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The Devil's Pact
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2013

Chapter Eleven: The Confrontation

“All set,” I asked Violet through gritted teeth. I was balls deep in Lillian, the salesgirl at the Hot Topic, ass nearing my orgasm.

“Yes, Master,” Violet asked. She looked cute and sexy in a black, halter top dress with a short, gauzy skirt and black knee socks held up by garters encircling her pale thighs. “I've never worn something so … revealing before,” she said, holding the edge of skirt that barely fell past her ass.

“Bend over, Violet,” I ordered, enjoying Lillian's tight ass.

Violet blushed. “Okay, Master.”

Violet bent over and her skirt rose up, exposing her slim, teenage ass and the curly hairs covering her cunt. Her pubic hairs glistening with juices and the tight slit of her pussy was just visible. I started fucking Lillian's ass hard as I stared at her cunt, remembering how tight it had been on my dick in the elevator. Violet was a virgin when I took her last night. Only my cock had ever been in her tight cunt, and I planned on keeping it that way.

“Oh, fuck!” I moaned, buried my cock deep in Lillian's hot ass and shot a loud of cum deep into her bowels.

“Cum in my ass!” Lillian moaned. “Oh, fuck! Master's cum is spraying my ass! Yes, oh fuck, that feel so fucking good!” She shuddered and came on my cock. Outside Hot Topic, the crowd of teenage boys filming us cheered and applauded.

Violet looked over her shoulder and smiled. “Did seeing my vagina make you cum, Master?”

“Yeah, seeing your pussy, did,” I said, emphasizing pussy. Hopefully, Violet would realize that dirty sluts didn't have vaginas; only cunts, twats, snatches, or pussies.

I pulling my dirty cock out of Lillian and Violet knew just what to do. She walked behind the counter and knelt before me, not even flinching at where my cock had just been, and sucked it right into my mouth. I gripped her pig tails and fucked her face violently. I had been looking forward to using her pigtails as handlebars and I didn't last long. Five strokes into her warm mouth and I flooded her with my cum. She coughed, semen running down her lips.

“Thank you, Master,” she said, wiping at her watery eyes.

Lillian bent down and licked the cum off Violet's lips. I had trained her well, too. “Remember to make the sex tape,” I told her.

“Yes, Master,” Lillian purred.

Lillian bagged the purchase. Unlike last time, I paid with money from the bank robberies. I then slipped a hundred dollar bill down Lillian's dress, groping her tit and hard nipple. “Get something naughty to wear for your date with Zelda.”

She smiled and rose up on her toes to kiss me. “Sluts don't kiss their masters with cum on their lips,” I told her and kissed her forehead. I didn't mind so much when Mary kissed me with my cum on her lips. She was my fiancee, the love of my life. But Lillian was just another slut.

“Sorry, Master,” Lillian said contritely.

Violet gathered her bags and we headed to the Mustang, still guarded by the group of teenage boys. I gave each a hundred for their time. We had a hard time squeezing Violet's clothes bags into the trunk because of all the duffel bags full of money I had stolen from a couple of Banks today. The engine roared to life and I peeled out of the parking lot and caught the light at Meridian and raced east up 37th Ave towards Shaw Road and the house I took from Brandon Fitzsimmons. The fact I stole his wife, a voluptuous Latina named Desiree, was just icing on the cake.

My phone chirped and I handed it to Violet. “Its a text from Mistress,” she said. “It says, ' Hun, just got home. Meeting with Alice went well, tell ya all the juicy details later!' There's a Smiley face. 'When will you be home? Love, your naughty filly!' And a kissy face. ”

So, Mary had some fun this afternoon, too. I couldn't wait to here about it and then tell her all about the bank tellers I fucked today, including a hot bitch named Monica who came on my cock will talking to her husband on the phone. “Text her, 'Home in 5, Mare. Love, your randy stallion!' ”

Violet's fingers flew across the touch keyboard on my phone. Christ, how did anyone type that fast on a phone? She texted the message faster than it took me to say it. I gunned the engine, and we roared up 37th St, when a siren blared behind me and I jumped, seeing red and blue lights in my review mirror. Shit! I guess it's going to to longer than five minutes, I thought as I pulled off onto a side street.


As I walked up to the front door my phone buzzed and I got a text back from Mark. “Home in 5, Mare. Love, your randy stallion!” it simply said. I smiled happily. I couldn't wait to get Mark in bed and tell him all about the fun I had with Alice. Putting my phone back in my purse, I reached for the front door, humming happily to myself.

I frowned, it was dark inside. And quiet. I flipped the light switch on the wall. Nothing. I flipped it a few more times. The light must be burned out. I stepped into the entryway. “Hello,” I called. No one answered. Frowning, I wondered if Desiree and the three waitress weren't back from shopping. But Allison should be home. “Allison! Get your slutty ass down here!”

Nothing. I had a weird feeling in my stomach and sat my purse down on an end table next to the door and headed down the short hallway into the living room. It was dark in here, too. The heavy curtains draped the windows, blocking the sunlight. I could see forms standing in the corners of the room. Was Mark playing a prank on me? Some sort of sex game?

