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One Lucky Bastard Prt 2

Hey everyone here is part two.

So there I was naked, dick spasmming, and small squirts of cum still coming out. I could see Nikki’s mom yelling but I couldn’t really hear her. I was too busy watching one of the globs of semen run down her the side of her lip headed for the corner of her mouth. “What is your name young man?” These were the first words I heard that snapped me back to reality.

“Hunh.” “Are you deaf? What is your name young man?” “Mom, his name is Darrell we have history class together. We were here working on a project together. We finished and one thing led to another and we started making out and did a little something. What are you doing home this early anyway?” “ I got off early and came home. A little something!! By the looks of this room and you two it seems like you did a whole lot.” By this time, I had gotten my head together and recomposed myself and I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

“Maam, I am sorry for disrespecting your home. It seems like you and your daughter need some time. I will just gather my things and head home. By the way you have some sperm on your mouth.” “Sit your ass right there and don’t move.” The thing she did shocked the shit out of me. She licked her lips and then ate my cum. I instantly got hard enough to break diamonds.

Here was this 5’0” chocolate 30 something year old athletically built woman who clearly was either a track star or a cheerleader in high school who visibly had not lost anything , she just got older, standing in front of me eating my cum. I don’t know whether she did it out of instinct or curiosity. What I do know, is that it was sexy.

She told Nikki to pick up her shit and go upstairs to her room get cleaned up and she would be up shortly. As Nikki was getting her stuff up, I tried to get up and get something to hide my hard on and get my clothes so I could leave. “Didn’t I tell your ass not move? Drop those fucking clothes and sit your ass back down.”
It was at that moment that I noticed three things. 1. She scooped the rest of my cum off her face and was now licking her fingers. 2. She was trying to look at my dick and 3. She was smiling. Well not really smiling , it was more like a devilish smirk. Instantly I started trying to hide my hard on. She was a grown woman and the mother of a girl I really liked and had just finished fucking. But there was no denying that Nikki got everything she had from her momma.

“Don’t try to hide your little dick now. You wasn’t trying to hide it when you were in here fucking my daughter. Move your damn hands.” Scared and aroused at the same time, I did what I was told. As I moved my hands and uncovered my dick her facial expression changed from “Little dick motherfucker” to “Oh my Fucking god.” She managed to choke out an “Oh my. You fucked my daughter with that?”

“Yes maam.” I just knew I was going to jail for rape or sexual assult or some shit. “Call me Gladys” she said as she sat down next to me on the couch. “Ms. Gladys, I-“ “Not Ms Gladys, just Gladys” she interrupted. “ Gladys, I really didn’t mean or plan to disrespect your home. I really like your daughter and I want her to be my girl.” “So you like her but yet you say you weren’t planning on fucking her? I think you are sorry. You’re sorry you got caught. Now what am I going to do with you? I should call your parents.” My face didn’t change. I lived with my uncle he wouldn’t care. He would just congradulate me. “That doesn’t scare you though. I could call the police but Nikki would never say you raped her. But still you must be punished.”

The whole time she was talking, I hadn’t noticed that Nikki had come back down stairs and was looking at us through the mirror on the wall. Gladys had moved up right next to me on the couch and had curled up with her knees under her. The next thing she said took me completely off guard. “Darrell how much do you like my daughter?” “I like her a lot. Why?” “What if I told you that if you don’t let me suck your dick right now, I won’t let you see her ever again? Do you like her enough to give me that dick?”

I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say. As I was sitting there dumbfounded she started stroking my rock hard cock. “God, you have to think about? Doesn’t sound like you really like my daughter as much as you say.” “I do. That’s why I’m stuck I don’t want her to hate me for fucking you.” “who said anything about fucking? I said let me suck your dick. So you admit that you want to fuck me hmm, interesting you want to fuck me and you just fucked my daughter. Your nasty but so am I.” With that, she started sucking my dick like it was the last one on earth and she had been deprived for years.

Her daughter was amazing but mom, mom was on another level. She must have taught Nikki what she knew because she did the same trick with her tongue when she came up to my head but on the down stroke, she gargled it in her throat each time she swallowed. It was wet, it was sloppy, and it was the best damned blow job I’d had to that point in my life. The other thing she did was nibble my whole dick and then suck the whole thing down. Her bottom lip was kissing my balls. Damn it felt awesome!!!

So I am sitting there getting the greatest blow job ever from a woman who is old enough to be my mother, who happens to be the mother of a girl that I really like, who, just thirty minutes ago, I was fucking. Oh did I mention that Nikki was watching the whole thing in the mirror?

Nikki walked back into the room pissed. “Enjoying yourself mother?” She said in a disturbed tone. “Sure am” slurp, slurp, came the response. “How you gonna get mad at me for fucking him in the house and you doing the same thing?” Slurp, “My house,” slurp, slurp, “my rules” slurp, slurp, slurp. Then, to add insult to injury, she stood up stripped off her nursing dress, stockings, bra, and panties and sat down on my dick reverse cowgirl so she could ride me and talk to her daughter at the same time.

