Phoenix is only for a month; what then
Back in Phoenix on Sunday night, Katie picked me up at the airport, dressed to kill. I was excited to see her, and as horny as if I hadn’t had sex in a month. She had on a short red skirt with a silky loose blouse with spaghetti straps. The blouse draped down her torso, presenting her hard nipples that almost jumped out to greet me. Everyone who saw her must have made a double take, but I wasn’t noticing that. She ran toward me and jumped into my arms. I squeezed her firm breasts into mine, and could feel myself getting wet.

We reached the car, and began to drive to her home. When she got into the driver’s seat, she pulled her skirt up to the top of her thighs, and I could see that she was wearing no panties, and got a glimpse of her beautiful pussy. It had been only two days, but I had missed it so bad. I leaned over and put my hand under her skirt and slid a finger along her clit, as she pushed it into me. She was as wet as I. I realized again that this was a 16 year-old driver who didn’t need any distractions and withdrew my hand and satisfied myself with observing the object of my passion. I told Katie about my conversations with Tom, and she was happy to hear that he was okay with our relationship, but I thought I felt a slight tone of jealousy.

We got to her home, and I immediately went in to check on Carolyn. She briefly moved her gaze from her TV, as she acknowledged me, and then went back to watching. I walked out of her room and as soon as we were out of sight, Katie pulled my hand and nearly dragged me into her room. Clothes were off, and we were in bed in record time. She pulled me to her body, so that out breasts crushed each other, and we held and kissed each other with no real movement for several minutes.

Finally, Katie began to move her lips down to my neck, sending sparks throughout my body, and then to my hard nipples where she sucked first one then the other, until I was wet with sweat and nearly blind with passion. I felt her face and hair and ran my hands over her soft, smooth shoulders, and she shifted her body around so that her stomach was even with my face, as she licked her tongue into my navel. I kissed her all over her lower body, and we slowly moved into a sixty nine position where she kissed my inner thighs on each side, and ran her tongue up the crease between my thighs and pussy. I was beside myself with desire, and craned my neck to get her pussy in my mouth, but she pulled it back, so that I could only get my mouth on her thigh or hips.

“Please, Sweetie. Please,” I pleaded, and with that she placed her lips right on the lips of my pussy, and shoved her hips at me, so that I could lick her swollen clit that I so craved. I sucked her clit as she sucked mine, and fingers found holes, and seconds later my whole body erupted into a mind-blowing orgasm, as intense as any I ever had. As mine peaked, I could feel Katie’s start. Her ass muscles tightened and she pushed her crotch into my face so that I had to gasp for the air I needed. We lay there grasping each other and jerking against each other for minutes until we both finally relaxed and fell apart.

It occurred to me that Katie had lit my fire perfectly, and I said, “You must have been planning that.”

“I guess I did,” she replied.
“Good plan,” I said.

“I guess I have my moments,” She quipped.

I looked at the Computer screen, and Carolyn was fast asleep. Another orgasm apiece and it was time to go get dinner.

After dinner, Katie and I went back to her bed and played with each other for the rest of the evening. I couldn’t get enough of her that night, and she didn’t seem to be able to get enough of me. We continued to pleasure each other every evening for the rest of the month except for the weekends which I continued to spend with Tom. Tom always had me tell him about my sessions with Katie, and our lovemaking continued to be the best we had experienced in years. I even embellished the stories some just to get him hot. Katie didn’t ask anything about Tom after I had initially told her about how he had taken the news of her, and I didn’t offer anything. I continued to have the feeling that she was not comfortable that Tom and I were fucking, but she never said anything.

The month went by more quickly than I wanted. There was really very little for me to do: Katie was used to doing the housework, and kept everything under control. I took care of Carolyn, but she didn’t need much attention. Eat and go to the bathroom – that was pretty much it. Katie got home from school about 3:45, and we usually pleasured each other then and again before we went to sleep. We slept together for the first two weeks, but after Carolyn was able to get around by herself, I began sleeping in the guest bedroom. I loved being with Katie, but I missed Tom too.

When I returned from my last weekend home before I was to return home permanently, I could tell Katie had something on her mind. After our first lovemaking session, she said, “Aunt Jen, can I ask you something?” It was certainly something serious, since she had dispensed with“Sweetie,” in addressing me. I was pretty sure I knew what it was, and I was right.

“I want to go back and live with you,” she said with a plea in her voice – not at all the confident, self-assured, Katie I knew. I had been thinking about this constantly, and of course, I wanted just that. The problem was that I didn’t know how it would work out between Tom and Katie. Although I loved Katie with all my heart, I wasn’t willing to give up my marriage for her. She was fun and exciting and fulfilling, but Tom was literally my life. I had rehearsed my answer and said, “Oh, Sweetie, your mother would never let you go.”

“She would let me go. She would push me out the door. I’m just a bother for her, and she would be glad to get rid of me,” she argued. I knew she was right, so I just went straight for the real problem.

“Katie,” I said, “I don’t know how it would work out between you and Tom.”

I could see her eyes begin to tear up as she said, “I thought you said he was fine with us.”

“He is,” I replied, “but I sense that you wouldn’t be able to accept his and my relationship.”
“His and your relationship? What do you mean,” she said.

“Well, I have the feeling that you aren’t comfortable with Tom and my sexual activities.”

“You mean I’m jealous?” She asked incredulously. “I’m not jealous! Why would you think that?”

“Well, I notice that you don’t really like to talk about our – I mean Tom and my – relationship,” I answered.

