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I've tried a slightly different story type, any comments on it please let me know.(as long as they're about the story)
There he is, flashing his 100-watt smile, impressing the parents, smoozing. Her breath becomes shallow and she feels suddenly self-conscious. Maybe she should have worn her hair up to make herself look older. He catches her eye and she blush uncontrollably. He walks over and she has to concentrate on keeping her eyes away from the muscles rippling under his dark blue shirt as he walks over. It’s all she can do to keep her balance as he introduces himself to her parents. She’s rehearsed this moment a thousand times in her head but now that it’s here, all she can do is giggle, stutter and mumble incoherently. As he walks away my heart sinks. she must have looked like such a retard! He begins talking to a tall blonde, early 20’s, about his age. Searing envy flows through her veins like lava from a volcano. she turns away, tears pricking the backs of her eyes and she hates herself for feeling this way.

The next day, in class, she thinks back over that moment at the parents evening and curses herself for being so childish. She tries to calm herself by remembering that she’s not just any normal lovesick teenager... she’s in lust. Anna looks around the classroom at all her friends, gazing at him as if he were an angel. Anna can imagine the pictures they project from their minds: pictures of holding hands, long walks in the park, red roses and champagne. Very different from what she yearn for. she can feel her body tense as she imagines tearing off his clothes in a fit of passion, just then Anna notices the bulge in his jeans and feels the burning desperation to have him inside of her. Anna looks into his eyes, dark with passion and sees through his soul into his deepest desires. Then suddenly she realise he is staring straight at her. snapping out of her fantasy and trying to focus on what he is saying she hears him repeat “Anna what did I just say?” she stares dumbly at him and feel a blush of shame explore every part of my face. He sighs and pauses, considering his next move. “See me after class please.”

As the classroom empties Anna basks in the feeling of being alone with him. He walks over to her desk and sits down next to her. Anna can smell his aftershave and feels weak and shaky from being this close to him. She has to physically stop her hand from roaming over his leg, up his thigh towards– “Anna, I don’t enjoy reprimanding my students, but over the last few weeks your lack of attention during class has become apparent to me and I wanted to address it before it becomes a cause for concern. Is it because you don’t enjoy English?”

“No, no I like English.” She stutters.

“Are you having problems at home? With friends maybe?"

“No, I’m fine.”

“Is it me?” Anna swallows hard, she can barely breathe, what is she supposed to say?

“N-no, it’s not you.” He sighs again. Her heart convulses as she again imagines his sighs of pleasure as she rides him. A look of concern shadows his face.

“Are you alright Anna? You look a little….. flushed.” She has to get out of there. Images of them together flash in front of her eyes and she feels her clit throbbing under her school skirt.

“Actually, I’m not feeling very well, I need to go.” Anna blurts out

“OK, go to the medical room and have a lie down.” Anna smiles gratefully and rushes to leave. “And Anna…” He looks deep into her eyes and Anna’s heart stops. “If you have any problems, you know you can talk to me.”

Anna hurries down the corridor towards her next lesson, her pants are soaking and her face is flushed. She feels out of control this has to stop.

It’s 4.30pm. The school is empty and Anna’s been sitting alone in the library finishing her art project. Anna’s shoes echo on the polished floor as she walks briskly through the barren corridors towards the entrance. Not paying attention to where she’s going Anna walks round a corner straight into a teacher. Books go flying and she bends down in embarrassment to pick them up. Looking up to see who she crashed into Anna finds her face inches away from the subject of her desires. She stops breathing and loses her balance. He kneels next to her, apologising and making sure she’s OK. His hand is on her bare arm sends electric shocks pulsing all over her body. Anna attempts to scramble to her feet but loses her balance once again and fals into his strong embrace. As she feel his solid body next to her own Anna’s passion over powers her and she slips away from consciousness.

Anna opens her eyes a minute later to find herself laid out on some desks in a classroom she finds him standing over her, his hand holding hers, looking into her eyes. Anna’s whole body feels weak, she can’t move or breathe or speak. She fights uncontrollable urges to pull him onto her, revealing all the passion that is suppressed inside her. He is saying something about getting a doctor and starts to move away but Anna grips his hand so he can’t leave. He looks gently into her face and strokes my fingers. All she can do is lie there and try to telepathically communicate how she feels. He helps Anna to sit up and steadies her with his arm as Anna feels her self-control slipping and she traces her fingers over his taught biceps and down his forearm.

