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Make sure you read chapters 1-9 first.
Part 10

By the time I got into the house, Amelia had already run downstairs to change. Susan was on the couch in the living room and I joined her there. Sitting down next to her, I asked how her evening had been.

“MY evening,” she answered. “I want to know how YOUR evening was. From the flush on Amelia’s face and the time, something tells me your evening was more interesting than mine.”

I couldn’t help but grin at Susan so easily guessing at our time together. By way of explanation, I pulled my daughter’s panties out of my pocket and showed them to Susan.

“Well, these aren’t your panties. But I did get them off a certain young lady of the house.”

Susan smiled at me, “I hope you waited until after the game to take them off.”

“Oh, I didn’t have to take them off. She took them off some time before we did anything. I learned about it when I got my hands under her skirt.” With that, I explained to my sister all about the evening, the parking, the oral sex, and the cum all over our daughter’s chest.

Susan was visibly excited by our discussion. In addition to her flushed face, Susan’s hand had found its way between her legs and she was forcefully rubbing her pussy. I did everything I could to encourage her, sharing more details about the encounter between Amelia and myself.

As Susan became more aroused, I asked if she would be alright sleeping alone, that night.

“That depends,” was her reply. “Where were you thinking of sleeping?”

“I was thinking about finding out why our daughter loves sleeping in the basement so much.”

Susan became even more excited. She eased her hand into the lounge pants she was wearing and it was obvious what she was doing.

“Are you going to see if Amelia is interested in taking things further?”

At my sister’s question, my cock sprang back to life. “Yes,” I replied softly, “If it’s okay with you.”

Susan took my hand in her free hand and pulled me toward her. Leaning up to kiss me deeply and passionately, she answered, “Definitely. In fact, I’ll tell Amelia I’m going to bed so I can get up early. That will give you time together tonight and in the morning.”

I stood there looking at my sister, love in my eyes. “How could I ever make this up to you?”

Susan got a glint in her eyes as she answered, “I’m sure I’ll think of something.”

With that, she pulled her hand out of her pants, got up, and went downstairs. When she came back up, she told me that she had suggested Amelia and I spend the rest of the evening together. With that, she gave me a final kiss and headed toward my room.

“Since it will be just me, I think I’ll find something to keep me interested and sleep in our bed. You enjoy your night downstairs.”

Shocked and excited about the prospects for the evening, I stood there thinking about how best to approach it. Quickly deciding on a movie and wherever that led, I went to my room to change into clothes more appropriate for the evening. Walking in, I found my sister laying in bed wearing only an old t-shirt, with one of her dildos on the bed next to her. I changed and left her, literally, to her own devices.

After grabbing a few sodas and some snacks, I headed to the basement. I found Amelia was also laying in her bed, still wearing her cheerleader outfit. She looked up and smiled at me standing in the doorway to her room. She also spread her legs slightly, giving me another glimpse of her amazing pussy.

“Hey, honey,” I said. “I thought we might watch a movie or something, this evening.”

“That would be cool, but could we play videogames, instead?”

Willing to spoil Amelia completely, I quickly agreed. “But you might want to change. While I love the cheerleader outfit, we might be able to find other interesting outfits. Perhaps some of the things you and your mom picked out at Victoria’s Secret.”

That got Amelia’s attention and she jumped out of bed, clearly understanding what that might mean. I walked into her room and took her into my arms.

“First, we’ve got to get you out of these, though.”

Almost submissively, Amelia looked into my eyes and raised her arms. Sliding my arms up her body, I slipped her top off, then again released the hook on her bra and let that slide to the floor beside her cheerleading top. She continued to look up at me, not moving, as I eased the skirt’s zipper down, adding it to the pile.

Amelia stood there, naked, as I took in her beauty. Neither of us moved as my eyes wandered from her face down her body. Her near perfect tits were topped with erect nipples. Moving down, I looked with hunger at the small tuft of downy hair that topped the pussy I hoped would soon be entirely mine.

Quivering with nervous excitement, Amelia turned toward her dresser, giving me a view of her ass. She started digging through drawers, including some of the bottom drawers I was certain she looked in only because it forced her to bend over. My daughter, still unaware of that aspect of our relationship, was learning quickly.

