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Forced to pleasure us
These are true events of a Father turning his Son into a Bisexual slut. These events are 100% true and if you don't want to read about gay incest stop reading now.

My father has been using for as long as I can remember. When I was 12 he was finally able to get his large cock into my ass.

You read about the start of the first night in chapter one of Daddy’s Play Toy.

He had video taped the whole thing with a camcorder that was set up in the corner of the room. Getting up he walked over to the camera and turned it off. He turned around and walked back over to me with my hands still tied to the bed he starts to play with my body again.

He flips me over so I am face down on the bed again. Spreading my legs apart he ties my ankles to the bed posts. I am now helpless again to really move away from him. Not that I wanted too....

He starts running his hands up and down my body. The light touch of his fingers running down my back tickles and makes me moan as he teases me.

He lies on top of me and positions himself between my legs and takes his soft cock and places it at the entrance to my ass sending jolts of excitement through me hoping that he will fuck me again.

He leans close to my ear and whispers for me to tell him what I liked most about what he had just done to me. I really had mixed emotions at this point, I was embarrassed that I had enjoyed being fucked by my fathers do that I really loved how he made me feel. It had felt so amazing though.

He had just completely made me his sex toy and had made me beg for it, all on film where he could watch and enjoy anytime he wanted to.

When I didn't respond he slapped my ass and told me to tell him the truth. "What did I enjoy the most".

I was so horny hoping to feel his cock in my ass again I blurted out that,
I liked it when he finally got his cock into my ass.

He told me to tell him more of what I liked. So I did, I told him

I liked how as he got all his cock in me how good it felt in my tight little ass.
How I loved the feeling of how full his large cock made me feel.
How I loved the feeling of his cock swelling just before he came stretching me out even more.
How I loved the feeling of his warm cum shooting into me.
How I loved hearing him moan in pleasure as he cam in me.
How I loved being used for his pleasure.

I could feel his cock harden a little more as I told him how it felt. His cock was just getting harder and harder as I told him. A rush of pleasure was going through me knowing that I was turning him on with each thing I confessed to enjoying.

He started to push his cock further into my ass as I spoke slowly entering me as I continued to tell him what I liked.

He asked me how I liked to orgasm. I told him..

How I loved it when he sucked on my cock slowly building me to my orgasm.
How I loved it when he made me cum as he fucked my ass with the large dildo.
How I loved thrusting my cock into his mouth at the moment that I would cum making me groan in pleasure.
How I loved wrapping my small legs around his head as I cam in his mouth.
How I loved him teasing my sensitive cock head after I cam.

His cock was completely hard now with the head just at the entrance of my ass he slowly pushed his cock into my tight little ass. I arch my back as I moaned out loud. Whispering in my ear he asks if I liked that. Pushing in again I moan in pleasure but he wants me to say it out loud he wants me to tell him. That I love his hard cock being shoved into my tight ass. That I love this new feeling of having him dominate my ass.

As he shoves into me deeply I arch my back and in one long moan I say " yesssss oh yessssssss. Please fuck me." Oh my god did it feel good. I could feel how hard his cock was every inch of it. I was truly loving the feel of his cock deep in me.

He picks up his pace and whispers to me that he is glad he has already cum once before because he is going to be able to allow me to enjoy his cock fucking me for a long time.

He grabs my hair and pulls my head back. He tells me that from now on he is going to fuck me whenever he wants to. "Oh yes please fuck me daddy. I love the feel of it. Use me as your sex toy." I moan out loud to him. He told me after he loved hearing me admit that I wanted it.

With the feel of his cock in me and my hard on rubbing the sheets under me I am starting to moan louder and louder.

He starts to pull his cock all the way out of my ass letting my tight ass close before pushing all the way back in. This feeling is just hitting all the nerves in my ass making me go crazy.

The feeling of having my fathers warm body pressed against my back and is hard cock in me felt amazing.

“Oh yes daddy oh please fuck me faster.” I screamed out. I am going to cum and he starts fucking me harder pushing his cock deep into me.
It was a good thing that I was still tied to the bed he would have pushed me into the head board but it just held me in place allowing him to drive his hard cock deeper and deeper into me with each thrust.

As I started to cum I was screaming in pleasure for him to fuck me.
Begging him to cum deep in me. Oh please daddy let me feel you cum inside me again. Pleaaaasseee. Please Cum in me. I could feel my own warm cum wet under me making me cum even more.

Grabbing my hips he starts a very fast pace shoving his cock into me as I continued to cum under him. He screams out that he is about to give me what I want and hammers his cock deep into me and starts to cum.

I can feel his cock swell.
I can feel his warm blasts of cum shoot deep into my little body.
I can feel his muscles spasms rocking his body as he cums in me.
I can feel his sweat dripping onto my back.

He cums for what seems like a few minutes taking his time, finally collapsing on top of me.

He laid on top of me until his cock softened and slipped out of my ass. As soon as it slipped out I made sure to clenched my ass, I so badly wanted to keep my fathers cum deep in me. I didn't want any of it dripping out of my well fucked ass.

He kissed my mouth and looked me in the eyes and said that from now on he was going to use me whenever he wanted.

I still had mixed emotions of how I felt about being used by my father. If it felt this good how could it be wrong. I truly without a doubt had loved all the feelings and things he had done to me all the years before. This was absolutely the most amazing night I had with him.

