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The story continue's
Louise turns on her mobile and the messages start to bleep, I take of my coat and sit on the opposite side of the desk as she fires up the computer, she looks at her phone and checks the messages, “all is okay” she tells me, “everybody is where they are supposed to, be doing there duties” she says.

Louise has set each person up with a company mobile phone, when they are with the client they are supposed to be with then they send her a text message to let her know that all is well and that they are there where they are supposed to be, she looks at the website, nothing new in but plenty of activity on the blogs and in the chat room, she types a good morning message into the chat room and wishes all our customers a nice day, she waits for the reply's to come back before announcing that everybody seems to be happy, she types again and lets everybody know she wont be back in the office until later on in the afternoon and hope they all have a great day.

We had ate breakfast and where now waiting to meet Mr and Mrs Adam and Michelle Rielly, it was a nice outside so we had decided to sit outdoors and have a coffee,we where there only a few minutes when they approached, he was just your average balding suit, she was slender and toned, quite a nice figure for forty years old and looked like someone who looked after herself well, they pulled out there own chairs and sat down before introducing themselves, Myself and Louise returned the introduction as the husband looked at his watch, “I dont have much time left before my meeting, can we get straight to it” he said.
.Mrs Rielly ordered coffee and scones for both of them and staired at her husband who was looking at his watch again, we chatted loosely as there drinks and plates where delivered to them then got down to business.
Louise started, “you are very lucky to have got on to our client list as we are very very busy these days, we don't have many slots left for new people and all our staff work so hard to please our clients, looks like we are going to have to employ more staff if it keeps going the way it has been in the last two years”.
“I don't have time for this or neither do i want to know anything about your nasty business, I just want to get this over with as quickly as possible,sign the hard copy of the contract and be on my way, I have done the meet and greet thing that Michelle wanted me to do and now i need to get on, all i ask from you two is that you respect my wifes wishes, you provide for her what she needs and wants, make her happy and that makes me happy, i will pay anything in the world to keep her happy and this is her latest adventure, i do not want or need to know what goes on with your company and my wife and i assume you will grant my wishes and with hold any of this information from me, I will never see any of you again, Michelle will be the only one contacting you from now on, she has full control of the account we set up on your site, she has even changed the passwords already, so any contact will be with you and her, I want nothing to do with it at all, her funds for This will be from her monthly allowance which is quite large i might add, so all that said and done give me the papers to sign and i’ll be on my way,” Mr Adam fucking Rielly said with a ignorant tone in his voice.

Louise took from her case a bundle of papers and selected a few that where stapled together,she handed them to Adam as he removed a pen from inside his suit jacket pocket.
I studied his wife as he thumbed through the papers, yea, i thought to myself, a trophy wife, sitting there letting that little prick of a husband do all the talking and saying nothing, just letting him rant on and make himself feel good,but when he is gone i know she is going to be totally different than she is now.

Adam signed the three pages and handed it over to Michelle, she wasn't so fussy and just signed her name under his without reading anything on the papers, he got up straightened his jacket, put his pen back into his pocket, drained his coffee cup and said his goodbyes to both me and Louise, we both stood up and shook his hand, he bent and kissed his wife on her cheek and told her he would see her later, then left.

We all watched as he disappeared into the distance before Michelle opened her mouth and said with a posh but girlish Dublin.accent, “he is a pompous old fart really”.

“No” I said, “he is a fucking little prick, he thinks he knows you Michelle, but he doesn't really does he? he is an arsehole to busy doing what ever it is he does to look after you properly, that's why you came to us, isn't it ?” I replied.

Louise and Michelle laughed out load as they could see the annoyance in my face, “calm down pops and behave yourself, please, we have to be nice to our new client” Louise said.

I settled myself and looked across the little table at Michelle, she was still laughing with Louise.
“Okay Mrs Rielly, what is it you want from us, don't be shy, we have heard it all and nothing you can say shocks us,” Louise said slowing down her giggles.

“Well i have some very naughty ideas, i don't know if i should say in front of you Louise, its embarrassing for me to talk to you face to face like this, it was okay when i discussed it on the chat room and via email but its hard for me to say what i really want when i’m face to face with you lovely people” she replied getting redder and redder as she spoke.

“Look Mrs Rielly, you contacted us, you chatted with Louise on email and in chat room,what ever it is your looking for wont be as bad an embarrassment as when it really happens so get to it please” I said in a strong but adamant voice.

