Revenge can be exhausting as well as enjoyable
In Part 1 I had accidentally witnessed my long-time, older, friend Sid sexually and physically abusing my wife Carol (consensually) with his new wife complicit in the activities. Shocked and annoyed, I returned home planning my revenge. Though the essential elements below are true, the story has been slightly embellished for entertainment.

Part 2

I replaced the small package that I had planned to return to Ros in the utility room before Carol got home, all the time still mulling over what my best plan might be. Then she arrived with her usual whirlwind entrance, carrying a few shopping bags and her holdall.
‘Had to pop over and get a few bits and pieces in the supermarket,’ she lied, ‘I’ll start dinner right once I get these unpacked.’
‘Why don’t we just get a takeaway this evening?’ I said, ‘I’ve had a pretty hard day, and no doubt, so have you.’
She looked up, smiled and agreed. I made a call to the local Chinese restaurant, asked how long it would be, and told them I’d pick it up myself; in my experience, if you haven’t been drinking, it’s the most efficient way.

Normally, we wouldn’t tend to drink mid-week, but I thought tonight was an exception, so I went to the fridge, took out a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, her favourite, and poured her a glassful and a small amount for myself.
Lifting the glass, she looked at me. ‘What’s the occasion?’
I smiled back at her as she took her first sip. ‘Once in a while I realise what a woman you are.’ I lifted my glass in a toast. ‘To a girl in a million!’ Our glasses clinked and we laughed together.

‘Why don’t you slip out of your work clothes while I go get the food? We haven’t spent a romantic evening together in a long time – feel free to wear something provocative.’ I said with a smile.
She just turned her mouth down in a grimace that suggested, ‘surely you’re confusing me with someone else?’, but headed off up the stairs to change.
I drove off to pick up the food.

By the time I retuned the table was set, background music was playing, and she had indeed changed (not into the schoolgirl attire, unfortunately). She was wearing a light blue dress with a scooped top that exposed more of her breasts than I’d ever seen her wearing in public; it was tight and clingy and while not a micro-skirt was shorter than she usually wore. Black stockings (or tights, at this stage I couldn’t tell) and black patent high heels completed her outfit. She looked good.

As we served the food and sat down opposite each other I complimented her on her appearance, adding, ‘I must say, darling, you’d give Ros a run for her money tonight – I haven’t seen you look so sexy in years.’
‘She smiled back at me. ‘Thank you,’ then she added, ‘…and by the way, Fuck Ros!’
We clinked glasses as I replied, ‘I think I’ll leave her till tomorrow – I’ll just fuck you tonight.’

She laughed, entering into the spirit of the banter. This was where I was planning to elicit her first blatant lie.
‘By the way, did you remember to drop off that thing… what was it, an electric can-opener or something… with Ros today?’ I asked, innocently.
‘No, I thought you said you leave it over sometime.’
‘Did I?’ I replied absently, then continued, ‘I’ve been meaning to say to you, but it keeps slipping my mind: I had a beer in the pub with Sid last week. We had a very interesting conversation.’
She looked up from her food and I refilled her glass – this was her third and she tended to loosen up when inebriated.
‘But you’ve got to promise me that you won’t mention a word of this to anyone at all, not even Sid himself,’ I insisted.
‘Absolutely, sounds very mysterious!’ she said, shaking her shoulders to make her tits wobble at me, and taking another drink.

I went to the fridge and opened another bottle.
‘He was telling me he’s started his private tutoring for some sixth formers a couple of nights a week – girls only, of course. When he told me this I commented on how provocatively some of the girls dressed – skirts so short you could see their knickers, if they were wearing any. I said that it must be hard to keep your hands off them.’

Carol was finished eating now, had pushed the plate aside, and was leaning forward giving me a good view of the tops of her areolas, with another refilled glass of wine in hand. ‘What did he say to that?’

‘He agreed. Said that some of them have quite a bit of a saucy attitude as well. But he complained that it was too risky. The beauty of the old days was, he said, that he could have taken them into the office, bent them over his desk and spanked them. What about that, eh?’
I crinkled my forehead as if something had just occurred to me. ‘Hey! He was headmaster when you were there. Did you ever hear about any of this?’