After a few moments, Amelia turned back to me holding a very skimpy pair of panties with a matching bra. In addition to being tiny, both were fairly see-through. Then, to my surprise, she pulled out a powder blue babydoll negligee I had seen one time before. That was the day my sister had tried it on and modeled it for me in the fitting room at Victoria’s Secret.

“My mom picked this out for me because she knows I like sleeping in barely anything. I thought you might like it.”

My mind was whirling because it was obvious Susan had been thinking of just this encounter long before me. I was so focused on whether Susan had ever worn the outfit that I barely heard my daughter as she asked what I thought she should wear. When I suggested she wear the babydoll outfit with the panties, she quickly put them on and jumped back into my arms.

Amelia was gorgeous and sexy, and having her in my arms caused my cock to start swelling, again. Standing on her toes, she pulled my face to hers and started to kiss me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. Almost as quickly, she pulled away and suggested we either think about video games are simply go to bed.

The idea of this amazing 14-year old girl making such a comment floored me. Wanting to take things slowly, I took her hand and led her into the other room and asked her what game she might like to play. Amelia walked over the basket of games and took this as another opportunity to tease me. She leaned down and I watched as the bottom of the skimpy bikini panties slid into her ass. She then kneeled down, which spread her cheeks apart, giving me a clear view of her back hole. Amelia stayed there for a minute or two as my cock grew harder and harder, then stood up holding a Wheel of Fortune game.

I was surprised at her choice and asked her about it.

“We get to set the pace, Tom. If there are long pauses in game play, it’s no big deal.”

I liked her thinking, then suggested we make it more interesting.

“How do we do that,” she asked.

“A couple ways,” I responded. “First, we’ll come up with our own bonus prizes. But we’ll do it ‘Truth or Dare’ style. The winner of each puzzle gets to determine their prize. We’ll work out the bonus round prize when we get there.”

Amelia visibly flushed at the suggestion. I could see goose bumps on her skin, and she again shook with nervous excitement.

“Does that mean there’s no backing out? Whatever the prize is has to be honored,” Amelia asked.

“Of course,” I replied. “And if we’re having fun after the initial rounds, we can always reset it prior to the bonus round. That way we can earn more prizes.”

Amelia was obviously excited at the prospect of the game. She didn’t know that I was at least as excited as her. The thought of playing with my daughter a game so similar to what I had played with my sister, her mother, so many years ago was intensely arousing.

We quickly started the game and looked at the first puzzle. I had it figured out quickly and solved it as soon as my turn came around. I wanted to make sure I won this first round to set the tone for the evening. I did that by grabbing a note pad and jotting down, “Eat out the player of your choice,” showed it to Amelia, and put it in front of me.

Amelia blushed, smiled, and asked if I was going to use it right away.

“No, honey, I think we’ll keep playing. But keep in mind that I can use that at any time. Even if it makes it difficult for you to play the game.”

Grinning at Amelia, I started the second game. As we played, she moved closer to me so that we were in constant contact. Shortly into that second game, she set her controller down on her turn and said it was time for a commercial break. Taking my controller and setting it next to hers, she leaned into me and started kissing me, again forcing my lips apart so our tongues could dance together.

As we kissed, my hands started wandering until they moved between her legs. She spread her legs, and as my hands found her pussy, she pulled away saying, “Welcome back to the game.”

Though flushed with excitement, she picked up her controller and again started guessing letters. Trying to throw off her focus, I waved my note in her direction and reminded her I could force a return to the action.

“Are you sure you want to use your prize so soon, Uncle Tom?”

“Oh, I want to use it, but I’m going to wait.”

Amelia did her best to distract me by offering kisses, pressing her body against mine, and caressing my inner thigh. Even so, she lost the second puzzle as she had the first.

Eager to resume the heavy petting Amelia had initiated during her “commercial break,” I told her that my prize for winning the round was five minutes of uninterrupted making out with the opposing player.

Amelia’s face lit up, and she answered by practically jumping into my lap saying, “I’m not sure who gets the most out of that prize, Tom.”

Pulling her closer into me, I whispered into her ear, “That’s the goal,” and turned her face into mine so we could resume the kiss we had started so long ago. I quickly forced my tongue into her mouth and showed her the longing I had for her.

