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I am not an exhibitionist as such, but I do enjoy walking about the house naked when my wife is out visiting friends or attending her various clubs and societies. Our sex life is practically non existent these days, and so this rare move into private nudity helps to keep me sane.

My wife goes to bed about 11pm I have always been something of a night owl and therefore stay up, take the opportunity to be nude, and I stay up watching TV or surfing the net. Six months ago I decided to be brave and walk around the garden in the dark for a few minutes. I found the fresh air on my naked body to be very invigorating and wanted to stay longer, but walking around a small garden dozens of times can me rather boring.

I then decided to risk the open streets. I have noticed that after 11pm in our neighbourhood is something of a ghost town. There are no pubs, clubs or anything nearby to attract anyone. I treated my first venture into the streets as a fact finding mission. I did not undress on that first occasion. To my delight I found everywhere totally deserted. I walked for about ten minutes in one direction, turning into about ten streets, before turning returning the same way.

I met no-one on that first nightly walk or on the second walk with my clothes on. I was happy that my evening naked walk would not be affected by unwanted spectators. I stripped off for the third walk and enjoyed the freedom of nudity in public, without the embarrassment of being seen. It was on my fourth evening of nudity that it happened. I reached the corner of Southwood Street, about to turn into Mere crescent, when coming round the corner in the opposite direction I was faced with a woman about my own age.

We both stopped dead in our tracks and stared at each other. She was as naked as I was! In the few seconds I was staring at her in the light from a nearby street lamp, I noticed her lovely mature breasts, flat tummy, long shapely legs and neatly trimmed pubic hairs.

“I’m not a pervert or anything! “ I tried to explain, hoping against hope that she wouldn’t scream or do anything which might bring others to the scene.
“Ditto here! “sHe replied with a nervous smile.
“I suppose we should say hello?” I gave an equally nervous laugh.
“Hello!” she said, offering me her right hand “Nice to meet you.”
“Likewise” I replied, grasping her tiny hand and gently shaking.
“Do you walk around here often?” she asked.
“Yes every evening lately. I Might suspend activities now though. Thought I’d be alone.”
“Oh please don’t stop on my account!” she pleaded “This is my first, and last, time.”
“And don’t you stop on my account either!” I snapped a little harshly “It’s a free country.”

She nodded silently, and we stood staring at each other for what seemed ages. Her lovely naked body was beginning to arouse me in a way I hadn’t been affected for a long time. She glanced down, without any trace of embarrassment or fear, to see my penis starting to rise and thicken.

“Oh crikey!” I exclaimed “I am so sorry!” I attempted to cover my growing manhood with my hands.
“Don’t you dare apologise!” she snapped “that’s a compliment I haven’t experienced in a long, long time.”
“You don’t mind?” I queried, my embarrassment starting to wane, to be replaced with utter relief.
“Not at all” she smiled “I just hope that is me that have caused it?”
“Oh it’s you alright!” I laughed, as my cock grew harder and longer “You have a lovely body.”
“Thank you kind sir!” she giggled, and offered a quaint mock curtsey.
“It’s been a long time since anyone caused it to happen.”
“Oh dear! It seems we both have similar problems.” She smiled and gazed at my cock, now fully erect and towering upwards from my groin “What a shame for you, you have such a lovely erection.”
“Thank you.”
“You are very welcome. I’ sorry if this means you will have an uncomfortable walk with it?”
“Oh don’t worry” I chuckled “if it doesn’t go quickly I will have to make it go.”
“Masturbation?” she queried, her eyebrows raised in apparent surprise.
“It’s doubtful my wife will be willing or even awake for anything else.”
“Well it is my entire fault for being like this” She indicated her nudity “Can I help in any way?”

Talking in that way about my erection caused my cock to harden even more. The pressure was starting to hurt. She noticed my discomfort.
“I wouldn’t be so cheeky as to ask?”
“You are not asking” she smiled “I am offering!”

Without further explanation she curled her right hand around the shaft of my cock and gently squeezed. It felt so good! She slowly moved her hand up and down.

