Millie's father decides that it is time...
It was approaching midnight when I finally roused from my deep slumber. I sat there for a while, enjoying the feel of Millie's back against my stomach, and slowly pressing my cock into her soft, silky smooth bottom. Millie slowly pushed back, angling down so that the head was resting against her labia as she spread her legs, mumbling and moaning groggily.

I don't know if it was because my brain was still half asleep or if it was the way my 9 year old daughter was trying to impale herself on my 7" cock, but at that moment I no longer had any reservations about whether or not Millie was ready. I knew that by the time the sun had risen, I will have taken Millie's virginity. I gently roll her over onto her back, and lean down to kiss her passionately

"Good morning princess"
"Mm... G'morning, daddy" She replied groggily.
"I want you to to hold your legs apart like this. Can you do that for daddy?"
"Mmm yes!" She giggled sleepily and spread her legs wide, causing her smooth lips to open slightly, displaying her tiny clitoris. I leaned forward and ran my tongue up and down her sweet tasting cunny, enjoying the soft warmth of her skin against my tongue. Millie started to groan and hump against my face, her hands still diligently keeping her legs spread. I shifted lower and penetrated her vagina, running my tongue in a circle around and in the opening. Millie squirmed, her groans giving way to a light panting whine. I moved back and she whimpered piteously. I could tell she really enjoyed penetration. I slowly moved my hand downwards, brushing two fingers across her clit as it traveled down to her cunt. I slowly moved the two fingers around her cunny, deliberately missing the hole each time it seemed like i was heading for it. Her whimpering intensified, then escalated to a choked, high-pitched sob as I rested my fingers against the entrance. Slowly I applied pressure and the entrance resisted, not accommodating the girth of both fingers straight away. I tried again with one finger and slowly inched my way into her glistening pussy. She kept sighing and calling out for me, telling me how good she felt. I loved how vocal she was, right from the beginning she has acted in a straight-forward and mature manner. I was so proud and grateful of having her in my life.

I slowly inserted the second finger and she grunted, pushing against me, trapping my index and middle finger up to the hilt. It was so unbelievably tight! I could feel her tensing her pelvic muscles around my invasive fingers and then releasing for a few seconds before starting up again. I waited until I felt her muscles loosen and began to pull my fingers out slowly, feeling them slide out until the tips remained, then pushing back in, watching her squirm and groan loudly. Her eyes found mine and I could feel her love and her craving, her longing for that completion. I sat up and slowly pulled my fingers all the way out. I had planned on grabbing some lube out of the bedside drawer but Millie eliminated the need by scooting down and engulfing my rock-hard cock with her mouth, pulling it out and licking it all over vigorously. I positioned him at the entrance with my hand, then got her to hold it there. Then I put one hand behind her neck and the other one on her hips as I lay there over her. I expected to find fear when I gazed into her eyes, but all I could see was this bubbling excitement, and unbridled affection. I kissed her fully on her lips and whispered "I love you" into them, before slowly pulling her hips into me. The head of my cock pushed against the hole, our combined saliva helping to prevent any pain but it wouldn't be enough to ensure penetration. She looked at me and I could see that she was thinking the same thing. "Daddy, I don't think that it's going to go ease in like this. I think you should just enter me hard. I'll be fine as long as you are inside me!" I stared at her, shocked that after everything she was still able to blow me away with the things she thought up. "O-okay Millie. Please let me know if you want me to stop."

I brought myself back and braced myself, willing myself to have the courage to go through with this. Millie spread her legs further and wiggled against my cock, laughing in a beautiful, carefree way. I felt her mother stir next to us, and Millie turned her head to look at her. A sudden, wild impulse had me lunge forward at that moment, spreading her hole open wide and allowing it to take half of my organ. She suddenly locked up and her head whipped around to face me, but instead of a look of pain she had an eerie, blank expression on her features; except for her eyes, which were blazing. "Do me. Fuck me HARD daddy! Don't stop until you fill me up with your cum!"

I pull back and plunge forward again, getting three quarters inside of her. Already I have hit her cervix. She screams with passion Nd tells me to fuck her harder, so pull out and enter again. She is so unbelievably tight, I can feel her vaginal walls squeezing and caressing every ridge and curve of iron shaft. I quickened my pace, and looked over as Rebecca rolled over and turned our daughters face towards her, shoving her tongue into her mouth. Millie sucked on her mothers tongue and started yelling into her mouth as I felt her little cunt squeeze around my cock. I started to pound away, passing the point of no return but able to prevent the actual release thanks in part to my rapid motion and in part to Millie's vice-like pussy as she cried out in an intense orgasm. I started to grunt and heave, my thrusts getting faster and faster until I'm just pulling her on and off of my cock. I pushed all the way into her and pulled her head up into my chest as my cock-head exploded, filling her to bursting with my hot seed. I held her small naked form tight against me as my cum flowed around my cock out of her.

I couldn't tell how much time had passed but it felt like hours as I slowly rocked Millie in my arms, my cock refusing to go down as we both slowly savoured the feeling of our conjoined sex. Bec slid down to our groins and started to lic at the cum that was pooling on Millie's hips, causing her to giggle and squirm, rubbing and grinding against my cock. I started to fuck her again, and. I felt her small legs wrap around my waist as she mewled and sighed. After hours of non-stop sex and countless orgasms on Millie's behalf I had reduced her to a flailing animal, shrieking the word daddy over and over again as I pounded her as hard as I could. I was on the home stretch, ready to dish out a load that felt even bigger than last time, when Millie surprised me by pushing at my hips and demanding that I pull out. I wordlessly complied, a little hesitant but still completely devoted to making her feel comfortable always. She smiled her thanks at me, before leaning forward and plunging her mouth onto my cock. I felt her vigorously lick at my entire cock, removing all traces of our gratuitous fucking. Then she started to fuck her throat with it, making small sounds of pleasure and looking at me every now and again, with unmistakable looks of pleasure. Her left hand on my ball sac was already bringing me closer and closer to climax, but when she moved her hand down and brushed a finger against my bumhole I completely lost it, flooding her mouth with a giant ejaculation. My mind went blank and I lay there, my back arched, as Millie lazily gulped down my cum. I distantly heard my wife grunting and squirming and I could feel the bed rock as she came. When Millie was satisfied that she had completely drained my cock of sperm she let it fall out of her mouth and wiggled up to me, a smile on her lips and her eyes half-lidded with pleasure. I held her tightly and whispered into her ear. "You are an angel, an amazing miracle and the star of our lives. I love you so freaking much Millie!"

She looked up at me and licked her lips. "Daddeeeeee, that was amazing, you are so...... AMAZING when it comes to sex. And love feeling your cock swell up in my mouth and feel your gooey spunk hit my tongue. Da-daddy..... I think I'm in love with you."

I held her tightly to my chest as my mind replayed her last sentence over and over, before I peacefully drifted off to sleep.

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