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My Daughter fantasy becomes reality 2

Thanks to all who reviewed my last piece, This is the continuation of our explorations and adventures and where they took us, truth can sometimes be stranger than imagination.....enjoy

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Dana was more comfortable with the whole concept of our being sexual than I was. I was worried that I was doing some class of damage to her head and while my wife, (with whom sex was a distant memory) didn't seem to notice or care, I was concerned about the whole impropriety of our newfound relationship.
We needed to talk, or at least I did. So one afternoon when we were alone together soon after our first month being sexual, I asked her to come chat with me. " Babe, sit down I want to talk to you" I said. " With a degree of trepidation, she sat down and those huge beautiful eyes looked troubled.

" Babe, I'm worried that us being sexual will wreck our Dad-Daughter friendship" I began. What do you think ?
" Dad, you're an real ass" she stated to my obvious surprise, "you're not getting sex at home or anywhere else for that matter and I want not just sex, but real loving sex, the kind that's not going to hurt me. The kind that feels good, comfortable, and that won't make me feel like a cheap slut afterwards". Now, as we have all the correct body parts love each other and are obviously enjoying ourselves together, what's the problem ? And by the way I think I seduced you not the other way around, even if you were a bit slow on the uptake", she said with a mischieveous grin.

How could I argue with that logic, my teenage daughter was demonstrating her new found maturity in more ways that one and I was being left to play catch up while trailing in her dust.

"I love you Dad, and I know you love me so please no more doubts" she said, as she came to me, opened her legs, tucked up her short skirt and straddled my hips. She nuzzled my neck with her lips murmuring "love you Daddy bear" I could feel the heat of her pussy through my pants, even though she had underwear on and the electricity of her touch provoked the inevitable response, and my blood started to pound in my ears.
This lovely teenage bitch-witch was again weaving her spell and I was hopelessly falling into her devious clutches. If ever the phrase 'wrapped around her little finger' was applicable, this was it. Except she was wrapped around my body and sliding around in a very horny and provocative manner on my hardening cock.
"Can I have you inside me" ? she whispered as she reached down between us and squeezed my hard shaft through the thin material. I quickly shuffled out of my training pants freeing my very happy cock to her, by now, expert touch. She squirmed back a small bit, pulled her tiny, wet panties to one side and with one slow gentle slide forwards, took the tip of my cock in between her lips. The initial sensations of her wet heat took my breath away and left me struggling for control of an instant orgasm response.

It was a combination of the illicitness, the sexuality of her and her pure lasciviousness that did what very few women have done to me since adolescence. I barely managed to hold and quickly held her steady until the feeling passed and we settled into a slow hip-sliding deep pumping rhythm. For what seemed like a few minutes but was actually nearer 30 minutes we were locked in a sweaty embrace, groaning into each others mouths as we kissed furiously, tongues dancing around, and my cock building up a faster, deeper stroke into her plunging pussy.

Suddenly, I lost it. I felt a huge surge within my balls, and that was it. I exploded into my babe girl, holding her tight as wave after wave of orgasm swept through me and into her which in turn set her off, and within seconds of me going off she went off like a firecracker, except she kept cumming for quite a while. "Ohhhh my godddd Daddddy" she moaned and quivered like she was attached to a live wire. We hung onto each other, drained like we had run a long race and the glow was gorgeous. We kissed, hugged and I stayed inside her until I grew small again and slipped out with a trickle of our combined juices.

"Daddy, I have a little confession to make, promise me you won't be mad", she breathed into my ear. My cock was now doing all my thinking for me and I replied, "Babe, nothing you can tell me will upset me or make me mad with you" I replied while feeling the moist heat coming from her pussy area and the smell of our combined sex was now very strong, so much so that I was starting to harden again.

" Ok", she started, " You know my best friend Jessica" ? "uh-huh" I replied. "well me and Jess have been doing a little experimenting over the last few years on sleepovers, you know kissing and such" " Uh-huh" I replied, " well recently we got a little braver and started playing with each other, touching each others nipples and clits and making each other cum" . Now she had my attention, my sexy, innocent daughter was bi ?
I sat bolt upright, shocked but not disapproving or angry just shocked. I had heard all the giggling in their room many times and just assumed they were having teenage fun, little did I know the kind of 'fun' they were up to. " Babe-girl are you telling me that you guys have been having sex, in your room " ? " Yes daddy, she said, but we didn't do penetration, Jess was afraid to lose her hymen but as you know, I lost mine years ago". I didn't know if I was Lesbian or not until we had sex and now I know that I'm bi-sexual, I love kissing and playing with girls but I love the feel of you inside me and the orgasms I have with you are much bigger" she finished. "WOW Babe" i replied, "what do I do with that "? To which she replied " Nothing yet, but I have an idea".
The next 2 weeks passed in the usual routine, her going to school, me going to work and all the usual things that families do until the Thursays night came and wifey announced that she was going to visit her sister 200 miles away in the morning and would be gone until Sunday evening. Now, her visiting her sister is not unusual, it happens 2-3 time annually and sometimes I even go along. But I always feel like a 5th wheel and prefer to stay at home and go boating or camping, my other passions in life. So I just wished her a safe trip and started to make plans for my own weekend.

