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Hi My name is John. I'm 18 yrs old. There is a public park near my parents place name Greenway Park. I would go there to hang out. It was a cloudy day on Saturday not very many people out today. I have a fetish I love wearing woman's tan pantyhose, no underwear so I can rub my cock against the nylon. I always went to my favorite spot in the park to play with myself. I noticed this red convertible drove into the park and this white hair old man got out smoking a cigar. He looked around the park he didn't see me. He walked over near me looking around as I slowly pulled my nylons and shorts back up. My nipples rock hard and cock as well. He made his way towards me I sat still on the picnic table. He finally saw me sitting there notice my nylon legs and smiled. He approached me and asked if I would like to smoke a joint with him.Never smoked so I said sure. He lit it up taking a few drags and passed me the joint I did the same thing he did coughing on the first couple. As we smoked it away he approached me asking if he could rub my nylon legs. I was nerves put wanted to know how it felt to be touched by a man.

I said yes you can, he put his large hand on my thigh as I continued to smoke. Sliding up and down my thigh slowly rubbing higher up my leg under my shorts. My cock was rock hard awaiting to be touched by him. He went over to the side to make sure no one was around came back to me asked me to lay down on the table I did as I was told. He slide my shorts off noticing I had no underwear on. Smiled and continued to rub my cock in the nylons it felt wonderful with his touch and warm hands. My nipples were hard as well as I started to play with them he stopped me and said just lay there and enjoy this moment. He leaned over and I could feel his hot mouth rubbing against my cock. His tongue licking up & down my shaft driving me crazy. The joint I smoke was giving me quite a buzz, he then ripped my nylons to get to my cock sliding it into his hot mouth. I was so turned on as he sucked my cock it was out of this world. Sucked it for a few minutes then put his tongue down on my balls teasing them be on pleasure. Took each one into his mouth softly sucking on them as he reached up pinching my nipples and twisting & pulling them. I thought I was going to pass out.

He looked down at me and said you are quite a horny young man leaning over sliding his hot tongue into my mouth as our tongue's danced in each others mouth still rubbing my cock. Broke our kiss and continued to suck me off moments later I was cumming in his mouth. Still with a buzz in my head asked me if I would suck him. I replied saying I have never done it and he said no problem he would teach me. He helped me off the table he leaned against the table I kneeled before him awaiting his cock. He unzipped and pulled out this amazing cock with a nice head. He first said to me use one hand to hold it and bring your tongue up to it and lick it like a popsicle I did as I was told. Licking up & down the shaft watching it grow. Now that its hard open your mouth not using your teeth just your lips suck it. I took most of his 9" cock into my mouth enjoying the feel of it sliding down my throat. My cock was hard again. I sucked his cock till he cum in my mouth I swallowed every drop.

I stood up and we hugged each other feeling our hard cocks against each other. He said he would like to see me again and I wanted to see him as well. He took out a $20.00 and told me to buy more pantyhose different colors. I was still buzzing from the joint he laid me down on the table pushed my legs up to my chest and pushed his finger into my ass I was over-whemed with pleasure. He put my cock into his mouth again as he fingered my ass driving over the edge I cum several times again then passed out.

When I awoke he was long gone it was raining I was soaked. I removed my nylons put my shorts back on noticed the time it was getting late went back home. Mom asked me if I had fun at the park I said yes. The next day my Mom was going to work so I asked her if I could get a ride. When she got into the car I noticed her skirt rode up higher than normal I just stared at her pantyhose legs knowing it was turning me on. She didn't notice me doing it. We arrived at the mall, Mom went to work I went to store to buy my pantyhose I needed for my friend ( Bill ). I picked up taupe & spice color because they both look great on my legs. I came out of the store and noticed Bill sitting on a mall bench I approached him and he smiled at me. Hello John he said how are you today. Did you enjoy our meeting the other day, yes I replied. I see you bought more pantyhose. He said to me I would like you to stay overnight with me. I can't my Mom wouldn't let me. Let me worry about her ok. Where does she work I told him where he went into her job. I followed him. Mom was working alone. He took out this ruby pendant and flashed it into my Mom's eyes using some kind of Mind Control on her. He got her to allow me to stay overnight with out question. He told my mom from now on she is to wear a red garter belt spice seam stockings,crotchless panties,no bra, 3' high heels her work uniform. My mom nod to him saying yes master. You will not remember anything after I leave except the lingerie part and you allowing your son to sleep overnight...yes master. We left the store he told me to go back in and see what answer she gives me. I approached my Mom and she said to me I was thinking about your request of staying overnight at your friends its Ok with me just be safe and have fun.

I came back to him saying my mom said it was Ok for me to stay over. He just smiled. He handed me a bag inside was a black skirt, high heels, blouse, bra, brunette wig and fake breasts. I want you to wear this for me over to my place. I took the items went with him down to the underground parking. He had a van so I got inside took off my clothes and started putting on my woman outfit. Came out he was totally turned on and so was I. We got into his red convertible slid over to him so he could slid his hands over my legs. We arrived at his place he brought me an drink of rum. After about 4 rum drinks I was getting a buzz on and feeling a bit dizzy. Bill helped me to his bedroom removed my skirt,blouse,bra,heels leaving my pantyhose on. Bill undressed himself. He then tied my hands above my head and put my legs in these stir-ups spread eagle. He put a rubber on his cock lubed up my ass and slowly slid his rock hard cock up my ass. With my ball gag in my mouth no one heard my screams at first it hurt but as he fucked me it got easier. My cock fully erected my balls full of sperm I was ready to enjoy more blowjobs from my MASTER. Bill pulled out of me washed off his cock. Put my legs down kept me tied up brought his cock to my mouth so I can suck my masters cock. I sucked him till his cum was flowing out into my mouth and swallowed every drop. He then took me out into the livingroom wearing only my pantyhose and heels. Hands still tied behind my back had me stand beside his chair while he watched the news playing with my balls and cock. When I was ready to explode he had me stand in front of him so he could suck my cock & tease my balls. Bill sucked me till I exploded my sperm into his hot mouth. Slapped my balls a few times got me hard again. Bill then took out a joint we smoked it a got a buzz. We went back to the bedroom and made love to each other. I'm now Bill's new slave. THE END
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