His expression changes to uncertainty and he studies her flushed face for an explanation. Anna feels faint again as he puts his hand against her face to steady her as Anna’s eyes roll back into her head. Her forehead drops onto his shoulder and all Anna’s senses are heightened as she feels his hot breath on her neck. Slowly Anna raises her head until their lips are inches apart. Looking meaningfully into his confused eyes she lets her lips brush his. Anna’s clit feels like it’s on fire, desperate for his touch, to her delight he doesn’t move away. He strokes her hot cheek with the back of his hand and she feels his fingers tremble. Anna wants him so badly she could explode, but she keeps her composure knowing that if she rushes things it could all go disastrously wrong.

Anna closes her eyes and presses her lips to his once more, savouring the silkiness and tasting him with the tip of her tongue. His breathing is now as shallow as hers and his whole body is tense. His eyes are closed and he is allowing his hands to trace the small of her back, snaking his arm around Anna’s waist he kisses her back, hesitantly at first and then with more passion. As their tongues entwine, rivers of passion break through the dam and she pulls him close to her, slipping her hands under his shirt and over the smooth skin underneath. For a second he pulls away, trying to regain control, think rationally, but Anna’s passion is infectious and his tongue is back in her mouth before he can get any words out.

His hand moves to Anna’s breast and he hesitates so she moves pushing forward into his grasp, letting him feel her rock hard nipple through the thin blouse. He lets out a small moan and she pushes him backwards onto the desk, pressing her sizzling body into his. His hand wanders up her leg and under the skirt sliding it over her pants and then inside. Anna pushes into his palm and a tidal wave of pleasure crashes over her forcing a small gasp from her lips. Anna’s hands have a mind of their own as they roam over his body in frenzy; caressing his muscular chest, undoing his trousers, massaging his solid penis and making him moan louder.

Sitting up and pulls her on top of him so she sits astride him. Then, while continuing to plant kisses all over her face and neck, he pushes her now soaking pants aside and slides his finger inside Anna hot soaking pussy, she moans louder, not knowing, not caring if anyone else can hear. Nothing else exists at this moment; just the two of them. Anna grab his penis and slides over it forcing it inside her. He is muttering into her ear, cursing, telling her how wrong this is but how good it feels. She can’t reply, all she can do is push him inside her as far as he will go as waves of pleasure rip through her body, tearing her apart.

He comes inside her before they can do anything about it. Wrapping her arms round his neck and feeling the heat of his sweaty flesh against her own. In her frenzy Anna finds she has ripped off a couple of his shirt buttons and it now hangs open, revealing what they’ve just done. Their breathing slows as they both recover and Anna wishes that she could stay like this with him forever. Slowly they replace their clothes to their original state. Anna feels like she’s floating in a sea of rapture. Months of fantasising and yearning have been fulfilled. He looks guiltily as he speaks.

“We shouldn’t have done that.” Anna feels a sudden urge to tell him everything, she needs him to understand.

“It’s my fault, I couldn’t control it anymore. When I’m around you I can’t think of anything except having you inside me.” He looks strained, as if not sure of the right thing to do. Finally he speaks in a low voice.

“Anna, you probably don’t realise how sexy you are. Seeing you in that short skirt and blouse everyday drives me crazy. But this is insane. I’m your teacher; I could lose my job over this.” Anna knows it’s the truth, but finding out that he lusts after her too makes her abandon all logic.

“Nobody will find out.” she senses his other concern and try to reassure him. “I’ll go to my GP and take a morning-after pill. It’ll be fine. Honestly.” Anna desperately wants to kiss him again but she doesn’t, uncertain of how he would react. He sighs and runs his hands through his hair. She can see that he is trying to be responsible but there is a glint in his eye as he runs it down her body.

“That was amazing. God, I didn’t think it was possible that something could feel so wrong yet so good at the same time.” She smile with satisfaction, Anna had known exactly how good it would feel and she hadn’t been disappointed. We go our separate ways with promises to forget the incident, Anna leaves with her heart soaring and her body content.