At 2pm Dana arrived home with Jess in tow, (nothing usual in that) and asked " Dad, can Jess stay over tonight"? I was a bit pissed as I had hoped to have her all to my self tonight but hey , I was well aware of her space and if she wanted Jess over, who was I to be a selfish pig ? " Sure she can honey, I'll be at the pool setting up the BBQ, have fun" I answered. So I got a bottle of cold californian sauvignon blanc, some steaks and salads and retired to our pool deck and started preparing the meal. Unaware as men can be of female deviousness
After about a half hour the 2 girls arrived at the deck in the skimpiest of bikinis which barely covered their beautiful teenage bodies and opened out the loungers. Dana applied oil to her legs an then she started on Jess's back and shoulders. She was grinning at my obvious embarrassment and deliberately overdoing the slow massage-like quality of her caresses. " Dad, would you be cool if we went topless" she asked innocently. " Sweetie, I have no problem with you going topless, but Jess, are you OK with me being here and seeing you semi naked "? I asked in disbelief.

" Of course Brian, it was my idea in the first place" she answered with a cheeky grin as she reached behind her and quickly removed her top exposing her firm 34c ish boobs to my hungry eyes. This was quickly followed by Dana removing hers also and both girls embraced squishing their boobs together and squealing in obvious pleasure. "Oh my god", I thought, " how am I supposed to watch the steaks with this display of youthful beauty bouncing around if front of me" ? However, cooking prevailed and I managed, just. Dinner was very pleasent and I even allowed the girls a glass of wine each which had the effect of making them quite playful and cheeky.

Then Dana dropped the bombshell.

"Dad, I know I shouldn't have but remember when I stayed over with Dana last weekend ?. Well we talked and you remember the little secret I told you ? Well I kinda told Jess about us too" she said with obvious trepidation. " I'm really cool with it Brian" said Jess, "and was kinda hoping we could talk to you about it......................." she trailed off.

My mind when into a tailspin, I felt guilty, busted, ashamed and extremely excited, all at the same time. I blushed furiously, and stammered " I don't know what to say girls, I'm speechless..........." and it was my turn to trail off.

"Dad, we want to play with you together, we've talked about it and we really want to, Jess has decided to lose her cherry and she wants you to be the man and me to share it with her, how cool is that "? she asked with a flourish. Fait accomplis I thought, what man with red blood in his veins could resist taking a beautiful virgin for the first time while having his daughter in attendance ?

She had me cold, dead in her sights and the way they both stared at me waiting for my reaction made me feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights. "OK", i mananged," how would you like to do this" ?
They jumped on me squealing in excitement, hugging me and smothering me with firm boobs and soft wet kisses and Jess was every bit as delicious as Dana, a fact manifested by my now painfully hard cock, struggling to free himself from the constraints of my shorts.

"Leave the arrangements to us" Dana announced as she firmly squeezed my cock and kissed me, before grabbing Jess's hand and disappearing inside the house in a cloud of laughter, excitement and female perfume.

Oh lucky, lucky me I thought.

I waited about 20 minutes before Dana called me into the house, "Dad could you come here to the bedroom" she asked. Both girls had taken a shower and were wrapped in towels and were lying side by side on the bed. "We want you to watch, just watch and then join in when you've had enough teasing" Dana invited. So, I took a seat in the armchair in the corner and Jess stood up and unwrapped the towel from her gorgeous teenage body swiftly followed by Dana. Where Dana was tall and coltish with long slim legs, high breasts and a pert ass, Jess was shorter with fuller boobs and bubble ass and a shaved pussy. The girls embraced and kissed in the most erotic display of female beauty I've ever seen.

Not even internet porn could match this
Their tongues danced in and out of each others mouths and their hands slowly caressed each others bodies in an obvious display of real affection. I had the privilege to watch as they sank onto the huge bed and entwined their legs around each other exposing their wet pink pussy lips to my hungry gaze. Dana was dripping, a fact that Jess quickly discovered and she dived down pushing dana's legs apart before driving her pink tongue firmly into dana slit. Dana groaned in passion and pushed Jess's head hard into her mound. Jess was relentless and kept swishing her tongue up and down Dana's wet slit, but stopping to focus on her clit each time. Dana's moans became a frenzy and suddenly she arched her back, squealed aloud and rode Jess's face into an ecsatic orgasm. Jess lifted her dripping mouth from Dana, turned to me and said. " wanna play now"?She smiled shyly.

I couldn't wait to be asked. Somehow I didn't want to ruin their fun but one invite was enough. I slid onto the bed beside Jess and pulled her gently but firmly to me, kissing her face and lips slowly and passionately, she tasted of Dana's pussy and her own unique cinnamon type flavour. (Essence of virgin crossed my mind). I found her boobs and gently squeezed the tips of her erect nipples which brought a moan of approval from her. Just as I was getting into my stride I felt a warm wet sensation on the head of my cock and looked down to see my beautiful daughter looking up at me with the head of my cock deep in her mouth.