She took a deep breath and started, “i like to be humiliated, humiliated so much that i cry, even without being touched, humiliated by words, i like to loose control of my emotions, i like to be treated like a worthless slave, a piece of shit, treated like i am dispensable, not worth anything, degraded and objectified, i also like the thought of being spanked until i cant sit down, i like to be treated as a whipping post, whipped, caned, spanked, i like bondage very much and need to be brought forward in the art of bondage, i want to experience every aspect of humiliation and degradation, i also have a pee and poop fetish, i want to be forced to drink pee and be force fed poop, i have drank pee in the past, even my own pee on occasion and have tasted my own poop, but now i want to be force fed someone else's poop and pee, i would also like to try out with another woman, i have never been with another female before and would also like that to be included in my fantasies, but, the female must be very dominant and use me the same way as the man i choose would use me, i have plenty of time on my hands as my husband is away most of the time due to his work so there is never going to be any problem with him or setting an appointment for me, when i need an appointment i would be quite happy with what ever time and date you both can fit me in with, but please do not treat me as a normal person you would meet everyday, even now you are being to kind, from this moment on i want to be humiliated and degraded, after all that is what i’m paying you for” Michelle said as she then took a big gasp of air reinflating her lungs, her face red with embarrassment,she lowered her head.

Louise took the lead and said to her, “okay cunt, that is the last time you will ever hear us calling you your proper name, from this moment on you will be known as cunt, or what ever i decided to call you, even in the chatroom or on the phone you will be treated as a worthless cunt, now cunt tell me who you require to be your tormentor and the reason why you have chosen this person, also while you are at it you can let me know who you have chosen as the lady you wish to dominate you”.

The cunt then handed Louise a piece of paper from her pocket, it was folded, Louise opened it up and there was nothing written on it, Louise looked at the cunt siting before her and looked puzzled.
“I would like you Miss Louise and him” she said without looking at either of us.

“His name is Pops, must call him Pops, he is my Pops, he is my stepfather, his name is Pops and that is what you will call him” Louise said before reaching over the table and giving her a sharp slap on her fight cheek.

“Why have you chosen us cunt” i ask.

“Pops, i have chosen you both because i think you both will make good use of me and also the fact that you both own the company, then i think you both will have much more experience of what it is i seek than your other staff members, and to be quite honest i think you and Miss Louise here would be far more kinkier than i could ever imagine” she said with a smirk on her face..
Louise lunged forward and slapped her again.
“ take of your knickers cunt” she said as she sat back into her seat.
Michelle struggled to remove her knickers from under her skirt, wriggling about as she pulled them down of her arse and over her thighs, once past her knees she had no trouble removing them the rest of the way, she sat back straight into her seat and held her knickers in her hand bunched up.
Louise told her to pass them over to me, I took them and felt the nice soft satin in my hands, I opened them up and turned them inside out, the gusset was soaking wet, I lifted them to my nose and took a long sniff of her pussy soaked knickers, then i pushed out my tongue and had a taste,
“how does she smell and taste Pops”, Louise asked.

“Well she smells nice, babe, a little musty and a hint of piss but her knicker snot tastes lovely, wet,warm, slimy, just like a pussy should taste, with a slight hint of piss, have a go yourself babe”. I said handing the used knickers over to her as i watched the cunt Michelle grow red again,her face scarlet from where Louise had slapped her only a few moments ago.

Louise took in several deep breaths while holding the knickers to her face, her nose drinking in the scent of Michelle's cunt as she did so, then out popped her little pink tongue.and slid it up the entire length of the slimy gusset, licking as much knicker snot as possible as she probed the material.

“Pay the fucking bill cunt”, Louise demanded as we finished up our coffee.

“You are coming with us, we have another meeting with another cunt like you and you are going to entertain us for the rest of the day, we wont charge you for today, it is a freebie and it will give you an idea of what to expect from us in the future, now pay the bill and meet us in the carpark at the rear of this place”. Louise said in her demanding and stern voice.

We waited at the car for Michelle to catch up to us, she was told to get in the back but to lift her skirt up before she sat on the leather seat so her bare arse was directly on the cold softness of the seat, she did as she was told and Louise got into the driving seat while i sat in the front passenger seat.
“Do not put on your seat belt cunt, move into the center of the seat and spread those fucking legs wide” Louise said as she started up the engine.
As we pulled out of the carpark and turned onto the main road Louise told the cunt on the back seat to finger fuck herself but not to cum.

We headed to our next appointment with the cunt fingering her fuck hole in the back of the car, watching her as she slid her sticky fingers up and down her slit, over her clit and poking in and out of her fuck hole was to much for Louise as she stared at her through the mirror.
I told Louise to pull over the car that i would drive before she got us killed, she stoped the car on a resting spot off the main road and got out and into the back seat, lifting her skirt as she did so, I climbed over into the drivers seat as i heard Louise tell Michelle to move over, Louise closed the door as she opened her legs and pealed her thong to one side exposing her waxed pussy to both myself and the now gorping Michelle.