The next day, Anna watched his cool demeanour falter as she stepped into the classroom. He caught her eye for a second and she watched a blush tease the tops of his ears before he caught his composure. Sitting Anna tries to concentrate on her work, but every time he speaks, every time she looks up at him, all she can think about was what was underneath that crisp Calvin Klein shirt. It all seems fine until he picks on her to answer a question. As usual she hadn’t been listening, but this time he knew why. Instead of reprimanding her, he just looked down at his feet, ashamed, before clearing his throat and moving on. When Anna heard the bell she can’t get out of the classroom quick enough, but as she reached the door she’s stopped by his velvet voice asking her to stay behind. A couple of girls giggle as they walk by. “In trouble again, Anna?” If only they knew.

Anna stand by his desk, waiting for him to say something. He pretends to concentrate on marking a piece of work but she can tell his mind wasn’t on it. Anna feels the old heat rising, the heat that she thought she had burned out the day before. watching the smooth contours of his face and his chest and he breathes, eventually he sighs and looks up into my eyes.

“I’m sorry Anna, I’m so sorry,” she had to smile.

“You have nothing to be sorry for! It’s not like I didn’t want it as well!”

“I know… I- Oh God I don’t know” Anna could see how flustered he was, she wanted to put her hand over his, to reassure him somehow, but she knew that anything she did would just make it worse. “OK, here’s the thing” He took a deep breath. Anna waited, her heart racing.

“Look I really feel like shit about this, I mean, I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. But, the problem is that I don’t actually feel bad, I mean, I do, but… Fuck, I’m not making sense.” Anna’s heart becomes lighter as what he was saying started to sink in. “It felt… right. I know it wasn’t, but I feel so guilty knowing that if I had to go back… I’d do it again.”

A grin spreads across her face, despite her efforts to control it. “Listen, don’t feel bad OK? we both know we wanted it, we both know we enjoyed it, and we both know it was a one off.” As she said the last part, Anna knew she didn’t really want it that way. The look in his eyes told her that he felt the same. However, they knew it couldn’t really go on. He nodded.

“You’re right. We’ll just forget it.” She smiled and left, kicking herself for ruining any chances of further frolics.

A week went by, A week of awkward glances and unwanted blushes. The weekend passed in a blur of sexual fantasies on her part. Then Monday arrived. Anna was in high spirits as she went to her English lesson. The classroom was half full as she sat at her desk. As she looked up at the teacher’s desk, her heart fluttered. He had grown even more gorgeous over the weekend. He caught Anna’s eye and flashed a half-smile. First time since it happened, the air must be clearing.

Ten minutes into the lesson, once the class were settled working from the textbook, he announced he needed help with some photocopying. Anna couldn’t conceal her surprise as he chose her and asked her to go to his office. Anna followed him hesitantly down the corridor and watched with growing interest as he closed the door behind them. He looked at her with a salacious smile as he approached slowly. Anna’s stomach was doing somersaults as he traced his finger down her cheek before enveloping her in a passionate kiss. Her legs turning to jelly and she had no choice but to fall against his strong arms and kiss him back. Anna could feel his breath on her face, hot and full of urgency. Part of her wanted to keep kissing him, rip his clothes off there and then. But her curiosity made her pull away.

“You changed your mind then?” He chuckled quietly.

“Anna, this has always been what I wanted. I’m sorry Anna, I’m so sorry. I know you wanted to forget about all this but I can’t! I can’t get you out of my mind, day or night, I can’t concentrate in lessons. I just have to have you!” Anna pushed herself into him as hard as she could, sliding her tongue over and over his. She felt his erection though his trousers and her thong became damp. Between kisses she tried to explain.

“What I said the other day.… I didn’t mean it…. Even then…. I just wanted…. I just wanted you. Oh god, I’ve wanted you so badly!” Anna couldn’t speak any more after that. Partly because she was too delirious and partly because his mouth now completely covered hers. He lifted her onto the photocopier and pressed his body against hers, rubbing her breasts with his hand, and her crotch with his hard-on. The blood rushed in her ears and Anna could barely breathe. Suddenly, she felt his body tense and shudder. His breathing slowed and his kisses became more tender. Anna realised that he’d come in his pants.