“What's going on?” I asked the shadowy forms, stepping out of the hallway into the living room.

A lamp flickered on and saw the sluts arranged around the room. Allison stood to my right, just inside the living room. There was Desiree, clutching a bat, and Korina holding a rolling pin. What the fuck was up with that, I asked myself? Xiu crouched to my left and Fiona stood in the hallway towards the kitchen. And sitting on the couch, naked, was a girl, maybe eighteen, that I didn't recognize. She had a pair of fuzzy, pink handcuffs clutched in her hand. I smiled, eying the girl up and down, drinking in her beauty. She was hot. Mark must have set up some sort of sex game, and I licked my lips in excitement. The strange girl had light brown hair that fell in curly locks about her shoulders. Her eyes were gray and widened in stunned surprise. Her breasts were well-shaped and pert, B Cups, and her waist was slim.

“Warlock,” the girl muttered in surprise.

“What?” I asked, confused. I looked around the room and realized something was … off. I couldn't quite put my finger one what, until I noticed the sluts faces. Their faces were all blank, like all their thoughts and feelings had been removed, leaving unblinking robots. My stomach sank, I should get out of here, get outside. Mark would be here any minute. An evil smile crossed the strange girls lips, sending a chill spilling across my skin.

Run, a voice shouted in my head. Get moving! Get your ass moving, girl!

I turned to flee as the strange girl shouted something. My heart pounded loudly, drowning out everything save its loud beats. Allison grabbed the collar of my blouse and pulled me back. For a moment the blouse was strangling me, cutting into my throat, before Allison overcame my momentum. I fell back into the room, stumbling and tripping over the ottoman, and falling onto my side.

“What the fuck, Allison!” I shouted, anger replacing fear. How dare the slut lay fingers on her Mistress. “Desiree, Xiu, punish the bitch!” I ordered, struggling to get up.

Fiona leaped on top of me, grabbing my arms. I struggled in her grasp. Her grip was tight on my wrists, her fingernails biting into my flesh. I managed to get my foot up and into her stomach and I extended my leg, pushing Fiona off of me. Fiona stumbled back and fell back over the coffee table and tripped up Desiree as she rushed across the room. Adrenaline surging, I pushed myself up to my feet as Allison tackled me.

We fell to the ground in a tangle of limbs and loose hair. I landed hard on my back, Allison on top of me. The breath was knocked out of my body and I laid, stunned, struggling to breath as Allison grabbed my arms. Someone was grabbing my legs, pinning them to the ground and Korina was grappling with my other arm.

“Let go!” I coughed, but the sluts ignored me. Panic was gripping my heart, constricting it with painful, cold fingers. What the fuck was going on?

“Drag her over to the couch,” the strange girl ordered and my sluts obeyed her.

The carpet rasped on my back as Allison and Korina dragged me across the living room. I struggled, wriggling my body and kicking my legs, trying to get the sluts to release me. My foot slipped out of Xiu's grasp and caught her in the face as she tried to hold onto my feet. Her head snapped back and she stumbled backwards, falling on her ass. I felt a momentarily surge of satisfaction, something primal and ancient, at seeing crimson blood stream from her nose. The satisfaction faded quickly as Fiona grabbed my feet. I renewed my struggle, by Fiona had my legs pinned together. They stopped dragging me and then I felt cold metal snap on my left wrist, ratcheting tight.

Shit, the stranger had snapped the handcuffs on me. They pulled my arms, stretching them over my head. I screaming loudly, fighting desperately to stay free. The stranger straddled my chest and slapped my face, hard. “Stop struggling you filthy whore!” she shouted.

Allison and Korina were struggling to handcuff my other wrist through the frame of the heavy sofa. I struggled vainly, the handcuff biting painfully into my left wrist. “Stop!” I pleased, “Please, please stop!” Tears ran hotly down my cheeks. Why was this happening. “Oh God, save me, please!”

The stranger slapped me a second time. “God's not going to save a nasty whore who sold her soul to satisfy her dirty, filthy lusts!”

I realized she was talking about my Pact. How did she know? Just who the fuck was this person. And it hit me. The Pact. I sold my soul for three wishes and one of them was for no woman to be able to resist my sexual advanced. Every woman had to submit to my sexual desires, no matter how perverse, no matter how much they didn't want to. That was the key. This woman would be begging for me to tie her up, positively dripping. I relaxed, putting a sultry smile on my face. With a ratcheting snap, my right wrist was handcuffed. This had to work, or I was screwed. I breathed once, deeply, to calm my fear. This would work.

“Hey, cutey,” I said huskily, licking my lips. “You like bondage, huh, babe. Why don't you free me and I'll tie you up and make you cum so hard, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven! You're so hot, I can't wait to play with your slutty little pussy and then I'll sit on your face and you can eat my tasty pussy until I cum all over your mouth.” I arched my eyebrows, suggestively.

The stranger just laughed, a deep, humiliating laugh. This should have worked. Why didn't this work? Maybe she somehow took control of the sluts, but my power should have worked on her. Panic was growing like a worm in my breast, gnawing at my heart. “Why aren't you brimming with lust for me? Eager to do whatever sexual thing I want?”