Caro was smiling. ‘Oh, yeah. The good old corporal punishment days: back then, if you were sixth form the only one allowed to administer it was the headmaster. And he’s right, some of the girls did play up, dress like temptresses, you know – I think they thought they’d embarrass him or something. Don’t forget, twenty-odd years ago Sid was quite an attractive man and he did get a lot of teasing and innuendo from some.’

‘And he actually did take them into his office and spank them? What with? His hand?’

Carol was in full reminiscing flow. ‘He had two straps: the one he used for the boys was about a foot long, pretty stiff, and he would punish them in front of the class, slapping them on the palms. The girls’ one was also leather, but softer, more flexible, maybe about an inch wide but a lot longer – maybe eighteen inches or more. The girls’ punishment, as he told you, was always in private, alone, and behind locked doors. What about that?’

She raised her eyebrows, teasing me, as she drank again.

‘Are you getting stiff yet?’ she joked. I said nothing. ‘Not yet? Well, the first thing you had to take off was your blazer and fold it carefully on the chair – if this wasn’t done to his satisfaction, it was regarded as obstinacy, and you’d be in for more. You had to take off your tights if you were wearing any, or otherwise, pull your socks up properly. Of course, one or two of the ones who were really playing up to him might be wearing holdups or even stockings and suspenders – I heard the suspenders were his favourite! His desk would be clear, nothing on the top, so you had to stand thighs against it, hands above your head, and bend over until your breasts were just touching it, no more – you weren’t allowed to rest your bust on the desk. Once in this position, you were had to grasp the far edge of the desk, keeping your elbows out to the sides…’

She paused to take another mouthful. I asked, ‘What a strange position… Why?’

‘Easy. From the side, it gives a clear view under the torso. No obstruction by the arms, and gave him the excuse to slip his hands under you to check if your breasts actually were resting on the top. Needless to say, he used to do a lot of checking!’

‘Good God, how come he never got arrested?’ I said.

‘He was careful. He only took liberties with the girls who flaunted themselves and teased him – that’s not to say he didn’t spank all of us at some time. He was an equal opportunity spanker; but it was really the hotties he became creative with.’ She was starting to slur a little bit now – I was sure I wouldn’t have been hearing this sort of detail if she was stone cold sober. ‘Then, with you bent over, he’d pull your skirt up – if it was a loose one, he’d tuck it in your waistband; a tight one, he’d just push up to your waist all way round leaving your rear exposed. The he would order you to place your feet apart – he would say he wanted to see light between your thighs!’

She started to laugh and replenished her glass. ‘By now, with all this ordering around, checking breasts and moving legs apart, some of the girls were already damp! Then the strap came into play. He would always crack it down on the desk beside you first; then he’d check the space between your thighs by swinging it up between your legs. It was so long the top of it would whip right round on top of the clitoris! He’d always say “Wider, slut” and do it again… and again… and again! A lot of them would be creaming by now, dying to clench their legs together in orgasm – but they weren’t allowed! One girl I know, who tended to really push the boat out, ended up in the office one day when she was wearing no knickers at all – surprise, surprise! By the time he’d finished tickling and smacking between her legs, right onto her naked vagina, the polished floor in front of his desk was soaked – she’d squirted all over it!’

She bent over to me again, tits spilling out and asked, ‘Are you hard now – for I’m wet just talking about it?’
‘Yep,’ I said, ‘getting there, go on.’

‘Then he would start the spanking proper. Sometimes he would use the strap, other times his hand; and with every stroke you had to apologise and say, “Sorry, Mr Edwards”, after your squeal, of course, for they always stung a bit – but generally, whether hand or strap, his fingers would run between your legs and just stroke the wet gusset on top of your cunt lips. This used to drive some girls I knew wild!’

‘What about his secretary outside? Did she not complain or report the squealing?’
‘It wasn’t a woman; it was an elderly man, Mr Bowsen. One of the girls told me some time later that she heard that he had a little spy hole, which Sid knew about, and watched and wanked through the whole thing. So he wasn’t telling anyone – he was complicit.’