“Sorry,” he smiled, looking slightly embarrassed, “I’ve been so horny! I couldn’t control it!” Anna glanced at the clock; ten minutes had gone past in a few seconds. The rest of the class would start getting suspicious. She glanced at the wet spot on his trousers, and went to tell the class that he’d gone to run a few errands while he went to clean up. Anna felt sticky too, but it didn’t show, and besides, it felt exciting and kinky. The rest of the English lesson was uneventful. It felt mischievous exchanging surreptitious glances between Shakespearian dialogues. Feeling cheerful and content Anna actually managed to get on with some work! That afternoon, his car pulled up alongside her as she walked home.

“Quick! Get in!” he called, impishly. Anna giggled as she settled back against the leather of his silver BMW. He winked at her and sped off before anyone could see them. Anna’s eyes glittered with excitement and anticipation as they drove silently through the rush-hour traffic. Their surroundings gradually became more rural and eventually they came to a halt in a quiet patch of woodland.

“I wanted to spend some time with you out of school.” He told me. “But I wasn’t sure where. I considered my house but I thought that might make you uncomfortable, so I decided to bring you here. I love these woods, when my dog was alive I used to walk him here.” Anna didn’t reply; she felt like her heart would explode with ecstasy! Words couldn’t describe how she was feeling at that moment. Getting out of the car and she let him lead her gently by the hand through the majestic seclusion of the trees. Electricity pulsed between their bodies through their intertwined fingers, but the sexual tension had reduced.

After a short walk, and an even shorter conversation about their lives outside school, they arrived at a small clearing. The floor was covered in moss and wild flowers. Logs, which had once been trees, cluttered the ground, forcing them to watch their step. He sat down on a large fallen tree trunk and pulled her down next to him. He sighed. “God Anna, you’re so lovely!” His eyes melted her soul as he drew her into them with an intense stare. He leaned in gently and grazed his lips against hers. Annas whole body trembled as she closed her eyes and lost herself in the warmth of his kiss. It was so gentle and tender. So soft that she almost couldn’t feel it, like a kitten’s fur.

His tongue flickered like a flame through her slightly parted lips. The tips of their tongues greeted each other furtively at first and then with more enthusiasm. Although they’d kissed before, this felt like a first kiss, the magical moment when you establish a special connection with a potential lover, Except they already were lovers. As she pushed herself into his muscular chest Anna started thinking about their escapades in school and became increasingly excited. She could feel him having the same reaction and their kisses became more urgent.

His hand, which had been round Annas waist, slid under her tight shirt and over her breast. He circled the erect nipples with a gentle finger, before sliding his other hand round her back to undo the bra strap. His kisses, though firm, were still tender, and all their actions were slow and affectionate, compared with the frenzied frolics in school. Anna slid her hand up the inside of his thigh and gently massaged his hard penis through his trousers. Still caressing her breast, he, slipped his free hand under her skirt and rubbed the crotch of Anna now wet thong. He could feel the warm and wetness through them and her clit was burning for his touch.

Unzipping his flies she took his erection in her hand, massaging the head gently before sliding her hand firmly up and down the shaft. His breathing became shallow and he pulled her thong aside and inserted two fingers into her pussy. They were soaked immediately and he pulled them in and out to match the rhythm she had built up on him. They slid off the tree trunk onto the mossy floor and Anna pulled him on top of her. She couldn’t remember where she was and she didn’t care, Anna needed to feel him inside her.

Hitching up her skirt Anna held her thong aside as he pushed himself deep into her. He moaned in pleasure and planted wet kisses up and down her neck. The sex was slow and smouldering but gave her the most intense sensations. As they climaxed their bodies and souls connected on every level possible, and the cries of delight let the whole wood know that they didn’t care who heard them. Afterwards, he lay on top of her, exhausted. Anna savoured the feeling of his weight pressing down on her, his sweaty brow resting on her shoulder.

Returning to the car, they laughed as they assessed the damaged to their clothes. Anna’s hair was ruffled and full of leaves, and her shirt was spattered with grass and mud stains. His trousers were as wrinkled as a shaved pug and his shirt stuck to him with perspiration. The car doors slammed shut, but he didn’t start the engine immediately. they looked at each other and knew exactly what the other was thinking. ‘I don’t want to leave. I want to stay with you.’

“I can’t believe how bad this doesn’t feel!” he said with a wry grin.

