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World's Dumbest Stewardess is sexually exploited.
Stewardess Cindy Ch 1 – Humour & Satire

Originally written by Frankel. This series is somewhat like the XNXX Cartoon of the Day, and should not be taken too seriously. It was originally put in the Literotica Humour & Satire section, but there’s no similar category on XNXX.

Cindy knelt before the pilot and co-pilot with her mouth open displaying the two loads of cum they had just deposited.

"OK, swallow it down," said Captain Ryan.

Cindy closed her mouth, swallowed, then opened again to show that it was all gone.

"Good girl," said the co-pilot Davies. "Now you better get back into the cabin. We are going to be heading into a bit of turbulence soon."

Cindy stood and was about to leave the cockpit when Captain Ryan stopped her.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" he said.

"Oh sorry," laughed Cindy, and bent over and kissed the two pilots softening cocks goodbye.

"Ah, no," said the captain. "I meant your uniform. You need to put it back on."

Cindy laughed when she looked down and saw she was still naked. She picked up her uniform and hurriedly put it back on, allowing the pilots to have one last feel of her large round breasts as she zipped up her skirt.

"Well, I guess I'll get back to the passengers," she said. "You boys let me know if I can help out again. That was a close one. I hope none of the passengers suffer from the same condition."

She walked out of the cockpit, buttoning up the last few buttons on her shirt.

The pilots settled back into their seats. There was no more turbulence coming up. That was something they had told Cindy to get rid of her now that she had served her purpose.

"That has got to be the greatest cocksucker to ever pull on a stewardess uniform," said co-pilot Davies.

"And the dumbest," said Captain Ryan. "Imagine anyone falling for that. The pressurisation has caused our testicles to inflate, we need to find a way to relieve the pressure."

Captain Ryan couldn't help but laugh. She really was stupid but she sure as hell made up for it with that mouth of hers!

"You know what," said Davies. "She is so stupid I bet we could convince her to blow at least ten passengers before we make it to London."

"In just five hours?" said Ryan. "That is one every half an hour. No, not enough time. Not even for her."

"Want to make a bet?"

"OK," said Ryan. "I bet you can't get her to do it."

"What is the prize?" said Davies.

"She is," said Ryan. "You get her to do it and you get first go at her in our hotel in London."

"You're on," said Davies.

"But the pressure in the testicles line is off limits," said Ryan. "That was my idea."

Cindy was leaning over a middle aged businessman in first class. He had asked for a closer look at the necklace she was wearing. He was such a nice man. He was helping her stay steady on her feet as she leant over him by placing his hands on her breasts to support her.

One thing that struck her as strange, though, was that even though she had unbuttoned all of the buttons on her shirt, he still said it was hard to get a good view of the necklace.

"Thank God I haven't got a bra on," she thought. “He seems to be having enough trouble getting my breasts out of the way as it is."

"Would flight stewardess Cindy please make her way to the cockpit?" she heard the captain say over the intercom.

"Sorry," she said to the businessman. "I have to go."

"Poor guy never did get a good look it," she thought. "I think he was about to use his mouth to get my breasts out of the way."

Cindy hurriedly made her way back to the cockpit, worried the captain was having more trouble with the air pressure.

"Oh, thanks for coming so quickly," said Davies. "We just got a call from head office. Apparently, there is someone from the air transport safety board on the flight. They were worried he might notice that we are taking an unusual route today."

"How is it unusual?" asked Cindy.

"To save time we are flying low over some mountains soon. Too low. If he sees, the whole airline could be grounded. You have to make sure he doesn't see out the windows for the next half an hour! Do something and do it fast or we are all out of a job!"

"Who is it?" asked Cindy. "Which one?"

"Don't know," said Davies. "You'll have to use your woman’s intuition."

Cindy raced back into first class and surveyed the passengers. There were three men she thought might be the safety board guy but she couldn't decide between them.

"It could be any of them," she thought. "I better distract all three."

She noticed that in fact all three were already looking at her chest with a strange expression. She looked down and saw that she still had her shirt undone and that her necklace was dangling between her exposed breasts.

"This necklace seems to really be getting the guys’ attention today," she thought.

Cindy couldn't decide what to do, but knew she had to do something fast. She walked up to each of the three men separately and asked them to follow her to the small kitchen at the front of the plane.

"No windows here," she thought. "And with the other stewardesses serving drinks I have it to myself for at least half an hour."

"What is it?" one of the men asked.

"God, look at that, they are all still looking at my necklace. It's hidden in my cleavage but they are still trying to see it."

"Um," said Cindy. Her mind was blank.

"Why do I need them to come here?" she thought.

Suddenly Cindy remembered something. When she had been relieving the pilots of the air pressure on their privates, they had not once looked away from her. They had seemed fascinated as she performed the life-saving sucking action they had taught her.

"Perhaps these guys will find it just as interesting."

"I don't want to alarm you," she said. "But there has been a change in the air pressure which is dangerous to some men."