“God has granted me immunity from the Devil's power,” the stranger said. “I am Sister Louise Afra, of the Order of Mary Magdalena, charged to rid the world of Warlocks!”

“W-warlock?” I stammered, confused. My throat was thick with phlegm and fresh tears rolled down my cheeks. What was she talking about. “I-I'm not a ...”

“I can see the blood-red aura about you,” Sister Louis said. “You sold your soul to the Devil for powers and I'm here to take them from you!”

“Please don't hurt me!” Was that timid voice actually me. So much for Mark saying we were better than the ants. “Help! Someone help!”

“No one's going to help you,” Sister Louise whispered. Her face filled my vision, eyes filled with an intense hatred. “Warlocks always think they can just do whatever they want, turn whoever they want into their slaves. You never care about the lives you destroy, the people you hurt.” She gripped my face, forcing me to stare into her gray eyes. “I'm going to finger your pussy until you orgasm, whore. When you cum, I'll exorcise your powers from you.” She licked my cheek, savoring my salty tears. “And once I'm finished with you, I'll fuck Mark and steel his powers, too.”

Oh fuck! I started to struggle against the handcuffs. The couch creaked and pain flared on my wrists. Oh, God, Mark, where are you? Sister Louise hand slid up my thigh and started to gently caress my vulva. It felt good, and desire began to kindle in my loins. I was helpless and my body was betraying me, craving pleasure against all reason. The guilt I had been burying, the guilt of getting wet at humiliating the sluts, and forcing them to beg for my affections, rose up from my soul, poisoning my thoughts. I was such a weak, vile person. To weak to control my lusts, to weak to stop Mark, stop myself, from degrading other woman, from using them as nothing more than sex toys. And now I was too weak to fight desire when a strange woman was raping me. Fuck, I am a dirty whore.

Maybe I should give up, let her take away my powers, my guilt whispered. Just close your eyes, whore, and let her take your problems away. I closed my eyes and Mark's face floated up in my mind, his boyish smile painted across his face. No! I won't give Mark up! I won't give this up! I won't give up what we're trying to build, together! I shoved that guilt back down, forced it back into the recess of my soul. I could never give up the amazing thrill at forcing another to crawl before me. To hear a person beg just to pleasure me. Mark would be here soon and then this bitch will be crawling to me, begging to lick my pussy. I bit my lip, tying to fighting my bodies reactions to those delicious fingers tracing my delicate folds.

She thinks she can rape me! I'll fucking show the bitch what rape is!


I pulled over onto a side street, the Puyallup Police cruiser following my Mustang. It was one of those new cruisers, shorter and sleeker than the old Crown Vics that cops have driving for the last twenty years. The cop was going delay me, but it was all for the best in the long run. The more Puyallup cops I dealt with, the more I could give my special commands to. There were two commands I had come up with. They were simple, “I am Mark Glassner and whatever I am doing is perfectly legal, and anyone who approaches you and says 'I serve Mark Glassner' or 'I am Mary Sullivan,' do what they say without question.”

In my review mirror I saw the officer step out, blonde hair tied up in a bun. I smiled, she looked attractive, but I couldn't be sure. Between her utility belt and bulletproof vest it was hard to tell if she had any curves at all. Her face, well the part of her face not obscured by mirrored sunglasses, seemed young and fresh. Mary would understand why I was late. Plus, we needed some security and a bevy of hot cops for bodyguards was making my dick hard.

The officer wrapped on the window. “Roll the window down, sir,” she ordered, brusquely.

I rolled the window down. “Hello, Officer Vinter,” I greeted, reading her nametag and then I gave her the two orders.

“Well, Mr. Glassner, then I'm sorry to detain you,” she said, obeying my commands. “You are free to go, sir.”

“Not quite yet,” I said, getting out of the car. Normally, cops hate when you get out of the car at a traffic stop, but since I told her everything I do is legal so she didn't object. “Officer Vinter, what's your first name.”

“Chasity,” she answered, and blushed. “But everyone calls me by my middle name, Sarah.”

“Why don't you like Chasity?” I asked, curious.

“It's a stripper name. I've never quite forgiven my parents for that.”

“I like that,” I told her. “You'll go by Chasity from now on, because you've discovered you like having a stripper. It makes you feel naughty.” She nodded, smiling. “Since you have a stripper name, I want you to strip for me.”

Chasity took off her sunglasses, exposing sapphire eyes and long lashes. She was gorgeous and young, maybe twenty-one. She couldn't have been a cop long. Next she unbuckled her heavy utility belt and sat it on the roof my Mustang next to her sunglasses. She skillfully undid the buttons of her navy blue shirt and then unvelcroed her bulletproof vest. Underneath she wore a white t-shirt and a black sports bra, which she quickly removed. Her breasts were lovely, well formed with little, pink nipples. Her tits were a little larger than Mary's, a little fuller.

“Very nice,” I told her, reaching out to pinch a nipple before she bent down to begin unlacing her black boots.