As she climbed on she said “Oh I’m gonna enjoy this.” She eased her pussy down on my dick until her ass was sitting on my pelvic area. Then she started to rock and grind slowly back and forth. “Damn this dick is good. Baby Momma is so proud of you. You know how to pick ‘em.” “Mom why are you doing this? This is so wrong!” “No baby this so right. Oh shit. This is a man sized dick, you don’t know what to do with it. But, if you let me I will teach you. Nikki you are my only child I wor-work ha-ha-hard to gi-give you ev-everything y-y-you want. I spoil you and you-you ne-never h-h-have to share. Well your gon-gonna share th-this di-d-dick. Shit I’m about to cummm.”

With that she came all over my dick. She drenched it but, kept riding. “Nikki” she said, “Yes Mom.” “I want you to know that I made him do it so don’t be mad at him his dick is just so damn good and his cum tastes good too! I’ll m-make a-a-a-a d-deal w-with y-you t-two if y-you l-let h-him f-fuck me too, I- I w-will b-buy you guys whatev-ever you want.” She came again. “No no’s ever, momma just has to get some of this dick too.” “whatever we want whenever we want?” “Yes.” “No matter what it is?” “No matter, Oh Shit, what it is” “Can Darrell come over whenever he wants and we do whatever we want?”
“Come over, I don’t want him to leave.” “Darrell are you cool with me being your girl and my mom being your sugar momma?” Nikki asked. “If you cool with it, I ‘m cool with it,” I said. “Okay momma you got a deal. Darrell fuck her like you fuck me.”

With that, I picked Gladys up, turned her on her neck and shoulders, squatted on the edge of the couch and proceeded to drill her pussy like a jackhammer. Nikki sat on the couch with a pen and paper and started writing down what she wanted. Every now and then she would encourage me by saying “Darrell be my motherfucker, fuck the shit out of that old whore.” Gladys couldn’t protest. All she could do was give a throaty yell every time I thrust down. About 15 minutes later she was begging me to stop.
I ignored her and kept fucking her. I was pretty close to cumming but I didn’t want her or her daughter to know how that I was enjoying Gladys pussy just as much as her daughters.

“Wait” I thought “why should they run this? They want my dick. I am gonna take control of this situation and fuck them when I want, how I want, for as long as I want.” I started talking dirty and abusive at the same time to see if I could take control. When Gladys started to beg me to stop because I was starting to hurt her I said “shut up bitch this is what you wanted right? You wanted me to fuck you, so I’m fucking you and, I am going to keep fucking you just like this do you understand?” “Wait a minute I am the adult here and I-“ “Your right and if you don’t want to go to jail for fucking a child, you will do what I say got it?”

She thought about the threat I just made. She thought about her Job. She thought about going to prison. She thought about her only daughter having to live with another family member or, even worse, Nikki’s dad and his boyfriend. She thought about all this as flipped her over on all fours and started fucking her from behind. By now, Nikki had stopped writing and had started playing with herself. It was so fucking hot watching Nikki diddle herself while I fucked her mother to death.

I asked Gladys again if she understood. “Yes I understand. Oh-oh God, wh-what h-have I-I g-gotten myself into?” with that she came again. The excitement of making a grown woman into 1 of my sex slaves was too much for me I was about to pop.

“Nikki, Com’mere” I said. “I’m about to cum.” She came and put her face on her mom’s ass I pulled out just in time. “Open your mouth.” She did without a second thought. I shoved my dick as far in as I could. I wanted to see if she would suck her mother’s juices off my dick like her mother did earlier. Well like mother like daughter. Nikki Gobbled and sucked my dick like a hungry “new born” sucks a tit for milk.

Boy did I give her the milk. I emptied my whole load in her mouth and told her not to spill a drop and not to swallow. When I finished nutting I told her mother to lay on her back and open her mouth. Then I told Nikki to share my cum with her mother. She pursed her lips and drooled it into her mother’s mouth. What they did next shocked even me. Nikki leaned down and tongue kissed her mother and her mother kissed her back. My Dick twitched. I started getting Hard again.

I wanted to fuck some more but I knew I couldn’t. We all got up and sat on the couch. I told Nikki and Gladys that I would continue to fuck both of them but under my rules. Along with Gladys buying me and Nikki whatever we wanted, I was to get a set of keys to the house. I was allowed to fuck either of them whenever I wanted the way I wanted no questions asked.

With the exception of work or her cycle, Gladys was not to wear panties. Nikki was not to wear pants or panties unless her cycle was on. Gladys was to call me “Daddy” at all times and Nikki could only fuck me from now on. They both agreed. I left and went home.

The Next day when I got to school Nikki was waiting at my locker with her best friend Tamia. She said she told Tamia about last night and Tamia wanted to know if it was true. I confirmed it. Then Tamia asked Nikki if she could join in. “What are you asking me for? He’s ‘Daddy’ you need to ask him.” Nikki said. Tamia asked. I said yes. But that is another story!!!!!!

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