The events of the last 2 weeks have left me drained and i do not know where to begin. I experience shivers of pleasure everytime i think about it. To watch your mom taken in the most beautiful way by other men, her pleasure cave pounded so nicely making her scream and finally hot body, the product of the pounding, pouring into her pussy in unceasing waves!!!! God, every time i think of it, jacking off is my only option.

It all started when Vicky, a spoilt brat of a friend convinced me to allow him to fuck my mother in return for arranging my first sexual experience.

Now let me describe my mom to you, both physically and characterwise.She is like any other average woman or should i say housewife. 41 years of age, petite and on the shorter side. She had a well rounded body and i never missed an opportunity to stare at her boobs/breasts and also her juicy buttocks especially when she walked. Her face was above average but she had a personality which reflected thru when she talked with other people and she made her presence felt. She used to dress conservatively most of the time, but there were occasions when i got a peek at her delicious assets especially when she was in her nightdress. Many times have i wondered what lay between those adorable legs of hers. Oh... the treasure she hid so selfishly from other men. Pardon me, i forgot to add that she was a single mom for close to 10 years now, bringing me up the hard way. As much i would have loved taking her and loving her, the thought of incest scared me no end and i restrained my thoughts albeit with some difficulty. I restricted myself to sniffing her soiled panties which she so generously shed every day before and after she came back from work.
Oh i forgot to mention, she was a teacher in a local school.
Coming back to the story, i was just out of college and undecided about my future. Long hours were spent by me hanging out with friends in our colony. The guys were in a similar situation to me professionally , but experience -wise they were far ahead of me with respect to matters of sex and girls or should i say women.
They all had their sexual experiences with prostitutes and i would eagerly glean information from them regarding sex.
Vicky was the standout guy among my friends as he had a lot of guts and would not think twice about screwing a girl he liked. He was my source of all pornographic material including books and cds. Sometimes Vicky and couple of other guys would gather at my house and watch porn all day when my mother was out. I use to badger Vicky to get me a girl to screw because i was getting tired of jacking off everyday. He did not give me a straight answer but always said" Wait, the time will come".
I caught him more than once ogling at my mom when he was at the house. Sometimes he would go into the kitchen when my mom was cooking, sneaking behind her and asking her about the dish she was making and in the process he would be checking out her ass. Somehow the thought of somebody lusting after my mom sent waves of electricity thru my side and i felt strangely aroused. This surely was not multifaceted; what it was i can never explain. But secretly i fantasized about my beautiful mom being fucked by others while i was watching. I wanted to see the pleasure and happiness on her face as her long pent-up desires were being fulfilled. I wanted to see my mom happy and i always believed that any woman, even if it is your mom will give-in if you provide tha right kind of pressure.

The ball was set rolling when there was an yearly celebration of our association in our colony. There were a lot of cultural programs and competitions by residents of the society. What caught everybody's eye was a small skit performed by the women of the colony. My mom who was an enthusiastic actress in her college days took this
opportunity to showcase her talent. She played her part so well that i was so proud of her being her son.
A couple of days after that Vicky came to my house."Hey Arun, your mom seems to be a pretty good actress"
he remarked grinning.
"Well, yes. she was a good actress in her college-days" I sheepishly replied not knowing fully the line he was taking.
"You know what?" he continued "your mom could have a future in acting, i mean.... professionally".
Coming from him, i knew that he was upto no good. I had heard stories of him going around with models and screwing them. Also he had quite a few friends in the television/ film industry.
"You know what, Arun, i had lot of experiences with girls. It has been all too easy. But the taste of forbidden fruit is always better. Damn...she is hot ".
Now i got a hint of what he was getting into. This lecher had designs on my mom. no doubt. The thought of his dick sliding in and out of my mom's honey hole gave me goose pumps and i just wanted to run and jack-off then and there.
But i couldn't give in so easily.
"You must be joking" i replied.
"No , serious. She looks great and she hs been lonely all these years. I would definitely love to have her" he added with a straight face.
"Well.....what will i get in return" i blurted out, my heart racing.
"Well, there is a new girl in town. Maybe i will introduce her to you one of these days", replied Vicky with a wink.
Now i understood what he meant; he wanted me to bring my mom to them and in return he would arrange for my first sexual experience.