Finally she was down to her panties, plain white. Her body was toned and athletic. She was clearly in great shape. Her ass was a little flat and her hips were narrow, but she was gorgeous nonetheless. Chasity hooked her fingers in her panties and down her thighs the slid. Her bush was blonde and matted. She definitely need to shave her pussy. Maybe he should get Joy to do a housecall. A couple of the sluts needed to be waxed and Joy did a great job on Mary's last week.

“Chasity, you have a fine body,” I told her. “So, you're going to be me and my girlfriend Mary's sex slave and our bodyguard from now on. You'll do whatever nasty things we want and be happy doing it.”

“Yes, sir,” Chasity answered. “Hi, Mary,” she greeted Violet as she walked around the car, curious.

“That's not Mary,” I said sharply. “She's just another slut like you. Violet, get naked.”

“Yes, Master,” Violet said, pulling off her black dress, exposing her small, perky breasts and she stood there in only her knee-socks and garters, her brunette bush sticky with her juices.

“Chasity, hop on my trunk and spread those fine legs.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, hopping up on the trunk and spread her legs wantonly.

I grabbed her nightstick and shoved it up her cunt. Chasity gasped at the sudden intrusion and I started fucking the phallic nightstick in and out of her pussy. Her juices stained the black metal and she started panting in pleasure. “You're a fucking whore, aren't you Officer Chasity?” I asked, ramming the nightstick in and out, hard and slow, twisting as I plunged it in.

“Oh, yes!” she gasped. “Only a whore would do this!”

That's right, only a whore. My cock was standing straight out from my belly, hard and leaking pre-cum. Violet, like a good little slut, knelt down before me and just started sucking my cock into her greedy little mouth. Violet had gotten a lot better at blowjobs since that first, awkward one she gave me in the car this morning. I continued fucking the nightstick up Chasity twat.

“Oh, fuck that's nice, Violet,” I moaned. “You keep that up and you're going to get some yummy cum! But don't swallow all of it. Chasity going to want a taste.”

Violet's little mouth started sucking harder. She was an eager slut for my cum. Her hands cupped my ass and she started to bob her head hard on my cock, using her arms for leverage. Chasity was playing with her nipples as she writhed on the nightstick. Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back in pleasure. Loose strands of hair escaped her bun, falling in blonde curls about her face.

“Crap, I'm going to cum!” Chasity moaned. “Oh, keep fucking my dirty snatch! Oh, oh, yes! That's it!”

Chasity bellowed wordlessly and convulsed as her orgasm ripped through her. I pulled out the nightstick, dripping with her fluids. More cunt juices puddled underneath her ass on my truck. “Fuck, slut!” I snapped, angrily, “You got my car dirty!”

“Oh, I'm so sorry, sir!” Chasity gasped, facing going white. “I'll clean it up.”

“Use your tongue!” I ordered. I dropped the nightstick on the ground and grasped Violet's pigtails. God, I loved her pigtails, and started to fuck her face hard as Chasity's pink tongue licked her juices off my Mustang's trunk. I came hard in Violet's mouth, as I watched Chasity lick my car clean like a dirty whore.

Violet rose up, mouth full of cum, and pulled Chasity's face towards her and kissed her hard, shoving a semen-full tongue into Chasity's mouth. The two sluts kissed for a moment, swapping cum between them before I smacked both their asses. “Get dressed, Mary's waiting. We'll have plenty of time for that back at the house. Chasity, follow us in your patrol car. We'll figure out how this whole bodyguard thing will work.”

“Yes, sir,” Chasity said, and saluted me, my cum staining her lips. God, I just want to bend her over the car and fuck the shit out of her. But, I told Mary I would be home in five. And it would be more fun to play with the sluts with her.

“Move it sluts,” I ordered, eager to play with our new slave with Mary. I smacked Chasity's ass hard a second time, leaving a fading red handprint.

In short order, Violet pulled on her dress and Chasity had her boots, pants and utility belt back on. I was too impatient, though, for her to put the rest on. “You can just go topless, slut! Let the world see that nice pair of tits you got!”

We reached the house in a few minutes and parked the cars in the driveway. Violet grabbed her clothing bags, and I grabbed one of duffel bags and led the two sluts to the house. It was dark inside the entryway and I flipped the switch. The light was burned out.

“Mare, I'm home!” I shouted. Nothing. Frowning, I called out, “Sluts, is anyone here!”

There was a muffled sound coming from the living room. I dropped the duffel bag and headed towards the living room, Violet and Chasity trailing behind me. I furrowed my eyebrows, seeing the ottoman was on its side and the crap on the coffee table lay scattered on the floor. I heard something like a muffled shout and the coffee table shook.

“What's going on in there?” I demanded as I swept into the living room.

Mary lay on the floor, handcuffed to the couch. Her face was swollen and tear stained, a pair of gray panties was shoved into her mouth as a gag. Her blouse was pushed up, exposing her freckled breasts. I rushed to my fiancee side, passing Allison and not even wondering why Desiree held a bat. What the fuck was going on, I wondered. I reached Mary, kneeling down and pulled out the gag.

“Behind you!” Mary gasped.