It wasn’t until I shifted my attention to her neck that Amelia raised the question of tracking the time. As I kissed and licked at her ears and neck, I said we’d just make sure it was five minutes before we stopped and that we’d consider bringing a timer next time. As I continued to caress her with my lips and tongue, my hands again wandered down her body and between her legs.

This time, Amelia opened herself to me without interruption. My fingers quickly found the wet spot on her panties and I started to rub her pussy through the fabric. Amelia’s breathing quickened and deepened as I pushed fingers and cloth between her lips, and I felt her hands slide down my body.

No sooner had her hands slid into my pants then I pulled my hand from between her legs and said it was past five minutes. It was Amelia’s turn to look at me with shock and longing. She started to come at me, again, but I slowed her down, telling her it was time for the next puzzle. And to stall any objections, I started the next round.

Amelia responded by focusing almost entirely on the game. She still stayed in close contact with me and responded to my sexual advances, but she paid enough attention to the game to win the third round.

“Yay,” she exclaimed. “And I already know what my prize is going to be. You have to play naked from now on.”

I was excited by the aggressive nature of her challenge, and responded by quickly stripping down. Amelia held out her hand saying, “I’ll take those, please.”

She took my clothes and set them on the other side of the couch, then slid even closer into my body. “That’s better. And I want a chance to win more, so let’s start a new game.”

Amelia reset the game as I started spending more time staring at her amazing body in that babydoll negligee. Her pert nipples pushed against the fabric and her see through panties were clearly wet with her juices. I was so distracted by her presence that Amelia had no difficulty winning the first round of the new game.

“That makes it two each, Uncle Tom.”

“That’s true, honey. It also means you have to decide on another prize.”

“Oh, I’ve already decided. It’s kind of a combination of your prizes.” With that, she made her own prize note. “Do whatever you want to opposing player. That player cannot touch your during that time.”

I looked at her note and said, “That’s an interesting reward. Who won that round, you or me?”

“Yes,” Amelia responded, then started the next puzzle.

While she thought I was distracted beyond reason, I spent little time solving the puzzle for the next round. Just as quickly, I pointed out that the prize for that round was for Amelia and I to redeem our other prizes, with her going first. Saying that, I laid down and invited my daughter to join me.

Instead of laying down beside me, Amelia knelt down on the floor and reminded me that I couldn’t touch her back for the next five minutes. She then reached for my cock with one hand as she bent down to start kissing me. Her tongue chased mine as she started to slide her hand up and down my rock hard shaft. As she worked her hand over the head, it quickly became lubricated with my precum. Using that, she gave in to her instincts and started to eagerly jack me off.

It took every bit of control I had not to simply grab her and take her by force. But I wanted to let Amelia have control over the night, and I was very confident that her wishes would make mine come true. I laid there as she continued to kiss me and stroke my cock.

In time, I told her that the five minutes was up and it was time for me to eat her out. Since I was already laying down, I told her to remove her panties then kneel on the couch straddling my face. She was tentative as she did so, but she slid her panties off and relaxed as her knees went beside my head and my tongue went into her pussy. Both my response and the pleasure it caused helped her know she was doing what I wanted. And having a 14-year old beauty positioned so I could tongue fuck her was definitely something I enjoyed.

Amelia’s position enabled me to relax as I showered her lips, clit, and cunt with attention. As I did, I moved my hands onto her hips so I could guide her body to help me better pleasure her. I alternated between playing with her now engorged clit and driving my tongue deep inside her body. As she got more aroused, I started to slide my tongue over her entire pussy from clit to taint. Amelia’s responses encouraged me to keep going until I felt her body tense in obvious climax. As she started to moan in ecstasy, I felt her juices start to flow, and her wonderful scent and taste made me want her even more.

Amelia’s body started to relax as I slowed the pace of my tongue on her pussy, and she obeyed when I told her she could stand up. She quickly laid down next to me and started kissing me deeply.

When she finally broke off the kiss, she was breathing heavily and said, “That was amazing, Tom. That’s the second time I’ve felt that, today.”

I told her I enjoyed it, too, adding, “I hope it’s not the last time you’ll feel it, today. We still have the last rounds to play. And one of them is the bonus round. That’s where the biggest and best prizes are won.”

