next day. My wife was going out again with her "friends" and asked if it would be alright with me. I said I would be fine and then Emily stated that she was staying home and would help me if I needed anything. Perfect I thought. Maybe I could see if I could get as lucky as I did the night before.

My wife headed out around 8pm and I was laying in the den watching TV. I was wearing some loose athletic shorts and a t-shirt. Emily came in and asked if we could watch another movie together. Of course I agreed. Emily had her pjs on which were actually shorts and a flannel top. Very sexy indeed. She put on a movie, The Notebook. (YAWN) I know a chick movie and she asked if it was OK. I said sure. A few mins I decided to try my plan again. I said my ankle was hurting and I needed my pills. Emily got up and got me my pill and handed them to me and then got me a drink. I again slipped the pills inside the cushions of the couch without her seeing and took a sip of water. I then laid down waiting to fake being asleep.

I laid there quietly closing my eyes as Emily laid next to me all curled up. I could feel her warm soft body next to me and I had to keep from getting hard too soon. Her little ass felt so good pressed up against my cock. I put my arm around her waist and then drifted off to sleep (not really). About 10 mins later Emily asks me if I'm awake. I don't answer. She turns and looks at me and again she asks me if I'm awake. Again I don't answer. Then Emily gets up and walks over to the door and closes it. She then and walks over to the couch. She shakes my arm and I roll over onto my back.

As I laid there I could feel Emily sitting on the edge of the couch. Then I felt her hand touch my shorts and feel my cock through my shorts. I got hard almost instantly. I felt her squeeze my cock and slide her hand up and down over my cock. Then she slid her hand inside my shorts and felt my bare cock and squeezed it softly. I could feel my blood pumping into my cock making it harder. Then I felt my shorts sliding down. Emily managed to pull my shorts halfway down and my cock sprung free. Emily grabbed my cock again and started stroking me up and down really slowly. She had obviously done this before. Then I felt her mouth on my cock. Emily was sucking my cock. She let her tongue slide up and down the shaft and twirled her tongue around the head of my cock and swallowed half of my cock down her throat. Yes she had done this before as well. I opened my eyes very carefully and saw the back of Emily's head as she bobbed up and down taking my cock in her mouth. She was enjoying this. I felt my cock twitch and some precum flowed out into her mouth. She kept sucking me. She started going up and down faster and faster and I knew I couldn't hold out any longer and I gritted my teeth and shot a load of cum into her mouth. Emily gagged but but kept my cock in her mouth and managed to swallow my cum. When she was sure she had gotten all of my load she let my cock slide out of her mouth and she pulled my shorts up and left the room.

I laid there and thought about what had happened. About an hour later Emily came back down stairs and shut the TV off and went to bed. I waited for my wife to come home and she woke me up. It was about 4am and she was pretty drunk. I wanted to fuck her but she said she wasn't up for it and went to bed. I got up and went into the bathroom and found her panties stuffed in the bottom of the dirty clothes. Sure enough her panties were soaked and smelled of cum. I placed my wife's cum soaked panties back in the dirty laundry and then hobbled back to my bed. My wife rolled over and asked me if I was horny and I said yes. I mean what guy wouldn't say yes to that? I told her I couldn't do much with my ankle in a cast and she said no problem. I'll take the top. Then my wife pulled off her nightgown and crawled up and placed her pussy right over my face and said. Go on honey lick me. Lick mommies pussy. My cock got hard immediately. I placed my hands on her thighs and guided her down so that my tongue could explore her freshly fucked cunt. Yes I knew she had gotten fucked but I didn't care. I had just had my cock in the tightest and hottest pussy I have been in in years. I slid my tongue inside and I could taste the cum of some other man. Yes lick me baby. Please lick me she cried. With that urging I licked her pussy clean making her cum twice in the process. After I had my wife ride my cock for a while I had her get off my cock before I came and had her suck my cock and swallow my cum. Little did she know she was sucking her own daughters pussy juice off my cock. I came hard with that thought running through my mind. For those of you wanting to know. Yes Emily rode my cock much better than her mother does.

Nothing crazy happened for the next 2 weeks as both ladies of the house managed to get their periods around the same time. I know this because of the bitchiness and the endless trips to the bathroom and tampon wrappers in the waste basket. So sure enough when nature had taken its course. my wife again made plans to meet her "friends" for a girls night out. Only this time it would be a weekend getaway. My wife would be gone from Friday til Sunday afternoon. She asked me if I would be alright and I assured her that I would survive without her. And with that and a kiss goodbye I watched my cheating wife drive off for whatever fun she had in store for herself. I hobbled into the den and sat down thinking about fucking Emily and how I would love to just do it and let her know I was awake. My plans hopes and planes were quickly dashed when Emily told me she had a date that night and would not be home to help me but Sara her younger sister would be home if I needed anything.