I looked to see Desiree swinging the bat at my head, her face oddly blank. I barely got my left arm up time. The bat connected with my forearm and pain shot through my left arm. “Fuck!” I yelled in pain. My entire arm throbbed and I stumbled back into the couch. “Stop, Desiree!” Desiree ignore me. What the fuck was happening. No one has ignore my commands since last week when I sold my soul for power.

Everything seemed to slow down as my blood howled through my veins. Desiree was bringing the bat around for another swing while Allison was wrestling Violet to the ground. Korina ran at me with a rolling pin raised and Chasity was drawing her sidearm, yelling something. I couldn't understand her, my heart pumped too loud to hear anything. A strange woman walked calmly towards Chasity, naked and beautiful. Xiu was tripping over the ottoman, her face a bloody mess, as she charge at me and Fiona was racing out from the kitchen.

What the fuck was going on?

Chasity's gun barked loudly, overpowering the beating of my heart and leaving my ears ringing. Desiree was falling backwards, blood arching from a hole in her chest. Another loud crack and Korina was reeling. I started to rise, and turned to grab the strange woman over the back of the couch. I swung my arms and just missed grabbing her. The stranger reached Chasity, pulling her fingers from her crotch and drew something on Chasity's forehead with her own cunt juices. She spoke some word and their was a flash of white light and Chasity just lowered her arms, staring blankly. Her gun slipped out of her hand.

Pain exploded in the back of my head and the room spun about me and the floor flew up to hit me in the face. I rolled onto my back, struggling to think, to stand up but my limbs didn't want to do what I told them. Korina stood over me, her left arm bloody from the gunshot and the rolling pin clutched in her right hand. What was she doing? Fuck, the slut hit me. But, why would Korina hit me? Why would any of the sluts hit me? The pain in my head became blinding, the lights in the room stabbed my eyes. The room continued to spin about and I felt like retching.

The stranger walked over to me. How could she walk so easily with the room spinning like a top. She straddled my legs, sitting down on my thighs. Who was she? I tried to move my arms and I couldn't because my arms were being pinned down beneath Xiu and Fiona. The strange woman was undoing my pants, pulling out my cock, stroking it with her hands. I struggled to fight, but the pain in my head was almost overwhelming. What the fuck was happening?

“I'm going to take away your powers, Mark,” the woman said. Did I say my thoughts out loud? I didn't think I had, but it was hard to think through the fuzzy pain. Maybe she could read minds?

She laughed. “No, mind reading isn't one of the Gifts from God.” She was firmly stroking my cock and I was hardening for her. Her grip was soft and pleasant, the pleasure cutting through the pain.

“Who are you?” I asked, pretty sure I was speaking this time.

“I am Sister Louise Afra sent by God to rid you of your powers and free your 'sluts,' as you call them, from your bondage!”

“What did you do to Mare?” I demanded. The memory of Mary handcuffed floated up through the pain.

“Oh, your little whore's fine.”

“Don't call her a whore!” I snarled, trying to move my arms, but I didn't have the strength to resist the two girls sitting on them. Another wave of nausea swept over me.

Sister Louise rose up and straddled my waist, guiding my hard cock to her wet pussy, sliding slowly down my shaft. “Oh, that's a nice cock,” Louise purred. “I'm going to enjoy exorcising you!”

“Get off of him!” Mary snarled. “Mark, honey, you can't cum! Whatever she does, you got to fight it!”

Sister Louise started to slowly fuck me, the pleasure warring with the pain. “She's right,” Sister Louise taunted, “when you cum, I'll take the powers the Devil granted from you and every person you've dominated will be free. And they will remember what disgusting things you've done to them. How you forced them to be your whores.”

“I won't cum,” I protested, trying to think unsexy thoughts. It was a lie, though, her cunt felt too good on my cock.

“Oh, you'll cum. You're a man. I bet you won't resist even half as long as Mary already has.” She leaned down, smiling wickedly, as she boasted, “I'm very skilled at fingering a woman, and she's resisted admirably. But, once you've cum, I'll get back to your precious Mary and see how long she'll lasts this time. I bet she's getting all wet and horny me ride your cock!”

“Fuck you!” Mary yelled. “You're going to pay bitch! You're going to crawl before me and beg to be my whore!”

The pain in my head was slowly receding and seemed to be getting better control of my body. I struggled, trying to buck Louise off me, but that just made her cunt feel that much better on my cock. I tried to pull my arms out from beneath Fiona and Xiu as they sat on them. Fuck, I didn't want to lose my powers. Fear was surging through me and I struggled harder. If I lost my powers, then I would be in a lot of trouble. Rape, bank robbery, kidnapping. I would be locked up for a long time, maybe for life. I would never get to see Mary again. I struggled harder. There was no way this bitch was going to win!

“You've realized your fate,” Louise purred, delighting in my fear. “You know how many crimes you've committed. How many woman you've raped. You'll spend the rest of your life in prison. And when you die, you'll still go to hell. You're soul will still belong to the Devil!”

