Hey guys here's the new story. A lot less sex in this so if that's all you want sorry. I'm taking a break from 'the tutor' hoping for inspiration to strike.
Sara was a quiet girl. She was tall, 5 9", had long blonde hair down to her butt and deep blue eyes. She was a sexy girl but she was secluded and shy. Like all kids she tried to be as nice, cool and friendly as she could in kindergarten and first grade to be popular, and that worked... For some time. Her best friend jade was also very popular when they were young, they did every thing together and were the closest of friends until 7th grade. They both liked a guy and wanted him, but when Sara won him jade was mad. She told her if she dated him then they couldn't be friends. Sara merely took it as an over reaction, but the next week the guy broke up with her and her friends stopped hanging out with her. Jade had told every one she was a whore and was sleeping around.
She was immediately cast to a very low place in the hierarchy of school. She has little amounts of friends now but numbers were traded for loyalty and trust.

Sam was a different story. He never had to try yet people would flock to be around him, guys, girls, younger kids, some older kids and even on occasion an adult. No one ever got to close to him though for 2 reasons, 1. He didn't want lots of popularity and people lining up to hang out with him and 2. He moved around a lot, the longest he ever stayed in a place was just shy of 2 years.

He was 6 2" with black hair and dark eyes and is very muscular. Now he was moving to rivercreek, a small town in New Hampshire, where Sara lived. When he moved in and started school it was like all other schools.

"Have you seen the new kid? He's super mysterious and no one knows anything about him" one of Sara's friends, Mary, said. "I saw him walk in today. Black tee, jeans and sneakers. Didn't seem to mysterious to me." She responded and kept at her home work. There was a noise of someone clearing there throat. Sara and her friends looked up and saw Sam standing there and they all blushed he gave a small smirk and walked on out to his challenger and drove home. Sara gathered her stuff "well now that the new kid probably thinks we're weird I'm going home." She grabbed her keys and left.

When she got home she got a text from an unknown number. She finished parking and looked at her phone. 'Hey. I've seen you around and heard about you and I like you' it said.
'Ya it's me.'
'Oh cool how'd you get my number?'
'I talk to people, so you wanna go out Friday?'
'Um sure, pick me up at 7' with that Sara put her phone away then went inside to call her friend. When she got inside she pulled out her phone again and punched in a number. "Jen? Hey guess what, that new guys, Sam, he asked me out for Friday." Sara said. "Oh cool, I heard he was asking some of his new friends about you." She responded.
"That's a little creepy haha but what ever". They ended their conversation a little later and Sara went about her regular routine for the rest of the day, thinking about Sam the whole time.

When Friday came Sam picked her up at 7 on the dot. "Your mom or dad isn't gonna give me the 'respect' speech?" He asked when Sara got in. "My dad was stabbed and killed when I was young and mom is out of town for work a lot." She responded. Sam just nodded and put the challenger in gear.

When they got to there destination it was a night club in the abandoned warehouse district, build into two conjoined warehouses. "We're juniors... 17. We can't get in to a club." Sara said as they pulled up. "I know the owner, Russian guy named Bogdan. He lets me and my friends in. Don't say anything good about the American government and he'll be you best friend." Sam replied and gave a small laugh "I'm kinda a club rat.". They exited the car and went to the line. Sam approached the super human looking bounce, "back of the line bitch." He said to Sam in his low booming voice. They both hesitated a moment then started laughing. "Good one Todd!" Sam exclaimed "have a good night man" he slipped the bouncer a tip then walked in. Sara followed him getting a playful smack on the ass from the bouncer. When they got inside Sara asked "your new here so how do you know Bogdan and the bouncer?". Sam responded "He had a club in my last town and I met him and Todd when they came to clean up from a kitchen fire.". Before there was further questioning a tall, slim man with slick back black hair approached them "Samuel! Kak поживаете?" The man asked. "I am well Bogdan. How are you?"
He gestured to the club "makin money."
"Good, good"
"Would you and your lovely lady like to join me?" He pointed to a lofted VIP area that view the whole club and Sam looked at Sara for an answer. She wrapped her arms around his muscular arm "ya sure.". As they walked up the stairs two the glasses in room Bogdan kept complimenting Sara, "...and that beautiful long blonde hair. You truly are a marvel." He finished as they reached the thick steal door. "So why why got the steal door?" Sara asked. "I used to be Russian FSB agent. After I messed up a mission I got a tip they planned to kill me, so I slipped out with the help of my brother. The steal door, wall, floor and bullet proof windows are for protection in case they find me". Sara got slightly paler knowing she was hanging out with a trained killer. They sat in front of the window and talked this and that. Sara found out that Sam sometimes ran security in his clubs. Bogdan poured 3 shot glasses of vodka and handed Sara and Sam a glass each " to old..." He looked at Sam "...and new friends" he looked at Sara then him and Sam downed it but she hesitated. "Why have you not drank?" Bogdan asked. Sara didn't know what to say but Sam defended her "she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to.". Then Sara spoke "ill have one, just i get kinda crazy if I have to much.".
Sam smiled as she downed it.