Without saying anything I fell asleep still tied to the bed.

After this night my dad didn't know it but I had made myself a promise that if sex was going to be this good every time he used me.

I would never ever say no to him or anything he ever wanted me to do.
I was completely his in every way he could ever want me.
I would allow him to explore and teach me to pleasure him and myself anytime he requested.

I never broke these promises to myself. I completely submitted to being his sex toy.
In the morning I was awaken by my him untying my legs from the bed post. He reached up and released my hands also but before I could do anything he pulled them behind my back and tied them behind me.

He was still naked and pulled me up so that I was standing on the bed. I noticed that he had moved the video camera to the end of the bed and was now filming me naked as I stood on the bed with my hands behind me.

My dad started to suck my cock making me become hard in front of the camera. When I was hard. he lays down on the bed and puts some lube on his cock.

Reaching up between my legs he lubes up my sore little ass. He slips a few fingers into me making me moan and tells me to bend my knees so he can insert his fingers further into me.
He asks me if I like the feel of having him finger fucking me. Oh god yes please finger me faster.

Pulling out his fingers he tells me to kneel down over top of his cock.

When I Kneel down he positions his cock at the entrance to my tight ass. As I am now sitting on his hard cock I am now looking directly into the camera at face level.

It is starring right back at me as he get ready to fuck his son. My dad tells me he wants to capture the look of pleasure on my face as he fucks his sex toy.

He asks me if I want him to fuck me. Oh yes please fuck me. Slid your hard cock in to me. I tell him.

But he changes his mind and tells me it is my show I have to fuck myself this time. He grabs my hips and pushes me straight down on his cock impelling me on his hard cock. I scream both in pain and pleasure as it goes in so deep.

He tells me that I am going to have to fuck myself, that it is up to me to make both of us cum.

I am not looking at the camera but up at the ceiling as I start to get used to the size of his cock that I am now sitting on. He grabs my nipples and pulls hard on them making me yelp. He tells me to keep looking at the camera and to keep my eyes open at all times.

He tells me that he wants to see the pleasure in my eyes when he watches this's video back during the week, when I am back at my moms place.

I am now loving the feel of his cock in me as I start to rock my hips as I feel his cock hit all the different areas of my ass. I have my hands tied behind me, he steadies me so I cannot get off his cock, all I can do is rock myself on his cock.

However he doesn't move at all he is going to make me pleasure him.
Make me work for my own gratification.
Make me fuck myself until I cum.

He is loving the look of his son rocking above him as I stare into the camera moaning out loud begging him to fuck me.
He loves the sweat that is starting to run down my body as I work harder and harder to make him cum. Oh yessss daddy it feels so good with you inside me.

He grabs some lube and reaches around and wraps his hand around my cock. I was hoping that he was going to jerk me off as I rode his cock but he didn't. He just held his hand onto my shaft.

Each time I would rock my hips forward it would shove my cock through his hands and send jolts of pleasure through my body. I learned fast that this was going to make me cum and I so badly wanted it. Oh god did I want it.

I was his sex toy and I was going to give him a show. I started to rock harder and faster as I needed to cum I was burning with desire to cum. I was going to make him cum just as hard as he could.

I was now looking directly into the camera and I am not sure what came over me but I started to scream out loud how good it felt. Oh god daddy it feels so good having you in me. Oh please cum in my tight ass. Let me know how much you like fucking me. Oh yessss daddy I am getting so close to cumming oh gooooooodooooddddd I love being your sex toy.

With my new pace he was starting to moan louder and louder I knew he was getting closer and closer to cumming. And with me talking dirty to the camera it finally pushes him over the edge.

I tell him that I am going to cum and he places his open palm in front of my cock and I watch as I cum in his hand.
I start to scream that I am cumming he arches his hips picking me up impelling me further on to his cock. When I am done cumming he raises his hand to my mouth and tells me to lick my cum off his hand. I stick out my tounge and taste my cum for the first time.

When he starts to cum I am looking directly into the camera lens as I feel his warm cum blast over and over against to my tight little ass. The camera catching all the action as I trembled in pleasure on top of my fathers cock. As I felt him cum deep inside my small little body.

I had a sense of pure pleasure of being able to make my father cum on my own. I know that he watched that movie constantly as he would masterbate while he made plans for the following weekend when he could use me again for his sexual gratification again

He had given me a whole new level of his love that I knew only me and my father would ever truly understand.

I knew I could never tell any of my friends what we were doing, he trusted me with this secret and I would never have wanted to see him goto jail so I never betrayed that trust and continued to let him use me each and every weekend in what every way he wanted as I had made a promise to myself that I would.
After all these years I don't believe what we are doing is wrong.

Yes I was only 12 yrs old at this time however in the end it was my choice, and my promise to myself to allow my own father to use me and my body for his pleasure.
I could have pretended to be the victim of what people would call abuse but no way was I ever going to stop this from happening ever. It felt way to good to ever stop.

I am a husband and a father who by the way has never touched my own son in any sexual manner.

My father and I have been having sex for over 37 years. We still get together at least once or twice a year so he can use me. He still loves to hear me beg him to fuck me. and he is still the only person that can make me cum 4 or 5 times in one night.

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