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18 year old Amy meets, is seduced by and loses her virginity to the Asian Temptress
Mistress Lin – Part 1
Mistress Lin has instructed that I write to describe how we met and our subsequent voyage of discovery, a voyage that has resulted in my total fulfillment and my true understanding of my place within the society Lin introduced me to.

Me, well I’m Amy, or rather Slut Amy; the name Lin attributed to me, and I must confess that since my association with Lin it rather suits me. I am just 18 years of age, female, white, 5’9 in height, with long blonde hair and hazel eyes; my legs are a bit longer than I like and my 34DD titties are out of proportion to my size 10 body. I am in my first year at university; no, I will not be telling you which one, where I am training to be a teacher. I come from a middle class family, both my parents are teachers, well my mom (as she likes to be called) is a head and my dad is a modern languages professor. I have a kid sister; Cheryl aged 9 who I absolutely adore.

It was early September and my first week away from home that I met Lin; a meeting that had a profound effect on my life and has changed me forever. I was at an all time low; living in a room in a shared house with people I hardly knew and didn’t particularly like, I was home sick and desperately missing Cheryl and facing the prospect of my first weekend alone. I was almost in tears when I phoned mom to receive totally useless advice such as “Get dressed up, go to town you are bound to meet someone to talk to”. Gee thanks for nothing mom.

After an our wallowing in self pity I decided I had to do something, even if it was only getting drunk, I recalled a local wine bar that looked reasonable and resolved that I was going to enjoy myself whatever happened, a decision I have come to question on many occasions. So what to wear? Jeans and tee shirt my usual apparel didn’t seem appropriate, but then again my skirts seemed too short, well if you are going to make an impression make it a lasting one, so a short cotton skirt and skimpy top won. For those of you who are interested, and there are probably a few, my underwear comprised a white lacy front fastening under wired bra, that perfectly showed off my and a matching white thong. Black heeled sandals and a black bag completed my outfit. Not bad I thought as I looked at myself in the mirror having applied some make-up.

It was after 9pm when I got to the bar, I had not expected it to be so crowded, ’Fresher’s week’ said the sign on the door, so at least I was going to meet some fellow students. To my great relief my choice of clothes did not make me stand out, but unfortunately already being tall, my choice of footwear resulted in me being the tallest girl in the bar, in fact I was taller than lots of the guys. Hey maybe mom had been right; I chatted with some guys and girls, the house wine was fine and I was beginning to relax, that was when Lin entered the bar. She was stunning; of Asian origin, mid 20’s about 5’7” but her Jimmy Choo heels made her seem much taller. She was obviously a regular patron as a booth had been reserved for her and the manager rushed to remove her Alexander McQueen leather coat, I’m a girl, I notice these things. Under the coat she wore a black Stella McCartney mini dress and sheer black pantyhose, as she was led to a private booth all the guys and most of the girls, including me, checked her out, her ass looked so hot. Sitting in the booth she looked totally relaxed as she gazed round the room, her eyes missing nothing and registering everything. A couple of times I innocently looked in her direction and found she was looking directly at me, not knowing what to do I immediately broke eye contact, but on the third occasion I returned her stare and was rewarded with her wonderful smile.

The crowd began to thin and I had received a couple of invites to impromptu student parties but didn’t feel in the mood, on the positive side I now had the telephone numbers of new friends who were in a similar situation to me. Within a very short time the bar was almost deserted, the only two people not forming a couple were Lin and me. She coughed to attract my attention and smiling again pointed to the empty bench opposite her and held up the half full (yes I am a half full, rather than half empty person) bottle of wine. Initially I looked around expecting her to be conversing with someone standing behind me, something she found really amusing. It was as if she possessed some hypnotic power, I am normally a reserved person, probably not a good foundation for a trainee teacher, but I was unable to resist her, a feeling that has intensified.