She dropped to her knees between them.

"I am under medical instructions to relieve the pressure to your private parts. It is very important you keep your eyes on me during this procedure and do not look outside.”

Cindy unzipped all three men. She was surprised none of the men objected, but then saw why. All three had the same tell-tale signs of air pressure in their privates. They were all so hard. By great fortune she had only just arrived in time to save these men.

She quickly took the first man’s penis into her mouth and began to suck wildly, desperate to drain his balls of the sticky white substance that was created by the change in air pressure.

She was surprised when the man took her head in his hands and began to thrust his penis in and out of her mouth rapidly.

"He must be desperate," she thought as it slammed into the back of her throat. The man moaned - it sounded a bit like pleasure, but she knew it must really be from pain.

The other two men thrust their cocks towards her mouth. She started to panic, worried that she might already be too late - they seemed so desperate and in such pain.

She sucked quickly from one to the other trying to relieve the pressure on them. Suddenly all three men cried out and just when she thought she had lost them, the white liquid burst out and covered her face.

"Damn," thought Cindy. "The captain said it was best to swallow this stuff, although it does taste awful! Perhaps I still can."

Cindy reached into a cutlery drawer and pulled out a spoon. She scraped the white liquid from her face and put it in her mouth, quickly swallowing.

"The captain said you can't be too careful with this stuff," she explained as she caught a strange expression in the men’s eyes.

She was surprised when the men all laughed. They returned to their seats before Cindy could stop them.

"Would Stewardess Cindy please come to the cockpit, please?" she heard Captain Ryan ask.

She finished consuming the white liquid on her face and urgently made her way to the cockpit.

"I'm sorry captain," she said. "I tried to keep the safety people distracted, but I think we have a bigger problem. The air pressure problem has hit the other men. I just saved another three."

"You what?" said Captain Ryan. "You mean the way you saved us?"

"Yes, of course it is the only way I know,"

"Oh, dear," said Davies.

"There must be others in danger," she said. "Maybe all the men on the plane! I have to warn them."

She almost ran out of the cockpit, but was stopped by the captain.

"No, wait," he said. "We don't want to start a panic."

"But they are in danger," said Cindy.

"I know, captain," said Davies. "What if we make an announcement. We ask every man to come forward to the first class galley one at a time. Tell them there is a special prize being given away as part of the airline’s birthday celebrations. When they come up, Cindy checks them out to make sure they are OK."

"Good idea," said Cindy and she hurried out of the cockpit towards the galley.

"I thought I said the air pressure idea was off limits," said Ryan.

"Her idea," said Davies. "What could I do about it?"

Cindy found two other stewardesses in the galley when she got back.

"Go see the captain," she told them. "We have an emergency on our hands!"

"Emergency!" they cried. "What is it?"

"Better you hear it from him," Cindy said.

The two other stewardesses headed off towards the cockpit as the captain made an announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. As part of this airline’s birthday celebrations, I am pleased to announce we have a special give away for all our male guests in first class. If they would be so kind as to make their way to the galley, they can claim their prize."

"Not all at once," thought Cindy, but dropped to her knees in readiness.

The two stewardesses, Kate and Michelle, opened the cockpit door and went in.

"What is going on?" asked Kate. "Are you tormenting Cindy again?"

"Just hoping to get her out of the way for a while," said Captain Ryan. "So we could spend some time together again."

"What do you have in mind?" asked Michelle.

"Why don't we pick up where we left off before we got interrupted in that landing in Dubai?"

"Where were we?" asked Kate smiling.

"I believe Kate’s knees were here and Michelle’s here," said captain Ryan indicating the space between their seats and flight controls.

"And our mouths?" asked Michelle. "Where were they?"

"I believe you already know," said Davies.

Meanwhile, Cindy was kneeling in in the middle of a circle of erect cocks. This air pressure problem was a worse problem than she had imagined. All the men’s cocks were hard. She was almost spinning in circles trying to treat all of the men at once.

So many of them seemed like desperate cases. They urgently thrust their penises into her mouth, groaning terribly as she applied maximum suction with her lips.

"Where are Kate and Michelle?" she wondered. "Why aren't they helping me?!"

Each man thrust his cock wildly before her upturned face, desperate for her to save him next.

"Remember boys, in my mouth is the safest place to unload. We must be rid of these liquids."

This seemed to affect the men greatly. The one nearest her pushed his penis deep into her mouth. She felt great relief as the liquid drained down her throat.

She swallowed, and it seemed to start a chain reaction as man after man unloaded in her mouth and on her face.

When the last one had exploded the dangerous white liquid over her face she quickly scraped it all off her with a spoon, drank it and hurried to the cockpit.

She opened the door and screamed at the sight before her eyes. Kate and Michelle were on their knees sucking furiously on the penises of the pilots. The pilots themselves had their eyes closed and, by the groans they made, seemed in agony.

"Oh no," cried Cindy. "Not again!"

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