‘How did she find out?’
‘She needed something in her school records slightly altered – attendance or something – for a job interview and phoned Bowsen about it. On the phone he wasn’t forthcoming at first – she was just another name – but when she reminded him exactly who she was, he promised to think about it and asked her to call to his house that evening. So, she dressed to impress and called to his home where he lived alone. He was making out that it was such a big deal to alter school records, she thought he wasn’t going to help her. But then he opened his trousers, took out his cock and confided that he’d watched her when she was bent over – this was the girl with no knickers, by the way – and had seen her squirt all over the floor, as well as what happened afterwards. At that point she knew she’d won: she gave him a blowjob topless, got the altered document and the job.’

While she’s telling me this story I’m thinking of all the details she would have withheld if she’d been sober. Not that many girls are squirters – in fact, Carol was the only one I’d ever come across.
‘And you mentioned Bowsen seeing “what happened afterwards”; so he went further? Did he ever fuck them?’
She rolled her eyes up reflectively. ‘Maybe one or two – you’ve got to remember, he couldn’t have been sure who was on the pill or not. But I know after the spanking he would pull down some of the panties, supposedly to check for welts, and wank off, shooting come all over their behinds.’

‘Jesus! I’m astounded! Meek and mild Sid – what can I say, except good luck to him? So, tell me, these “hotties” as you call them – did he continue to fuck or whatever with them after they left school?’

She paused and took another drink. I could see her befuddled brain trying to decide what to say – unfortunately for her, she was carried away by the sexiness and power of her story plus the fact that I seemed so engrossed, so she went on: ‘I have heard that one or two have approached him afterwards and ended up being well paid to help re-enact the corporal punishment days – that’s all I know.’

‘Boy, I’d love to see that!’ I said, ‘Do you reckon it’s still going on now that he’s married to Ros?’
‘That fucking tart! For all you know she’s involved in it!’
‘You mean he spanks her?’
‘Who knows? But he’s so controlling that I’m sure he has her playing some role or another: he can only fuck one girl at a time, especially at his age, so he probably has her doing some lezzy shit!’ She gave out a drunken laugh. ‘I’ll bet you’re as hard as iron now! Fancy a fuck?’ She lifted up her tits and shook them at me.

All the time she was drinking I was merely pretending to. She didn’t notice, but I would have consumed no more than half a glass all evening. But she was right – my cock was straining against my trousers. It was almost nine thirty.
‘Fancy a fuck? – you bet I do. Come with me.’ I stood up and grabbed her by the hand, she staggered a bit as she rose to her feet.
I grabbed my jacket and a fine scarf. ‘Where are we going?’ she slurred.
‘It’s a secret,’ I said, slipping on my jacket and removing a roll of the three inch stretch plastic wrap I use at work from a pocket. I spun her around and wrapped her hands behind her.
‘Amazing!’ she laughed, ‘all these years and I never knew you were into bondage!’
As I pulled guided her out to the car she said, ‘My coat… it’s cold out here!’
‘Good! It’ll make your nipples stick out more!’ I pushed her into the front seat and tied the scarf tightly around her head covering her eyes as a blindfold. She could see nothing.
‘Jesus! We should’ve done this years ago, Jim. The excitement’s making me soak the fucking seat!’

As we drove I stuck my fingers between her legs – as I hoped, she was wearing stockings, not tights. And she was telling the truth, she was soaking. So I continued to bring her off as we drove. Carol is one of those women who demand multiple orgasms when fucking – generally, it can be a nuisance when I’ve already shot – but tonight she was like a stuck record – just again and again and again, orgasm after orgasm – until I drove in through Sid’s gateway and parked at his back door.

‘Where are we? she said. God she looked so fucking sexy in that dress, tits spilling out, looking as though they were only being contained inside the material by the nipples that were protruding further than I’d ever seen them.
‘None of your fucking business you dirty bitch. If anyone needs a good whipping and fucking, you do, and I’ll see you get it tonight! Just shut the fuck up and do as I say!’
She stopped speaking, but from the moans and quivering of her, I could see she was still climaxing. I pushed her ahead of me into the kitchen where Sid was sitting reading the newspaper. Before he could speak I put my finger in front of my mouth signalling silence, he stood up eyes wide.

