had really no choice.
“Can I talk to you?” I softly asked.
Within seconds she sat up and sat her wine next to her. She knew I wasn’t there for a friendly chat, women are like that I guess.
“What is it hon? Did something happen?” she questioned. I shook my head slowly.
Just like that morning, I opened my mouth and an entire waterfall came out.
I told her I was gay, and I hated myself for it. And the struggle I had. I started to sob and eventually cry.
Mary turned out to be more awesome than I had thought. She comforted me in the best way. Told me it was fine and there was nothing wrong with it. That I was handsome and would have no trouble finding a boyfriend. That my parents would have no problems with it. On and on she went.
It felt incredibly good.

After a long talk I left her. I walked in an emotional daze towards my cabin. I felt so free. So relieved. Someone else now knew and she had been so good with it. In a dreamlike state I arrived at my cabin.
“Hey come here.” I heard him yell. I turned my head. On the path to his cabin Gerard was waiting for me. In the same daze I walked over to him and followed him towards his cabin.
We went inside and he closed the door behind me. Once we were completely alone I turned to him and fell in his arms. I started to cry again and thanked him over and over again.
He slowly rubbed my back and kissed the top of my head.
“You did great.” He whispered.
Once my tears were dried up I let him go again. My face had left a huge wet spot on his shirt but he didn’t seem to mind. He was smiling proudly.
“See, you can trust me.” He said and I nodded.
“Come, I’ll give you a reward. The punishment for your behaviour has to wait.” He said and walked to the back of his cabin and went to the porch.
I followed him.

Outside on the grass was a big beach towel with a pillow at one end. Gerard motioned me to lay down and I did. Gerard kneeled beside me and started to undress me. Piece by piece he got me naked. I was still so shook up from my coming out I wasn’t even worried. I just faintly wondered how he would use me. He even took the naughty underwear off so I was completely naked and exposed to him.
“Turn around.” He ordered me. I obeyed.
So my ass would be used, I thought. But didn’t really care.
I felt him lay his hands on my upper back. Then he lifted his palms so only his thumbs where touching my back. He applied some pressure and did something else. I’m not sure what he did but within seconds I was softly moaning in pure pleasure. Not erotic pleasure, just pure relaxed pleasure.
His magic hands got my entire body relaxed with just a few pushes left and right.
I lost my grip on the world and soon I was face down in the pillow revelling in pure bliss.
Lower and lower his hands went, gripping, touching and rubbing every muscle my back seemed to have and get them relaxed.
I have no idea how long I lay there. I had never been happier in my life. It felt beyond amazing. He touched my hole more than once. That was slightly erotic, but it was so gentle and relaxed it only added to my bliss.
If he had asked me if he could fuck me then I would have said yes without a doubt. For once I was truly, truly grateful with him. But he didn’t.

It was nearing dinner time when he got up and left me for a short period. I hardly noticed. I was completely out of it.
When he came back I heard him crouch near my legs. Very gently he lifted on of my feet up and slid something around it, then my other.
It wasn’t the same underwear as before. It felt tougher. When he started to slide it up higher I did feel it was definitely not normal underwear. Once he got near my butt he stopped. I didn’t look.
I was really enjoying my so called ‘master’ dress me like I was a young boy. Or as if he was my servant. I used the pillow to hide my smile.
My smile quickly disappeared when his finger went onto my ass and right towards my hole. Gently he started to cover it in lube. Once his finger slipped into me. I gasped for air and my cock sprung up in pleasure. It felt amazing. I lifted up my ass and nearly begged him to continue.
I softly bit the pillow to hide my voice.
Then his finger left my body. I gasped for air again.
“This might feel a bit uncomfortable.” Gerard said and I felt him push something hard against my hole. He pushed harder. I moaned loudly and girly as my hole opened up for it and Gerard pushed it deep inside me. A second later my hole closed again. Something was in me.
Shivering I looked back to Gerard. He was smiling and tugged the underwear over my middle. The string slipped between my crack and held, whatever it was, in me.
Then he raised one hand. Something round was between his fingers. I was wondering what it was when he pressed his thumb against it and it made a ‘click’ sound.

I lost all contact with the world. My legs kicked outwards and I really moaned now. My entire lower half was in pure pleasure. My cock balls and something deep inside me vibrated. I moaned again and again and then another soft ‘click’ put an end to it.
“I’m glad you like it.” Gerard chuckled.
“What is it?” I breathed.

