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my girlfriend was away for a week. She got so horny she told me her fantasy and wrote about it
we see a girl we like
she has the most amazing ass...I just want to reach out and put my hand between her cheeks
so I approach her
we're at a club
and I start dancing with her and she starts grabbing me
and I tell her that we both like her
and that we want her
and she comes with us and we fuck her
first you go down on her
you show me how
and then I do it
and she comes
and when she comes, she's a squirter...and that gets you so horny that you're hard right away
and she starts going down on you
and then I want to join
so I do
and we are both licking you and sucking you off
and you come on us
you come on her tits and I lick it all off
and then it's my turn and you both go down on me and suck on my tits
and then you're hard again
and you start touching my pussy
and I want you inside me
I want your cock inside me so badly
so you put it in
and you start fucking me
and it feels amazing
I'm so wet that you're having a hard time not coming again
so you stop yourself in order not to come too quickly
and you switch to her
you lick her wet pussy for a bit
and she asks you to fuck her ass
and you want to
so you do it
and it feels amazing
and she's moaning in pleasure
and she's on top of you facing down, toward your feet
so while you're fucking her ass
I go down on her and I touch her wet pussy
and I lick your balls
and then as I watch, I start masturbating
because you guys look so good doing it
and you start watching me and you see me come
and it's too much, and you can't hold it anymore
and you come in her tight little ass
you come so much

so then we let you rest and she and I start making out
I tell her I want her, that she's gorgeous
that I want to lick her and pleasure her
so I do
I start to lick her pussy and her ass and she loves it
I can't get enough of that smell
her pussy smells delicious
and she's so wet because she always wanted to do a girl
and I make her come even harder than before
and she soaks my face with her come
and you are just watching the whole time
and you get so horny just seeing how much I love it
that you get hard again and you beg me to let you fuck my ass
you want it so badly, you feel like you're gonna burst
so you start licking it and putting a finger in it hoping you'll soften me up
and she starts sucking on my tits and playing with my clit because she wants to see you fuck my ass, too
and I start getting hornier and I am on all fours
you are licking me from behind and it feels amazing
and I look down and I see that you're touching your dick
that you're pleasuring yourself
and in that moment I realize I need you to fuck my ass
I want it so badly
and I beg you to please do it
and you lick my ass and finger it until it's more open and it's all wet and squishy from the spit
and then you put the tip in and it feel better than anything you've ever felt
and you spit on it from up there and it falls right on your dick and you slide it, slowly, all the way into my ass
all the way
and I start to scream in pleasure
because I never expected it to feel so amazing

it's complete ecstasy
and you are fucking my ass from behind while she is touching and playing with my clit
and playing wiht herself, too
and I am so horny that you both make me come at the same time
I come harder than I've ever come in my life
your dick puts pressure on my anus and on my pussy in the best way possible and I come come come
and she's touching my pussy, so I come twice as hard
everything contracts at once and I am in heaven
it's the best thing I've ever felt to have you inside me while she touches me and we're all pleasuring each other
and you feel my asshole throb from how hard my pussy is spazzming because I came so much
and it tightens around your dick
and you before you know it you're moaning in pleasure
you are coming inside my ass
you are coming so much, and you don't know how because you've already come so much
but it feels perfect
you slide your dick in and out as your come keep squirting out
it's so much that it's dripping out of my ass already and I love it...I love your come
and she loves it, too
so much that she licks everything you just came
and she kiss me and gives me some of it so I can taste it
and it's the best come I've ever tasted

god I wish I were there right now
I would lick your balls and suck on your dick
I just want to put it into my mouth and pleasure you until you come inside my mouth
I want to taste your come and then I want you to pull out and I want you to come on my face
I would love that so much
and I want you to slide one finger into my ass while you fuck my pussy so that I feel pleasure in both places
and I want you to fuck me so hard...until I come on your dick
until I make it all wet with my come
and I want to film us doing it
and I want to watch it and I want us to masturbate to it

I want us to touch ourselves and touch each other while watching the tapes of us fucking
did you come again yet?
just try to remember the smell of my pussy
and how hard it always gets you
how as soon as I come and you slide your hard cock inside of me, you can never last long because you're so horny from watching me come
because you want me so much

I also have this one where you start out by fucking her tits..she has gorgeous tits...they're round and big but not huge
just the right size
and it's wet and it slides because I went down on you already
I spit all over your cock and it's perfect and slippery
and you're fucking her tits and I watch you and finger myself
and she sees me and she reaches out and turns me around and starts spanking me because she loves my ass
and then she licks my ass and she slides two fingers into my throbbing pussy
but then you want to taste me so you tell me to get on top of her doggy style so you can reach me while you fuck her pussy
so you put your dick in her wet pussy and you can feel the tightness and it feels so good
and you can smell my ass, too and you love that smell
you love it so much
and you're licking my pussy and my ass and you have easy access so you can use your fingers and put them wherever you want
so you do
and I beg you to make me come
I beg you for you do it
you put one finger in my ass and one in my pussy
and you slide them in and out, in and out
at first slowly and then you speed it up
and I moan because no one has ever done that to me before
and I had no idea it could feel so amazing
and so I come and I moan so loudly...I scream and I come so hard that my legs feel numb and I almost black out
and while you feel me come with your fingers you start to feel yourself come, too
you come into her beautiful little pussy and she feels the warmth of your come and she starts to go, too
you both come at the same time and I am watching it and loving it, it look amazing
and I love watching it so much that I have to drink it
I have to drink your come and hers
mixed up
so when you're both done I slowly kiss her engorged and wet clit
and I smell your come mixed with her pussy
and I lick and I suck so I can get all that come out and it's so delicious

it's so delicious it's indescribable
I feel like I could come all over again just from how good it all tastes
I drink it and it's so amazing I can't believe it
I love it so much that my nipples are hard and my wet clit is throbbing uncontrollably
and so she sees I'm still horny and she wants to pleasure me while you come down
and she tells you to watch
and she ties me up
she handcuffs me to the bedposts
and she wants to blindfold me but I say no, I want to watch
I want to see what she's doing
and I want to see your face while she's pleasuring me
so she grabs a vibrator and she starts rubbing it on my pussy
and then she slides the tip into my pussy and she spits and licks my clit
and then I ask her to put it in my ass because I know how good it will feel after how good it felt when you put your hard dick in my ass
so she does it
and I feel it vibrating inside my ass and I come all over again
and I look at your face and you love it
that's your favourite thing
more than anything you love to watch me come
I want you to masturbate to it tomorrow and the next day and the day after that
I want to re read it and get so horny that we both masturbate to it while watching each other
my pussy has been throbbing this entire time
did you come a lot?
I love how much you come
you come so much
I love when you come on my tits and on my stomach
oh god, I want that right now
if I had my computer I would've already come with you these 3 times
I would've put it on and shown you my tight pussy
I would've masturbated for you because I know how much you love it when I touch myself and come for you
I would've shown you how horny you make me
how much I want you and need you
how thinking of your rock hard dick make my pussy throb
so much that I have to touch myself
I have to come
I would have shown you my pussy while I went round and round on my clit
you love that

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are you or your girlfriend mentally retarded

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