A surprise is in store when I discover an old family friend has a few dark secrets
Sidney, a local secondary school headmaster with substantial inherited wealth, is an old family friend and, at seventy, quite a lot older than me – though his outlook is still quite young. We are both classic car enthusiasts – he has a passion for MGs – Midgets and MGBs, all pre-rubber bumper models of course. From time to time we attend shows together and have a few drinks afterwards and chat about everything under the sun: cars, holidays and women – really, is there anything else?

He has two grown-up sons who both live abroad, and once they left home, Liz, his wife, went off with someone else – totally out of the blue. When we talk about it, he says that she found him too boring; the passions he pursued just didn’t ring her bells – so she got another bell ringer.

After this at first, he just went to work, then came home; he never went anywhere, even restricting his car interest to an occasional wash and wax. I did my best to encourage him, try to get him to widen his interests. I would call around from time to time and insist that we went for a drink somewhere, anywhere, and on these occasions he did brighten up, especially when there were younger sexy-looking girls around. I suggested that he should be seeking adventures on his own (I am married) and not relying on me – he agreed that I was right.

I was due to go and inspect a Triumph TR2 that had been stored in a garage for nearly fifty years, a couple of hours away. It was a one-owner vehicle that had belonged to the vendor’s grandfather, who had put it up on blocks in the sixties. If it was all I was told it was, I hoped to buy it.

I thought Sid would enjoy the outing, so I waited until after school-closing time on the Friday, then called around to his house, a red brick detached home with a triple garage, in almost an acre of ground. His car was there, so I just pulled down the side of the house and jumped out. I went to the back door and tried to turn the handle, but it was locked. Funny, I thought, and continued around the house – maybe he was out in the garden somewhere?

A flash of movement caught my eye – it was from inside. I moved closer – yes, I could see his office table, schoolbooks opened on it. I hesitated; I didn’t want to interrupt if he was taking a private lesson. Yes, I was right – a uniformed schoolgirl was sitting at the large desk and he was standing beside her. At first I thought she had maybe dropped something on the ground as she was slightly bent over. But I was wrong, I couldn’t see her face properly; her shoulder length blonde hair was hiding it as she gripped his cock in her right fist and bobbed her head back and forward onto it.

Immediately I fell back and tiptoed to my vehicle, started it up, and reversed out of the drive – he would’ve been too absorbed to have heard a stampede of elephants. Good for him, I thought at first, then I began to wonder was he taking advantage of someone under-age, or otherwise abusing his power? I drove home, planning to phone him when I got there.

He answered on the third ring.
‘Sid,’ I said, ‘hope I’m not disturbing you?’
‘No. I’ve decided to take on a couple of students for after-school lessons from time to time – you know, just to give me something to do, and I’ve just finished with one.’

You sure have, I said to myself before telling him about the TR2 and suggested he might like to come along. We’d look at the car and stay up there tonight if it was any good, then trail it home tomorrow. He was keen, so I picked him up and a couple of hours later we were there. I’d found it easily with the sat-nav; it was a big house that had seen better days, with a white convertible BMW 3 series parked outside.

I’d spoken to the vendor on the phone and was happily surprised when she turned out to be a black-haired stunner with a tanned complexion and very shapely figure. We went into the garage, where Sid and she chatted, while I inspected the TR. It was everything she had said, and more. It may not have been driven in fifty years, but it hadn’t been neglected – someone had obviously been planning to enter it into some concours events, before other events overtook him. Anyway, we came to an agreement; I bought the car, then suggested we all go for a meal to celebrate.

During the meal I discovered that Ros, the vendor, was regally pissed off. Yes, the car had been left to her, but the house, the adjoining land, and a small construction business had all been left to her brother, from whom she’d been estranged for years. It had come as a shock to her; she had expected her share to be a lot more, and accordingly had been living beyond her means for years. He dad had always come up with any money she needed when she asked for it, but now he was dead. She was fucked, in the most unpleasant way, financially.