I pulled down her scoop neck causing her tits to spill out then, taking my clasp knife from my pocket, I pulled up her dress and sliced her knickers off. Unceremoniously, I pushed her forward over the kitchen table: ‘Spread your legs, cunt – and touch the table with your tits!’
I could see realisation and perhaps some alarm in Sid’s eyes as I said to him,
‘I brought this whore over for you to play with! Is there another one here?’
The look in my eyes galvanised him and he pointed to the door and upstairs.
‘Do as you’re told, cunt. You’re his to use, and no speaking!’
As I went out the door, I glanced back and I noticed that her nipples were crushing slightly into the table top, just as Sid slid his hands in to check.

Ros still hadn’t appeared, she obviously hadn’t heard me speaking and so didn’t know they weren’t alone. Then I heard her subdued voice coming from the computer room. The door was ajar, so I stood listening. I could see a slight reflection from a glazed bookcase against the far wall, Ros was wearing headphones and was sitting with her back to me. She was in a chat room and from what she was saying, someone was encouraging her to show her tits; I had an idea.

I ran to their bedroom, then the hot press, and found the items I wanted. By the time I got back she was sitting with her enormous tits pulled above her pushed down bra, the desk chair pushed back far enough to have her high heels balanced apart on the desk and her black stockinged legs apart fingering her naked cunt while the web cam angled down towards the action.

I only heard one side of the conversation: ‘Let him mount me! Let him mount me! But hold him tight – don’t let him hurt me! Just get his big cock up me! Up me!’ she was half-yelling – then she stopped and began to groan as she started to orgasm, jerking her pelvis in the desk seat, and spraying liquid like a garden hose onto the desk. Good God! Another squirter at last! My eyes caught the image on the screen: it was a tethered stallion, its enormously long penis being wanked by an anonymous hand on the screen!

I flicked off the light and was behind her before she knew what was happening. I covered her eyes and mouth with a towel and growled in her ear. ‘Sid says you aren’t to make a sound, you filthy cow. Don’t struggle or say anything, just slip your hands behind your back. I’m taking you downstairs to see Sid.’

She had no idea it was me. I tied a fine linen cloth I had cut around her head as a blindfold, stuck a pair of her knickers in her mouth and gagged her with another piece, before binding her wrists with the plastic wrap. While I was at it, I cut her bra loose and wrapped her big titties with the plastic. There was something very sexy about doing it – and the effect was amazing. She wasn’t wearing a skirt, so I just trailed her downstairs as she was, without dispute – Sid was the magic word. Carol was right; she just did anything he ordered her to. I made a mental note to start working on that system myself – starting tonight.

I could hear the noise from the kitchen before I got there. Carol was squealing and crying. I could feel the tension rising in Ros. I pushed her in front of me – yes, there was room, it was a big six-legged table about six foot long. Sid’s shirt and trousers were off and perspiration was dripping from his face. He had the long slender strap Carol had talked about earlier in his hand and by the ruddy look of Carol’s arse he had been enjoying himself. I bent Ros over the table, just as I’d done with my wife, Ros’s long back hair was tied in a ponytail at the back. I grabbed the strap from Sid, and for a moment saw a look of alarm on his face – he was telling me No – that was something Ros wouldn’t stand for. I pulled her legs back towards me so she couldn’t rise without help, then tried to prise her legs apart.

She guessed what I was about to do and was resisting. Quickly, I indicated to Sid to hold one leg while I plastic wrapped one ankle to a table leg, then I took over and splayed the other leg out three feet and secured it to the middle leg with the wrap. I smashed the strap down beside Ros’s head, making both her and Carol jump. Then I started the gentle slapping of the cunt lips that had been described by Carol – but Ros wasn’t responding properly.

Adopting my growly voice I said, ‘Alright, cunt, you’re going to have to learn to be a good girl!’ and I cracked her across the arse. ‘Isn’t that right?’ I continued, smacking her again, and again, each time admonishing her verbally, until she was nodding her head in response to my whacking. Sid, meanwhile, was mesmerised – and aroused. He moved around to her head, starting to masturbate, his excitement rising with every blow to Ros’s reddening behind. I was astounded – this strapping was what got him off! Penetration was obviously secondary – and his expensive wife had been refusing to play along, in this regard anyway! No wonder, he was happy to pay Carol –she was turned on by it as well, anyway. Suddenly, he leaned forward and pulled the blindfold off his wife whose tear-streaked face looked at him in horror as he shot a load of stringy whitish come directly into it.