Gerard stood up slowly.
“A vibrating egg, with remote.” He happily told me. I was in complete shock.
“Oh don’t worry. I tied the little string to your thong so I can always take it out when I want too.” He comforted me, although that wasn’t what was worrying me.
“Come boy, get dressed. Dinner is ready soon.” He ordered me.
I slowly got up.

I hated the fact that the string was so cute. It was black and had little diamond hearts all over it. My cock barely fitted in there, but it made a cute bulge. I tugged it higher and a moan escaped me when the string pushed against my filled hole. I shivered and breathed deeply until I was myself again.
Then I slowly got dressed. Gerard pushed the button again when I was putting on my shirt.
I moaned loudly and my knees buckled.
“My my,” I heard him “You are going to have to be a bit more quiet unless you want the entire family looking at you.” He joked and went inside the cabin.
I ignored him and quickly put my shirt on. I secretly tugged on the sides of the strings so it would be visible above my jeans.
Then I went inside as well.

Gerard changed into a new outfit and leaded me to the door. Before he opened it he told me to thank him.
“Thank you, master” I told him quickly.
He smiled friendly.
“No, thank me for real.” He said and cocked his head and opened his arms.
I wasn’t going to kiss him. Fuck that.
I turned my head and ignored him.
The lower half of my body instantly turned into jello. The vibrating egg made me lose my mind.
There was a click, instead of it going off the intensity increased. I moaned loudly and my legs gave way. Gerard caught me in a hug. He held me for a minute and then another click and I lost myself completely. I sank down to the floor and could do nothing more than breathe and moan.
Gerard did something and there was a cock in front of me now. I could see it, smell it.
He ordered me something. I didn’t really hear it. All I could see was red. My body moved on its own, pouted my lips and kissed his soft cock. First the tip, then higher and higher. Trailing his length with my lips. Planting soft kiss after kiss.
All I felt and heard were the vibrations in my lower tummy.
Gerard pulled his skin back and said something. I kissed his exposed head, licked it clean and kissed it again.
A click and my mind was free again. I disgustingly swallowed his taste and leaned back, away from his cock, against the door. Gerard smilingly stuffed his cock back in his underwear and zipped up.
He crouched in front of me and wiped my hair from my face. He planted a gently kiss on my forehead.
“Good boy.” He said. He placed his hands under my arms and lifted me from the ground.
Once I had my feet securely under me again he opened the door and patted my ass. I whimpered softly when I felt his little slap move the egg deeper in me.
While escorting me out he chuckled and teased. “Shhh, we can’t have you moan like a little girl when the family is around.”
I ignored him and focussed on walking. It was more difficult than I had thought. After a couple of yards the toy in my butt started to sink down to my hole. I had the clench to keep it in despite the tight thong I was wearing.
After I while I pushed on my own butt to get it securely in. I whimpered and had to stop to gather myself. My cock twitched in pleasure.
Gerard was patient. He didn’t ask or force me to walk faster but let me set the pace.
I had to push on my ass 3 more times before we got to the main building. Every push was closer to the family and more embarrassing.
My cock was half hard, but luckily the thong held it nicely in place so all one could see was a thick package between my legs. No outlines or anything.

Nearly everyone was already seated and eating. We walked past the long table to find seats when one of my uncles quickly turned his head.
“Gerard! I haven’t talked to you yet. Come have a seat” he said and pointed at an empty chair next to him. I was lucky, there were no other empty seats near him, so before Gerard could stop me I walked further to the far end of the table. As far away from Gerard as I could.
I prayed the distance would be too far for his remote. I saw Mary and she gave me a wink. I nodded back with a smile. Eventually I settled down near two of my aunts that were deep in conversation.
I secretly glanced to Gerard. He was avidly listening to my uncle and paid me no attention.
I started eating in silence.

The longer I waited to more convinced I became that I was out of his reach. I ate the first course, soup, without any problems.
I was offered a beer and I took it. I relaxed somewhat. The toy felt naughty in me, but without the vibrations I had no trouble focussing on eating and listening to the conversation of my aunts.

Halfway through the main course, after I had just swallowed a piece of chicken, all my muscles tensed up and I bit my lower lip hard so I wouldn’t moan.
The vibration had lasted less than a second. I was nothing more than a reminder. I had felt amazingly good and I got red in shame and pleasure. I didn’t look to him. I ignored him and continued eating.
I was scared someone would notice though. I had imagined the little buzzing had echoed throughout the entire building. But no one even looked at me. Everyone was busy with themselves.

By the time I was eating desert I had received 3 more of those tiny bursts of pleasure. I started to love it. I heard the buzz of my entire family around me. I was surrounded by them, yet I felt isolated and private. Only one other man in the room knew how dirty I was. He gave me pleasure or took it away without anyone else knowing it.