As the evening progressed I could see her coming on strong to Sid. In our earlier conversations we’d swapped thumbnail biographies, so she knew that Sid was single, rich, and presentable and that she had the advantages of being beautiful, having killer legs and tits, and being a lot younger than him. Sid, on the other hand, wasn’t blind to her charms – so much so that, they spent the night together in the hotel where we were staying while I slept alone.

One year later they were married and I was the best man.

After that, my wife, Carol, and I would socialise with them from time to time – not something she ever looked forward to as she believed it was blatantly obvious that Ros only married him for one thing – his money. Plus, she was never totally relaxed in Sid’s company; maybe she still regarded him as the supreme authority figure he’d been when she’d attended his school years ago.

I said that, as a business arrangement, it seemed pretty fifty-fifty: Ros lived a life of leisure with anything she wished for and in return she looked after all his needs.

However, I suspected from the beginning that Carol resented Ros, not only for her looks and body, but for her leisure. Ros didn’t have to work, while Carol worked part-time in a local car dealership. Mind you, that was Carol’s choice, we were okay financially, but Carol was always keen to make a little extra and those twenty or so hours she worked made her feel independently solvent.

It wasn’t that Carol was in any way mousey looking, just different. She was in her thirties, an attractive woman with a taut girlish figure and a thirty-six C bust; she just didn’t have the flashiness or sophistication that Ros did, nor did she, any longer, exude Ros’s raw sexuality.

She was a married woman, she would state, when I encouraged her to flash up a bit, show more leg, push up her tits. This response didn’t surprise me really, our sex life had become occasional and perfunctory – not a lot of excitement any more. She was becoming prudish before her time.

‘That bitch Ros is just a step down from an expensive hooker, selling her body to him,’ she told me. ‘No, even more, she’s a slave. His word is law in that house, when he tells her to jump; she just asks “how high”.’

‘Sounds like a good arrangement,’ I joked. ‘As far as I see both of them are happy with the deal. Remember, after Liz left him he was alone, no companionship and no sex. Now he’s got the former, and you’ve got to admit Ros has all the assets for the latter.’

Carol made a scoffing sound, ‘No sex! With all his money I’m sure he was getting everything he needed on the side. And you never know what was going on at that school he runs, with all those young girls getting home tutored by him!’

Her vituperative comments surprised me. Is Carol actually jealous of Ros? And what was that about the private tutoring – how come she suspects something there – or am I just being naïve? Sure, Sid had plenty of money, but paying for sex? Most unlikely, I didn’t think so.

Then, that same week, over a beer in the pub, he told me he was going to take up home tutoring a few selected pupils again; mostly lower and upper sixth, he said, just a couple of afternoons a week. He certainly didn’t need the money – but I couldn’t help but think of the afternoon I saw him getting a blowjob from another former pupil. Was Ros’s attraction waning a bit for him? Were there nubile seventeen or eighteen year olds on the horizon that he was grooming?

I looked around the bar to be sure I couldn’t be overheard and said in a low voice, ‘I don’t know how you can stand it – some of those sixth formers dress like porn stars wearing schoolgirl fancy dress. I’d be walking around with a hard-on all day if I worked there. So, remember, I’m always available to help out with any nubile nymphomaniacs who are behind in their vehicle maintenance classes.’ I smiled, adding, ‘I’d really love to show some of those young tarts how to lube a piston!’

He, too, looked around, laughed and lowered his voice, ‘You’re not alone there, Jim. Some of them really play it up, too – those are the times when I miss the corporal punishment. Years ago I used to be able to take them into the office, lock the door, make them bend over my desk, lift their skirts and strap their saucy bottoms for them.’

‘Really!’ I said, astonished, ‘you used to do that! I’m getting a hard-on just thinking about it!’

