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The same night that Jeff Ayers had his two beautiful high school students stripping naked in his shower, Zoe Ayers, his daughter, was driving home to see him.

Zoe had decided to skip her classes for the next two days, and drive back home for an impromptu visit. She was concerned, she had never gone so long without talking to her dad. Even at 19 she was still a daddy’s girl. First there had been the call a month ago when he didn’t leave a message, or call her back. But since then they had only spoken seldom, and he seemed distant when they did. She hoped nothing was wrong, and if it wasn’t, then this was just a good excuse to come visit her daddy. Her visits never failed to make them both happy.

She got there right after 5:30pm and saw two cars she didn’t recognize in the driveway. She wondered who her daddy’s visitors were, and suddenly regretted her decision to wear her short workout shorts and tank top, but she hadn’t expected to have to meet people.

She parked on the street and walked up to the house, peeking in the window, but didn’t see anything. She went to the front door, and didn’t knock since she still lived here. The door opened, so she slowly stepped inside. All the lights were on, but no one was around. She listened, and heard sounds coming from her dad’s bedroom. It sounded like slapping, and in her naiveté, it never occurred to her that he had a woman over.

She walked down the hallway, curiously wondering what that sound was. She got to his bathroom where the slapping and grunting sounds were louder, and stepped around the corner, only to see her daddy, with two young girls, all naked and oiled up, fucking with abandon. She was stunned speechless, her breath taken away for what felt like an eternity. Her purse slipped out of her hand and landed with a thud on the tile, and Katie turned, and gasped. Then Jeff looked over and saw her, and said, “Oh Shit! Zoe!”

That snapped Zoe out of it, and she said, “Daddy?” Her voice sounded like it was coming from another dimension, and her world was rocked. She had only ever known her him as her straight-laced strict father, this was completely outside the realm of what she thought he would ever do.

He said, “Baby, listen, this isn’t what it looks like.” She said, “It looks like you’re fucking these two girls against their will!” He said, “No, let me explain!” The whole time he was scrambling to get on his feet and find a towel to wrap around himself. He was covered in oil as well, so it was difficult. He managed though, and as he wrapped it around his waist, he moved toward Zoe.

She backed away, and not knowing how to cope with this, she headed toward the front door. He ran after her and tried to stop her, but when he grabbed her wrist, she just jerked it away, and his oiled grip slipped away. He just managed to get in front of the front door and push it shut as she opened it. She said, “Let me go, this is wrong!” he said, “No, listen to me, it’s not like that, they want to be here!” she said, “Yeah right! I can’t believe you would do this!” She shoved him aside, and not wanting to hurt her, he didn’t try to wrestle her, but just then, Katie and Hollie came out and ran over to her. They each grabbed an arm and pulled her back, just barely wrestling her away from the door.

They said, “Wait, it’s true, listen to him, we’re not here against our will! Please calm down!” Their words eventually got through to her, and she stopped fighting them. By then she was almost as covered in oil as them, but she stopped. They let her go, and then helped her to her feet. The girls were still wearing their torn skimpy spandex, which completely showed their breasts and nipples, and didn’t cover their pussies at all. She saw that they just stood there after she was on her feet, not even trying to cover themselves, and thought that they must be telling the truth. She said, “What’s going on dad? What is this?”

Jeff said, “It’s a long story, but please, give me the chance to tell it.” Zoe gave the girls one more look, and said, “Ok.” She was shaking still, so Jeff led her to the couch in the living room. The girls tagged along, and when they were seated across from each other about 5 feet apart, he said to them, “Girls, go get cleaned up and dressed.” They nodded and said, “Yes sir.” They turned and went back to his room. Zoe watched them until they turned the corner and said, “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that.” He said, “I know, this must have been such a shock to you, I’m so sorry you found out about it like this.”

She said, “Are those students of yours? They look so young.” He said, “Yes they are. Let me start at the beginning.” He retold the story of how this year there were three girls making trouble for him. They were spoiled and he wasn’t letting them get away with their shit, so they tried to black mail him. She almost didn’t believe that part, after seeing how obedient and subservient those two had been, but she didn’t think her daddy was lying to her.

Once he got to the part where he turned the tables on them and spent the rest of the weekend fucking them to blackmail them, she found herself experiencing a very strange mix. On one hand she was shocked that her father was capable of the things he was describing, and she was even sure that he was holding back the details.

But on the other hand, she found herself becoming increasingly turned on. She saw such similarity between the new lifestyle she had discovered at the sorority and what she did to the girls. Warmth was spreading from her pussy to the rest of her body.

When he described how the girls had come back to him, desiring to be his sex slaves to make up for what they had done, she was positively horny. She said, “That’s an amazing story, I don’t even know what how to process it.” He said, “You just need some time, I know it’s quite a shock.” She said, “You can say that again, I never expected anything like that from you.” He said, “Are you ok with all this? Will you stay here tonight at least?” She said, “Of course, it’ll be fine.”

He was happy, and said, “I’m going to go get cleaned up now.” Having drawn attention to the fact that he was sitting naked apart from a towel around his waist and a coating of oil all over him made them both laugh awkwardly. This was a new thing for both of them, and they both sensed that their relationship would never be the same.

He got up and went to his room. A few minutes later, the girls came out, having showered quickly and dressed in their clothes from the dryer. They came out to the living room, and said, “We didn’t get to introduce ourselves earlier, that was rude. I’m Katie, and this is Hollie.” They stuck their hands out and Zoe shook theirs.

She said, “I’m his daughter Zoe, nice to meet you.” Zoe was amazed at how normal all of this felt after what she had just seen twenty minutes ago. Hollie said, “Sorry about grabbing you earlier, we just couldn’t let our being here cause any misunderstanding between you and Mr. Ayers.” She said, “It’s ok, I understand now.”