“I know. We…. just fit.” he smiled and kissed her again. His velvet lips smothered her own and made her forget the world around them. When he pulled away he glanced down at his lap and laughed. His erection had returned.

“This is what you do to me!” he exclaimed.

Anna was still wet from earlier, and she wanted to prolong her time with him for as long as possible. seductively slid down in her seat and unzipped his trousers. He looked surprised but pleased with her forwardness. Anna licked round the sensitive head of his penis and he laid his head back and closed his eyes. As she took him into her mouth, she could taste herself on him. She would have expected it to be disgusting but she didn’t mind the taste, it only turned her on more. It didn’t take him long to come and it was satisfying to feel his body shudder and to hear the small moans that escaped his lips.
Anna zipped up his trousers and sat back up in her seat but he didn’t move. She waited silently, and eventually he half opened his eyes and gave her a lazy smile.

“You’re a very naughty girl! I can’t see straight and my legs have gone numb! How am I supposed to drive now?” She giggled proudly and stroked his face with the back of her hand. After a few minutes he composed himself and promised to return the favour another time as it was getting late.

The sex in school became regular and Anna loved the excitement and the danger. they knew that if they were caught he could be fired and she could be expelled. However, instead of putting them off, it only made it better. One lunchtime, they had met in an empty classroom and were having sex in one of the walk-in cupboards, when someone walked in. they froze, him inside her, holding her up against the wall. Neither of them could breathe and they were both trying to be as silent as possible. Wordless pleas filled her mind as Anna prayed that whoever was in the classroom wouldn’t open the cupboard. They can’t have been in there for very long but it felt like an eternity before they heard them leave.

When they heard the door shut they collapsed into relieved giggles. The tension drained out of them both as they resumed their earlier activity. Annas heightened senses enabled her to feel his rapid heartbeat in his chest. The terror of nearly getting caught made them all the more frenzied and Anna ended up having mind-blowing multiple orgasms!

The trips into the woods gave them time to get to know each other as people. His personality matched his body and he had a great sense of humour. Anna could have been falling in love with him but she couldn’t tell because her feelings of lust were so strong. She thought they were strong before their first sexual encounter, but her previous feelings didn’t come close to the emotions she was now experiencing. Being in class with him was torture. An hour of desperately wanting to touch and kiss him, it wasn’t even the sex Anna craved; it was just the sensation of being close to him. His smile still melted her insides and she found it impossible to concentrate on what he was saying when she was staring into his hypnotic eyes.

When the novelty of ‘school-sex’ - as they had come to term it - had worn of, he invited her back to his flat, Anna didn’t hesitate. The atmosphere between them became completely different as soon as they walked in the door. This was his territory. His flat was roomy and well decorated with a minimalist design. They sat in the kitchen for a while and drank coffees, discussing their day and a new supply teacher who had just been hired. There was much less sexual tension between them than usual and Anna was worried that they wouldn’t be as good together now there wasn’t a danger of getting caught.

When Anna expressed her fears to him, he smiled and kissed her tenderly. “Don’t worry baby, we’ll sizzle!” As soon as he said it they both cracked up because it sounded so corny. Any negative tension drained away and Anna let him lead her into the bedroom. His double bed was immaculate and the blue sheets looked crisp and fresh. When she commented on his good presentation he laughed and explained that his mother had been very strict when he was young. Anna thought about her own pigsty of a bedroom and suddenly felt very young. This feeling passed quickly as soon as he guided her down onto the bed.

“You know,” he began, “Now we’re all alone, we can do whatever we want!” It suddenly dawned on her that they’d never actually been naked together. Everything seemed new and her horniness found her again! Anna wanted to rip his clothes of as fast as she could, but when she started to undo his shirt, he stopped her and shook his head. Anna’s look of confusion amused him and she noticed a mischievous glint in his eye. “I’ve got a better idea,” he said mysteriously. Anna sat in bewilderment as he moved over to the other side of the bed, instructing her to stay where she was.