Her eyes teared up again, and she said, “I’m not comfortable with cocks. I know you like them. I’m fine with that. I know Tom is your husband. I’m fine with that. I know that it would be up to me to make it work at your home – up to me to get along with Tom. I’m fine with that. I want to do that. I’m asking you to let me be a member of your family. Don’t you understand?” She was sobbing by this time.

I put my arms around her and hugged her as tight as I could. “Well, Sweetie, let’s see what your mother says.”

Before I gave Carolyn her next pain pill (which she probably didn’t need, but never failed to request), Katie and I went into her room. “Carolyn,” I began, “this is my last week here, and I’m sure you are going to be okay. I know that you have a lot of concerns about Katie, and I would like to help. Katie would like to come stay with me for a while, so you don’t have that to worry about that, and I think that would work out well for everyone. I haven’t talked with Tom about it, but I’m confident he won’t object. What do you think?”

I had anticipated Carolyn’s response, and I was right on: “I really appreciate your offer, Jen, but I don’t know if I would be able to stand being apart from her.”

“Well, it would certainly be hard on you, Carolyn,” I replied, “but in many ways it would be easier. You’ve told me about the serious arguments the two of you have had, and I expect the time apart would do you some good. I promise I will take good care of her, and just being in another part of the country is bound to have some educational value for her.”

“Well, what do you think, Katie?” She asked. It was a completely unnecessary question. I’d already told her Katie wanted to come, and she would have known that anyway, but this was a part of Carolyn’s obligatory objection before finally reluctantly acceding to the painful conclusion. After Katie affirmed that she was on board, she finally said, “I guess we could try it, but I don’t know if I can do it or not. We can try it.” She was barely able to hide her jubilance.

Tom was likewise barely able to hide his jubilance when I called him, and the decision was made. Of course, I was also jubilant, but I couldn’t completely suppress a fear that things might be harder than they seemed.

Whatever the future was to hold, it was done in less than five minutes. Arrangements were made with the schools; we packed; and Friday afternoon, Katie and I were on a plane headed back to my home.

It was late Friday night when Tom met us at the airport. I introduced Katie and Tom and they hugged warmly. When we got home it was after midnight, and I showed Katie her room as we helped her with her bags. We said goodnight as Tom and I started for our bedroom for some long overdue fucking. Katie looked lost, knowing what we were headed for and she wasn’t. I decided to talk about the elephant in the room. “Would you like to come with us,” I asked. She just nodded her head enthusiastically, as Tom squeezed my hand approvingly. “Come on, then,” I told her.

We went first into the bathroom, and Tom went first into the bathroom to brush his teeth. I removed all of my clothes, and paused briefly as I did so, to give Katie a look that said silently, “aren’t you getting undressed?” She began tentatively to remove hers, looking at me to make sure she had read me right. My smile showed her she was on the right track, and she stripped down to her panties, but left them on. Her nipples were tightly contracted, and by the sweat forming on her lip, I could tell it wasn’t because she was cold. Tom exited the bathroom in just his boxers, and I was surprised that he wasn’t erect. For all of his enthusiasm, he was a bit nervous. He sat on the bed and I could see that he liked Katie’s breasts as much as I before I went in and brushed my teeth.

A minute later, I came out and found the two of them silently looking at each other. Tom hadn’t gotten hard at the sight of Katie’s almost naked perfect body, and I decided to see if I could fix that. I knelt in front of him and pulled his boxers off in one yank. His semi-turgid member lay on his thigh, and I moved my lips to the head and planted a sloppy kiss on the end as my tongue explored his pee hole. The formerly lazy member snapped almost immediately to attention, and I placed it as far in my mouth as possible, then slowly drew my lips back up until they were again on the tip. He was rock solid now and he pulled me up over his head as he leaned back, leaving my now throbbing pussy on his lips. I was able to look over at Katie and see that one hand was holding her panties away from her stomach while the other was unabashedly slowly stroking her clit. Her eyes were locked on Tom’s raging pole which I had to assume now jerked with each beat of his heart.

Tom was pulling my mound into his mouth, and sucking my clit with raw passion. With what was left of my consciousness, I motioned Katie over to the bed, and she came willingly. I pulled her panties down and guided her up on her back so that I could get my mouth on her swollen clit. Katie began humping back at my mouth and uttering indiscernible noises, which I echoed. Tom had taken all he could, and slid his face from under me. He almost jerked me onto my knees, as his pulsing cock slid its entire length quickly to the end of my love tunnel. His thrusts were both forceful and gentle, and after only a few, my muscles tightened over and over on that wonderful, hard piece of meat, trying to milk the explosion from it. I was soon successful, and I could feel the hot cum bathing my vaginal walls as my orgasmic contractions peaked. Katie came as I did, humping and writhing and squealing, and finally even laughing, until she relaxed, satisfied.

Katie’s laughing caused me to start laughing too, and soon we were all rolling with laughter. Tom’s cock finally stopped jerking and he rolled off of me. A minute later, I rolled off of Katie to the other side, leaving the two of them next to each other. Katie leaned over and gave Tom a short, but slightly lingering kiss on the lips. At least for right then, we were good.

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I haven't found a chapter iv or am I missing out on a great story. I will look once again, I hope you haven't given up on a fine story well written and HOT. Katie needs to find out what a big cock is like when used by someone that knows how. Keep up the good work, we will read it.

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I think you could have put a little more work into this. In my opinion, it was indeed rushed, (^)
along with the fact that you took a very long break from your last two stories. The last two in this series were beautiful, and I saw the effort and time you put into it just by reading it. I hoped this one could have been like those. I would've loved it so much more.

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