"What do you wnt me to do?" i asked calmly.
"I have a party next saturday at my house. i want you to bring your mom there." Vicky said.
"Well, how the hell are you going to get her alone?" i asked suddenly fearful that he might use force.

"Well the party starts at 6pm, bring her at 9pm. Most of the guys would have left by then" he replied.
"Who else is going to be there?" I asked.
"Well Gabriel would be there" he replied.
"Who the hell is gabriel?"i sked
"He is an Ethiopian exchange student at our college. He has a weakness for Indian women" ,he replied with a grin.
Well, a black cock was also about to enter my mom's pussy. The thought of a black guy, kneading my mom's soft breasts excited me and i had an instant hard-on which i tried hard to conceal.

All i could say to him was,"Vicky , be good to her please do not hurt her".
After he had left, i started planning on how to lure my mom to Vicky's house.

That night Vicky called me and suddenly asked" Hey Arun, what is you mom wearing?".
I was taken aback, and i quickly looked at mom who was in the kitchen with her back turned to me.
I went to the balcony and replied," She is wearing a cream nightgown"
"Describe to me how she looks in that", he asked in a husky voice.
"Well, her breasts are like ripe mangoes restrained by her bra which i can see thru her dress", i replied.
"Continue", he replied
"Her ass is straining against the material of her dress and i can see her butt-cleavage thru it".
Now i was getting a hard-on and i started rubbing my dick thru my jeans.
"What do you want me to do to your mom?"he asked .
"I want you to fuck her and fuck her hard..... I want you to make her cum again and again.....", i replied
I heard a groan at the other end and i was sure that he was jacking off.
Simultaneously i shot my load in my underwear.
"Did you cum" i asked Vicky?
"Yes", he replied.

It was now upto me to set the ball rolling.....................

The next few days flashed by and friday came.
That evening,mom was seated watching a movie on TV. I sat next to her and getting control of my emotions said " Mom, you know Vicky..."
"Ok what is he upto now",replied mom.
That Vicky was a brat was known to everyody in the colony.
"No, nothing its just that he has a birthday party tomorrow evening" i said.
"Well mom, i want you to come with me"
"Me? what will an old woman like me do in the middle of you guys?"she replied surprised at the invitation.

"Mom, you are not old. Also He thinks highly of you and your personality and he wants you there"
I think mom was flattered by the praise.

"Ok, who else i going to be there?" she asked
"There will be uncles and aunties", i lied.
"Ok when is it?"
"tomorrow evening at 9".
I looked for a reaction on her face. There was none. Afterall who will expect their son to take them to be fucked by somebody else?

That night , i lost count on how many times i jacked off thinkig about what would happen the next day.

sATURDAY evening came. I saw mom go into the bathroom. I was excited thinking about what she would be wearing that evening. After half an hour she emerged.
Her hair normally in a bun was hanging free, blowing in the wind. A few grey hairs that she had were dyed over. She had put on a little makeup and eye shadow on her eyes. Normally she used to wear cotton sarees which did not hug her body but today was different.
She was wearing a light green chiffon saree tied low at her waist showing-off her deep navel. Her buttocks were swaying as usual and i could even see her panty-line from behind for the first time after all these years of staring at her buttocks.

The beauty of it was that she had not dressed like this purposely. After all she was going to a party with her son. It was her duty to look glamorous for her son's ego.
I walked over to mom and said,"Mom i am proud of you. You look great",
She looked at me, and blushed.
Sensing an opportunity, i hugged her careful not to press my erect dick against the moist valley between her legs,"Mom you are going to enjoy this evening", i whispered into her ear.

We than made our way to Vicky's house.