He stood a few feet away from her, and while maintaining eye contact, started to tantalisingly unbutton his shirt. Suddenly she caught on to his idea and a smile spread across her face. Anna stood up as his shirt dropped to the floor and began to undo her own. they explored each other’s bodies with their eyes, both having to physically control their urges to touch. He undid his belt and dropped his trousers. He looked like a god standing in his white CK boxers, tanned and toned. A smile played on the corner of her lips as she took off her skirt excruciatingly slowly. She watched his breathing quicken and his penis become harder.

they were now both in their underwear, still on opposite sides of the bed, Anna was more than ready to go over to him. But, when she started to move towards him he told her to stop. “I’m not finished yet, Anna.” She moaned with impatience and he grinned, enjoying the power he had over the situation. Staring intensely into her eyes, he pulled down his boxers, revealing his erection. Anna’s clit was pulsing with anticipation and she decided she needed to take control. Turning her back to him she unhooked her bra in slow motion. looking over her shoulder she let it drop to the floor. Anna cupped her hands over her breasts so they were hidden, and turned to face him. She massaged them with her fingers, making him sweat, before revealing them. then she ran her thumb around the elastic of her black lace thong, teasing him because she had a surprise for him. She slid her hand into the thong and rubbed herself. Anna closed her eyes for effect but saw him swallow hard when she opened them. Finally she pulled the thong down, revealing her pussy, which she had shaved especially for the occasion. Anna watched his mouth open and he was starting to pant. He was ready.

Approaching him slowly as she took in his naked body. Even though she had seen parts of him naked, she had only imagined the full sight. He looked too perfect, almost as if he had been carved out of wood. Anna wondered what he thought about her. The look in his eyes showed her that he wasn’t disappointed. When she reached him they didn’t embrace immediately. Anna traced her fingers gently around the contours of his chest, along the creases of his six-pack. He ran his hands over her breasts and down the sides of her body. He wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her into him, kissing her hard. The sensation of his warm, silky skin next to Anna’s own made her feel faint. As if she was flying through space, she was on another planet and she felt as if she was on the edge of orgasm already.

They fell back onto the bed caught in waves of unequalled pleasure and Anna couldn’t get over the feeling of their skin sliding over each other. Chills slid up and down her body like hot ice. The room spun and her heartbeat deafened her. The sex felt frenzied but when Anna focused she realised that it was actually slow and sensual. His erection pressed hard into her stomach and she took it with her hand and slid it into her soaking pussy. Anna gasped loudly and her body convulsed as she came almost immediately. He started off on top but let her take charge after a while. Anna rode him hard, loving the sweat she was causing to drip down his face and hearing him moan her name over and over again. He came so hard that his body folded and made him sit up. Anna pulled his glistening body into her own and held him while he shuddered.

sinking back onto the pillows exhausted and happy, He pulled the sheets over them both and held her close to him. Anna nestled her face into his neck and kissed his salty skin. He stroked her damp hair and closed his eyes. Anna loved the feeling of being still with him. That was something they’d never done before, never relaxed. After a few minutes her energy returned and she got the giggles. Anna felt elated and happy and needed to express it. He looked a bit puzzled by her outburst but was soon laughing to. When they’d calmed down they kissed for a long time, taking time to enjoy each other fully. They were both hot and sticky and decided to go and take a shower.

His bathroom was very modern, with shiny black tiles and chrome fittings. The shower was large, definitely big enough for two. Anna felt strangely uninhibited walking around naked. Even feeling his eyes on her, she was comfortable. Anna stepped into his arms under the powerful jets, and it was a welcome relief to feel the hot water flowing over her. He squeezed some shower gel into his hands and lathered it all over Anna’s body. giggling she wiped it over him as well. their slippery bodies slid over each other as they kissed and caressed, Then she remembered something.

“You owe me a favour, you know!” He grinned, knowing immediately what she meant. they moved apart, letting the water rinse the foam off their bodies. Then he knelt down in front of her, He licked the insides of Anna’s thighs, teasing her and making her wet again. He gently pulled the lips of her pussy apart and traced his tongue around her sensitive clit. Anna closed her eyes and let the water flow over her face. The feeling of the running water heightened the sensations; she could feel the pleasure all over her body. He knew what he was doing and alternated between licking up and down, and in circles. It didn’t take Anna long to orgasm, her fists clenched and her toes curled as she felt it build up. It hit her with all the force of an earthquake, the trembles starting at her epicentre and ripping through every particle of her body. Anna’s knees gave way and she slid to the shower floor.