I struggled and felt something sharp pressing against my thigh in my left pocket. It was the crystal the Devil gave me. This must be what the Devil foresaw. Hope surged through me. If I could just get the crystal, I would be saved. Xiu was sitting on my left arm, but she was tiny and light. I gritted my teeth, focused every ounce of force I could and heaved my arm. It hurt so badly, bruised from the bat, but I kept at it. And then my arm slipped just a bit beneath her. I can do this. I had to hurry. I could feel the tightness in my balls, I wasn't going to last much longer. I focused all my fear and panic, gathered all that energy into my left arm, and pulled one more time, yelling wordlessly.

Xiu slipped off my arm, falling onto her side. I reached for my pocket, ignoring the pain. Sister Louise scrambled to grab my hand as I shoved it into my pocket. I pulled the gem out, holding it up. Fear appeared in Louise's eyes. She recognized the crystal. This was going to work. I opened my mouth, preparing to speak, and she shoved her hand over my mouth tightly, gagging me. I shoved my left fist against her stomach, struggling to push her off me while the crystal bit into the flesh of my palm.

“Get the crystal!” Louise ordered. “Do whatever you have to!”

Xiu recovered and grabbed my hand, trying to pry my fingers loose. Her fingernails clawed at my hand, leaving red scratches, but my fist was a steel vice. I bit at Louise palm, hard, tasting blood but she just gritted her teeth and kept her hand on my mouth. Xiu seemed to get inspiration from that because her mouth bit at my finger. The pain shot through me and I shoved my fist into her face knocking her back and I watched in horror as my hurt finger relaxed and the red gem went sailing over Xiu's head.

My hope vanished. I was close to cumming and the crystal was my last hope. Louise was smiling in triumph and started to ride me hard. The bitch could sense I was nearing my limits. I turned my head, struggling to see Mary but Louise was in the way and all I could see were her feet frantically kicking. All I wanted was to be with Mary. And it was all about to be taken away from me.

My balls were tightening.

“Lilith, appear before me!” a woman shouted.

There was a loud crack and scarlet light flooded the room. Standing behind Sister Louise was a inhumanly beautiful woman. Her eyes glowed violet and her long hair shimmered silver. A tight, blood-red dress clung to her lush body. The dress was a translucent, crimson silk, that revealed all of her stunning curves, her hard nipples, the bush of hair covering her cunt. Her red lips grinned in a hungry, predatory smile. The woman was lust, personified.

She was Lilith, the Succubus, the Mother of Monsters.

I bit my lip. Lust crackled through the air, rippling out from the demoness in waves of desire. Crap. I was going to cum. I couldn't hold out any longer. Not with this sexy bombshell appearing before me.

“What do you command, my Mistress,” Lilith purred, bowing towards Mary.

“Stop the nun! Stop her powers!” howled Mary in desperation. “Save Mark!”

“As you will it, so shall it be done!” Lilith grabbed Sister Louise and pulled her off my cock in the nick of time as cum spurting out and splashed onto my chest and belly. Xiu and Fiona rushed Lilith as Louise screamed in terror. The demoness merely brushed her fingertips across first Fiona and then Xiu's cheeks and they fell to the ground, writhing in orgasms. Lilith hiked up her dress, exposing a silvery bush, matted with fluids and pulled Sister Louise face towards her cunt.

“No!” Louise protested, struggling in the demoness grip. “Please, God! Save your faithful servant!”

“God's not here,” Lilith purred, shoving Louise's face into her groin and writhing her hips, rubbing her pussy across the nun's face. “And there's nothing better than a Magdalenite Sister eating your cunt out!”

I got to my feet, struggling to think as desire surged through the room. Lilith had let go of Louise, who was now gripping Lilith's perfect ass as she ate the demoness cunt. She no longer seemed capable of resisting, lost in the same tide of lust that threatened to overwhelm me. Mary was still handcuffed, and Desiree and Korina lay on the floor, bleeding from their gunshots. I fought the lust, and stumbled towards Chasity. I didn't have time to put my cock away, just grabbed my pants with one hand to hold them up

Chasity was still in a daze from whatever Louise had done to her, just standing at the living room entrance. I grabbed her shoulders, shaking her, “Chasity, where's your handcuff keys.”

“Wh-what?” Chasity asked sleepily.

“Your handcuff keys!” I shouted and slapped her across the face.

Chasity blinked, rubbing her face, and awareness seemed to flood back into her face. “Sorry, sir,” she said and fumbled with her utility belt, pulling out a set of keys.

“Call for an ambulance,” I ordered, “we have people shot. And when Lilith is finished with Louise, handcuff her!”

“Right away, sir!” Chasity reached for radio and began calling for medics while I raced back across the room, passing Lilith who was writhing on Louise's face. As I passed Lilith, her arm brushed my hip and pleasure shot through my body. I fell to my knees as I came, shooting semen all over the carpet.

I crawled the last few feet to Mary, and fumbled with the handcuffs before I released her right arm. The flesh beneath the cuff was raw and bloody from her struggles and fresh anger surged through me. This fucking bitch was going to suffer!