“I’m not sure how well I can play after that, Uncle Tom. I’m still shaking.”

Amelia couldn’t begin to imagine the impact her words had on me, so I told her.

“I love you, Amelia, and I love what you just let me do for you. I’m as excited as you, so it might be closer than you think.”

“Okay, but I want you to know I’m not putting my panties back on, so don’t look over here as we play.” As she said that, she sat down at the end of the couch and spread her legs so I could clearly see her wet pussy.

With that distraction, Amelia started the sixth and final round of our game. Each time it was my turn, Amelia found some reason to point out that she wasn’t wearing panties and suggest I look at her. Each time I did look at her, and each time I used that as motivation to focus on the puzzle. I had other plans for her body, and needed to win the final puzzle.

And win I did. Amelia might have the better distractions, but I have many years of experience, and that enabled me to easily solve the puzzle. Amelia, knowing that any prize for me was certain to be a prize for her, wasn’t overly concerned she had lost.

When I wrote, “Popsicles and showers” on a slip of paper, she looked perplexed.

“What does that mean, Uncle Tom?”

I didn’t answer her. Instead, I stood up and went to another section of the basement. I returned with a popsicle and a towel. She looked equally confused and asked why I didn’t bring one for her.

I laid the towel on the couch, had her sit down on it, and told her that the popsicle was for her, and that I would get mine, later. Opening the popsicle, I told her she could not bite it, only suck on it and lick it with her tongue. I stood in front of her and held it so she couldn’t help but understand it was symbolic of my rock hard cock.

As Amelia started to lick at it, I gave her instructions on how I wanted her to eat the popsicle. Each time I told her to lick the full length or to suck it deeper into her mouth, she obeyed. It was only a matter of minutes before she was taking almost the entire length into her mouth and sucking on it.

It was then that I told her to start imagining it was my cock instead of a popsicle. She looked at me, confused again, and I started to explain blow jobs as she continued to suck on the popsicle. If anything, she became more focused on what she was doing.

With all of her attention, it was only a few minutes before the popsicle was dramatically smaller. I handed the rest to her and went back to the freezer, returning with another popsicle.

As I opened it, I told her to lay back on the couch with the towel under her bottom. I had her bend her knees and position her feet on the couch, then spread her legs apart. Reminding her that she had to follow through on the dare, I again had her start sucking on the popsicle as if it were another cock.

This time, however, I only allowed her to suck on it long enough to get it melting. I then took it out of her mouth and lowered it to her nipples. Amelia jumped as the cold popsicle hit each nipple, which immediately became even more erect. She jumped again when I slid the popsicle down her body toward and past her belly button.

I stared into her eyes, forcing her to look at me then continued sliding the popsicle past her hips and toward her pussy. Amelia forced herself to remain fairly still as I slipped the popsicle down and between her lips. I slid it up and down, working both her juices and those of the popsicle into her pussy.

I could feel Amelia shiver slightly as she said, “That’s cold, Tom.”

“Yes, but it feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” was her husky response, followed by her eyes starting to close as I pushed the popsicle further into her pussy.

Watching her for any sign of distress, I started to work the frozen dildo in and out of her body, slowly working it further inside her cunt. As I felt the popsicle start to slide more easily, I forced it into her in one motion, forcing a huge moan from Amelia.

“Oh, god, Tom,” she gasped. “That. Feels. Incredible.”

Despite the cold of the popsicle, I could feel the heat coming off my daughter’s pussy. She spread her legs further, and I saw her start to slowly rock her hips as I began to work the popsicle into and out of her cunt. Her breathing slowed and she gave in to the feelings running through her body.

We stayed there for nearly five minutes as the popsicle slowly melted in Amelia’s cunt. As it did, I started to gently lap at the opening of her pussy, licking up as much of the mixture of cum and popsicle as possible. When I realized I was fucking her with nothing but a popsicle stick, I pulled it out and positioned myself so I could give her a passionate kiss.

As I ended the kiss, Amelia looked at me and said, “I never thought popsicles could be so much fun.”

“I know. And the fun isn’t over. Remember, there was the “and shower” part.”

Amelia’s face lit up at that and asked if that meant we could take a shower together.