He sipped his beer before replying. ‘Those were the good old days – didn’t happen often, of course, but I suspect some of those girls enjoyed it as much as I did.’ He paused before confiding, ‘…and between ourselves, I still do – not with pupils, of course, that would be suicide – but… Well, I should say no more…’

So, Carol was right. Ros probably has to dress up for him, behave badly and get a good spanking before getting fucked. Sounded good to me; we left the pub, probably both tumescent.

The next week, things became clearer one late November afternoon when I called round to Sid’s to return some kitchen gadget Ros had insisted Carol should try out at home. Ros’s new Porsche was parked outside the garage and there was a Mini, coincidentally one I recognised as a loaner Carol’s work provides for customers when vehicles are being serviced, parked behind Sid’s car, so I just reversed and parked beside the gate to avoid blocking anyone.

It was getting dark and raining quite hard, so, with the small box that I was returning beneath my arm, I sprinted up to the back door. Usually, this door was open, but again, it was locked, so, keeping close to the wall to minimise the wetness, I headed for the front door. Remembering what happened the last time I proceeded cautiously as I approached his office window; yes, there was someone there. Sid was standing with his back to the window, bending over whoever was seated in front of him working at the big desk.

It was a girl in school uniform: dark hair in pigtails, skirt and school blouse, a blazer was draped over the other chair, and he was pointing out something on the workbook in front of her. I could see her nodding her head as he straightened up and put his hands on her shoulders and started to knead the muscles around her neck. She leaned back into him, obviously enjoying the sensation. I saw his right hand move around under her chin and fiddle with something for a moment before he straightened his arm out; it was her school tie, he had just removed it. He threw it to one side and both hands moved down her front – he must be groping her, I thought, as my cock started to harden. But no, he was stripping her. In moments he removed her shirt, then bra, before putting his hands under her arms and easing her upright. He pushed the chair from between them, then pulled her against him, nuzzling into her neck, as he no doubt fondled her breasts.

I was missing out here; I could see very little of the girl as his body was blocking my view. But then, quitting his foreplay, he bent her over the desk, pulled her skirt up over her lower back, exposing her naked bottom. She was without any underwear – this girl certainly knew what to expect as well as lessons. Leaning back while undoing his trousers, he lifted a plastic rule from the desk top and smacked her across the buttocks, leaving red marks, then again, and again. Even through the double-glazing I could hear her squeal with each crack. Then grabbing her pigtails together with his left hand he guided himself into her cunt with his right and proceeded to rhythmically fuck her, smacking her intermittently on the ass with his palm as he went.

This was amazing! I was transfixed by the show and was just wondering where Ros was and why she hadn’t responded to the girl’s cries when the office door opposite me opened and she walked in. She had her hair bound high on top of her head and her torso clad in a black basque with a half cup top which displayed her monster assets fully. Black stockings and very high heels completed her outfit. She wore no panties, her pubic area was trimmed around the top but the soft hair around her cunt hung long and tantalising, as if just combed. The only other thing she wore was a big smile on her face.

The girl on the table lifted her head, froze, then started to squirm. But Sid still controlled her movements as he pulled his cock from her cunt, which I could now see was swollen and wet, and pulled her upright, back into his chest. From what I could see from behind, the girl was in fine firm shape, with decent sized tits – they didn’t make schoolgirls like that when I was at school. Sid moved back until he was almost at the window as Ros walked around the table and approached the girl from the front.

By now it was totally dark, and with the light on in the room no-one inside could see out. What a view – I was only feet from them! Ros looked amazing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear what was being said, but from what I could lip read I guessed that Ros was accusing the girl of seducing Sid and that if she felt she could come into her house and behave like a wanton – well, then, Ros wanted her turn as well.