He supported her in his arms as she recovered but he wasn’t wasting any time. As soon as she’d got my breath back he stood up and pushed her against the shower wall. He slid himself inside her picking her up so that her legs were wrapped around his waist. Anna was so sensitive, the feeling of him being in her bordered on the edge of painful, but she didn’t want it to stop. He took a long time to come but when he did it seemed to last forever. Afterwards he just stood, still inside her, eyes closed, breathing deeply.

they stayed in the shower until the jets of water began to hurt her skin. When they got out, he wrapped a big, warm, fluffy towel around her and they returned to the bedroom. Time had no meaning for Anna as they lay in each other’s arms. She wanted to stay there forever, But of course, she couldn’t. All too soon, the time came for her to get dressed and leave. He gave her a lift home, but before she got out at the end of her road, they exchanged a lingering kiss that remained in her mind all night.

Anna was walking on air the following day as she skipped down the road to the bus stop. Now she had no inhibitions about him. They’d been together properly and it was even better than she could have imagined. Nothing could stop them now; there were no limits to what they could, and would do. Anna had decided to go back to his house and surprise him. Hopefully they could spend the day together in his flat. She couldn’t keep the smile off her face as she envisaged lazing in bed with him, eating lunch naked, and then having him for dessert! But when she arrived at his door it was a different story.

When Anna buzzed his flat number, She didn’t hear the deep sensual voice she’d expected, instead a woman answered.

“Hello?” Anna was stunned for a second and failed to reply. “Hello??”

“Erm, hi. Is… the flat owner there?”

“I’m his wife. Can I help you?”

Wife. The word struck her like lightning. She felt physically sick and her head started to spin. Tears filled her eyes and Anna suddenly felt dirty and used. She could hear the annoyed female voice barking down the intercom but she couldn’t focus on the words. Thoughts of lies and betrayal flew round her head. Thinking back, she’d never asked him if he was married, but he had never mentioned another woman so she’d made my own assumptions. Anna couldn’t believe she’d been so stupid! And she wondered how many other girls he’d treated the same way.

Legs shaking and tears streaming down her face, she wobbled back down the road. Anna had no idea where she was going; she just knew she had to get away. Through the babble in her brain Anna heard someone calling her name. Turning she saw him running down the street after her, a look of concern and guilt painted on his beautiful face. Pain filled his chocolate eyes as he gushed apologies and pleaded with her not to tell anyone. Fury rose in her uncontrollably and her whole body shook with rage as Anna screamed out her anguish.

“You asshole!!! You fucking asshole!! I HATE you! I never want to see you again!”

“Anna, I’m sorry, I know that what I did was wrong but I couldn’t resist you. I-”

“Don’t you dare! If you come anywhere near me ever again I’ll tell everyone what you really are!” she screamed and with that she stormed away leaving him standing, open mouthed, in the middle of the pavement. Anna didn’t know what he was feeling and she didn’t care. She wished she could make him feel as bad as she did.

Anna knew it was going to be hard, she didn’t know if she was ever going to sleep with anyone as good as him again, For the time being she didn’t want to. Nobody could replace him just yet. Anna found it very hard to get to sleep at night; she was always too horny. And with the lust came the sharp pain of betrayal, confusing her even more. Giving no notice, he left the school. Our new English teacher was an old dragon-like woman. In her classes Anna would just sit and think about how things used to be, her grades dropped even further and letters were sent home to her parents. Then one day, the solution to Anna’s problem came in the post. The note on the package said:


Anna’s curiosity burned as she tore off the brown tape. Inside the package was a pink box. She smiled as removed its contents and knew immediately who had sent it. It was a Rampant Rabbit, and from that day forth, it was her companion on lonely nights. Needless to say, she didn’t have any trouble sleeping after that, and every time her anger returned, she could melt it away with deep and powerful orgasms.

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2013-10-24 01:26:58
f81d81 Major thanks for the article.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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2013-10-22 23:32:26
Grammar issues aside, this was good enough to make me cum while I was reading it. Good job!


2013-10-22 14:39:07
I agree with the last comment, the changing from 3rd to 1st person was distracting and the details could have been better. Over all still a good story, good job.

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2013-10-22 14:01:12
Overall not bad, but you switch from 3rd person to 1st person in the same sentence over and over. A few small spelling errors but easy enough to overlook. But again, not bad.

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