Mary threw her arms around me, not even letting me unlock the handcuff from her left wrist, and hugged me tight. “Oh, Mark!” Tears were streaming from her eyes. “I was so scared!”

“Me too,” I whispered and I realized I was crying to as I crushed my filly to my chest. “You saved us.”

Lilith's orgasm swept through the room, hitting me, hitting everyone like a brick wall. Mary shuddered in my arms as an orgasm rippled through her bodu. My cock, trapped between us, sprayed cum on our bellies. Chasity fell to the ground, gripping her stomach and moaning in pleasure, and Allison and Violet writhed together in a mess of limbs.

“Oh no!” someone shouted in horror. “Master, it's Desiree!”

Mary relaxed her hold on me and I looked over to see Allison racing to Desiree and placing her hands over Desiree's chest, blood soaking the front of Desiree's maid outfit. Fuck, she was bleeding badly. Mary and I moved to her side, kneeling on either side of her. She was still breathing, but shallow breaths and her face had a pale sheen about it.

“So much blood,” Mary whispered to herself.

“Hang on, Desiree!” I shouted. “You gotta hang on, 911 on the way.”

“She's dying!” Allison wailed. “Don't die, Desiree! Please!”

“Stay with us, Desiree,” I pleaded, clutching a limp hand. “You cannot die! Your my slut! You don't have permission to die!”

“Can you save her, Lilith?” Mary asked, fearful and timid.

Lilith shoved Louise from her cunt, the nun falling onto her back in a daze, her face drenched in Lilith's girl-cum. Chasity moved to Louise and began to handcuff the woman. “I can save her,” Lilith purred. “It will cost one of your two boons remaining, Mistress.”

“Boons?” Mary asked, confused.

“When you summoned me, we entered into a contract,” Lilith explained. “Three boons are owed to you. The first was used in stopping the nun.” Lilith smiled wickedly. “Her powers are broken, now. She has been tainted by my demonic fluids. Two more boons are still owed you.”

“Then save her!” begged Mary. “She's our slut!”

“As you command, Mistress!”

Lilith bent over the unconscious Desiree and placed her lips upon Desiree, kissing her sensuously. Desiree's body convulsed and quivered, and I realized she was having an orgasm. The color returned to her skin and the blood stopped pumping from her breast. Lilith pulled her lips away and Desiree gasped and shuddered, dark eyes opening, licking her lips.

“I'm so sorry, Master,” Desiree wailed and flung her arms around me. “I didn't want to hit you, but I couldn't stop myself!”

Allison flung her arms around Mary, weeping. Fiona and Xiu crawled towards us, heads hung down in shame. Korina, clutching her wounded arm, joined them. “Forgive us, Master, Mistress,” Fiona wept.

“There's nothing to forgive,” I answered, hugging Desiree back. “That bitch controlled you, and she's going to pay for all the hurt she caused!”

I caught Mary's gaze and saw the same burning hatred I felt blazing in her eyes. “Oh, she will sufferer!” Mary hissed as she hugged Allison fiercely. “She will crawl on her knees and beg!”


Beep! Beep! Beep!

The damned alarm clock incessant noise pierced the fog of my hangover. “Turn off the alarm, Desiree,” I moaned and it was a moment before I remembered. Mark Glassner had stolen my wife, and my home from me. I was lying in my hotel room at the Four Seasons, exiled by that bastard and waiting for word back from Sister Louise that she had freed my beautiful desert rose.

My head pounded and I slapped the alarm clock, silencing its annoying beeps. I groggily rose and stumbled into the shower. After the warm shower and pair of extra strength Tylenols, I was starting to feel alive again. Ever since Louise had freed me from that fucking bastard's control, I had become a ball of tense, nervous energy. I had spent my entire life taking charge, grasping my own destiny with my bare hands. And now I had to wait while some nun fixes my life.

God, I need a drink.

Instead, I turned on the news. I had too many meetings at work to show up drunk. The news report was almost a distraction to my thoughts as I dressed. God, never in my life had I ever felt this helpless. Not even when that cunt of a first wife cheated on me. My hand trembled. A drink would really took the edge off, a voice whispered in my head.

You're a better man than that, Brandon, I told myself. You're in control, not the booze. Last night was a mistake. What the fuck were you supposed to do? You just found out angels and demons were real, for Christ sake. What was a sane man supposed to do but drink. In fact, why don't you go pour yourself another whiskey, Brandon?

I starred at the minibar, my throat parched, and swallowed. No! Have some fucking control.

“… quite neighborhood off Shaw Road in Puyallup.”

I frowned, turning to TV, forgetting all about the booze. My house was just off Shaw Road. Fear groping my heart, I grabbed the remote and turned up the volume.

“The homeowner, Desiree Fitzsimmons, and her boyfriend were attacked by a home invader,” the report said and I blinked. She standing was just down the street from my house. Police cars filled the streets, painting the neighborhood in strobing blue and red lights. “Only one woman was seriously injured, a friend of Desiree, who was taken to Good Sam Hospital for treatment. A woman, identified as a Louise Afra, has been detained by the Police for questioning.”

The nun failed. My heart sank. That whiskey was seeming more and more appealing by the second.

