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Hi, my name’s Mike. I’m 19 years old, 6ft tall and have I have a slim build. My girlfriend of 6 months is Jada. She’s 18, about 5’ 5’’ and has a slim tight body. Her skin is like a nice dark chocolate and her hair is long and black. She has 34D breasts and a juicy ass that men would kill to have a piece of. This story doesn’t start with her though but with her brother Ricky...
Ricky is a couple of years older than me, slightly taller and looks built like someone who takes care with what he eats and regularly goes to the gym. He’s a good looking guy who for the 6 months I’ve been with his sister; I haven’t seen him have a girlfriend. I know he’s not gay because he’s brought home a few girls from time to time and had loud sex in the next room. Jada would just tell me it’s cool and to try and block out the noise. Kind of hard to do when we’re trying to watch a movie.
One day Ricky asks me if I fancy going with him to the gym. It had been a while and I figured it would be a good chance to get to know him a bit better away from Jada. He took me to his regular place down town which was run by the dad of one of his friends. It was a small place with simple machines inside and guys there all looked like regulars. Ricky put me through my paces, working me really hard on all the machines. By the end of it I was wearing nothing but my shorts and dripping with sweat, so were all the other guys which made me think I must be doing something right. After a couple of hours we headed for the showers, I thought we would shower at home but he said it would be easier this way.
When I entered the changing rooms, I noticed the shower space was big and open. A dozen shower heads circling round. There were a couple of guys already showering and a couple more getting undressed. Me and Ricky started to strip off and I began getting more nervous about showering with all these men but I didn’t want to seem uncool about everything so I kept casual and kept taking off my sweaty clothes. The second 2 guys entered the showers and I couldn’t help but notice how well endowed all of them were. I tried to look elsewhere but I couldn’t help admiring their chiselled abs, defined biceps and long black cocks. I looked away thinking of something else to say to Ricky but he had just slipped off his boxers and his dick was just there, swinging in front of me. Long, thick and hot. I looked away again thinking why am I checking out all these dicks. Is it because they’re so big? Or because I’m not used to being in a room with this many naked men?
I grabbed a towel and shower gel and headed into the showers. I found a space between Ricky and a guy who looked like he could be a basketball player. His height and muscles would give him all he needs. I began to relax once the water started flowing and I had my back to everyone else. I grabbed the shower gel and began washing my body rubbing my chest and arms and worked down to my stomach. I didn’t want my cock to look too small compared to these guys so I took my time cleaning it. Stroking it slowly, trying to get it half hard and look impressive. I didn’t want to have all 7 inches rock hard, that would be hard to explain but I wanted to look like I could hang with the best, so to speak. I washed my legs and began rinsing the soap off my body. When I wiped the water from my eyes I was shocked. The guy next to me was stroking his dick, not washing it but plainly stroking it. From the base to the tip, back and forth, over and over. I looked around and no one seemed to take any notice which made me think that maybe they all accepted whatever the others wanted to do in there. If someone wants to jerk it, then let them do it. I now had a new problem, my dick was reacting to seeing him stroke. My dick was growing, longer and harder and there was no way to stop it. I couldn’t just walk out they’d all see my hard on swinging blatantly in front of me. I put my back to everyone and made it look like I was still washing. 5 guys fortunately left and I thought I could make a run for it but as I turned round the guy was still stroking, now faster. His right hand was pumping hard and fast while his left hand worked his balls. Ricky left the shower and I followed, my cock still stiff but I couldn’t stay next to him like I was. I grabbed my towel and quickly covered up. I started to dry myself but all the while still watching this guy jerk off in the showers. He was getting close; he caught me looking and still didn’t stop. He groaned, pumped hard and short and shot his load over the floor. I couldn’t believe what I’d seen. I got dressed and left with Ricky wondering if that was something that happed every time. I’d have to go back again.
We got home and the house was empty. Ricky grabbed me a beer and asked if I fancied watching a film. Honestly all I could think about doing was a having a wank over some interracial porn maybe but I said sure and we went to his room. I sat on his bed and he slipped in a DVD, I never asked what we were watching, I figured he’d pick out some comedy. He didn’t, a logo came across his 50” TV. ‘As Nasty As She Wants To Be’.
I looked at Ricky and he simply asked, “This ok? I saw you watching Terry jerk off in the showers; I could tell you were getting off on it.”
I kept quiet as the porno got going. A hot black babe was on her knees wearing only a tiny pair of panties while she took a big black dick to the back of her throat. My cock was rock hard and I was dying to get it out. Ricky took out his; I only caught it from the corner of my eyes as I didn’t want him to see me looking again. I pulled out mine and started stroking too. The pre cum oozing out, I could of cum so quickly but I held it back. I continued to stroke it faster and faster, occasionally catching Ricky working his to a similar pace. The woman was now on her knees getting fucked doggy style moaning louder and louder. Ricky was now starting to moan louder too so I followed suit and let out groans which I had been holding back.
He then stepped off the bed and walked round to me, I thought he was gonna cum but he didn’t. He looked at me and asked me to do him a favour. I asked him what and he told me suck his cock. I flatly said no although in my mind I had pictured it, not that I’d let him know that. He then got crafty and told me if I didn’t suck him he’d tell his sister what I was like in the shower. It was blackmail but in all honesty I didn’t need that much convincing. I took him in my hand, so thick and hard I was jealous. I stroked him back and forth listening to him moan. I pulled back the foreskin and revealed his dripping wet head. I took him in my mouth, tasting him pre cum and sucking hard. He began talking dirty to me, telling how horny he was and that he was close to cumming. I cupped his balls and took him further in my mouth, still only managing to fit half of him inside. I sucked hard as I pulled him out and swirled my tongue around the head and stroking him faster and faster. He was about to blow so I put him back in my mouth and he cried out in ecstasy. Grabbing my head and pumping shot after shot in my mouth. I took it all, not swallowing but holding it in my mouth. After a few seconds he withdrew and let out a loud “FUCK YES....that was so good!”
My cock was still rock hard and at boiling point. I dribbled him cum onto my dick and started using it as added lube as I pumped it nice and hard. Ricky got on his knees and took over, stroking my cock back and forth. I told him to watch out as I was gonna blow! He surprised me by taking my cock in his mouth! Still covered in his own cum, he didn’t care, I exploded in his mouth! Shot after shot of my hot thick load down his throat and he swallowed the lot!
I collapsed back on his bed while he sat next to me. I told him I didn’t realise he was bi. He said he didn’t realise I was until he saw me in the shower. He reassured me that he wouldn’t say anything to Jada as long as I’d keep quiet about him too. I agreed, knowing this could be the start of something hot.
A couple of weeks later, Jada was going away for the weekend for a hen night. I asked her mum, Jay, if I could stay over as I was having work done at home. She said yes and at first I thought that maybe Ricky and I could get another chance to watch another porno together.

But what happen that weekend I was not expecting...

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2016-11-17 05:30:46
That was grate part2 please

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