During desert one of my aunts asked how I was doing. I knew why she asked. She didn’t care one bit about me. But there was nothing better to do accept wait for Gerard to embarrass me, so I played her game.
I told her I was doing just fine and asked about her.
“Ah, well you know” she sighed. “it’s tough, so tough.” And then stopped talking. For a second I thought about just ignoring her. I knew she was waiting for me to ask about it. Instead I took my time by opening a second beer. Once I was done she was still waiting for me so I took the bait.
“Oh really? What’s so tough?” I asked her, feigning interest.
And there it was. My question had opened an entire monologue about her house, and the kids. And of course her art that was doing so well but was so tough lately. On and on and on.

I leaned on one hand and said the obligated yes and reallys. Another burst send me in heaven. From the corner of my eye I saw Gerard watching me. I looked at him shortly and then back to my aunt.
I was so thankful. For the first time I was actually able to enjoy myself talking to my family.
Her story was so full with stuff I didn’t believe it bored the crap out of me. But that didn’t matter.
I moved my left hand under the table and stuck it in my pocket, through the hole to my crotch.
I poked and played with my cock in my thong until I had enough. While still listing to my aunt I tugged the thong to the side so my cock would be free. I pulled it towards my pocket and Gerard helped me with another short bust.

My cock was rock hard and with a bit of tugging I pulled it through my pocket so the head was exposed under the dinner table. I used my fingers on my skin to jerk my cock. It was beautiful.
I heard my aunt and the buzz of the rest of my family so close. But hidden in the noise I could hear the sounds my cock made under the table. I smelled it.
I leaned my hand on my free hand still pretending to listen. I used my palm to hide my moans whenever I felt another blissful burst.
After a while I switched hand. I used my right to pleasure myself while looking at my aunt, and used my left to secretly coat my lips in my precum and suck it in me. Revelling in my own dirty taste.
My breathing got heavy but I hid it. I was slowly turning red with arousal but didn’t care.
No one cared anyway.

I started playing with the tip of my beer bottle. Dumping small doses of precum in my beer and even then my aunt was still just talking and talking. I smiled greatly when I drank it and tasted myself through the beer.
I finished the beer faster than ever. Craving for more of my taste. By the time the bottle was empty my cock was hard but all dry. Even the little bursts made nothing.
Time seemed to slow down. All the noise was just a buzz around me. My hips moved on their own, rocking my body softly back and forward rubbing my butt over the chair, making the toy move deep inside me. The sudden vibrations made me shudder in pleasure. I got a permanent happy smile on my face and my eyes almost teared in bliss.
I wanted more.

I undid my button and pulled my cock from my pocket, upwards. I felt my hard cock press against my belly. I caressed it more, feeling it twitch under my fingers. I closed my jeans again but left my cock upwards like the day before. This time on purpose. I knew a single wrong motion would expose it to my family. I wanted to feel the excitement of it.
I feigned a headache and excused myself. I fled from my aunt but without hurry. I slowly left the main hall. Every step I made showed the hard shaft under my shirt.

The light outside was dying. I had been ‘listening’ to my aunt longer than I had thought. It was quiet outside, beside the noise coming from the main building.
I looked around me to make sure no one was there and then stretched myself. Lifting up my shirt so I could feel the naked air against my cock.
The door behind me opened so I quickly pulled my arms down again.
It wasn’t needed, Gerard had followed me.

He was smiling and jerked with his head in the direction of our cabins. I slowly followed him.
“Did you enjoy yourself?” he asked.
“Yes, master” I whispered the last word.
We walked for a few yards in silence.
“Show me.” He ordered me.
I wanted more, so much more. Instead of lifting up my shirt I pulled the front of my pants down, making my cock bounced downwards pointing out in front of me.
Gerard chuckled lightly. I felt that familiar shaming rush when I kept walking with my cock plainly out. I didn’t stop it.

“Why isn’t it shining?” Gerard asked me.
“What?” I responded, I didn’t get his question.
“Your tool, it looks dry. Why? Wasn’t the little toy enough for you?” he patiently asked.
I flushed red but smiled at the same time.
“Its… well” I didn’t know how to tell him. Luckily he quickly understood. He chuckled again.
“Good boy, you are starting to learn.” He complimented me.

Once we left the last of the cabins behind us he ordered me to undress. I obeyed without protest. I wanted it. I wanted to feel the exposed air on my body. To feel dirty. I had to keep the underwear on for the toy was still in me. Instead of cowering this time I spread my arms and breathed deeply.
Showing off my body to the world, let them watch.

