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the rest of the night together.
I got to my room and took my towel off and threw it to the side. I put the page of “goodies” next to the bed. I opened up the bag and started taking some stuff out. I bought some oils, lubes, and ticklers. The best things I got I was saving for last. I got a double sided dildo, and some soft cuffs. I have a metal headboard with bars on it so it was perfect for what I wanted to use it for.

I got the cuffs ready and put the double sided dildo in my night stand drawer. I put the lubes, oils, and other things on top of the night stand. I got under my light covers and threw my quilt off the bed. What we’d be doing tonight I don’t think we are going to get cold. I smiled slyly and started stroking my cock to get it ready for Mrs. Gray.

I heard my parents door open and close; then I heard soft footsteps towards my room. I hardly needed to touch my cock; it got rock hard just waiting for her nice wet pussy. My door opened and in she walked wearing just a towel. The towel covered everything, but her tits were almost popping out of the top. “Take that off for me baby.” I told her. She smiled bit her bottom lip and let the towel fall.

There she was naked again. Her body was still glistening from the shower. Her nice patch of black hair on her crotch sparkled from the wetness. She at first reluctantly put her hands over her pussy and breast but then let me fall to her side. “Do you like what you see sir?” she asked. “So far so good.” I smiled and then said. “Get over here, and lay down on the bed.” She did what she was told. She laid down next to me. I had a queen size bed, so we had plenty of room.

I looked in to her eyes and she looked into mine. We stayed like this for what seemed like forever until I broke the stare by grabbing her face with my hands gently and giving her a long deep kiss. She moaned and closed her eyes as our tongues met. My left hand left the side of her face and I brought it down to her right breast. I found her nipple and started gently rubbing it between my pointer finger and thumb. She moaned more and her right hand grabbed my left bicep. At that point my hand left her breast and went to her wet pussy.

I found her clit and started rubbing it. “Oh fuck.” She moaned. I rubbed harder and her body started to shake a little. “You want me to fuck you baby?” I asked her. “Yes please! Fuck me until you can’t fuck me anymore! I need your hard cock.” She moaned again. I told her to lay down on the bed and put her hands on the poles of my headboard. She did what she was told and I cuffed her hands before she even knew what was happening. “Oh this is kinky.” She said with a smile.

After she was cuffed to my bed I took out some oils and lubes I got. I used the oils by putting a little on her breasts and rubbing it in to make them more sensitive to touch. She moaned as I rubbed her hard nipples. “Are you ready for my surprise my little slut?” I asked. “Oh yes sir anything you want me to do or anything you want to do to me you can.” She continued. “Just please fuck me and blow your load deep in my eager pussy.” She screamed.

I opened the drawer up and pulled out the double sided dildo. Her eyes widened as she saw it. “You know where this is going my little slut?” I asked. “I can only imagine sir.” She said biting her bottom lip again. “Please fuck me soon. My wet pussy needs your cum.” She closed her eyes and arched her back up and down. “Don’t worry baby. You’ll get by cock and cum soon enough. I want to try this first.” I said lubing up both ends of the dildo. I’ve always wanted to do this to a woman to have total control and her willingness to let me do whatever I wanted.

I slid the one end over her eager pussy. I spread her lips on the next go around and then inserted about 6” of the 20” dildo into her. She moaned and arched her back again in pleasure. “Oh my fucking God that feels so great.” She screamed. I didn’t say anything I just played with her nipples as I pushed the dildo in and out of her. She had another orgasm and I pulled out the dildo. “Oh please fuck me sir. I need your cum; I want you to get me pregnant! Make me your cum dumpster give me your cum.” She moaned. “Don’t worry you’ll get it baby.” I told her.

I lubed up the both ends of the dildo this time and I stuck one end up her pussy and the other I pushed into her tight asshole! “Owww!” she screamed and bucked wildly. “Do you like that slut?” I asked her. “Yes sir!” she said through gritted teeth. “I thought you’d like this.” I told her with a smile. I laid down so I could use both hands, and started pumping both ends of the dildo into her. She kept moaning from pleasure and pain. I saw tears coming from the side of her eyes now. “Are you okay slut?” I asked her with real concern, but not wanting to ruin the mood in case she was. “Oh yes sir! I’m fine.” She took a deep shaking a little and continued. “I just need your cock in my pussy now sir. Please I need your cum.” She said sobbing a little.

I pulled both ends out and when I pulled the dildo out of her ass it made a mom sound that made Mrs. Gray jump a little. I grabbed her legs and spread them as far as I could; I could see the juices seeping out of her wet pussy. Her pussy hair was all matted against her mound. I grabbed the base of my cock and pushed it hard into her waiting pussy. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she screamed with every thrust of my cock. She was so wet ever thrust made a slapping sound as my balls hit her ass. “Tell me you’re my slut! Tell me you only want my cock from now on.” I commanded her. “Oh yes sir. I’m your slut and only yours. I only want your cock in my pussy from now on. You can have me whenever you want.” She moaned digging her nails into the soft cuffs that held her hands.

I released her hands from the cuffs and she grabbed my back and pushed herself up and gave me a hard kiss. “Mmmmm” is all she said thrusting her tongue around in my mouth. “Fuck me sir, fuck me sir.” She repeated over and over again. I was about to cum and wanted to make sure I got as much of it into her fertile womb as I could so I pulled her ass up more and I pushed my legs so I has more in a duck walk position. “I’m cuming!” I yelled. “Oh fuckkkkkkkk” she screamed. I unloaded a huge load of cum into her unprotected pussy.

I got off of her and we laid next to each other catching our breath. I loved seeing her breasts moving as her chest moved up and down. My wet cock was already getting hard again, but I thought I give her a 5 min break. “Did you really like that Mrs. Gray?” I asked. “Fuck yeah I did!” she said laughing, but still trying to catch her breath. “I have never been fucked that good before and it was amazing.” She finished and started to cry. “Is everything okay Heather?” I asked sitting up. “Oh yes it is Brandon. I’m just so fucking happy! I finally found someone that gets me and can satisfy me!” she sobbed. Putting her arm over her eyes, but I pushed it away. “You’ll never go wanting again!” I told her and gave her a long, deep, and passionate kiss. “Thank you!” she said with a smile. “The pleasure is all mine.” I said laying back down. I grabber the back of her hair that was still damp from the shower or sweat I wasn’t sure and didn’t care, but I pushed her head down toward my cock. “Clean me up slut! We have more fucking to do.” I told her. All she said was “Yes sir.”

We fucked 4 more times that night. We didn’t sleep until we saw dawn creeping in. As I laid there with this beautiful woman next to me I could only smile. I knew she meant everything she said she would do anything I wanted and when I wanted it. I still did wonder if maybe I could get her to have Mrs. Tallman to join us one time. That I think would be my next mission while I continued to fuck the shit out of Mrs. Gray. I just might be becoming the stud of the neighborhood which I thought wasn’t a bad thing as all. I fell asleep and dreamed about fucking Mrs. Gray when I woke up. FYI I fucked her while she made me eggs and bacon for breakfast. It was the best breast-fast I’ve had ever. God I love puns!


2018-03-30 20:04:23
you should keep going especially the next time Heather's husband goes out of town you should have Brandon collar her and really degrade her

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you should have written mrs gray into the story and had him have sex in servel places

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great story keep it up. sounds like he is becoming her Master.

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I AM FAN OF UR TALES am eagerly waiting for ur next project..don't disappoint me.

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really like this story wish u would continue it

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