Jenna cried tears of cum as she swallowed another disgusting load, her mind was reeling at being tricked like this. Another cock soon replaced the last one, and this one was so long that she gagged on it. She couldn't do anything because Dorothy still held her head tight. She thought she was going to die, the cock in her mouth almost completely pinched her windpipe shut. Never in her life had her been so humiliated. 'I'm a fucking whore,' she thought, 'all this just for a measly five hundred dollars.'

Soon, the cock spilled forth it's cum. It almost went directly in her stomach, but she still had to taste that horrible taste. She assumed that before too long she would lose her mind. Soon Dorothy pulled her away from the hole for a moment.

"Now Jenna, am I going to have to keep being mean to you, or are you going to do this on your own?" She asked.
"I can do it on my own." She muttered under her breath. She looked down through the cum lenses over her eyes. And swallowed down the next rod like a good whore, and worked feverishly to get it off as Dorothy looked on in delight at the fact that she didn’t have to work near as hard now. Jenna just wanted all this to be over. If it took her cock sucking talents to end the whole thing, then she would do it on her own and wouldn’t fight anymore. Soon, this guy was pumping his hot cum into her mouth, suddenly Dorothy grabbed her neck hard.
“Let me see it.” She said as Jenna’s mouth was filled with the last of the man’s cum. She couldn’t stand the taste, it was so bad, she quickly pulled the cock out and opened her mouth so that Dorothy could see her whole mouth was filled up with cum and even having her head tilted back, some of the cum leaked out the sides of her mouth. “ Hold it.” She said before Jenna could swallow it. The taste was killing poor Jenna. Dorothy leaned closer and stuck a finger into the cum and pulled some out on her fingernail the said, “Swallow.” Jenna swallowed down the nasty stuff in one big gulp. Dorothy sucked the little bit on her fingertip into her mouth. “Next.” She said pointing at the hole. Jenna looked up at the hole and the new rod that had been pushed through, then looked around her and noticed the camera at the end of the hall. "They've been filming this!!" She screamed.

"Keep your fucking voice down and suck that cock!" Dorothy yelled.
"NO!!" She said the anger in her voice overwhelming. Dorothy said nothing, simply reached out and slapped her right across the face. Jena broke out in sobbing as she turned back to face her attacker. "Please, do not make do it me on a camera."

Dorothy placed her into a headlock and held her nose. Jena held her breath as long as she could, until her face turned blue, but finally she had to breathe. She opened her mouth and Dorothy slammed the cock into it. Jena bit down hard, and felt the guy pull out raking his head along her teeth. They both heard him yell. Dorothy threw her down onto the floor hard.
"Oh, Oh, Oh. You stupid bitch. You just don't know what you've done." Dorothy shouted as the door behind Jena opened up. Slowly Jena turned to see about seven guys standing at the door staring at her.

"I'm not doing anything more!!!" She screamed at them, suddenly Dorothy grabbed her arms and wrapped her into a full nelson. "LET ME GO!!!!" She yelled, but got slammed down on her ass as she tried to wiggle away. Apparently the guy whose dick she bites stepped right in front of her.

"Bitch!! If you don't suck this dick the right way, we are going to remove your teeth with a pair of pliers and do you ourselves." He said sternly after slapping her across the face.
"O.....O....Okay . . . " She said with tears in her eyes after carefully considering the situation and what could happen. She open her mouth wide as he slowly positioned himself for insertion. Then, without warning, he slammed his cock all the way down her throat, until her nose hit his stomach with force.
He pulled back out and did so again, tears rolled down her cum covered face as her throat was savagely raped. It's all she could do, until the guy pulled out and pumped load after load of hot cum onto her face.
Now fear overwhelmed all of her other emotions. She sucked down the next rod like a robot. She couldn't do anything else, and the tears wouldn't come anymore. She was an emotionless cock sucking machine.
If nothing else, her skills had improved through this experience, what normally would have taken a long time, was now over very quickly. The guy in her mouth pulled out and pumped his cum onto her chest. Another guy, replaced him, although this guy was just plain mean. He slammed his cock into her eyes, the left one first and then the right. Afterwards he hit her in the face with it several times before forcing himself down her throat. He ravaged her throat for a long time, before he pulled his rod out and shoved it in her right eye as he pumped load after load in her eye socket. Meanwhile, from behind some guy was positioning himself to penetrate her anus.
She screamed out in pain as the guy slammed his monster rod, down into her virgin asshole, as her mouth opened one of the other guys slammed his rod into her open mouth. She couldn’t help but choke. Her virgin ass was sodomized and her throat tormented as she struggled to breathe around the cock stuffed down her esophagus. The guy in her mouth pulled out and pumped his load into her open eyes as she caught her breath. Not long after the guy in her ass pulled out and pumped his load on the souls of her feet. She sat there in silence for a moment, as Dorothy let her go.
Suddenly, Dorothy lifted her to her feet by her hair and escorted Jena to the back door of the building. The Fire Exit. Without warning, She threw Jena into the Door, sending her reeling into the alley beyond it.
Her purse came sailing out after her along with another bag.

"There's your shit Slut!!!! Now get the fuck out!" Dorothy yelled out the door, then slammed it shut.

Jena quickly unzipped the bag and began pulling out the contents: A white towel, A see thru blouse, a pair of black stiletto, and a black leather skirt.

"THAT'S ALL!!!!!" She screamed as she held the bag upside down trying to get more clothing. She quickly opened her purse, and opened her wallet. There was the 23.92 she originally had plus 400 dollars. She grabbed and shook it in her hand like a lotto winner.
Then, she began dressing, quickly. She slid the see-thru blouse on it was rather tight and pressed her tits together she snapped on the button up skirt, and finally put the stilettos on, which made a funny squishing sound. She stood up and turned around into a tall well built black man with a blue bandana on his head, behind him were about ten other guys. When she turned around and looked at the surroundings, she saw another 20 to 30 guys walking down the opposite side of the alley blocking her exits.

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