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After a rough encounter in a dirty motel room with an older man she met online, Little Rosa goes home to find out what her mother's been getting into. Meanwhile, Jenny thought she was finished paying off her son's debt until her daughter comes home and the terms of the agreement change. Read the first part ~Strangers & Semen Part I~ to catch up!
(This story is for entertainment purposes. Lana Lawrence doesn't condone illegal acts. Real life sexual encounters should be between consenting, kinky adults and thick nubbly vibrators. Don't forget to vote when you finish reading and give me some comments to jill off to. enjoy!)

Strangers & Semen Part II

~Lana Lawrence~

She felt dirty inside. Charlie smacked her bare ass so hard it stung before he left the room, shutting the door behind him. Rosa laid there, body aching, thick nasty cum leaking from her bruised asshole. She walked into the bathroom, turned on the water, and sat in the bathtub. Everything from her knees to her breasts hurt. She thought the warm water would help but it didn't. After about a hour, Rosa got out of the tub, dried off, and put on her clothes. The little short jean skirt and yellow blouse she wore for the date.

She walked out of the motel bathroom and picked up her purse, trembling from head to toe as she limped out into the hallway, her insides throbbing. Out in the lobby, the curly headed receptionist smiled at Rosa.

"Your poppa left. He said your momma was going to pick you at the Mickey Ds around the block."

Rosa just kept her mouth shut and kept limping through the tacky lobby. Her father was locked up in California for slaughtering a bunch of tatted up gang bangers. But if she told the receptionist that she'd ask who Charlie was and Rosa would have to tell her about the rape. And if the police got involved, Charlie would post those disgusting pictures of her online.

She caught the public bus home. She sat by a window and her ass throbbed when it hit the seat even though it was cushioned. Rosa stared out the window and the whole world looked like it was going in slow motion. Then someone touched her shoulder and Rosa jumped. Her mind flashed to Charlie on top of her grunting. His rough hands holding her soft body down, stuffing himself into her pussy and grunting. Rosa turned, eyes wide, and a blonde woman in a green plaid jacket pulled her hand back from Rosa's shoulder, looking real startled.

"Is it okay for me to sit here?" she asked.

Rosa nodded and turned back to the window. Then she felt the pressure of the woman's thighs and side against her body, pushing Rosa's nose against the window. Her mind flew back to Charlie again. He had her arms pinned behind her back, pushing her face against the mattress while he ran his long cock up Rosa's virgin asshole. She remembered screaming "Please take it out! Please!" and Charlie saying "When I'm done" before thrusting into Rosa harder.

The bus pulled up to her stop and Rosa pulled the chord. The blonde woman moved out of her way and Rosa stepped off the bus. She walked home and the lights were on all over her neighborhood. The sun was starting to go down. Rosa reached her house, the green one with the bad paint job. A giant black Ford Explorer was parked on the lawn and the door was half open.

Inside all the lights were off but Rosa could hear noise upstairs. It sounded like a porno. She walked up the stairs wondering if Jeremy had the volume up on XNXX again. She couldn't count how many times she'd walked in on him beating his meat to Lacey Duvalle and Jada Fire. But when Rosa got closer she noticed the sounds were coming from her mother's room.

"Yeah girl. Fuck me just like that."

Two naked hulking black men pulled Rosa's mom back and forth like a piece of white meat. She was squealing and grunting and one of the men's eyes rolled in the back of his head. Her mom choked and the man slapped her hard across the face and said, "Don't spit. Swallow it up, you nasty cunt." The light skinned one rode her from behind and then they three of them fell down on the bed, breathing hard. The men ran their fingers over Rosa's mother's body and then they all looked to the door.

"Mommy, what's going on?"

The light skinned man smiled. "What do we have here?"

Her mother's blue eyes went wide and she cried, "Tyrese no...leave her out of this."

"I busted my nut already" Tyrese said. "But aint no fun if the homies cant get none."

Tyrese got out of bed, stood next to Jeremy, and grabbed his shoulders. Her brother's face was smashed up with dried blood running from his nose. The man they called Big Boy walked over to Rosa and grinned. His white teeth shone peeking out from his dark face. He gripped Rosa's arm and pulled her out of the room. Her mom screamed and the man who stayed in bed with her held her down, putting her in a headlock and she kicked and flailed.

Big Boy pulled her from the room and yanked her down the hall. Rosa didn't fight him because she knew it was hopeless. If she did, he'd beat her up and fuck her anyway. She pointed to her room and he pushed her inside, shutting and locking the door. Rosa started taking off her clothes, sliding down the yellow panties with the duck on the front and stepping out of her jean skirt. Big Boy stripped his shirt off. Unlike Charlie this man was ripped, muscles hard and so tall Rosa barely came up to his belly button.

"Will you use a condom?"

"No" Big Boy said and started unbuckling his belt. He dropped his pants.

Rosa stared at his groin and cringed. She didn't even know cocks could get that big. Her fingers trembled while she slid off her shirt. When she was naked, Big Boy scooped her up in his arms and tossed her on the bed. She bounced like it was a trampoline. Before she knew it, his slick dark body was on top of her. He pulled an extension cord from Rosa's walls and used it to tie her wrists to her headboard. Then he got off the bed, picked up Rosa's yellow panties, and stuffed them in her mouth. When he climbed back on and pushed his throbbing dick inside her bruised up pussy, Rosa tried not to cry. She really did...