Talk about heaven ?, "take me now god" crossed my mind as dana expertly stroked and sucked on my rock solid shaft. " Jess babe, come here" called Dana. She showed Jess how to please me ( impossible not to) and suck me while stroking and licking the shaft of my cock and both girls took turns, Jess was a quick learner. But nice as this was I had two things in mind. One, I wanted to kiss that virgin pussy, taste her and bring her to her first man induced orgasm and second I wanted to take turns with the girls, entering Dana first ( it is her cock) and then having made the appropriate ceremony of it, take Jess's virginity.

At least that was what I wanted.

" Dad, lie on your back" Dana commanded. I complied and she quickly mounted me and stradded my hips. She positioned my cock head at her dripping entrance and plunged down on me impaling herself to the hilt. " Ok Jess, watch and see how this works she ordered" as she slowly rode my cock grinding her clit against me as she slid her hips back and forward. I was loving it, but then Jess's pussy appeared above me and holding onto and kissing Dana, she lowered her soaking wet pussy onto my waiting mouth.

Oh man, what a rush, the taste of virgin pussy is like no other. I licked, sucked and burrowed my tongue into her like a man possessed almost drowning my self in the process. I found her perky clit and proceeded to lash it firmly with the tip of my tongue. Jess ground her pussy into me all the while kissing Dana and sliding their gorgeous tits together in a slippery embrace. Then, somewhere above me, a growl sounded and within seconds Jess shivered and shook violently as she came. The amount of fluid that gushed out of her was truly impressive. I won't say she squirted, I'm not really sure but there was a lot of it and it tasted beautiful. I slurped it all up and licked all around her outer lips for more.

Then without futher ado, Dana pulled off of me, just as it was getting really good and she took Jess by the hand, kissed her and said," are you ready"? Jess just nodded and I actually felt like a spectator for a few seconds. Female love is a strange thing, men are so totally excluded, almost as if we're just there to provide a service. However. I wasn't complaining. If every guy had just one night like this in his life, he'd die fulfilled. Jess straddled me and Dana spread Jess's pussy open above my cock, which had settled down again after Dana's attentions. Slowly and tentativly she lowered herself down onto my shaft which entered her easily as she was still dripping from her own cum. She reached a point which I didn't feel and, taking a deep breath, she squeezed Dana's hand and plunged down with a little squeal.

She stopped motionless and slowly opened her eyes, smiling at me and then Dana. "god that feels good" she exclaimed. " Better than I thought, it really didn't hurt that much and It's oK now" Dana kissed her passionatly and said " told you Dad would be gentle, you happy now", she queried." Very" Jess said, as she started to move slowly at first but gathering momentum and within a minute she was sliding and grinding against me, eyes shut tight and gripping Dana's hand. She started to moan somewhere in the back of her throat which then turned to the growl I'd heard earlier above me and as my hands reached to pinch her engorged brown nipples, she unleashed a frenzy of thrusts ending in a fabulous shudder of ecstasy as her second orgasm overtook her. This girl was a cummer, and I love cummers.

We both held her tight, kissing her,loving her, stroking her and congratulating her on being an ex-virgin and a real woman. But I still to this day don't know how I managed to hold my own orgasm as her pussy was both tight and spasming, a lethal combination for any guy with two girls to satisfy. However, my one main wish this day was to finish inside my babe girl. I knew she wanted me to and while the sex with Jess was amazing it was still a side show for me as my babe was the main target of my affections ( and my cock).

I gently laid Jess to one side and into Dana's arms and then move around behind Dana, positioning myself in a spooning position, I kissed the back of her neck and cupped her small boobs, teasing the nipples, she gasped and broke off her deep kiss from Jess. " Daddy, fuck me now" she gasped. that was the signal, "my turn" I thought and pulled Dana up into a kneeling position. I slipped my hard shaft into her wet entrance and slowly, savouring the feeling of my little girl, slid into her hot depths. She shuddered and pushed back hard onto me burying me as deep as possible inside her and began to rotate her hips around my thrusting cock. Jess, meanwhile had recovered and was watching with avid fasination, playing with Dana's boobs and reaching between my legs to touch my balls. I then noticed that Jess had a hand between her own legs and was rotating a finger around her swollen and very red clit.

This was too much for me, probably too much for any guy and I started to thrust faster, deeper into Dana who responded by pushing back harder and and gasping "Daddy, don't stop, oh god daddy, gonna cum, gonna cum, ooooooohhhh god" she cried out and held my cock tightly with a vice-like grip. Jess's hand on my balls, Dana's pussy squeezing my cock added to my holding on for so long resulted in an explosion of light in my head following by the most intense orgasm I've ever had and I literally pumped cum into Dana for ten seconds, spasming all the time. it took me a full minute to stop and then I almost collapsed on top of both girls, feeling light headed and weak.

They cuddled up to me holding me in the sweetest embrace, "Oh Daddy, that was fabulous" Dana said pressing her firm boobs into me. "My best fantasies come to life " said Jess sucking her wet fingers, as she snuggled into my arms " and to think we have another two days.................................

To be continued ? me


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