That bastard Mark had come out on top. My palms hurt, and it was a moment before I realized how tight my fist was clenched. I opened my hand and saw bloody gouges from my fingernails. Fuck, I couldn't take this. I need to be in control. I was going mad just sitting here. I looked in the mirror. I am Brandon Fitzsimmons. I worked my way up from nothing. I never let anything stand in my way. It was time I stopped being helpless, stop relaying on others. It was time that I once again seized my own destiny.

Mark Glassner, I will get my wife back! I will inflict so much pain, so much suffering, on you! I'll take your woman from you and fuck her before your eyes and make her moan and pant and tell you how much better my cock feels! I'll watch the humiliation in your eyes as she cums on my dick like a bitch in heat!

No fucking power in Heaven or Hell will stop me!


“A woman, identified by police as Louise Afra, was arrested for investigation of breaking and entering and attempted murder,” the website read.

I still was in disbelief at reading that. For the last hour, I had been sitting at my computer staring at the screen, stunned. How could this be? Please God, let Sister Louise be fine, if it is your will, O Lord! I silently prayed.

Ever since I saw the news report about the orgy that happened in a Bestbuy up in Washington State, I knew a Warlock was operating in the area. Since then, I had been visiting the Tacoma News Tribune and Seattle Times websites every morning, looking for anymore news. There were vague reports of public sex on a tourist boat and a wild party that unexpectedly shut down the Space Needle. And I prayed fervently to God, begging Him to send the Ecstasy to me, to send me once more to battle evil.

Sister Louise must have been sent to fight the Warlock … and failed. The thought sent a tremor of fear down my spine. Sister Louise had freed me from Thralldom to a Warlock thirteen years ago. She was there when I took my vows and set aside my old name and became Sister Theodora Mariam. And now she was arrested for attempted murder. What had gone wrong, I wondered. No one was better at fighting a Warlock than Sister Louise. Fear for my friend gripped my stomach.

There was a polite rap on my door, startling me. I stood, brushing my gray habit smooth and grabbed my white veil, draping it over my head. I breathed deeply, calming myself, before I opened the door.

“Hola, Sister Theodora,” Esmeralda, a seventy-one year old Hispanic parishioner of St. Afra, the Church I was the caretaker for, greeted me. She gave me a toothless smile, warm and friendly.

“Hola, Esmeralda,” I greeted back. I realized I had forgotten to unlock the church so Esmeralda and her prayer group could use the fellowship hall. “Sorry, I just got some bad news.”

“Its alright, Sister,” Esmeralda answered, patting my arm warmly. “Is it serious?”

“I'm afraid so,” I answered, stepping out into the morning heat. 8 AM and it was already this hot, I shuddered to think how hot it would be this afternoon. LA was turning into quite a trial. “I may have to leave town to attend to it.”

“Of course, of course,” Esmeralda said, gripping my arm as we walked slowly towards the fellowship hall.

Another Hispanic woman, Rosenda, waited at the door to the fellowship hall. Rosenda, greeted me with a friendly kiss on my cheek. I reached into the pocket of my habit for the ring of keys and unlocked the fellowship hall. I held the door open for the two ladies. The florescent lights flickered a few times before humming steadily, bathing the table filled-room in soft light, when the Ecstasy came upon me.

A hand, unseen, reached through my habit as if I did not exist to caress my back. The invisible fingers sent tingles of pleasure throughout my body and a soft moan escaped my lips. The hand of the Archangel Gabriel traced my spine and his soft lips kissed at my neck, my shoulders.His every touch was burning pleasure on my flesh. I felt my knees grow week and I grabbed a chair for support.

“Are you okay, Sister Theodora?” Rosenda asked.

“I'm fine,” I gasped as Gabriel's hand was gently squeezing my ass while his other hand slid across my waist and up to my breast. “I just need to use …” I bet my lip as Gabriel fingers gently pinched my nipple, the pleasure so intense that it was hard to think. “Please,” I begged, quietly, “not yet! Not in front of others.”

Gabriel didn't care, his hands continued to roam my body leaving trails of fiery lust. One hand slid around my waist, down into my groin and found my pussy wet and hot, aching for his touch. My body shuddered and I clenched the back of the chair as an orgasm ripped through my body as his fiery fingers found my hard clitoris. I had to make it to somewhere private before I lost all control in front of these women.

Esmeralda and Rosenda looked at me, concerned. “I just need … oh … the bathroom,” I panted through clenched teeth.

I stumbled towards the ladies room, opening the door as Gabriel's cock entered my pussy, his girth stretching my pussy, the tip of his dick reaching all the way to my womb. I fumbled with the lock and collapsed to the cold, tile floor as Gabriel's cock began plunging hard and fast in my pussy. The pleasure was so intense, far greater than any mortal lover could excite from my body. The pleasure was so intense, so overwhelming, I was about to be swept off into insensibility.

But, before the pleasure drowned my sense entirely, a thought rose up from the back of my mind: Sister Louise would be avenged. And then I was lost in a sea pleasure as orgasm after orgasm rippled throughout my body.

To be continued …

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