Set the Ball Rolling
We arrived at Vicky's house around quarter to 8. People were seen leaving. There were a generous mix of boys and girls. Some looked plainly drunk. I was holding on to my mom' hand and i felt that she was a bit tense.
We entered the house and were directed to the terrace where the party was being held.
The terrace was decorated with lights and balloons.
As we reached the top, we saw around 5-6 people swaying to music which was blaring from a music system.
"Hey, I am here" i heard Vicky's unmistakable voice.
He was dressed in a track suit with a hat on his head.
He approached me and hugged me" Thanks for coming" he said.
He then broke -off and looking at mom said" Thanks for coming aunty". His gaze then shifted from my mom's face to her breasts, her midriff and then to the treasure trove hidden behind layers of cloth.
"Aunty let me introduce you to my friends" he said.
Then taking my mom's had he guided her to the other corner of the terrace where i saw a few guys sitting.
There were some faces i recognized but there was a guy who i had not seen anythime. He was black, lean with close cropped hair almost bald.
"Aha this is Gabriel", i thought.
Vicky then introduced mom to Gabriel.
"Aunty, this i my college friend, Gabriel from Ethiopia. He is doing his sociology course here"
"How are you", gabriel id in thick accent and then added" Indian woman...........very pretty".
Mom blushed at the compliment and my dick went up almost simultaneously.
Vicky laughed" Some compliment aunty.............."

By the most of the people on the dance floor had left.
Vicky took me aside and said "So, are you staying or leaving?"
"I would like to stay and watch. But without her knowledge" i said
"Ok, you could hide i the walk-in closet, downstairs. We will bring her down. And.....stop worrying about her, she is in good hands" he grinned.
"Ok, i will excuse myself and then she is all yours" i said
from the corner of my eye i could see Gabriel in animated conversation with mom. Mom was gesticulating with her hands and i guessed she was talking about Indian culture and other fine aspects.

I walked over to them.
"Mom, i have to pick up a friend from the bus terminus. I will be back in half an hour" i said
'Ok, i will be waiting" mom replied
"Don't worry, i will give her company" said Gabriel smiling and showing 2 clean sets of teeth.

With my heart beating at a 100 miles/hour, i went down the stairs, to the living room and into the walk-in closet and shut the door leaving only a tiny crack to see the action.

Around 15 minutes passed, and there was no sign of either mom or the guys. Suddenly i heard footsteps coming down the stairs.
Mom ,Gabriel and Vicky were in animated conversation. Gradually the figure of mom appeared. She was holding an orange drink. They made way to the couch in the living room. They were approximately 100 ft from where i was hiding but i had a good view of them.

"So is it true that the boy and girl do not see each other until the day of marriage", Gabriel was asking mom.
Obviously, the conversation about indian culture had not ended.
Mom threw her head up and laughed, "no,no nothing of that sort" she replied.

"Oh and what about , before marriage, do boys and girls talk to each other" Gabriel inquired.
Obviously he was leading her on.
"Of course, who gave you all these crazy ideas?" she asked.
"Aunty he has a lot of misinformation about indians especially women" Vicky chipped in.

"What about the bet", Gabriel asked.
"What bet", mom asked rather surprised.
"No aunty it is nothing...." vicky replied.

"I and vicky had a bet...but he is embarrassed i guess" replied Gabriel

"No it is nothing" said Vicky
"Tell me what it is" mom insisted.

"Aunty, Gabriel does not believe that the saree women here wear is from a single piece of cloth" replied Vicky

"yes i don't believe it" said Gabriel
"Aunty if you don't mind can you just stand up so that Gabriel can clear his doubts" said vicky
"Sure" mom got up from the couch and stood in the middle of the room
"Hmmm that is interesting “Gabriel said "but it still does not prove anything".
"Aunty , just...just show him how the saree is wrapped around the body so that he is satisfied and i win the bet" said vicky

Poor mom did not know that she was being lead up the garden path.

"Fine" said mom and proceeded to remove the pallu from her shoulders and let it fall to the ground .
"See the cloth is wrapped around my body and then tucked into my petticoat. So i guess you lose the bet Gabriel" said mom. After all she was a teacher and had to clear all doubts.