By 10 they had had their fun and were leaving. Sara got her new friend, Bogdan's, number should she need it. Bogdan spoke before they left his safe room, "you are welcome back anytime Sara, I tell Todd to let you in." She smiled "thanks Bogdan I like your club ill be back". When they left a man was slumped against a warehouse wall on the way to the car. He grabbed Sara ankle "hey hottie". She tried to pull away but he held tight. "Please let go." She said. He pulled her down "hang out with a real man for a while" he tried to put his hand down her shirt and she yelped like a puppies. Sam palmed his face and hit his head against the corrugated tin of the warehouse the picked him up with the neck of his coat. He started more or less dragging him down to a dock. "Can you swim?" Sam asked
"Yes" the man said through gasps of shock
"Good" Sam said as he reached the end of the dock and hurled him into the harbor. He jogged back to Sara "you ok" he took a knee by her. Sara wrapped him in a hug and kissed him on the lips "thanks Sam most guys would have wimped out and done nothing." He gave her a smile. "Lets get you home princess." He said picking her up and carrying her to the car.

When they rolled up it was raining. Sara started to open her door. "Hold on a second." Sam said. He got out of the car and opened an umbrella then crossed to her door and opened it for her. "Thanks..." Sara said. Sam walked her to the door. "Thanks for the great date and introducing me to Bogdan... You wanna come in?" Sara asked. Sam thought a minute then smiled and nodded. She brought him into a living room and he sat down in a lazy boy. Sara then sat on his lap draping her legs over the side of the chair. "I wanna thank you a little more for tonight, baby." Sara said then slowly pressed her lips to his, sliding her tongue in his mouth. He was caught off guard but then joined in wrestling with her tongue.
They sat and held each other for a little bit.
After about 15 minutes a crack of lightning put the power out. Sara gasped a little. "It's ok babe." Sam soothed her. She leaned back from the embrace and slipped the straps of her dress off an rolled the dress down over her breasts. "What are you doing?" Sam asked, not being able to see just feel her shifting. She leaned back in to his chest and grabbed his hand and slowly pulled it to her chest. When his hand made contact he relaxed his fingers so he wouldn't be too rough. She made his fingers squeeze them. He unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out then grabbed her hand and did the same thing. She didn't relax, she grabbed it and started jerking him off. Sam pulled her into a kiss while they fondled each other. "Lets go out again." Sara said and giggled. "Deal." Sam responded. Sara smiled then opened her legs to give Sam access to her Nicely shaved pussy. Sam licked the inside of her thigh teasing her.
Sara heard a squeaking of her front door and knew her mom was home early. She pulled up her panties "put your dick away." She whispered. Sam pulled it back through his fly and Sara got her dress above her chest just as her mom walked in.
"Sara are you in here? The storm put the lights out."
"Ya mom... My friend is here."
"Jen? Roxy?"
"Sam, my date I told you about."
"Oh..." She lit a candle and walkedi over, extending her hand. "I'm Emily Potter"
He smiled and shook her hand "Sam."
Sara chimed in "always wanted a brother named Harry.". Sam laughed "well I think ill go.". "Oh no please stay my mom loves company." Sara begged.
"Sorry sweety I've got business to take care of.". Sara got off his lap and walked to the door with Sam
. "Ok text me babe."
"Ok. See ya" he kissed her cheek and left.

