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It had been the longest week for Beth. When Friday came she decided to use a little vacation time and cut out early to shop for her trip. By tomorrow, she would be in Hawaii with her man and she needed to make it unforgettable. After picking up the odds and ends she needed, Beth took the T to Copley Square where she needed to make one last stop. She felt that familiar tingle as she opened the door to the lingerie shop because she knew this purchase would really get Jeff going. "I know he loves black but white gets a good reaction out of him too", she said to herself. She picked out the silky black stockings and left the store with her purchase to finish packing.
In a whirl, Beth finished her packing, showered and got her makeup done. As she pulled the first stocking up her shapely foot and extended it to her thigh she thought back to the first footjob she had ever given Jeff. They were driving down the Pike and she seductively took er heels off and placed her stockinged feet into his lap. Not a minute later she could feel his cock raging in his pants. She rubbed her feet slowly up and down and back and forth all over. Beth stopped. She knew she couldn't get side tracked now. It was up with the bags and down to a cab to get to Logan.
Sitting in the gate area, Beth thumbed through her magazines not rally paying attention to anyone. She couldn't wait to get on the plane and get a drink. Just as she thought about whether to have wine or a Jack and Coke her foot got bumped by a man passing her to sit. He said, "I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going." Beth looked up at him and smiled. "It's O.K." she said as she made eye contact with him and wondered to herself how good looking he was. She also noticed that he smelled delicious with the cologne he had on.
Finally, the flight attendants started the boarding process. Beth was in first class and was anxious to get on board and have that first glass of wine. Everybody in first class had seemingly lined up in front of her. As she stepped on the plane and rounded the corner, there was Mr. GL (good-looking) sitting in her seat. She also noticed that the overhead bin above her row was packed. As she made it to her row the opposite overhead was clear and she strecthed to put her carry-on into the bin. Without realizing it, her skirt had risen up enough for Mr. GL to see she had stockings on over those shapley legs. His cock began to stir. Beth turned and politely said, "You again. You do know that you're in my seat?" GL said, "Yeah, I was hoping that this row would be vacant so that I could stretch out." He got up, let Beth settle into her seat and sat down.
The flight attendant approached and asked them if they would like a drink. GL ordered a glass of Muscato. Beth giggled and ordered the same. GL whispered, "Great minds think alike." Beth wondered to herself, yes they do.
About an hour and a half into the flight, Beth and GL and talked the entire time. They talked about everything and anything and were having a great conversation. Beth began to notice the wine was really make her feel good and she also noticed that GL placed his on her knee each time they laughed about something, sometimes letting it linger there. The cabin had began to get quiet as the hour approached 11 P.M. and the air was getting a bit chilly. Beth pulled out her travel blanket she always brought with her when flying. It was bigger than the airlines little covers and hell of a alot warmer. She draped it over herself and stared out into the night sky thinking about seeing Jeff at LAX to connect on to Hawaii. She began to think about the ssex they were going to have and she began to get excited. She loved the way she could get him going with just the nibble on an ear or dangling her pumps off the end of her foot.
Beth shifted a little in her seat and GL asked if she was comforable. Beth answered, "Yes but no. I know we have bigger seats but sometimes you just feel cramped." As she turned back to look out the window, GL put the dividing arm rest up, slid his hand under her blanket and took her legs and swung them towards him. He said, "Here, do this" and slid her heels off to place her feet into his lap. Beth was floored by his brazen move but also curious about his intentions. She did not resist though and covered her legs and feet up. She had just began to drift off when she felt GL's hands slowly kneading her feet. It felt fantastic and she relaxed even more. GL worked her feet like a resort masseuse and as he made his way up her ankles to her calves Beth politely made room for his hands to move. In a short matter of time he reached her thighs and Beth knew he would get to the stocking tops and realize just what she was actually wearing. This turned her on. She had presented herself as worldy, intelligent woman the entire time and he was about to discover she was also a closet wild woman.
Beth got so turned on about the thought that her pussy lips began to swell and she began to get extremely wet. GL reached the stocking tops, paused and began tracing the outline of them. Beth didn't hesitate and her legs opened wider. Gl made his way right up to her pantied and felt how wet they were. He lingered on the outside only momentarily and then pulled them aside exposing her for pleasure. Beth layed her head back against the window, scooted her ass towards GL and pressed her left foot against his rock hard cock. With that, GL worked magic all over her pussy lips. He rubbed and squeezed them for what seemed like an eternity and just as she thought c'mon GL, he parted her lips and stuck a finger inside her. He moved it with experience and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Beth moved ever so slightly against his hand to get the most out of it without alerting any paasengers as to what was going on under the blanket. The wine mixed with her thoughts of Jeff lapping her pussy in Hawaii and then back to her foot pressed against GL's hard cock and then back to Jeff slamming her from behind and then back to how good her clit felt right now and baaaaaaam...she was rocked with one of the most intense orgasms she ever had. She muffled her sounds with her travel pillow as she was rocked with wave after wave after wave of cumming to his hand.
When it subsided, GL removed his hands and placed them back to her foot pressed to his cock. He pressed it harder against his cock and moved it until she felt that familiar pulse of a cock cumming in it's confines. Just like she felt so long ago on the Pike.

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