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When Jane has a row with her boyfriend and storms out of the club she does not realise the disastrous consequences of her action. Reworked following comments and suggestions received
When Colin picked Jane up from her parents home he was in heaven; she had really gone to town with her outfit. The white skimpy top showed off her large firm breasts to perfection and as her nipples were clearly visible it was evident she was not wearing a bra. Her short flowery skirt perfectly displayed her long, tanned legs and the high heeled sandals made the whole package totally fuckable. They exchange a brief kiss as Jane hurries him out of the house before her parents can see how she was dressed.

They gently pet in Colin’s car, he running his hand under her short skirt and fingering her pussy through her tiny white panties as she massages his cock through his trousers. She has held out for 3 months, well tonight maybe she will let Colin fuck her.

In the club everything is fine until Colin goes to the washroom and doesn’t return; worried Jane searches for him and on the rear fire escape finds her boyfriend with his cock buried deep in the ass of her best friend. Jane completely loses it – spitting with rage she sets upon the rutting couple clawing at their faces with her nails. That is how she finds herself outside the club without her purse and phone and with no money for a taxi home; the bouncers who ejected her refuse to allow her back in to collect it.

The only option is to walk home which is her first mistake, the second being to take the short cut through the disused factory. By the time she registers the sound of motorbike engines she is already surrounded. There are more than 10 bikes, each driven by a male with a female pillion passenger.

“You are trespassing on our property slut” calls one of the bikers “So you have to pay a fine”.

Jane stammers that she didn’t have her purse

“OK slut then we will take payment in another way”

Laughing the bikers dismount and form a loose circle around the terrified girl, for the first time they appreciate just how hot she was. They start to jostle her, pushing her from one member of the gang to another, taking the opportunity to paw at the crying girl. One of the females catches hold of the neck of Jane’s skimpy top and pulls down ripping the material and freeing Jane’s hot titties. The gang got wild hooting and laughing; the freeing of her breasts has sealed Jane’s fate, she is going to be the victim of a sadistic gang rape.

The leader of the gang removes his studded belt from his trousers and hands it to his bitch; she eyes the petrified girl and as Jane is pushed past the bitch takes careful aim then lashes out with the belt the studs connecting with the girl’s exposed sensitive nipples; the skin is ripped and flecks of blood fly into the air. Jane’s scream spurs the gang on and more belts are handed to females; there is no part of Jane’s body that is immune from the belts and as the girl tries to protect her face from the onslaught a biker bitch steps behind her and rips the buttons holding Jane’s skirt which falls to the floor at her feet. Jane’s pantie covered ass becomes the new target for the belts; each strike brig a scream of pain from the captive. The girl’s shoes snag in the fallen skirt causing her to fall on her back her skimpy panties barely covering her pussy, the gang are now standing over her and leering.
The sound of zips being opened is clearly audible

“Noooooooo screams Jane as four of the females pin her arms and legs. The leader’s bitch stands between Jane’s spread legs and producing a wicked looking knife cuts the panties from the prone girl’s body. Jane’s shaved pussy attracts whistles of appreciation. Kneeling before her man, the leaders bitch rubs and sucks his cock until it as fully erect.

Standing over Jane and stroking his 10” weapon the leader says “We are gona breed you real good slut”.

Kneeling between the girls’s spread legs he spits in his hand rubbing the saliva over his cock. As he places the head of his cock against Jane’s pussy the girl lets out a final scream that is silenced when her cut panties are stuffed in her mouth.

He pushes forward then stops, turning to the group he says

“Oh man, she’s a fucking virgin, fucking beautiful”.

Jane’s virginity does not protect her; it makes her even more attractive to the gang. With a powerful thrust of his hips the leader rips the hymen and he ploughs deep inside the now bleeding pussy. He completely pulls out and stands showing his followers his blood coated cock.

“You bled on my slut” he rants.

Kneeling down he looks at the trickle of blood running down Jane’s legs, he bends forward smearing his face with her virginal blood before commencing to rape the prone girl. He is in no hurry, he knows the group will not be disturbed and this is a golden opportunity to cement his position as leader. He shows no mercy as he fucks the sensation of the tight cunt muscles is driving him wild with desire, but he is going to enjoy every second.

“Let the whore go” he instructs, as Jane’s limbs are released she tries to struggle, but this further arouses the leader and the girl’s movements are just too much for him. With a final effort he drives his cock hard against the cervix his hot cum spurting into the girl’s womb. The other male bikers have formed a line each stroking their thick cocks as they wait their turn.

As soon as the leader stands the second biker, a huge Negro is kneeling between Jane’s thighs, his cock can only be described as a monster, it’s so big his bitch lady who has been fucked constantly since she was 14 has trouble accommodating it. He lifts Jane’s ankles and places then on his shoulders; her back is off the floor, her neck and shoulders supporting her weight. The Negro positions his cockhead against the bloodied opening and pushes forward is a single fluid motion. The girl stiffens as the pain of the insertion courses through her body, her muffled scream escaping from her mouth. It takes eight hard thrusts before he has fully impaled the girl and a further five minutes before his cum floods the tiny womb.

Jane had passed out through shock and pain during the rape, but a biker bitch straddling her and pissing on her upturned face brought her round. The pain in her pussy was unbearable, what should have been a magical moment is forever sullied. The trickle of blood from her ravaged pussy is now a stream due to the damage caused to the vaginal walls by the last rapist. The flow is so bad the next biker flips Jane over onto her stomach and pulling her into a crouching position sodomise’s the girl his thick cock penetrating the sphincter muscle and burying itself in her bowels. It only takes a few thrusts before Jane is taking her third load of biker cum. The other bikers are becoming impatient and a scramble takes place resulting in two cocks being driven into the girl’s tiny ass, the panty gag has been replaced by biker cock with more bikers wanking over Jane’s body.

The rapes last for over an hour and are not finished until each male has ejaculated in or on the girl. Jane can only whimper as each successive load of cum is dumped in or on her bruised body. What had been a beautiful young woman an hour ago is now a bruised and bloody cum slut.

Finally Jane’s limp body is dumped in the back of the gangs van and driven to their lair; she along with other captives will the perverse perform the sexual acts demanded by her captors; act’s that will see her subjected to regular male and lesbian rape with no hope of salvation.

The next day Jane’s parents report her missing, the police carry out an investigation and on discovering that she had a row with her boyfriend before she vanished file her as yet another run away.

I hope you enjoyed the re-worked story and would really appreciate your comments

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2016-06-18 07:45:21
I would cut off one of my ball's to get in that gang
Very nice

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2016-01-04 19:29:24
Good story, but I wish it was longer & in more detail. Love your work in general, but feel like this was an intro to a much larger story or maybe an overview of the story. Hard, brutal, erotic & exciting, but lacking meat & bones - sorry to say that as your other works often have it all.


2014-01-26 20:55:18
This is an excellent story.

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2013-12-13 04:17:09
Petty wild but i got that too


2013-12-10 02:16:15
Oh my - so hot yet so brutal - where do you et your inspiration from

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