Sara and her mom talked for almost an hour about the date, Sam, who Bogdan was. Soon Sara went to bed. She figured for awhile but was thinking of Sam and couldn't sleep.
She grabbed her phone 'hey' she texted Sam. After 5 minutes she got 'hi' back.
'I can't sleep... I was thinking about our date'
'Really? Want me to take you back some time?'
'Ok I just gotta watch out I think Bogdan has the hots for you haha'
'Haha he's nice but former FSB? To dangerous for my'
'I can be dangerous'
'Your gonna put little old me in danger? Haha'
'Would never dream of it angel. I gotta work on stuff with Bogdan now'
'Ok see you tomorrow'
She put her phone away and rolled over finally finding sleep.

Over the next week Sam and Sara talked periodically. Friday they went to the club again. Bogdan was happy to see his friends and hugged them both, being fairly obvious when he felt Sara's butt. They once again went to the glassed in lounge he found refuge in. They got situated and started talking, "so Sara..." Bogdan began with his heavy Russian accent, "...Samuel here tells me that you fear my former life style." He chuckled. Sara laughed "ya I'm just a little scared I'll be hanging out here when the Russians find you." He laughed "fair enough".
They continue talking and took shots from the same vodka bottle as last time. Sara this time had six and the guys only had two. She was drunk and defiantly showing it. She sat down on a couch in-between Bogdan and Sam, wrapping her arms around them, "I love you guys sooo much." She slurred. Sam kissed her "I love you too, even though you have no alcohol tolerance and your drunk ass hell right now." Bogdan laugh, " I love you too but not like Sam does, your like my little sister.". They both hugged her. She then passed out slouching over on Bogdan. "Well comrade, I think we've gotta go now. Sorry not to stay longer." Sam said. "It's fine Samuel, go." He responded. Sam nodded then picked her up like a baby, laying her head over his shoulder and carried her out.

He pulled up the long drive way,seeing Emily's car. "Shit... Mrs Potter is home." He whispered to himself. He parked, then got out and crossed to the passenger side. He picked her up again laying her head over his shoulder. He walked to the door and knocked. Emily opened the door, "Sam? What did you do to my daughter?" She said partially serious but mostly kidding. "She had a bit too much... to drink." he said hoping she wouldn't be too mad. "You seem afraid," she laugh, "I don't care if my little girl has a few drinks... but you drove her home. You weren't drinking were you?".
"I had a drink but it was an hour before we left."
"Hmm that's ok I guess. Come in."
Sam entered to the living room and laid Sara on the couch. "How was it?" Emily asked, pushing him into a chair. She sat down across from him, not crossing her legs. Sam saw up her skirt and looked away. "Oh sorry I didn't realize. You didn't like seeing it?" She said. "It's just, I'm dating your daughter." Sam replied. "Haha good.". She crossed her legs, just as Sara woke up. "...aww mother fucker. My head hurts." She turned to face away from the back of the couch. She saw Sam and lit up. "Hi baby! My head hurts a ton."
"You had six shots sweety."
"I know Bogdan should have took it away." Sam laughed at her lack of self control. "Well I've got to go sweet heart." Sam said. Sara gowned and asked why. "Business I got to take care of." Sara rolled her eyes at him and walked him to the door. They said there good byes and he left.

Over the next month they continued going to the club and sometimes having dinner. He remained a mystery to everyone in school, the extent of information they had was his name was Sam and that he and Sara were dating.
Sara didn't even know that much. She never saw his apartment or even heard where it was. She knew he spent sometime in Russia as a kid and that he was VERY into guns. He and Bogdan would talk for hours about models and bullet types and calipers. She also learned he was a four time black belt and had a large income of money but never heard of a job.