“Unless you want to disturb your mom, we’ll have to, because there’s only one shower down here.”

Amelia laughed and countered, “We could take separate showers.”

“We could. But that would waste both time and water. We still have a bonus round to play.” As I said that, I used the towel to dry off the worst of the mess around Amelia’s pussy then took her hand to lead her toward the bathroom.

Once there,I started the water and turned Amelia to face me. I started undoing the ties holding her top closed then slid it over her head and off her arms. Standing there, both of us naked, I was more aroused than I had been most of the night, and I wrapped my arms around her in a tight hug, telling her how glad I was that we could share this moment.

Then, stepping into the shower, I pulled her in with me and had her stand in the warm spray of water. I took a bar of soap and started to lather her body up, then worked the slippery suds over her entire body. I started at her shoulders, caressing her lovingly. I worked my hands down the front of her body until I was massaging her chest, instead.

Amelia again closed her eyes and practically melted into me as my fingers found her nipples and worked their magic. Aroused as she was, they quickly stuck out, hard as rocks. My hands continued their journey, working past Amelia’s developing titties and onto her flat stomach. I cleaned her from chest to hips then moved to the thin hair on her pubic mound.

Amelia was putty in my hands and I turned her around so I could wash her back. I made a similar trip down her shoulders, toward the small of her back, and onto her butt cheeks. I then lathered up both hands and started to caress her front and back. With one hand, I started to work soap between her legs and onto her pussy. I eased a finger between her lips to clean out any remaining stickiness from the popsicle.

At the same time, I used the other hand to work lather across Amelia’s butt cheeks and between her legs from the back side. Wandering fingers gently cleaned her entire body, then began caressing her from her pussy to the small of her back. Amelia was so fully surrendered to my touch that even my fingers brushing across her anus didn’t alarm her.

As I finished washing her body, Amelia leaned into my body as I had her rinse off. Her mouth sought out mine as she initiated a deep, intense kiss. While we kissed, I encouraged her to return the favor by washing my body.

She needed little encouragement and followed a similar approach, starting at my shoulders and working toward my rock hard cock. After several minutes of her stroking my soapy cock, I stepped into the water to rinse off, pulling her in with me. We stayed there kissing and caressing each other for several more minutes, then I suggested we finish up the shower so we could also finish up the game.

Amelia wanted to keep showering, but she was excited about what the final game of the night might hold in store. So she allowed me to lead her out of the shower and start drying her body off. That process was as erotic as the rest of the shower, and Amelia was again putty in my hands by the time we were done.

Once we were both dried off, I forced Amelia to once again dress in her babydoll outfit, though I let her leave the panties off. We returned to the couch where we prepared to play the final puzzle of the game. I pointed out that while I had completed the most puzzles, the bonus round would be played as a team.

I grabbed the pad of paper, tore off several strips, and wrote a note on each piece which was then folded and placed on the table.

“Like the real game, we’ll have you pick the prize we’ll win if we solve the puzzle. You won’t get to look at it until after the round is over.”

“Are they all different? Or the same?”

I was impressed with Amelia’s perception, and assured her that each piece contained a different prize. Looking at me skeptically, Amelia reached out and selected one of the pieces of paper and handed it to me. Lacking pockets, I set it on the couch beside me and had Amelia start the bonus round. The puzzle came up with several spots filled in with the letters "e" and "n". Seeing the puzzle, I didn't need any other letters, but had Amelia pick two letters and the "d" I suggested. She picked "a" for the vowel. It quickly became apparent she wouldn't need my help, either, as she started filling in "Independence Day." Seeing the puzzle made me feel fate was on my side. Such an easy puzzle with so much on the line.

I picked up the piece of paper, opened it, and handed it to Amelia to read. "Spend the night together in Amelia's room" was written on it. Amelia looked at the paper, then at me, then back at the paper.

"You mean we get to spend the night together? Just you and me?"

"That's what it says, Honey."

Amelia's eyes lit up and she started grabbing other slips of paper. Her grin got bigger as she read each one. "Spend the night together in the game room" read one. "Spend the night together in an upstairs bedroom" read another.

They're all the same, Uncle Tom."

"No, they're not," I replied. "No two are alike."

"Maybe not exactly alike, but they all have us spending the night together."

