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Jeff Ayers was at home one Saturday, when his doorbell rang. He looked through the glass, and saw Hollie and Katie standing on the other side. He sighed, and stepped back. It had been a month since their scheme to blackmail him, and they had almost no contact with him outside of his class. He hoped this wasn’t some other half cooked idea of theirs, but he knew he had the upper hand. He braced himself, and opened the door and said, “Hello girls, come in.” They did, keeping their hands clasped in front of them and their faces down.

He closed the door and said, “What can I do for you?” Hollie said in a meek voice, “We came to apologize.” He looked at her, obviously not trusting her, and said, “Where’s your pack leader April? Is she waiting somewhere to ambush me?” Katie said, “No sir, she doesn’t know we’re here.” He was surprised to hear her call him sir, but still thought it was a ruse.

He leaned in close to the girls and said, “I don’t believe that for a second. You two never do anything she doesn’t instruct you to do.” Hollie said, “We know, but we’re tired of it. We’re here to let you lead us from now on.” He was genuinely taken aback by that and said, “Why would I do that? After what you did to me? And what I did to you in return? Why?”

“We don’t want you to hate us or be mad at us, we want you to love us. Neither of us ever had a father figure, we only had our mothers who pampered and spoiled us, and you showed us the power of discipline, and we want that. We never wanted to hurt you, we just got caught up in April’s bad decisions.” He said, “How can I know this isn’t another of your tricks? How do I know you’re telling the truth?”

Katie said, “We’ll do anything to prove it to you, just ask.” Hollie said, “No, don’t ask us, tell us. We’ll obey, no questions asked.” Katie nodded vigorously in agreement. He stood there for a moment, contemplating what they were telling him, and said, “Hollie the last time I invited you into my house, you and your friends tried to ruin my life, all for some fun and games. Do you think I forgot that?” Her eyes were welling with tears, and she said, “No, I just hope that you can forgive us, and be a strong dominant influence in our lives.”

He watched them hard for a minute, but they never lifted their eyes from the ground. They seemed completely submissive, but they were good actors he had to remember. Then he had an idea. He had seen it in a movie, but he thought it might work. He said, “No, I don’t think so. You two need to leave.” He said it in the stern voice he had learned during twenty years as a teacher.

They nearly flinched at the sound, but they obeyed, even though they obviously didn’t want to. They stepped outside, and turned to the door, and Katie said, “Please Mr. Ayers, if you just give us a ch—“ But he slammed the door in their faces.

He walked away until he was around the corner, then sprinted upstairs, where he could see the front door from the side. He wanted to make sure they left, and hopefully figure out their game.

But as he peered through the curtains, to his surprise, they were both standing in front of the door, as if they were hoping it would open again. They didn’t try to knock or ring the bell again, they just stood there, patiently. They talked quietly to each other, but didn’t seem to be discussing whether they should leave, they seemed determined to stay. He continued to watch them, as they stood there for almost 20 minutes.

Then, they started to move. He thought they were finally going to leave, but they only knelt down and sat on their knees, with their hands folded in their laps. Hollie was wearing some low cut jeans, so her knees were fine, but Katie was wearing a skirt and white stockings, so her knees were even more uncomfortable. But they both stayed there for over 20 more minutes. They weren’t completely exposed to the street, but anyone walking by who was curious could see them. He didn’t want to explain to his neighbors why he had two teenage girls kneeling at his door, so he went back downstairs.

He walked by the front door, pretending he just noticed them. He went and opened the door and stood there and said, “What are you two still doing here? I told you to leave!” Hollie said, “Please sir, we don’t want to leave. We want you to take us in and make us yours.” At that moment he wanted nothing more, but he couldn’t trust them. He stayed silent for a few moments, as if considering, then said, “No, go home.”

As he turned and was closing the door behind him, Katie blurted out, “April’s pregnant!” He froze, stunned by the news, his mind suddenly flooded with the implications of that. He turned and looked, and Hollie was glaring at Katie, who said sheepishly to her friend, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know what else to say.”