We walked further. At the last corner I heard a click and my world disappeared again. The vibrations were there and I softly moaned in pleasure.
Another click and I quickly bit in my hand to prevent louder moans. The vibrations increased. Another click and my legs simply disappeared. I sank down onto the cold ground, unable to think or breathe.
Everything vibrated.
Gerard crouched next to me and said something. I couldn’t understand it anymore, my brain simply stopped working.
I felt a comforting arm around my naked back. He lifted me back onto my feet and pushed me forward. I took one step and my legs gave way again.
Gerard was quick. He placed his other arm around my knees and in a single swoop lifted me from the ground. He carried me like a father, or hero. I felt the ground under me moved with every step he took. All I could to was shiver and moan in pleasure in his arms.
My body was twitching and I clutched his shirt tightly.

The light changed and he lowered me onto something soft.
He said something else but I just couldn’t think. His warm broad hands spread my legs slowly.
Something warm and small tickled my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked it in. It played with my tongue for a bit.
Then it left my mouth, dripping in spit.
The warm wriggly thing crawled along my inner thigh until it found my opening. It went inside.
I screamed in pleasure now.
Gerards finger went in deeper, seeking the toy. It had quickly found it and I heard the vibrations increase when the tip hit the toy.
I clutched his hand. I could feel it. His warm broad hand between my legs, with one finger disappearing in my body.
I felt him fucking me. It was odd. His hand wasn’t moving yet I could feel his finger going in deeper and back.
My own body was doing it. My hips were rocking back and forward, moving my hole over his finger, forcing the toy deeper.
I squirmed and tried to get the control over my body back. My uncles finger was inside my body. Actually inside me, my own uncle, and all I could do was moan and beg for more.

Then there was an odd but intense pressure inside me. It reached a peak and suddenly everything stopped. The toy was out.
Gerard got up and walked to my laptop, leaving me wriggling on the bed. My hips still rocking softly, seeking for an echo of the pleasure.
Finally, without the vibrations I got a slight grip on the world. I was staring at the ceiling trying to control my breathing. Trying to control my thoughts. I was so aroused all I could hear was my own blood rushing. There was a pleasant feeling on my finger and between my legs. I was caressing my own throbbing hole, searching for an echo of my uncles finger.
A quiet ‘pling’ distracted me.
I turned my head and looked at my master. He was sitting down next to the little table and my laptop. The webcam light was on.
“Since you are so good at giving shows, I thought it is time to… broaden your audience.” He said the last sentence deliberately slow. I looked at the screen.
I could see myself on the webcam, nude and fully aroused. Taking a closer look I recognized the window. It was a broadcast site. Not a private chat service like I used to use for my sessions, it was an open broadcast.
The entire world could now look at me if they wished. On the right side was a chatstream and above it was a number that showed the amount of watchers. It was displaying a zero.

I looked at myself in the window. I couldn’t help but realize I looked sexy. So smooth and clean in the orange light of the cabin. I smiled and I suddenly saw the number spring to 10.
There were 10 strangers watching me now. Me, not porn or some twink model, but me. I showed them my cock more clearly, played with it. Let them see I was uncut and fully aroused. I saw small compliments in the chatbox appear. I sat up on the edge of the bed. So they could clearly see my face. My heart was thumping loudly. Not just because I was so aroused, but it was exciting. I had no control on who could see me now. They were strangers somewhere on this world and they now knew what I was. Who I was.
The number rised again. Displaying so many I thought it was a glitch or bug. They asked for more.
And I gave it to them. I spread my legs and searched my hole with my finger. I played with it, touched and caressed it. I felt that warming twitch from my ass spread to my entire body.
I went inside myself. It didn’t just feel wonderful, I looked at the screen and saw what I was doing. I saw myself, my own familiar face, on the internet showing the world I could finger myself. More people started watching, I couldn’t read what they were saying anymore.

“Show them how you really are.” Gerard whispered. I obeyed with a smile. I crawled back onto the bed in a doggy position. I licked my finger extensively. The same one that had been in me. I licked every side of it before pushing it back into me. Feeling the warm and pleasant feeling of my insides. I softly fucked myself while looking at myself displayed on the laptop. I stretched one leg so my hard cock was visible before I entered a second finger inside myself. I slowly fucked myself, making my cock twitch by pushing fingers into myself. Again and again.
I started to moan and hid my face in the matrass. Silencing myself. I pushed my two fingers in and out of myself. Over and over, feeling the pleasant mix of stretching my hole and the shocks I had deep inside my body.
I looked once more to the screen. The number couldn’t be real. My clean skin and long hair still made me look innocent. Despite my fingers inside myself. It was a lie. I took a deep breath and really started fucking myself. Pushing my fingers in and out, fast and hard. I was too late and I moaned loudly, the world now knew I sounded like a girl. I got flushed with embarrassment, but one hard push with my fingers and I lost all thoughts once more.
I felt a painful pressure in my balls. I realized how close I was. I couldn’t think straight. With the world watching I knew there was only one way to finish it.