“You can start by eating my pussy, cunt, and i don't mean biting it, i want you to use your tongue and lips on my sweet, puffy pussy, you may lick and suck on my piss flaps and you may stick your fucking tongue into my wet juicy hole, i want to feel that mouth of yours working hard on my pussy, you must continue playing with your ugly old cunt as you do so but you are not to cum, do you fucking understand me cunt” Louise said as she opened up her piss flaps in readiness for her pleasure.

“Yes Miss Louise i do understand” came the reply as the cunt Michelle once again began to finger her fuckhole
I turned around in the seat and watched as Louise guided Michelle's head to her bald pussy, after a few minutes of watching to two of them i turned around in the seat and drove off heading for Trim to meet the other appointment.

After a while i heard Louise gasping loudly as she was reaching her climax, I couldn't pull over the car to watch because there was.other traffic on the road and behind us, as well as no place to pull up, so i carried on driving as Louise came, looking out the window i could only imagine what was going on back there as i listened to the slapping sound of louise’s hand hitting something fleshy.

“Wow she is good with her tongue Pops, you better pull up soon and try her out”, Louise gasped, “keep fingering your cunt, cunt lay back there and let me see you Frigg yourself, i want to see that pussy wide open and your fingers knuckle deep in that filthy hole”.

About two miles away there was a laneway off the road, i pulled up near to it and looked around, the lane was over grown with an old house at the end of it, I reversed the car into it and told Louise to drag the cunt out of the car and present her to me on her knees.
I left the car and rounded the boot, Louise had Michelle on her knees with her hands behind her head, as i approached i opened my fly and took out my cock, gave it a few hard pulls and rested it on Michelle's lips.
“Open up cunt and suck me in” I ordered.
Michelle opened her glossy red lips and began to suck me into her mouth, Louise was leaning against the back of the car with her skirt held up and her legs open as she began to finger her lovely slit
Michelle took my whole length into her throat until her nose was resting on my stomach, then she moved her head backwards until i was nearly out of her wet mouth, then she would suck it all back in to her throat again, she kept working on my cock like this for sometime until Louise joined me, standing beside me and leaning her body onto my shoulders she then opened her pussy wide, rubbing her clit as she watched Michelle suck greedily on my throbbing cock.
Just then and without any warning Louise moved a little more forward, opening her legs a little more, bending her knees slightly while stretching her piss flaps wide and started to piss on Michelle's face.

Michelle gasped at this as my cock was leaving her throat, i soon took control of her and grabbed her head with my right hand as my left hand dropped to squeeze my stepdaughters large arse, the arc of piss leaving Louise's pussy was hitting my cock as it slid in and out of the cunts mouth, it felt lovely and warm as i could now feel my balls tighten up, i rubbed and grabbed at Louise's arse and gave her a signal by slapping her butt that i was about to cum, she thrust her hips out harder and her piss jet got stronger and sent me over the edge, i came into the Cunt's mouth as she slurped and gagged on my piss soaked cock while my spunk splashed the back of her mouth.

“Drink it all up you filthy cunt, swallow all Pops cum and wash it down with my piss” Louise shouted at the woman on her knees.

I left my cock in her mouth as Louise finished her pissing and waited until Michelle had my cock sucked clean and going limp, I pulled her from her knees by her hair, destroying the Lovely style she must of spent a fortune on this morning before we.met, I dragged her towards the boot and bent her over it, lifted her expensive skirt and began to spank her bare skinny arse,
while i was busy beating her cute bottom Louise had moved around to me,her skirt still hoisted up and her fingers still prodding at her fleshy puffy pussy, she probed around Michelle's rear end until she found her cunt lips open, then she began to finger fuck the hairless hole with two fingers, I continued to spank her arse as Louise told her to cum, it didn't take the posh bitch to long to shudder to orgasm as my slapping got more faster and harder as did Louise's fingers going in and out of the cunts cunt.
Her legs buckled as she reached her peek, but Louise wasn't going to let her enjoy it to much as she then grabbed her and spun her around, looking at Michelle's face covered in her piss Louise proceeded to slap her across the cheeks as she was reaching her own orgasm again, as her orgasm reached its high point Louise spat into Michelle face, the sight of piss and spit on this very rich and posh woman sent Louise over the top and she started to cum loudly, i joined in spitting into the cunts face as Louise carried on slapping her making the slaps sting more with the fresh wetness of our spittle, this drove Louise way over the edge as she screamed out her climax.

Covered in Miss Louise's piss and spit and a helping from me, Michelle was bundled into the boot of the car, her face red with the slapping she got and her arse stinging with the powerful spanking i had given her.

The boot closed and our clothing fixed we got back into the car, Louise driving as we headed to Trim to meet Ms Mary Dolan, whilst the cunt in the boot was told to keep quiet and behave herself while we met another new client.

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