Big Boy wasn't as rough as Charlie but he didn't have to be. His pole was thicker and longer. Even though he moved slow inside her, Rosa felt like her insides were silly putty, stretched and pounded every time Big Boy moved his hips. Rosa cried quietly into her panty gag. Her wrists were sore from the extension chord and the frame creaked every time Big Boy's cock hit bottom. Her sore pussy lips were spread apart, holding his meat like a clutched hand. He grunted and smothered her with his large body, pistoning back and forth.

"Neva had a half black bitch before." Big Boy wrapped his strong hands around her neck and started squeezing. He held his cock inside for a few seconds, thrusting and grunting in a long stretch before returning to pounding Rosa's cunt. "That's right, bitch. Take it all!"

Tears slipped from Rosa's eyes and her vision went foggy as she gasped for air. The headboard creaked and slammed against the wall. Maybe her mother could hear in the other room, unless there was too much grunting. Big Boy took a hand off her throat and brushed over Rosa's titties, pulling and tugging the nipples.

"I want you doggy style. Turn over."

Big Boy flipped her over but Rosa's hands were still tied to the headboard so her arms twisted over each other in a painful cross. Big Boy lined his meat up with her pink hole and pushed himself in, slowly at first before picking up speed and ramming her hard again. Doggy style hurt more and Big Boy didn't quit until he was balls deep inside her. Rosa begged and pleaded but it all got lost in her panty rag. Tears dripped on her sheets and Big Boy got rougher. Her head slammed into headboard every time he pushed and Rosa had to press her hands against the headboard to keep from getting a concussion.

"Keep moving your hips like that! That feels good!"

Pushing the headboard with her hands forced her hips against Big Boy. Rosa realized she was helping him and it made her stomach turn. When he tensed up, she knew what was coming. Big Boy hollered loud and flooded her pussy with seed. Now she had two stranger's cum inside her pussy. Rosa never felt more gross in her life. Big Boy kept thrusting inside her. He was still hard.

Big Boy gripped Rosa's shoulders and pulled them back, slamming into her. She could hear a wet slurp each time he pulled his cock back and drove it forward. Rosa bit her lip and closed her eyes tight but she could still feel him moving inside her, using her. Her wrists were chaffed from the extension chord and her legs were trembling from the position he had her in. Big Boy bust his second nut and pulled out. He got dressed and, for the second time in one day, Rosa was left naked in a room with cum dripping from a violated hole.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Jenny woke up the next morning and didn't remember any of it for a minute. Then she felt the soreness between her legs and remembered. Tyrese and Keith tag teaming her while she creamed like a whore in heat. Jeremy's gruesome face. The man they called Big Boy carrying her daughter off in the next room. She climbed out of bed wondering if they were still in the house. She went downstairs. There was no where there but the TV and Blu-Ray were missing. A couple other things were stolen but they were gone. She wondered if she could call the police. But if she did, everyone would know. There would be reporters and a big news story.

Jeremy was gone. She didn't know whether the men dragged him off or whether he left out of shame. She was glad he was gone. Jenny sat in the kitchen, feeling numb, and poured herself some Frosted Flakes. The milk was spoiled but she ate until she was full anyway. Jenny started crying, her tears falling in the bowl. She'd liked it. Let them use her like a little parking lot slut. And poor Rosa...

Jenny went upstairs and opened Rosa's bedroom door. The first thing she saw were those clothes piled on the floor, missing the fifteen year old girl that belonged in them. On the bed, Rosa's wrists were tied to the headboard with a white extension chord. Jenny gasped and covered her mouth. She walked to the bed. Dried cum ran down her daughter's legs and her asshole was raw and bruised. Animal! Her daughter was asleep, head slumped down, her round brown behind up.

Jenny untied Rosa and picked her naked little girl up, carrying her into the bathroom. She set her in the tub and turned on the water before she started washing the cum and sweat off Rosa's body. There were so many bruises on her arms, thighs, and neck it was hard to believe one man did it all. Rosa opened her eyes and jumped, calming down when she saw it was her mother.

"Are they gone?" she asked.

Jenny nodded. "Yes sweetie."

"Did you call the police?"

"Well...I'm not sure if that's a good idea. We don't want them to come back and hurt us because we talked to the cops. Maybe it's better just to pretend nothing happened" Jenny said.

Rosa turned away from her and just looked at the faucet spitting water. Jenny felt awful but she remembered what happened to rats. Rosa's father was in jail for the next twenty years because someone didn't keep their trap shut and needed to be body bagged. But how do you explain something like that to a beat up fifteen year old?

Jenny stripped her clothes and climbed into the bath with her daughter. The water felt warm on her skin and she realized her breasts had purple finger prints on them. She started to wash away her sweat but she couldn't get Tyrese and Keith's smell off her body all the way. Rosa started to run a washcloth over her perky titties before bringing it between her legs. Jenny could still taste Keith's cum on her breath and wondered if Rosa could smell it.

"Did they both rape you?" her daughter asked.

Jenny hesitated before she answered. She thought about Tyrese's thick cock and how wet her pussy was for him, how inviting. She remembered trying to deep throat Keith's cock and feeling like she was in her twenties again. Like a porn star. She said to Rosa, "Yes. I tried to fight them off."

"Me too," Rosa said.

The End
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