"Not so fast, m'am i still do not believe it, let me check”. Said Gabriel and stood up and walked towards mom.

My dick was rising in my pants and i quietly pulled down my zipper and took my dick in my hands and proceeded to stroke it gently. I knew that the momentous occasion was approaching fast.

"Aunty do not mind, afterall he is from a different culture and we have to clear their queries lest they have a wrong impression about us" said Vicky

Concluding Part 1
Gabriel was now at kissing distance of mom and was inspecting her body from upclose.
From mum's expression, she did not understand what was going on and she just stood meekly like a lamb going for slaughter.

"Aunty, don't mind him, he is just an idiot" laughed vicky as he saw Gabriel take one end of the saree and slowly pull it , unwrapping it from mom's body slowly but surely.

"Hmm interesting....." Gabriel kept on saying and suddenly pulled the saree from where mom had tucked it in the petticoat.

Now i had a raging hard-on looking at mom's half exposed body. Her breasts were straining against the material of the blouse and i could make out her nipples poking thru. She had a light green petticoat on, obviously matching with the saree that was now lying on the floor.

Also, the zipper of her petticoat was not fully drawn up,maybe in her haste she had forgotten that and i could make out the elastic band of her white panties and a hint of milky thigh through the gap.

"So i guess, i lost the bet, ha Vicky...." Gabriel said looking at Vicky "but i hope i get compensated" he continued.

Vicky just smiled back.

"And pray what is that you are wearing right now" Gabriel asked mom.

I could see Vicky move slowly behind mom and he was rubbing his cock thru the front of his pants.

I was turned on like hell an i had to make a supreme effort not to cum then and there.

"Oh it is called a petticoat, something like a skirt" mom said innocently.

Vicky was obviously enjoying the sight. In the meantime he had taken -off his cap and also the sweatshirt he was wearing over the tracksuit.

"Hmmm,"Gabriel was muttering to himself as he came close to mom and placed one arm over her shoulders and ran the other one over her stomach and proceeded to pull her petticoat zipper down.

Mom instinctively grabbed his arm but vicky stepped in and said "that is ok aunty, he wants to know everything about indian women after all he has to write a thesis on India when he gets back"

By this time, Gabriel had grabbed, mom from behind and was slowly dry-humping her ass and simultaneously fondling her tits.

I couldn't say if mom was enjoying the attention or she was too shocked to respond. Afterall it was a longtime since a man had touched her body and i am sure there was electricity flowing up and down her body.

It was Vicky's turn now to approach mom "Aunty , take it easy, this is all part of cultural exchange"

Mom replied," ok....." in a very humble way as Gabriel continued to rub his erection against Moms petticoat clad bottom, up and down ,up and down rhythmically.

"Sit down Aunty" Vicky's said in his husky voice.

Gabriel was in no mood to leave my mom and he dragged her backwards and sat on the couch with her sitting on his lap.

He was still rubdown her ripe melons and rocking her forwards and backwards giving himself an impromptu lapdance.

I was sure that his cock even though covered, was poking into my moms thru the layers of cloth that separated them.

Gabriel, was stroking her hair and gently kissing her neck and i could see that Mom's face had turned red and her breathing was a little awkward.

It felt as if all these years of struggle, pain,frustrations and all the physical effort she had put in came to a boil and she just wanted to relax and get it over with.

Her eyes were closed and her arms were resting on her sides. Slowly Gabriel took his left hand and ran it over her thighs and rested at the valley of love gently applying pressure and at the same time kissing her ears and neck.

Mom shifted on the sofa a bit getting in a more relaxed position.
Not a word was being said in the room and there was a hushed silence.

Gabriel slowly worked his way up from her treasure trove and gently pressed her left boob which made mom turn towards and lean against Gabriel partly in desire and partly in shame.

Gabriel now smilingly held her head against his chest gently stroking her hair and whispering sweet nothings in her ear. He t then proceeded to kiss her lips , in the process inserting his tongue into her mouth.

At the same time Vicky placed himself on the other side of mom on the couch gently caressing her back and stroking her.