“Is that nice?” she whispered quietly.
“It’s lovely” I replied honestly and truthfully.

It had been ages since my wife, never mind another woman, had touched my cock that I feared a premature ejaculation that would ruin the wonderful atmosphere that was building. I thankfully controlled my growing erotic feelings as she began to grip me tighter and move her hand a little faster.

“I never thought I would be doing something like this when I left the house” she laughed.
“No me neither. But I’m glad you are.”
“Are you really?” she queried, her eyes lighting up as her face broke out into a beautiful smile.
“Of course I am! What man wouldn’t appreciate a beautiful naked woman doing this for him?”
“Do you really think I am beautiful?” she asked quietly, “My husband never tells me these days.”
“You are absolutely gorgeous, with an incredible body to match!”

The grip on my cock tightened as she masturbated me, obviously enjoying it as much as I was. She snuggled into my chest as she continued working her hand up and down. Without thinking I slipped an arm around her and ran my hand over her bare thigh and left cheek of her bottom. She looked up and smiled. A happy smile, a contented smile, a smile that told me to continue. So I did. I slid my hand upwards and found the curve of her left breast. I slipped my hand fully over it and began to gently massage. I felt her body tremble as I squeezed and fondled a little harder.

The grip on my cock tightened yet again and I could sense my climax was near. I tried to fight away the growing feelings in my groin. I didn’t want this to end so soon. I reached over with my other hand and crossed over hers to find a warm wet welcome between her legs. She parted them obligingly. I appreciated the help and slid a finger into her wet pussy. Her body twitched and became firmer as I pushed further inside her. She pushed her groin on to my finger and squashed her pussy hard on to my hand. Two more fingers slipped inside her throbbing wet hole.

She began to moan with obvious delight as I fingered her as expertly as I could. It had been such a long time for me. I seemed to be doing the right things though, and she certainly was! The pressure in my balls was mounting and I was almost ready to burst. I fingered her pussy with more urgency. Eager to make her cum before I exploded. I suddenly remembered something from the distant past. My thumb found her clitoris and began to play on the hardening button that was the switch to finally turn on her extreme emotions. I pulled hard upwards with two of my fingers, in swift jerking movements, towards her clitoris. I felt her body trembling and shaking as my fingers jerked up and down inside her. My thumb flicked firmly on her clitoris. My balls felt as if they were bursting. She cried out

“I’m cumming!” They would have probably heard her in the next street. She screamed as her orgasm overcame her …”Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!.” she cried out loud. “I needed that!” It was unfortunate that we didn’t cum together, but my own climax followed a minute later. She pumped up and down on the shaft of my prick and my juices spurted upwards and across the pavement.

“Wow!” she cried, guiding my cock with her hand “You sure needed that too!”

I pulled my fingers out of her extremely wet pussy, but she kept hold of my dick until I had spurted my full load. I quickly began to subside, with my dick diminishing with every second that passed. She finally released my cock and grabbed my hand. We held hands tightly and walked the length of the street together. At the corner we stopped. It was time to go home.

“I don’t even know your name?” I said just as we parted.
“Let’s leave it at that.” She replied “Let us just be two strangers in the night.”


2016-07-29 18:10:45
What an absolutely beautiful little tale!
A delight for both you and the lady,
and beautifully told. I am delighted that
you both had cums, as I am sure both
of you were. A lovely memory for both
of you to treasure. Surely you must have
gone walking again to see if she is there?


2013-11-01 15:05:00
I've read lots of stories on this site and that was one of the best. Thanks.

anonymous readerReport

2013-10-26 19:09:35
Nice story. Sounds like this was a one off meeting, which is a pity. Cannot understand so many negatives causing a comparatively low rating - but then there are always plenty of envious idiots who delight in messing it up for really talented writers. And as for the previous moron to me, with his pathetic comment which has totally nothing to do with this lovely story - well words fail me!

anonymous readerReport

2013-10-26 06:18:24
I used to take naked walks, if only this happened to me!


2013-10-25 16:53:37
good story and interesting twist, Keep writing

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