I stopped my hand and turned my body. I lay on my back for a few seconds collecting my breath. Then I flipped my legs up and over my head until they hit the wall behind me. I walked my feet upwards until my cock hovered right over my mouth. I smelled my own cock and smiled a little.
I took one last look to the screen making sure they were still watching. I needed them to really see who I was. What I was capable off.
I took a firm grip on my cock and jerked it back, revealing my shiny head so close to my face I could smell it. I pulled the skin back and stuck my tongue out. I was so close I felt the warmth of it.
I started jerking myself hard. I wanted for finger myself but I had to use my other hand to steady my body. It didn’t matter much. After everything I came within a minute.

The first thing I felt wasn’t the actual orgasm but my balls. A pain shot through it, so intense I screamed out. My own body silenced myself quickly by sprayed cum in my mouth. It was hot and bitter. Out of response I closed my mouth. The second spray hit my nose and lips. I quickly swallowed and opened my mouth to catch all that came next.
It was the longest and most intense orgasm of my life. Cum sprayed out in long white hot strings. My body shook so violently I couldn’t keep a straight shot. Most cum went inside my mouth filling me with the taste, but a lot hit my face everywhere and even my chest. Nearing the end I got a better control. I closed my mouth and swallowed a large naughty dose of my own seed while gripping my cock tightly. Once my cum was in my stomach I opened my mouth and released my cock for a new load. I managed the last 3 loads perfectly, making sure I tasted and swallowed every drop.

The orgasm was over. I slowly lowered my twitching legs back onto the bed. I couldn’t see anymore. I felt cum all over my face, I smelled and tasted nothing else. I lay there, breathing. My mind had blacked out completely.
I’m not sure how long I lay there like that. I really couldn’t grip a single thought. I didn’t knew if I was ashamed of myself, or still aroused. I just lay there like a puppet.

A loud rhythmic noise pulled me back to reality. I slowly turned my head and felt out cum stuck to my pillow. Gerard was applauding me with a great smile on his face.
“Well done!” he complimented me.
Then, with a single push he closed the laptop and ended the show. He slowly got up and walked over towards me. He sat down on the edge of the bed. I felt the matrass dip where he sat, being oddly remember to the times when my parents tucked me in.
He caressed my hair like a lover and I closed my eyes, enjoying his touch.
I felt his warm finger glide over a burning spot on my cheek.
“Here” he whispered.
I opened my mouth and felt him push cum on my tongue. His finger moved to another burning spot and returned with more cum. Slowly, like feeding a sick child, he fed the cum that had missed my mouth. Spot for spot. Once my face was clean he moved to my chest. He gave me a slow massage until he found more cum. He stroked it over my lips, covering them with a small layer.
Then he moved down and pressed his lips onto mine. He held them there for a while.

I opened my mouth slowly. His tongue went inside. The taste of my cum mixed with the taste of him. I let him do it. I felt him feel around with his tongue inside of my mouth. My cheeks started to burn.
I fought back, I pushed against his tongue with mine. It slipped around in a circle. I followed it like a dance partner.
I closed my arms around my uncle and hugged him, pressing my nude body against his clothes. His arms went around me, cradling me. I kissed him more intensively. Fighting his tongue back until I slipped inside his mouth, pushing my own tongue and cum inside my master. My heart was racing again and I felt happier than ever. My very first kiss.
He broke it slowly. Pushing me back onto the pillow. I looked at his bright eyes, drunk with emotions.
I felt him grip my soft cock and with a twitch of sensitivity he cleaned my head with his finger.
He pushed his finger inside his own mouth this time.
I giggled stupidy and reached for him. With my tongue I stole my own seed back from his mouth and swallowed it. Forcing it back into my body.
I smiled proudly when I was done and lowered myself again.

Gerard tucked me in, pushing the blankets over my body. He kissed me one last time, but on the top of my head this time and ruffled my hairs.
“Goodnight boy.” He whispered.
“Goodnight, Master” I answered.

He turned the lights off and left quietly. I fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

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