I pulled my belt open, my cock out, and gripping Ros by the hips eased myself into her. She took off like an unbroken pony, but I grabbed her ponytail like reins and soon had her under control. I desperately didn’t want to come; I just needed to show the bitch who was in control here. So, after a few minutes, I pulled out, turned around, opened the cupboard beside the stove and removed a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil. Now that is ironic, I thought, as I spread her anal sphincter and stuck the bottle mouth against it. She was squirming again, making it difficult, so I took from my pocket the big vibrator I’d taken from her bedroom and without further ado eased it into her asshole and turned it on. She started to moan and groan so much it was difficult to hear the vibrator’s buzzing – I didn’t know if she was enjoying it or complaining!

Carol was lying, tits flat on the table now. Anal was another thing we’d never done; she’d always given the impression that she didn’t do it, but who could believe her now? Anyway, there’s always a first time for everything. I grabbed the oil again and doused her hole with it. She was squirming against it as well, so I spoke in my normal voice. ‘Okay, cunt – now for something completely different, you never know, you might grow to enjoy it. And believe me, this may be the first time but it wont be the last!’

The oil was everywhere, but her anus was still too tight, and I wasn’t going to remove the vibrating monster that was doing such a valuable job in Ros’s arsehole. I looked around, saw a recycling box, pulled the top off and took out an empty long-necked beer bottle. It slid right in as she started to jerk, but I held her firm. My cock was raging now; again I pulled her towards me, got in position, and pushed. Oh, God…talk about tight! Slowly I started to move, in and out, in and out, growing faster and faster… it was unbelievable! With my knife I cut her wrists free so I could lift her up and milk her tits as I buggered her. As I reamed her I could feel her reacting, she was getting it as well. My cock felt huge up her. Just as I’d done with Ros, I grabbed her by the hair as I rode – amazing, this seemed like an extra turn-on for her as she bucked against me, grabbing my hips as I filled her. I knew she was going to blow – and so was I. I pumped and pumped as she squirmed and squirted – fantastic!
Pulling out of her, I pushed her back face-down on the table. ‘Stay there, cunt. It’s not over yet,’ I said as I looked around.

Ros was still vibrating and moaning, Carol now lay quiet and Sid had slid down the wall and was on his knees on a level with Ros’s face. He had to pay, as well.

Grabbing the strap, I went towards him. He was afraid.
‘Sid,’ I said, ‘have you ever sucked cock?’
He said nothing, just shook his head, wide-eyed.
‘Well, here’s your opportunity. Suck me hard again; I need to fuck that whore of a wife of yours before I go.’
It wasn’t a request. It was an order.
I was wanking my cock, so he tentatively took over. He spat on the top of it before taking it into his mouth and started to suck.
‘A bit more finesse there, Sid. Lick my shaft first, suck my balls… it won’t take much. Looking around you, Lazarus would get it up in this room!’
So he did, sucking my balls first, then squeezing them as he licked up and around my shaft, before taking me in his mouth and sucking and wanking both me and himself. He was so fucking good at it I had to push him away!
He stood up, still wanking, as I pulled the vibrator out of Ros’s hole, doused it with more oil and stuck my cock into her. Again, I cut the wrap from her wrists and tits, pulled the gag off and started to ride her in earnest.

I had to hand it to her, for she had more work to do than Carol – it wasn’t that long since my last orgasm. But I guessed this wasn’t the first time for her anally. Her asshole felt like a very tight cunt, I could feel her clenching and unclenching as we fucked – she was a terrific ride. She orgasmed before me, but it went on and on; even after I shot a load up her and had withdrawn, she was still squirting. I bent over and said to her, loudly enough so everyone could hear. ‘Fantastic ride, Ros; we’ll definitely be doing that again!’ I looked around at them all. ‘And that applies to everyone!’

As I moved over towards the door, Carol turned, tits still hanging out, black stockings ripped and laddered – what a sight. But does she know who’s boss now?
‘Sid,’ I said, ‘will I just leave her here? Can you use two cunts tonight?’
He didn’t know what to say.
I went on, ‘It’s up to you, Sid, if you can’t use her, I’ll take her with me – this evening has made me so horny I’ll need another one tonight.’ Then a thought occurred to me.
‘Or maybe I’ll take Ros, what d’you think? Or maybe them both? – will that be okay?’
He said nothing, just looked crushed and I could see the defeat in Ros’s eyes.
‘Okay,’ I said, ‘I’ll just take them both, take turns at them all night – a bit of lesbian action maybe, as well. That’ll do.’
I pointed at Sid and ordered. ‘Get your whore a coat, Sid, will you. And remember, any time you want a bit of spanking action, just give me a call and I’ll send my cunt wife over – no charge. You can just get yours to come over and entertain me when it’s happening?’