Katie said “Can we get you anything?” Zoe didn’t expect them to say that, they were acting like they were waitresses at a restaurant, not like two girls she had just caught her father fucking. She said, “Um, no, thanks.” They said goodbye and left, and Jeff came out shortly wearing shorts and a shirt. Zoe said, “I’m really tired, I’m going to go to bed.” He said, “Your room is still ready for you just like you left it.” He walked her up to her room.

She said, “Good night daddy,” and kissed him on the cheek, then he went back downstairs as she closed the door behind him. She hadn’t been home for an overnight visit in a long time, but everything was till right where she left it like he said.

She went to her dresser to get some clothes to sleep in, but since she had taken everything she had to school with her, she only had old clothes from when she was younger. She got out a pair of panties and a tank top that had been her favorite in high school. The material was thin from being so old, and they were too small on her, but she liked them. She looked at herself in the mirror, and admired her stiff nipples poking through the material, and her tender ass cheeks hanging out of her panties. She even had a camel toe, thanks to the too tight panties.

As she watched her reflection, she couldn’t help but think of her father looking at her, ogling her body the same way she was. Thoughts of what she had seen earlier immediately came back to her mind, and she felt her pussy flood.

She started rubbing herself under her panties, feeling her damp slit. Then she remembered that she had a vibrator in her nightstand, and opened the drawer to get it out. It wasn’t there, and she thought, someone must have been using it! She was upset for a moment, but as she pictured the nubile young girls fucking themselves with it, the image morphed to her father fucking them, and the girls were slowly replaced by Zoe herself!

She couldn’t resist any longer as she snaked her hand down her panties, and began fingering herself more urgently than she ever had. She fell to the bed, and brought herself to four of the strongest orgasms she had ever had, all in a row.

As she lay there panting, she was overcome with a strange mix of emotions. She felt some guilt at fantasizing about her own father fucking her, but it was overpowered by a new feeling of freedom. She had been hiding her real sex life from him her whole life, and this felt like that repression was finally lifted, like this was finally her chance to share the real her with her father. She fell asleep contemplating what this all meant.

When she woke up, her pussy was still wet, so she fingered herself to another orgasm. Then she got up and considered taking a shower and getting dressed, but decided she liked the way she looked in her flimsy underwear.

She comes out early in the morning, and is eating breakfast when he comes out. He says good morning, but she can tell he’s still unsure how things will go with her. She does catch him sneaking a peek at her in her skimpy underwear. He says, “Did you find some clothes to wear? I can find you something if you want.”

She says “No thanks, its ok. I’m comfortable in this. And after what I saw last night, I don’t think it’s entirely necessary.” They laughed awkwardly, and then sit in silence for a moment, not making eye contact.

Then she says, “They never really teach you how to talk to your dad about his new sex slaves, huh?” They look at each other, and then both start laughing. That finally broke the ice, and they began to talk candidly.

Finally she works up the nerve to say what she decided last night to say. She gets up, and goes around and sits next to him. He looks up, surprised, and she says, “Daddy, I’ve been thinking about everything since last night, and I just want you to know that I’m ok with it. With all of it I mean. Who you choose to sleep with and how that relationship goes is up to you, and it’s none of my business to try to tell you what you can or can’t do. I just hope that you won’t try to hide it from me, that’s all. There’s still a lot we don’t know about each other’s personal lives, but I hope that this can change that. You’re my daddy, the guy I trust more than anyone, and I want to share everything with you.”

He was absolutely stunned, that was the last thing he expected to hear his daughter say. He just stared at her with his mouth open, which made her giggle and say, “It’s ok daddy, you don’t have to say anything yet, think about it, and we’ll talk about it more when you get home from school.”

She stood up, and leaned over to give him a kiss. He couldn’t help but stare at her breasts nearly tumbling out of her tiny top, and he expected her to give him a peck on the cheek like she always did when she was younger, but instead she kissed him directly on the mouth. It wasn’t a lingering kiss, but it wasn’t quick either.

She smiled and walked back toward her room. She stopped and turned her head, and said, “I told my professors before I left that I’d be missing class for the rest of the week, and I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if I stayed here?” He said, “No of course not,” then watched her ass cheeks bounce as she walked away.

He still couldn't believe what had just happened, but he knew he had to get to work. Once there, he was distracted in his classes all day long thinking about what exactly she meant. Did she mean she was ok with knowing what she knew, or did she want to know more? Would she be ok with the girls coming over while she was there? Or did she mean even more than she had said? He wasn’t sure how much to tell her, but by the time he got home at 5 he had made up his mind.

He found her in the kitchen making dinner, wearing a tight pair of jeans and a tank top that showed off her curves and cleavage. He hugged her from behind, and she turned her head to kiss him again. They chatted about their days, and when they sat down to eat, he said, “So I’ve been thinking about what you said this morning, and I would love for you and me to become closer. You’ve always been my little girl, but you’re a grown woman now, and you can make your own decisions. And if you want to know about what I do here and tell me about what you do, then I’m happy.”

She was beaming, and jumped up and ran over and threw her arms around his neck. He laughed, and hugged her back, and said, “Katie and Hollie are coming over soon, after they’ve had dinner at home. I’ll tell you all about our story when they do.”



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Katie, Hollie, Zoe - all the girls in this story are so sexy.
And Jeff's quite a stud father, isn't he?
Enjoyable text.

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Very fucking horny plz tell more of what happed between u an yr daughter an yr two sex slaves

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Where's chapter 2 in the series. (Bigd1965bigd)

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I have enjoyed this story so far and look forward to additional parts.

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