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I Demand

By Blueheatt

___I had just fucked my step-daughter Carol. I fucked her from behind for the first time. I had watched her face enjoy the pleasure, and listened to her little moans. Her pussy was good and tight, as she bucked back when I fucked her.

She was hot and beautiful. Flawless skin, blond hair, blue eyes and nice firm tits with perfect legs.

She liked being fucked this way. I had reached under her with one hand and felt her tits and with my other hand, fingered her clit while I fucked her. She had very sensitive nipples, that turned her on when I felt them. I had put a pillow under her tummy to raise her little butt in the air. Then her and I both rubbed her clit as we fucked to a glorious cum. I loved hearing her pant with excitement with her constant moaning. She moaned…”…oh god…..oh ….oh daddy…ooooo…yes…I’m cuming…Yes…OH god….oh oh Oh!…YES!”

I could feel her whole body squirm as she worked my dick in to just right place to make her climax. When I shot a hot load in her she shuttered and held my fingers on her clit and guided them to peak out her climax. She let out a long beautiful moan and squirmed back on me. She kept slow fucking back on me to get every ounce of good feeling she could. I felt her fingers feeling my overflow of cum running down her pussy. She played with it as I rubbed it all over her little patch of pubic hair.

How did we get to this point?

…., by letting her ‘think’ she was getting her way.

She was a spoiled brat!

She had a beautiful body and face, and she knew it. Cheerleader, popular with everyone at school…etc….but….. She was a control freak.
She overheard some of her girlfriends say how hot they got when their dads had sex and fondled them. Carol became jealous that she was not getting that kind of attention at home.

I’m Ken, her step-dad. She called me ‘dad’. A step-dad was a negative to her uppity friends.

Her mother took credit for her little ’show piece’ of a daughter, but they fought bitter at home. Her mom, Debbie, quickly saw I could handle Carol, and left the job to me. Carol saw opportunity to steal affection from her mom thru me. She wanted sex from me to brag about with her click of uppity girlfriends.
She was in control…(she thought..)
Debbie her mom was built hot too, and love to walk around the house teasing me with her body and looks. Of course I liked it, but Carol watched us and learned what turned me on from her mom.

She started by flirting with me. She had the body and charm to do it with. She would raise her skirt, pajamas, or nightgown way up and show her hot legs and ask me: “Do think my legs look fat?”…. “Ken, would you unzip my dress?” “Would you spot me while I do a back bend?” That was one of her favorites as I got my hands on her back. She would pushed her tits and pussy up in the air and just hold it there, and smile at me. I made no move on her. I wanted her to push it to the limit, trying to arouse me.
She did.
Next, she started sitting on my lap. She wiggled her pussy right on my dick. She started putting my arms around her, just around her tummy. She leaned her head back on me and squirmed pulling my arms up to just touch her tits.
I began to whisper in her ear. Little stuff like how good she smelled and how lucky she was to have such a good figure. I could feel her heart beat and breathing increase. She felt she was making progress in getting me to fuck her. One morning right after her mom left, she crawled in bed with me. She had on long nightgown and damn well knew I slept in the nude. She snuggled up to me and played with my chest. I could not stop myself from getting a boner.

… She lay to my side and then threw a leg over mine. She snuggled closer. I could hear her breathing heavy. I lay still. Her hand started going lower under the covers. Her fingers danced around and next she was fingering my pubic hair. I did nothing. Slowly she moved on top of me, putting my boner between her legs. She pulled her nightgown up and my boner was right on her bare pussy. She started rocking around on my boner. My hands slowly came up and rested on her hips. She sucked a big breath and started kissing me.

I moved her hips slightly up and down on my boner. Her tongue slipped in my mouth as she sucked for more air. I let my boner rub on her pussy…up and down…I felt her hand reach down and start to put my boner in her pussy.

I quick rolled her off me and said: “Oh…I’m going to be late for work!…I gotta get going!”
She lay there mad and panting as I got dressed and left.
So close, but no sex for miss priss….

Carol lay there and thought…
…Dad did that on purpose!!! Damn him, he could have been a late for his work. He’s his own boss! I want sex from him and I’m going to get it!…..
I smiled as I drove to my first stop. Little spoiled brat didn’t get any dick this morning did she. I’ll decide when we fuck, not her….but that was a close call. My boner was so ready to fuck her and it would have been so easy….but we have to plan this out and…. we have to talk about keeping this all secret from her mom.
That’s when I got a shock a few days later.

Debbie of course noticed Carol acting sexy around me. She said privately that she would love to see me dominate Carol. She felt that would bring her ’high ego’ down to eye level. Debbie said: ”You’ve got something she wants, but she can’t get it by stomping her little foot and demanding it. Do what you have to do, but let her know she‘s just a girl,…. not a goddess.”

I just got a ’go ahead’ from her own mom to ‘do what you have to do’. A young hot sexy girl…I’ll think of something…(my boner already had a plan.)

I waited till the am and her mom left for work, sure enough she crawled in bed with me. She was aggressive and got right on top of me. She was ready and kissed me with all she had….her breathing was heavy as she reached for my boner. She scooted down and licked my boner as I got a hard on…. The head went in her mouth and I heard a …”mmmmmm”….

This would got her points in girl circles…but she had to kept going. Her little hands trembled as she jacked faster…at last she was in control….she was going to make me cum.

I took it as I could and then I put my hand under her arm pits and pulled her up to my face. She was red in the face and breathing hard….I sat her knees under my arms and sat her pussy gently down on my boner…..she was not in control…she was limp in my arms. I pushed my dick in further as she gave out a “…oh god...that feels so good.”….. She had never been fucked before… Now she could lay clam to the first to be fucked by her dad…..or did he? He stopped everything…..”damn you! You fuck me right now!”……she smiled…then…..she gave out with a long moan….she squirmed…

….she slow fucked at first then…she speeded up the she bounced out of control and screamed!!….

“Ohhhh daddy!” and I let her have the cum…. …flowing into her pussy….again & again till it ran out the sides….all she could do was hold and shake..

…all she could say was:

”..oh me again.”

(* they still fuck today)
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