Amazingly, he nodded in agreement and went to fetch Ros’s coat.

‘Stand up and turn around towards me’ I told the women, and timorously they stood up and faced me. Though spanked to oblivion, buggered and fucked they both looked fantastic – tits and nipples still erect, both wearing heels and stockings they were like something out of a porn film.
‘You!’ I said, pointing at Ros. ‘Get some lipstick and put it on – and give some to her, you both look like fuck-all!’
She did as she was told, handing the dark red lipstick to Carol after she finished. I noticed both their hand were shaking as they applied it.
I took each of them by an arm as Sid opened the door for us and we went to my car.
‘You get in the front,’ I ordered Ros, ‘and you in the back.’ They both meekly did as they were told and sat quietly as I drove off.

After a few miles we passed the turn for our home and Carol hesitantly whispered, ‘Excuse me, but you’ve missed the turn…’
‘How the fuck do you know where we’re going, eh?’ She remained quiet.
‘We’re going off to have a bit of fun somewhere… overheard a couple of guys talking about it at a car auction a few weeks ago – sounds like the perfect place for you two!’
It was now almost midnight and the rain had stopped; I just hoped I could find this place as I’d never been there. Then I saw the sign for it – a forest reserve. The corners of the deepest car park was apparently where all the action happened. A mile or so later, we were entering the forest track and I killed my headlights. Though there was still some cloud overhead, there was intermittent illumination from the full moon. My eyes grew more accustomed as we drove slowly through the big main car park, which was almost deserted, through the next one, which had a few cars, then deeper until we came to it.

Despite the lateness there were twenty-plus cars there, and as we pulled into one of the quieter far corners I could see scurrying among the bushes all around – I was even sure I caught a glimpse of a woman in a fur coat, but she disappeared. The girls sat silently. I turned on the interior light and looked at them – unbelievable, as I looked I could feel my cock stiffening again.
‘Okay,’ I said quietly, ‘you girls are going to enjoy yourselves here – and that’s an order that you’d better obey if you don’t want to be walking home. Now, one at a time, I want you to get out and walk around to the front of the car; the sidelights will give you enough light so you don’t trip. You first, Carol…’ She hesitated. ‘Now!’ I shouted, and she opened the door and walked in front of the bonnet.

My cock was bursting looking at her. Even though she’d put her tits back inside her dress, she still looked amazing. I could see movement in all the surrounding bushes. ‘And now you!’ I ordered, ‘and leave that coat in here!’ For a moment she paused then moved out to join my wife.’

Believe me, if I’d been selling ice-creams in the Sahara, I couldn’t have been more popular. I got out and walked around to join them; men of all shapes, sizes, races and ages stood lurking in the shadows – some of them with their cocks in their hands, already wanking. There must have been over twenty of them. As my eyes grew more accustomed to the moonlight I could see two or three sets of couples approaching as well – and yes, one of them included the woman in a fur coat.

I beckoned to her, and she and her partner came forward. In the dark she appeared to be a tall startling blonde, but as she got nearer I could see that though she was past her prime she was still a looker. When she got to within feet from me she opened her coat. Apart from stockings and suspenders she was naked, with massive fake breasts. She was so tall only because of her teeteringly high heels. Her partner was well-dressed, bald and a bit paunchy and would never see seventy again.
‘Want to do a bit of a swap, young man. My husband here is very taken by your friends – a bit of mutual feeling-up is all he wants as I’m afraid he can’t get it up very well. Me, on the other hand, I can suck you dry with any orifice of your choice.’
She came close to me and kissed me deeply on the mouth while running her hand over my cock. This was interesting: I’d never had a glamorous well-bred woman of her age or type before, and I’d always had a secret thing for older women. On top of that, big fake tits were new to me as well.