Ros’s hand went down between the girl’s legs and I could see her fingers shining with lubrication as she lifted them to her mouth and sucked them. Moving closer to the girl, who was a little smaller without the high heels, Ros rubbed her tits across the girl’s face with her hands. I could see her telling her to suck them before Sid pushed the girl’s head forward. She did as ordered, even moving her hands around Ros’s hips, no doubt in response to Sid’s orders. Then her right hand went between Ros’s thighs and started to work her. Ros grabbed the girl’s face, pulled her to her and they began to kiss, as the girl’s hand movement became more frantic.

Ros broke off the kissing, leaned back against the desk and pushed the girl down between her legs, grabbing her pigtails from Sid and holding her head tight against her cunt. Sid moved to the side now with his erect cock in his hand and started to wank furiously. The girl was doing well, she was bringing Ros higher and higher, really getting into it. The girl’s hands moved up and began scrabbling at Ros’s basque, pulling and twisting her long dark nipples as Ros exploded into screaming orgasm, and Sid simultaneously ejaculated all over the girl’s hair and side of her face.

The girl wasn’t finished though. She grabbed Ros by the head and pulled her face against hers, kissing deeply again and grabbing Ros’s hand down between her legs. Moments later, her right hand reached up to Ros’s topknot and dragged Ros by the hair down to her knees. She swung around and semi-perched on the desk, the pleated grey skirt tucked into the waistband at the front briefly revealing a hairless shaved cunt before she pulled Ros’s face into it. Lying back, the girl’s tits jiggled towards the ceiling as Ros quickly ate her towards orgasm, the girl’s legs scissoring around Ros’s neck crushing her into her as she came. Jesus, she’s climaxing so much, Ros is struggling for breath, trying to escape, I thought. Then quickly, it was over, her legs fell apart and Ros dropped out of my view leaving a glistening well-serviced vagina gaping at me. Oh, my cock ached to be in there.

As the girl recovered, she rolled onto her side, pushed up and slid onto her feet; she grabbed her bra from where it lay on the other chair and turned towards the window giving me a full frontal view of her for the first time.

I was confused for seconds; I couldn’t understand. But there was no mistake. I recognised her despite the hair colour. The pigtailed school-girl, who was now trying to smooth her crumpled disarray, her normally blonde hair covered by a black wig, was my wife, Carol!

Stunned, I stood and watched as Sid walked over, smiled at her while smacking her bottom, and handed her an envelope. Ros was now back on her feet; unlike Sid, she didn’t look or say goodbye to Carol, just walked straight to the door and left. Carol, lifting the blouse, tie and blazer went over and picked up a small holdall from the floor, turned once again to Sid, kissed him deeply while he cupped her breasts, then thanked him and also left the office, no doubt to visit one of the bathrooms to shower and change before going home – to start preparing our evening meal.

I sprinted up to my car and raced home. I didn’t know what to do – I’d just spent the most erotic hour of my life. The sexual arousal was still fizzing through me as I relived it during the drive – and to my surprise, even the revelation that the schoolgirl at the core of it was my wife, did not lessen its power.

Was C the girl that I’d seen giving Sid the blowjob before – or has he a stable of them? Was she one of the girls that he’d confided he used to spank for their bad behaviour at school? And what about Ros? If she could be persuaded to virtually fuck my wife – could I get a bit of that as well?

It looked like I would have no choice but to confront someone. The problem was who? After all, it’s not that I would want to disrupt or stop it, do I? In my balls, I knew what I really wanted was to get a bit of it.


2013-10-24 19:18:23
This is a very good story. It was a pleasure reading it. Written in mature prose with hot descriptions of sex and a stunning revelation in the climax. Brilliant work.

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2013-10-22 20:49:58
So do you have a friend that is fucking your wife, not a friend at all. Good luck

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2013-10-22 20:43:52
So do you have a friend that is fucking your wife, not a friend at all. Good luck

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2013-10-22 15:24:12
yes..good story..well done..kept me interested to the dramatic finish..more please.

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2013-10-22 15:13:09
two hours drive to look at the TR2..?..then stayed over in a hotel??

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