This was something i had been fantasizing all along and my dick was pleading for release but i held on with all the strength i could muster..

Gabriel was fondling her and Mom made no effort to resist, obviously enjoying the experience and the privacy of the situation.

"The cultural exchange is going to be complete today", Vicky said slowly stroking her ankle and running his hand over her other boob and gently pressing them.

Now 2 pairs of hands were working on mom, but she was it seemed in a state of emotion, not knowing what was happening.

She was in a dishevelled state and the pleasure the hands and lips were giving her made her not to care about what was happening.

Gabriel then opened the clips of her blouse and her lacy black brassiere came into view. He then pulled the flimsy cloth up freeing her juicy breasts.
Oh...the sight of her melons, the reservoir of nutrition that i had so lovingly sucked on years back. Oh...god it looked so beautiful.

Gabriel proceeded to suck on the right one and Vicky taking the cue began flicking her left nipple with his tongue, alternately sucking , then flicking .

At the same time Vicky pulled down his zipper and took his cock out and was gently stroking it. It was of average size, but a little thicker than mine, i have to confess.

The pink cock head was glistening with pre-cum and he looked towards where i was hiding and gave me a smirk.

Gabriel was still stroking her ankles and calf and sucking on her left nipple.

"Uhmmmmmm......aahhhhhhh....."Mom was groaning and gently moving her head from side to side and also licking her lips.

"Aunty, if you don't mind............if you could just.....just lift you petticoat and show Gabriel how an indian pussy looks like......",vicky trailed off.

Not waiting for mom to respond, he and Gabriel held mom's right and left ankles respectively and proceeded to slowly part her milky white legs and at the same time pulling her petticoat up showing her sweet white panties.

It was a white silk string bikini she was wearing . She rarely wore it and was, i presume, reserved for special occasions since i rarely saw it on the clothesline of our house or in her laundry hamper.

Now, the problem with indian women is that even if they wear attractive clothes on the outside, their choice of underwear, to put it mildly, has been pretty discouraging. Normally they go for “Granny" style or ill-fitting drawers, but mom was different and i was so proud of her.

I started beating my dick furiously looking at the highly erotic sight infront ofmy eyes.

Vicky ran his palm over her panty-covered honey hole and using his middle finger rubbed her pussy in circular motions over her panties.
"Oh yes... that feels so good" murmured my mom.

Gabriel in the meantime had his dick out and took mom's hand and had her grab it . His black cock was definitely close to 9 inches if not more and it had a fiery red cockhead. Mom proceeded to jack it up and down with her hand making Gabriel groan.

Vicky then pulled of her panties to one side exposing her juicy cunt lips covered with jet black hair and at the same time inserted his middle finger into the love hole.

Mom let out a gasp and cried out "Yessssssss.............oh..........god..........f eels so good...........". He then used his thumb to gently apply pressure on her swollen clit and massage it in round circular motions.

Mom was now bucking her hips in pleasure and trying to meet Vicky's finger thrusts with her own.
Sensing her arousal Gabriel stood up and releasing mom's grip on his cock, lovingly inserted his dick into her open mouth.
Mom took to it as fish takes to water, running her lips over the swollen head and sucking long and hard.

It surprised me no end. I mean my mom giving was the last thing i could imagine.

Vicky then got to his knees and stared running his tongue up and down her pussy slit pausing in between to tickle her clit and then continuing to lick her cunny up and down in relentless monotony.
Gabriel was in the throes of pleasure due to the constant sucking of mom and he bunched up moms long tresses and used it as some kind of controlling mechanism so as not to explode in her mouth prematurely.

He then broke free before he could come and motioned Vicky to swap places.

Now Vicky had his dick in Mom's mouth while Gabriel was drinking from Mom's cunt. Gabriel then proceeded to lick the rosebud of an anus of mom and she let out a yelp as Gabriels slimy tongue proceeded to tickle her.

He alternated between pussy and asshole and mom had his head in a grip between her fleshy thighs.
"Ummm..ooomphh....ommmph" mom was crying in pleasure . Words did not come out as Vickys cock had invaded her throat.