However, as she was negotiating, her husband was groping away at both my girls – but he wasn’t alone, all the other shadowy figures were descending upon them with a menacing silence. I could see the girls were confused and a bit frightened – but we were here to make a point and teach a lesson.
‘Fuck them all!’ I ordered to the girls, but the surrounding men descended upon them in a rush as though I was addressing them. Each girl was carried bodily to cars close by; within minutes all I could see was them being spread-eagled on the bonnets, and a flurry of activity as some fucked, wanked, sucked – you name it. I even saw one old guy pissing onto Ros’s tits to the annoyance of the others in the throng.

I grabbed the fur coat woman and laid her on the bonnet of my own car. ‘What would you recommend?’ I asked, with a smile.
‘Oh, darling, always start with the cunt – especially mine, it’s almost got teeth!’ and she laughed aloud as I moved between her splayed legs and stuck my cock into the sweetest cunt I have ever experienced. She was right; she was expert with everything and while I pumped her and sucked at the big firm footballs on her chest she slipped a finger up my rectum and within seconds had me coming in ecstasy. I fell on top of her exhausted and for the first time noticed the crepe wrinkled skin between the smooth taut implants – just how old is this amazing woman I wondered?

I complimented her on her sexual skills.
‘Not bad for an old bag of near eighty, eh?’ she smiled, white teeth gleaming in the moonlight.
‘What! Eighty! How do you do it?’ I whispered – my grandmother wasn’t eighty yet!
She shook her head, with a grin, ‘The miracles of modern science; it’s amazing what you can achieve with the combination of exercise and money – but my hi-performance pussy has been the best investment of all,’ she said, stroking her naked cunt. ‘Believe me; I get as much pleasure as it gives.’

As I looked around to see where the girls were, she stood up and commented, ‘An unusual, interesting evening with those two,’ referring to my girls, ‘ – by now, they’ll be well ridden and covered in spunk, so you may take them home – the men will all have dispersed back into the undergrowth. Pity, really; there’ll be no-one here with another ball-sack full for me until a newcomer drives in.’
I looked at her with surprise.
‘I told you – I’m getting my money’s worth for this girl here!’ pointing again between her legs. Then she too, merged into the bushes.

I looked around; one or two stragglers still groped around the girls, their cocks hanging limp and depleted, like hyenas unwilling to leave the feast. I walked over the twenty or so yards to where the cars they’d been pinned upon were parked – they lay, just as the fur-coat woman had predicted, still on their respective bonnets but soaked with sweat and semen. The men retreated back into the undergrowth as I arrived.

Ros was lying naked on the nearest car; her suspender belt still intact, but attached to nothing but tattered stocking tops. Everything except the tattered tops around her thighs was gone, even her shoes. Carol, only feet away, was also naked: the dress I had admired earlier was gone, even her suspender belt was missing. One tattered black stocking trailed to the ground from her ankle. Her shoes too, were gone.

‘Okay, cunts,’ I said, ‘that’s enough fun here for tonight. Get back to the car.’

Obeying, they slid off the soaking bonnets, and limped over the gravelly ground back to the car.
‘Get in the back, sluts, and warm each other up. I want to hear some lesbian cunt action on the way home – so get to it!’

They climbed into the back seat and began to cuddle each other as I turned they car and began the drive home. My final words as we were leaving were: ‘Are you both deaf? I said cunt action, not cuddle action, I want to hear some lesbian orgasms as I drive, so get to it!’
I angled the interior mirror to watch them start to grope and wank each others well-used cunts to climax during the rest of the drive.


2015-10-25 07:59:11
My goodness... change just a few small parts of this story and you could easily have been be writing about me! :) My Dominant boyfriend often uses me in front of my husband just like Jim used Ros and Carol... even down to the dogging scenario which he's made me do 6 times now over the past couple of years. The only difference is my boyfriend always keeps a very close eye on who does what to me when he's offered me to others.
This story is spookily close to real life events that have happened to me though! It makes me wonder if you know my husband or boyfriend for real occam???

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2013-10-24 01:21:07
Very fucking horny plz tell more


2013-10-23 23:18:18
I really like this. So what happened when you got them home?

anonymous readerReport

2013-10-23 15:46:44
yeah....dunno...true story ??..dunno 'bout that either..doesnt really sound like the way anyone should treat women..but ?..maybe thats just not my way..

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