Sara walked up to Sam's locker. "Hy baby what you doin?" She said. "Getting books, getting ready to leave." He answered.
"So I was wondering if I could see you place?"
"We have been dating for about a month. I guess but you can't tell any one where it is or anything."
"I know, you love your privacy." She rolled her eyes and walk to his car with him and got in.
He drove to the west side of town in the warehouse district. Sara was confused, no houses or apartments were over here.
He drove until he was at the last row of warehouses before the town broke off into forest. He turned down it and drove until he hit the river. He stopped at a 15x15 foot structure. He got out and opened the door then pulled in. It was a small space with a chair, some work benches, tons of tools and mounted carpet over the whole floor except where the challenger pulled in. "Nice place." Sara said trying to sound as sincere as possible but was unimpressed. "Sara this is just a garage, you should know, with me, there's always another secret." Sam said stepping to one of the corners and opening a hidden door in the floor. "Your special Sara, I'm showing you the inner sanctum.". He gesture for her to follow then descended down the stairs. She followed shutting the heavy concrete door behind them.
The whole place was made of carved concrete and was candle lit. She looked around, in the living room, small dining room, kitchen, bathroom and finally meeting Sam in the master bedroom. "These candles are so romantic Sammy." Sara said, sitting next to him on the bed then pulling him to lay down. "Ya?" He kissed he slowly, stoking her soft hair and running his hand down her side. "Sam.." She whispered "I want you... Now.". Sam chuckled and kissed her again and moved his hand to lightly caress her breast and used his free hand to pull her on top of him. He then used his hand to give her a little spank. Sara gave a little yelp. Sam unbuttoned his jeans, rolling her off two the side and sliding them off, leaving him in his boxers and a shirt. He discarded the shirt and watched Sara start to give a strip show. When she got to her under garments she stopped like Sam did. She leaned on him and kissed him while she reached in his boxers and pulled out his cock.
She stroked it a couple times. "We finally get to finish what we started!"
Sara whispered to him, then started sucking his dick. Sam let out a loud groan. Sara swirled he tongue around his head while bobbing up and down. Sara reach for her breast and fondled it. She got up taking off her bra and panties, leaving her naked. Sam dropped his boxers and started jacking off. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs for him. Sam moved in between her legs and got position. He gave her a kiss then started in. "Awww ya baby ya mmmm." Sara moaned as he slipped in. He started pumping quickly but gently. "Give me it hard babe, I like it rough." She begged him. He started pushing hard, colliding their pelvises until it started to hurt Sam a little. As it may cause Sam a little pain, Sara loved it. She kept moaning and saying his name and encouraging him, "ya Sam, uhhh ya fuck my cunt baby, mmmmm.". She arched back off the sheets getting close. She started rotating her hips on his dick. Sam put as much speed as he could into the last few pumps. Sara cried out as she came, her pussy muscles clamping down. That was it for Sam he pulled out and emptied onto her stomach. Sam fell to his knees in front of the bed and lay his head on the mattress. A minute passed when he felt Sara get up. He didn't move he just stayed there, eyes closed. He heard a shuffling behind him and then felt Sara hug him from behind. He opened his eyes and looked at her. She was wearing his gray robe. "How about we go get dinner then come back here for the night." Sam was confused, he looked at his watch. 6:10. "Sure." He said then stood up. He put on Calvin Klein compressions, jeans and a black tee shirt. Sara dressed and they walked to the garage.

Sam drove to a steak house ten minutes away. They got seated quickly. Neither said anything but there was an unspoken need to hurry. When they were done they went back to Sam's place.
When Sara reentered the main corridor she noticed a lot that she missed before. Sam was actually a fairly good decorator, aside from most fabric being black. Next was the guns hung on the wall, she found his gun cabinet which was stocked. There was also one door that was locked... Tight. 2 dead bolts and a chain lock. When she asked Sam about it he brushed it off as nothing. Sara doubted a steel door locked that tight, and appeared to be sound proof, was nothing.
They had sex twice again, both times being gentle and tender. When they finished they both put on robes of Sam's and watched a movie.
Sara leaned against Sam, "good night babe." She said. "Night.". Sam took a big breath then lay down.

Sam opened his eyes and looked at his watch. 7:30. He got up, grabbing his phone and went to the kitchen, being carful not to wake Sara and closing the door. He opened his phone and dialed the number. "Hey man... Ya sorry I couldn't tell you last night, she was here all night...".
Sara woke up, startled forgetting where she was. She remembered all of last nights happiness then wondered, where was Sam? She got up tightening the robe and went to the kitchen. She heard Sam talking as she walked in, his back to her. He was on his phone. "...ya so the shipment will be there for interception around 12:30... What if they resist? We collect guns for a reason Todd. You and bogs will be in the middle of a desert on a very rarely used highway, be creative. Just make sure you get it...". Sara was shocked, she kicked the wall to announce her presents. Sam spun around and saw her. "Gotta go bye." He said quickly and hung up.
Sara and Sam sat there for what seemed forever starring at each other. Sara fearing what she got herself into, Sam fearing that she would talk about what she just heard. "Sam what was that about..." Sara finally asked.


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