"Of course. We deserve a good prize after solving that puzzle. Or did you not want to spend the night with me?"

Amelia jumped into my lap and threw her arms around my neck. "No, I definitely want that. But what if my mom comes down?"

"You heard her, sweetheart. She went to bed and has to get going early. She's hardly going to disturb you before she goes. We have the basement to ourselves. We can do anything and not have to worry about your mom."

Still hugging my neck, and now almost grinding her bare pussy against my cock, Amelia realized that was true.

"When do we get to start?"

After our long game, the last thing I wanted was further delay.

"How about now," I suggested.

Amelia needed no additional encouragement. This time, it was she who led the way, pulling me off the couch and into the bedroom. Once there, however, I took the lead. I turned on a single dim lamp then turned the other lights out. In the subdued lighting, I turned Amelia's stereo to a soft pop station and set the volume low. I then crawled into the bed and motioned for Amelia to join me.

Nervously, Amelia laid down next to me and I took her into my arms. I kissed her gently on the lips and told her that the night was hers.

'No, Uncle Tom. It's ours. I want you to enjoy this as much as you want me to."

"Are you sure you're only 14, honey?"

"Yes, Tom. I hope that isn't a problem."

Almost laughing, I assured her it wasn't. "In fact, I'm very excited about it."

Amelia's reply was more than enough to shut me up. "Less talking, Uncle Tom. More kissing."

With that permission, I returned my mouth to that of my daughter and started to kiss her deeply and passionately. She responded with a hunger that surprised me, and I welcomed the force with which she forced her tongue into mine. I pulled her tightly into my body and held her against mine.

We remained locked in that embrace for several minutes, then allowed our hands to begin wandering. I was already naked, and Amelia took immediate advantage of that. Her hands quickly found my swollen cock and started to stroke up and down the length. Amelia, on the other hand, was still wearing the babydoll outfit and it seemed a good time to even things out. Reaching up, I undid the ties and opened the top. Forcing her to remove her hands from my cock, I slid it off her shoulders and threw it onto the bed.

Amelia wasted no time returning one hand to my cock as her other went behind my head to pull my mouth tighter into hers. I, however, had other plans and turned her head so I could get at her ears and neck. As she continued to slide her hand up and down my rock hard shaft, I began licking and sucking at her ear. Amelia started breathing more heavily as my tongue slid from ear to neck, then from neck to nipple.

When my mouth hit her swollen nipples, Amelia almost jumped out of bed. She quickly recovered and welcomed the attention as I sucked on both of her small but developing titties. Her hand resumed its stoking motion as she again grew accustom to having a mouth pleasure her body.

In time, I pulled away from Amelia and told her it was time to try something new. When she asked what that was, I reminded her about the popsicles.

"Which part," she asked.

'Both, if you want. But I want to start with the first part, and show you how we can please each other."

Amelia asked what I wanted her to do, so I laid back then told her to straddle my face like she had on the couch, but facing the other way. She worked herself into position, and I pointed out that if she leaned down on all fours, she'd probably find something to do. Saying nothing more, I leaned forward and shoved my tongue right into Amelia's cunt. She moaned out loud, then started breathing very quickly.

Moments later, she leaned forward herself and it was obvious she had figured everything out. The warmth of her mouth enveloped my cock and it was my turn to groan in pleasure. As my daughter started figuring out blow jobs, I returned my mouth to her pussy and started fucking her tight hole with my tongue. Slowly, at first, then with increasing speed, I drove my tongue in and out of Amelia's cunt. As she became more aroused, she started to slowly bring her hips into my face, forcing my tongue further into her body.

She was also proving herself a fast learner at giving blow jobs. Amelia wasted little time in lubricating my shaft with her saliva, then working more and more of my length into her mouth. By the time she was humping my face, she was taking nearly my entire shaft in her mouth. Having a 14-year old suck my cock was remarkable enough. Knowing it was my daughter made it even better. Finding that she has incredible skill was almost more than I could take.

As I continued to drive Amelia to harder and faster bucking of her hips, it actually did become more than I could handle and I felt myself climax, and I knew I had just dumped a load of my cum into my daughter's mouth. To my surprise, Amelia barely flinched and she seemed to not only swallow everything, she kept sucking, milking it dry.