He said, “Is that true?” Katie said, “Yes sir.” Both of them had their eyes locked even harder on the ground, and he said, “Hollie, is that true?” She said, “Yes sir.” He said, “Why didn’t you want Katie to tell me that?” She said, “We weren’t sure it was time yet.” He could tell they were keeping something from him, and he didn’t want secrets. He looked around one time more to make sure no one was watching, and said, “Come inside.”

They did eagerly, but as soon as he closed the door, he said, “On your knees.” They obeyed without hesitation, and he said, “It’s obvious that you two are lying about something. I don’t know what, but it stops immediately. I want no secrets, period. If you want to ever see me outside of school again, you’ll tell me the whole story, right now.”

Hollie said, “Yes sir. We’re sorry sir. When we were here before, April made us say that we weren’t on birth control, but that was just for the video. She wanted to make it look like you were trying to get us pregnant. But the truth is we were. When we were having sex with you, we were protected, but over the next two days, we couldn’t take our birth control because, well, you know.”

He was astonished, he couldn’t believe they could have tricked him like that. But it made sense, the girls weren’t able to talk the whole time, and he had continued to cum in their pussies all weekend, since he figured he had already done it so many times the damage was done. He realized that it hadn’t just been April he had filled with his cum, it was all three of them.

He looked at them, pausing while he contemplated if he even wanted to know the answer, and said, “Are you two pregnant as well?”

The girls both nodded, and Katie said, “We just found out tonight, that’s what gave us the courage to come over here.” He said, “So what are you planning to do about it?” They looked at each other, and sheepishly said, “Nothing sir.”

He said, “So your blackmail games continue huh?” It didn’t sound like a question when he said it, and he was obviously tired of their games. But Hollie said quickly, “No sir! You don’t understand, we’re happy about it!” He said in shock, “What?!”

Katie said, “Sir, we’re serious when we say we want to give ourselves to you. We mean it in every way, and part of that is giving our wombs over to you to bear your children.”

He was completely stunned, and he momentarily forgot that they could be lying to him. He believed them, and strangely enough found himself wanting the same thing they claimed to want.

He composed himself, reminding himself that he still had much testing to do before he could trust them.

He saw that Katie had small scrapes where she had been kneeling on the concrete outside. He said, “Get up Katie, let me see your knee.” She stood, and held her knee out, and he said, “Girls, come with me.”

Both girls followed him to his room, and into his bathroom. They seemed in awe that he was inviting them into his private area of the house. He sat Katie on the counter by lifting her by her waist. She was thrilled by the touch, and Hollie looked eager for the same thing.

He turned and saw that Hollie had knelt again, in the same position as before, without being told. He got some peroxide out of the cabinet and knelt down in front of Katie. Her white stockings had runs all up and down them, so he said, “You need to remove these.” She was eager to disrobe in front of him, and slowly raised her legs and peeled one down, trying to be seductive.

It was incredibly effective, maybe because she seemed so sincere. She seemed like she didn’t just want him to fuck her, she wanted just a light touch from him.

She removed the other one, and he set about cleaning and bandaging her knees. He got out some Spongebob bandaids and said, “Sorry, but this is all I have, they’re leftover from my daughter.” The girls giggled, and Katie said, “I like them, they’re cute.”

She sat staring at him, and he realized he was right at height with her pussy while knelt down in front of her. He looked between her legs, her crotch just covered by her skirt which had ridden up somewhat. She saw him looking, and spread her legs ever so slightly, still earnestly trying to make eye contact with him.

He wondered what he could make her do with just his words, so he said, “Katie, if I asked you to show your cunt to me, what would you do?”

She gasped slightly, not just out of shock, but with delight, and spread her legs farther, lifting her skirt up, showing him her white cotton panties and the large damp spot that was forming in the middle. She pulled the panties aside, and revealed her tender pink pussy which was still shaved bare. She said, “Just like you showed me Mr. Ayers.”

He didn’t say anything, just enjoyed the sight, as if he were inspecting a new car he might buy. Then stood up and said, “Follow me.”