Gabriel then got up and motioned vicky to take his cock out of mom's mouth. Then he gently turned mom over to her knees. He then lifted her petticoat over her ample buttocks giving me a clear glimpse of her panty covered ass.
He then pulled down her flimsy panties, not all the way down but just down up to her ankles so that it stretched taut between her ankles. He then inserted his 9 incher into Mom's love pot.

"Ahh... it is big...oh feels good..." mom groaned as his cock made way into her pussy.
"Thup..thup...thup " his black dick was pounding away in my mom's cunt and i could see his black balls thud against her buttocks with each stroke.
Vicky now stood in front of mom and put his dick in her mouth again.
The room filled with muffled groans of my mom and the screams of the two guys as they ravaged mom's body.

After about 10 minutes of fucking, Gabriel took his dick out and i heard something i never heard before in my life.
A pussy is fart. Usually it happens because of the air pressure created in the cunt with the constant pumping and then the release of air when the dick is taken out.

Vicky then took his dick out of mom's mouth and then swapped places agin with Gabriel.

He then turned mom over again to the traditional missionary position.
He then pulled away her panties from her legs as it was obstructing him and threw it on the floor.
He then positioned his cock at the entrance of her cunt and thrust in deep and hard.

"Uhhmmm...ohhh.. fuck me hard" mom was crying out loud as Vicky's cock entered her secret passage.
Gabriel now straddled Mom,and placed his dick between her boobs and proceeded to titty-fuck her.

Vicky was pounding away till kingdom come when mom felt the first waves of orgasm hit her as her body writhed and then jerked involuntarily.

She had Vicky in a scissor grip with her legs binding Vicky to her, fusing them together as they mated in gay abandon.

"UGHHHHHHHHH....."she cried out, bucking her hips thrusting her pelvis to take all of his cock inside her..

"CUMMMING......." Gabriel let out a low guttural scream as his cock exploded sending streams of love juice splashig on mom's face and breasts.

That was enough for me,and my long suffering cock erupted and hot body splashed on the door of the closet as i shuddered with convulsions.

"Ahhh..god...have mercy " Gabriel was repeating as his orgasm never seemd to be stopping. He then lifted his leg up and over mom and proceeded to kiss mom, inserting his tongue into her mouth.

The scene was too much for Vicky as he also exploded iN Mom's pussy emptying his forbidden semen into her womb.
He then collapsed on top of mom , breathing heavily.He then got up and pulled his penis out of her cunt and almost immediately a stream of white fluid flowed out of her pussy and stained the couch.

Vicky then got up and took mom's rolled up panties lying on the floor and proceeded to wipe her pussy and thighs and also his limp dick.

They then carried mom to the bathroom obviously to give her a shower and possibly a second fuck..

This was the greatest event i had witnessed in my life and i couldn't come to grips of whether it was a dream or reality.

I wiped my dick with one of vick'ys shirts and put my dick back in my underwear.

I then tiptoed across the room, opened the main door and escape. Reaching home, i went into the shower and had a cold bath.

I then called up mom on her cell.

"Hello" a weak voice could be heard at the other end.

"Mom, i am sorry but the bus was late and i was delayed".

"Where are you now" her tiny voice came over the phone.

"Well i am at home, do you want me to pick you up? i asked my heart racing.

"No,i will come alone" mom replied.

Not much later as i was lying on my bed with lights off, i could hear the main door open and footsteps leading to mom's room.

My dick got erect once again thinking of the events of the night. I slept like a log because i was both mentally and physically spent.

Sunday morning came and i got up and went to the kitchen to see any reaction if any from my mom.
She had taken bath in the morning,her hair all set loose and she was humming a tune to herself She was all dressed up and there was a glow on her face.

"How was the party yesterday Mom, sorry i couldn't be there with you" i said in an apologetic tone.

"It was fine"

"Did you enjoy it?" i asked.

"yes very much",she replied.

A week later, saturday, i lost my virginity when i banged the girl Vicky got me. But that is another story.

---------------------------------The End -------------------------------------------------

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