About 7pm the doorbell rang and Emily bounced down the stairs and met her date. I had him come into the den to meet me and I instructed him about my rules. He assured me he would take good care of Emily and have her home by midnight. Emily gave me a kiss on the check and said goodnight and don't forget my pain medicine if I needed it. I laid down on the couch and Sara came in and asked if she could watch TV with me. I told her yes and she sat at the end of the couch. We were watching some crazy programs about dumb videos captured on camera and the Sara looked at me and asked me how my ankle was. I told her it hurt but I am fine right now. She then told me tells me, I know that your medicine helps you a lot when you need it. I asked her how she knew that and she replied that Emily tells me that when you take your medicine it makes you go to sleep and you cant wake up even if she shakes you. I said really she told you that? Yes Sara replied. What else does she tell you I asked? Nothing just you sleep and don't wake up. Then she asks me Do you need your medicine now? And my perverted mind got spinning. Was she looking for me to pass out? Could it be that Emily told her more? Only one way to find out. Yes I think I am going to need one soon. I'll get you a drink she said and she bounced off the couch and I watched as her tiny little ass wiggled out of the room. Sara returned with a drink for me and once again I faked taking my pill. Sara said she was going upstairs and I said fine and closed my eyes. A short while later. I hear Sara walking down the stairs.

I hear Sara come in the room and she quietly whispers. Dad? Are you asleep? I say nothing. Faking sleep once more. I am lying on my back and my cock is already hard. I couldn't help think that Sara. The one innocent one in the house was going to do only god knows what. My cock was pushing up at my shorts and I could sense Sara getting closer. She got to the edge of the couch and she kneels down on the floor next to me. Once again Daddy? You awake? And still I don't answer. I feel her hand touch my stomach and then I feel her move her hand over my shorts and touch the outline of my hard cock. My mind is racing yes baby touch my cock. Explore it. I feel her hand tighten a grip and she feels how hard I am. At that moment a car drives by and the headlights shine in the window. Sara gets up and runs out of the room. Damn it I thought. False alarm no one is coming home. Its still only 9:30pm Emily won't be home for at least 2 more hours. I lay there a little longer and I hear Sara coming back. I resume my position and she walks back to the couch. She goes back to touching my cock through my shorts. My cock is straining. Then Sara surprises me. She pulls my shorts down revealing the head of my cock. She leans towards my cock and licks the tip so lightly. I am leaking precum now. She puts her hand over my cock and pulls it up and is looking at it. I squint one eye open and I can see her looking at it like it is the most amazing thing she ever saw. Then Sara places my cock in her mouth. She starts sucking my cock and moving it in and out of her mouth. Where do girls learn this shit? I mean it was like she had been doing this her whole life. I knew I couldn't last long as the excitement of Sara sucking my cock was too much. I felt my balls tighten and I timed my release when Sara was going down on my cock. I shot my first spurt into her throat. Sara immediately started to gag and pulled my cock out of her mouth. Another shot spurted out and landed on my t-shirt. And then another and another. I had cum all over me. Sara got up and went and got a towel. She cleaned my cum up while I laid there and then she put my cock away and went to bed. I laid on the couch and watched some more TV until 11:45pm. That's when i saw the lights of Emily's dates car pull into the driveway. I laid there and I heard Emily come into the house. She wasn't alone. Be quiet I hear her whisper. She walks into the den and calls my name. Dad? Dad? You awake? The she walks to me and shakes me. dad? I still don't wake. Why I don't know as I know her date is there. But I just played along like I was still out. See I told you dead to the world. I hear him laugh and she tells him to be quiet. Why he asks? He dead to the world right? And she says be quiet anyway. I hear them leave the den and I hear Emily say come follow me. And I just know where she's headed. MY ROOM! I hear the door click shut and I get up. Sure enough my bedroom door is shut. I quietly make my way to the door and I listen. I can hear breathing and slight moans. Yes yes on yeah do that. Emily is having sex. In my bed!

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Year and a half ago w/o an update, bummer. The readers of course thought dad was gonna have an incredible 'exclusive' relationship with the daughters after divorcing the cheat wife (after she's caught with the other party of course)

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