His plan had been to keep them on their toes, and it worked. He didn’t want them to get comfortable. He had to keep switching between being a hard dominant master, and a caregiver. If they were going to earn his trust, it would take a lot more than just showing him their bodies, which he had already seen.

He went out to the kitchen, and he heard soft giggling from behind him, then they followed, holding hands and nearly skipping like a pair of little girls. When they saw him, they looked like they had just gotten caught doing something naughty. They started walking, their faces down and demure again, but they kept holding hands. He realized what a bonding experience this whole thing must have been for them, they were tighter than sisters now.

That made him think of April, and he wondered whether the two girls had grown tighter or farther away from their former friend. He had to be sure. He still didn’t know how much of this was true. They both had set their purses on the end table by the door. He went and picked them up and went to the living room.

They both followed him like puppy dogs without being told, he liked that sign at least. He told them to sit on the couch and he sat in his chair. He started going through their purses without even acknowledging that it was their private stuff, but they didn’t peep. He liked that too.

He found their phones, and looked through their call history and texts. He saw from their communications with April that ever since the incident a month ago, things had become strained. April kept pushing for blackmail, but they didn’t want to, but they didn’t outright tell her no. Either they weren’t completely on his side, or they just needed motivation to leave her rule behind.

He also went through their wallets and other things, but didn’t find anything particularly interesting. They sat there quietly the whole time, until he said, “Where’s April right now?” They looked at each other, and Hollie said, “We’re not sure, at home probably.” He said, “Find out,” and tossed her phone to her.

She clearly wasn’t sure what he intended, but she dialed her, and he said, “Speakerphone.” She nodded, and then April’s voice rang out, “Where have you been, I’ve been calling you all night, are you avoiding me?” Hollie visibly cringed under her tongue lashing and said, “No, I’ve been caught up with my mom, she’s being a real bitch tonight.”

April said, “Well get over here, I want to talk about this fucking plan. And don’t give me any of that ‘I don’t want to blackmail him’ bullshit, just get over here!” Hollie looked to him, and he nodded, so she said, “Ok, I’ll be there.” April said, “About fucking time. Is Katie with you? She’s not returning my calls either.” He shook his head again, and she said, “No, I don’t’ know where she is.” April simply said, “That fucking bitch,” and hung up without waiting for a response.

He said, “Well, she doesn’t seem to think very much of you two.” Katie said, “She’s always been like that, we just always let her treat us that way.” He said, “Why?” Hollie added, “I think we wanted someone to be dominant, we didn’t get that from anyone but her.”

He nodded, and said, “Come on,” and got up and walked toward the front door. They followed but Katie said, “Where are we going?” he said, “Would it matter?” They shook their heads in unison, and he said, “So let’s go.” He took Hollie’s phone back from her and stuck them both in his pocket. The three of them went outside together.

He drove them to April’s house, which the girls realized when they turned onto her street. He said, “I know what you’re thinking, how do I know where she lives? I know where all of you live. I did my research after that weekend. I needed to know as much about you as possible.” He parked across the street and down one house, and said, “Ok Hollie, go ahead.”

She was confused and said, “What do you want me to do?” He said, “Go over to her house. Do whatever you would do on a normal Tuesday night.” That’s all he told her, he wanted to see what she’d do on her own.

He didn’t know exactly what he’d learn from this, but it was part of finding out how committed to April they were. Hollie got out of the back seat, and crossed the street. He watched her knock on the door, and then April’s mom opened it and let her in. A few moments later he saw the light in April’s bedroom turn on, but the curtains never moved. If Hollie told April about him being parked across the street, she’d surely look out, but she never did.

He figured that while he waited, he might as well use the pretty young girl sitting in the passenger seat next to him, so he reached over and without a word, put his hand on the back of her neck, and pulled her head down into his lap. She gasped out of surprise, but didn’t make any move or noise of complaint. He unzipped and pulled his dick out, and pushed in into her accepting mouth. She went to work, greedily slurping on him. He kept his eyes fixed on the house while she slobbered on him. She was voracious, really trying to prove herself.