She offered her hand and made brief introductions before she indicated that I should sit opposite her, we exchanged small talk, I discovered that her family originated from the Philippines, she had a slight accent, and that she had qualified as a 1st grade teacher. When I laughed and indicated her apparel she leant forward and whispered “If I like you I may let you into my secret”. She did however manage to extract my life story from me without my realising. Another bottle of wine was opened, I could not remember us drinking the previous one and by the time the bar was ready to close I was nearing my primary objective of getting drunk. Lin insisted that I go home with her, stating the obvious, that I was in no state to go home alone and that she had really enjoyed my company and had more wine in her apartment. What did I have to lose I thought, well that night I lost my virginity to Lin.
The manager helped Lin into her coat, called a taxi, insisted on paying and didn’t charge us for the wine, when Lin said apartment, she meant mansion, located just out of the town and in its own grounds; it’s enormous. She slipped off her leather coat letting it drop to the floor as she crossed to a decanter and poured two gigantic brandies. Sitting on a low sofa she patted the seat beside her. I sat my skirt riding up exposing way too much thigh. God the brandy was good and the second even better. When Lin leant forward and kissed me deeply on the lips my resolve melted, our tongues dancing together in my mouth’ when her smooth firm hands caressed my thighs I did not recoil in horror and when my bra joined my tee shirt on the floor I was in rapture. As she exposed each part of my body Lin was full of compliments, she showered my neck with kisses as her fingers manipulated my nipples making them stand proud and erect, the feel of her lips and tongue filled me with ecstasy and when she knelt before me pulling my thong to one side planting kisses on my shaven pussy I became hers.

Standing she instructed me to unzip her dress which joined the discarded coat, her Aubade front opening bra barely contained her 36CC titties and when she removed the it I marvelled at her huge pointed nipples, I thought my titties were good, hers were fantastic; looking down her pantyhose were hold up stockings and she didn’t wear panties, God this woman is hot. Wearing just her Jimmy Choo’s and stockings she led me by the hand to the master bedroom; we must have made an erotic sight as I padded behind her wearing just my thong.

We kissed passionately our hands exploring each other’s bodies.

“Amy, do you want me to fuck you”?

I nodded my head, at that moment it was the thing I most wanted in the whole world.
“Then you get to choose which one Amy”. She opened a cupboard that was just full of sex toys.
Her hands hovered over the various phalluses and when she hovered over a double headed monster with a strap I let out a gasp

“Mmm good choice Amy, you are a total slut”

Picking up the dildo she lay on the bed and spreading her legs wide she inserted one end into her smooth pussy, the effect was electrifying, 7” of black plastic cock standing out proudly from her gorgeous body.
“Fit my harness in place slut” she ordered as she knelt on the bed, her firm ass facing me. She laughed as I fumbled to complete the task, a mixture of alcohol, nerves and lust was stopping my fingers from working. When i had finished I could not resist planting a kiss on her ass.

“Mmmm you want to eat my ass slut, that’s good, that’s real good”. Reaching back she pulled her cheeks apart revealing her rose bud opening. “Kiss me there bitch”.
I kissed, licked and slurped earning squeals of delight from my Asian mistress “Enough slut” she hissed “Get on the bed”.

I lay there as she parted my legs and lifted my knees, she took a jar of gel from the bedside table and smeared it across my pussy, her fingers working it into my opening, it tingled then felt warm and comforting, making me totally aroused. Lin positioned herself so that the tip of the phallus was touching my inflamed clit.

“Tell me you want me slut”

“Please mistress” I begged, “Please fuck me”.

She pushed forward, two inches of the black cock entering my cunt, bright lights flashed in my brain.

“Beg me to take your virginity whore, beg me to make you a real woman”.

“Please mistress, do it, please I can’t take anymore, and I need you”

Pulling back she then thrust her hips forward, the phallus rupturing the hymen membrane and filling me with her toy. She used me rough and hard, each thrust giving pleasure to both our pussies, I had an orgasm, quickly followed by another, but she did not stop and it was only when I found the strength to push her on her side that I had any respite.

The night ended with Lin on her back and my straddling her the phallus still embed in our cunts it was in this position she finally cum, the ferocity of her orgasm making me cum again.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms and I was woken by the feel of Lin’s fingers stimulating my core clitty. My head was pounding from the alcohol, my mouth tasted of sandpaper and my pussy was so sore, yet so alive. We were both naked on top of the duvet; in daylight Lin’s body was even more beautiful.
There was a discrete knock on the door, I struggled to get under the covers but Lin just laughed her strong arms holding me down.

“Come” she called and a shortly after the door was opened by an African girl aged about sixteen dressed as a maid carry a tray, well a very sexy maid, the hem of her uniform was so high when she bend forward you could see her lovely black pussy lips and the inviting pink interior.

The maid took no notice of our naked bodies, as if it was the normal, was this normal for Lin? The maid poured the coffee and I saw Lin’s hands caressing the girl’s strong thighs, Lin’s fingers slipping inside the black pussy. “Thank you Josie, that’s all for now” commanded Lin and the girl performed an almost perfect curtsy before she left the room.

Looking at my watch I saw it was nearly midday.

“I’ve got to go home” I muttered

Turning and kissing me on the lips Lin said “You are home my little slut and we have so many things to discuss”.

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