At first, I moved to stop her. I quickly changed my mind as I realized she had every intention of continuing the blow job. I allowed her to continue sucking my cock until I felt it start to harden, again. The thought of receiving a blow job from my daughter combined with the thought of what I could do once I was hard, again, had my cock swelling in her mouth within moments.

Amelia started sucking with renewed energy when she realized I was hard, again. Once I was sure I would stay hard, I did pull her away and have her lay down next to me.

I leaned in and gave her a deep kiss then asked if she was ready for the rest.

"I think so," she said nervously before returning to our kiss.

Knowing how wet she was and how well she had taken my Popsicle dildo, I wasted no time acting on her willingness to take the final, forbidden step.

I laid on my back and had Amelia sit up and straddle my waist. Pulling her toward me, I started to kiss her, again, while easing a hand between us and positioning my rock hard cock at the opening of my daughter's pussy. Pushing up slightly, I started to slide inside her. Gently at first, then with more insistent pressure, I forced more and more of my length inside of her.

Amelia responded by pushing herself down and rocking her hips. Instinct took over as she felt my cock slip into her cunt. Moaning in pleasure, my daughter started to grind herself against my body, forcing every bit of my stiff rod into her body. All the while, our tongues danced and our hands roamed.

After several minutes of this gentle caressing and fucking, I started to take more control. In addition to increasing the pace and intensity of our fucking, I pulled my mouth from hers and lowered it to her titties. Sucking first one then the other, I teased her nipples back to their fully erect state. My daughter moaned as I flicked my tongue across those nipples as my cock slid in and out of her pussy.

Arms wrapped tightly around her back, I pulled her into me and started fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. Pulling her nipples into my mouth, I sucked as hard as I could there, too. The pressure on her titties and her pussy was more than her body could take, and I felt her cunt start to spasm around my cock as she screamed out in ecstasy as an orgasm tore through her body. I kept pounding my shaft into her now soaked hole, causing another wave of pleasure to build to a crescendo then spasm through her body.

As it did, I felt tensed up, myself, and felt myself explode inside her body as I climaxed, too. Amelia's body continued to respond as I my cum burst into my daughter's pussy. Finally, exhausted and spent, we collapsed onto the bed, my cock still buried in Amelia's cunt. Wrapped in my arms, my daughter snuggled close.

"That was incredible, Tom. I can't believe how wonderful that felt."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, sweetie. It was amazing for me, too. I love you so very much for sharing that with me." Pulling her to me, I emphasized that with another deep kiss.

"And you're staying the night, right? So we might be able to play some more?"

"Of course, honey. Though it might have to wait until morning."

Pulling her back into me, we hugged and kissed, then drifted off to sleep in each others arms. Each of us dreaming about what the morning and our new relationship might hold. Me grinning from ear to ear with the knowledge my daughter didn't yet have.

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2016-04-09 18:03:47
My daughter and I had almost the same things happen as this story. It was lots of fun and love between us and still is. Thanks for the mutual cums. At the same time as is usual for us.

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2016-04-06 01:12:53
My daughter, Pammy, and I consumated our love for each other three nights ago. She is 14 like Amelia and an amazing girl. Her mother left a year ago and we have been building towards becoming lovers ever since. There has been a lot of touching and kissing but no intercourse until last weekend. After a couple hours of necking on the couch, Pammy took my hand and led me to my bedroom. She stripped down to just her pale blue panties and lay back on the bed. I knelt down between her legs and licked her moist cunt until she begged me to stop. She pulled on top of her and told me to get inside her now. I had already stripped and so I slid her panties off her and put the tip of my cock at the opening of her pussy. I slowly slid inside her and we began to fuck. Being a gymnast, her cherry was broken so we were able to enjoy ourselves right away. I only lasted several minutes and came in my lovely daughter. She is coming to bed now for some more loving.

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2016-01-14 12:40:06
This is awesome, although I'm a little saddened to see that this story hasn't been continued even after 3 years. I do hope one day you'll return and write another chapter. Also, just something that bothered me in this chapter, if Amelia was a virgin, she should have felt her cherry pop, although some women feel little/no pain when it does.

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2016-01-08 04:14:18

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2016-01-04 21:23:07
One of the greatest!

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