Every time she tried to reach toward her aching pussy, he would stop her with a word, and she would put her hand back to her side, clearly annoyed. By the way she was rubbing her legs together, she was desperately trying to cum.

He continued to let her suck his dick. Every once in a while, he would make her stop, pulling her head up just high enough that she couldn’t reach it, letting her whimper, begging for more.

It was almost 45 minutes until Hollie finally came out the front door. He watched the windows as she got in the back and said, “Sorry it took so long, she kept talking to me.” He said, “Don’t be, that was fine. What did you talk about?” She said sheepishly, “She wants us to help her black mail you still. She’s obsessed with it. She really wants revenge on you.”

He said, “No wonder, no one’s ever bested her I bet. What did you say?” She said, “I didn’t agree… but I didn’t say no either.” She seemed ashamed that she didn’t stand up to her, but he said, “That’s perfect, in fact, I don’t want you to say no.” She was puzzled, but he said, “I’ll explain later, I have a plan.”

All along, Katie continued to give him a passionate blowjob. Hollie was obviously jealous as she peered over the seat at her friend. He kept watching the windows for 5 minutes longer, then when he was satisfied April didn’t know they were there, he pulled Katie’s head up and zipped his pants.

He wasn’t ready to give her the satisfaction of getting him off yet. He had to teach them that sex wasn’t something that they were in control of, that he controlled it. He started the car and drove them home. It was late by the time they got there, so he said, “I want you two to come back tomorrow afternoon, I’ll fill you in. until then, do the same as you have been.”

They got their purses, and Katie said, “What about our phones Mr. Ayers?” He said, “I’m keeping those.” He didn’t say anything else, but although confused, they didn’t object. At the door, he stopped them and with one arm around each of them, pulled them close and said, “You girls did well tonight,” and kissed them both on the cheek. He knew that giving them a small token of what they wanted so desperately would have a huge effect. He was right, they were grinning from ear to ear and floated out of the door.

The next day, he made an early trip to the mall where he bought two GPS tracking devices for cell phones, and then went to the department store for some clothes shopping. Then at school, April was her usual bitchy self, and Hollie and Katie played along, acting derisively toward him, not giving a single hint of the previous night’s activities. He was reminded what good actors they were, and it doubled his resolve to make them earn his trust.

That afternoon at 5:30, they rang the doorbell and he let them in. They were wearing the same jeans and tank tops they had been wearing at school. They didn’t have their purses this time, but Hollie had a pony tail. He calmly went over to them and put his hands on the backs of their necks, then grabbed them by the hair and dragged them to his bathroom.

They were shocked, but they didn’t try to get away. He had his shower running, and as it was a large open style, he was able to shove them both in under the water. They landed both shocked by the treatment, and not sure what would happen next. He didn’t say anything though, he just stood there and waited to see what they’d do.

They gathered themselves up and switched to sitting on their knees under the water where they were. They were both being drenched head to toe, but they didn’t care. All the clothes they were wearing, their shirt and bras, their jeans, and even their tennis shoes were soaked, but they were obedient. He said, “Strip.” They stood up and began stripping the clothes off of each other, which he thought was a nice touch. They kept eye contact with him as much as they could, until their gorgeous little bodies were glistening in the water.

They just stood there, rubbing each other’s bodies, until he said, “Turn off the water and come out.” They did, and he had them stand in the middle of the room on the tiles. It was a large bathroom with wall to wall tile, and had taken all the bathmats and towels away, so they just stood there dripping, their arms wrapped around each other, touching each other absent mindedly.

He went to the drawer and got a small handful of white cloth. There barely seemed to be anything there, but when he threw it to the girls, they picked it up and saw what it was. It was two pairs of the skimpiest white spandex panties and tops they had ever seen. They picked them up and started to put them on without being told. They were still wet, so when they were dressed, the material was damp and had turned transparent in spots. They were made for much younger girls, so they were way too tight to cover anything up, especially their tits, which were much larger than the tops were made for.


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