Lettie's sex commune culture collides with another culture
This story is 6th in the old Coping with Retirement series from 2011. You can read the earlier episodes through my yellow MrSoftee profile link above.

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The parts that look as though they’re meant to be factual are factual, unfortunately, as you’ll find if you look up the keywords.


After finally getting Vicki to orgasm we all made a big fuss of her. I hadn’t really known her up to now of course, but it was obvious that she’s quite uptight about things.

Also she clearly has a big problem with Lettie; Lettie her sixteen-year-old younger sister and the girl who’s turned my life upside down this Summer.

I could understand Vicki’s problem: the older sibling starts off bigger and dominant, of course, and learns to think that’s how it’s supposed to be; but now, at seventeen and sixteen instead of say seven and six, the younger sister is the stronger one.

Lettie does her own thinking, and when she wants something she just goes for it on her own terms, without reference to anyone else. She makes things happen – like moving into my house over the summer holidays with her best friend, and bringing girls round to show them about sex, and lesbian sex in particular.

She has basically turned my house and pool room into a sex school for girls.

Which would be taking advantage of me except that, sixty-six or not, I have sex with Lettie, her best friend Janie, and many of the bi-curious teens she invites round.

Vicki by contrast, having come over and pushed in uninvited, had thought it was deplorable. Their adolescent brother John being here hadn’t helped, and nor had the cannabis or the the two other girls who were here today. Seeing one of her teachers here had pushed things even further up her scale of depravity. Or off that scale altogether!

I had better explain that Vicki, Lettie and John are the children of the family who live just across the road from me. Neighbours don’t see much of each other here because of the busy road, so Paul and Amanda Mellors are friendly acquaintances rather than friends. However Lettie had seen me building my pool, arranged a party so she could talk to me, invited herself over for a swim, offered me a deal, and things had gone uphill from there.

Though today Vicki had been threatening to tell: prison beckoned for me and their PE teacher Graham.

So on her sister’s instructions the outraged virginal prude had been forced to join in: stripped, tied up, lezzed for about two hours, been given cannabis cakes, had been naked outside, swum naked, and had now lost her virginity to both me and Graham, one after the other, while three girls had all worked over her the rest of her body. The climax that had at long last broken through her inhibition had been, as Lettie had said, of epic proportions. And on film.

So as usual Lettie has achieved her objective: her prudish almost-eighteen-year-old sister won’t be telling ANYONE about what goes on here. Vicki has just gone from scandalised to involved up to her pretty young neck.

But in the end the affection that underlies what Lettie and Janie are up to here had got through to Vicki, as Lettie had known it would. Really what we’d done to Vicki was something that would only have been okay between basically loving sisters, I reflected; but it had been okay and Vicki was accepting it I could see. We had all trusted Lettie, as people do.

So now peace seemed to have broken out and I was looking forward to more of the usual casual nudity and sex.

I fuck Janie every day, and more days than not I also fuck Lettie and the stunning Lara Green who’s a regular visitor.

On top of that my job is to demonstrate the joy of hetero sex to the steady stream of girls, if they want. Quite a few of them do want, and I’ve had a vasectomy, so once or twice a week there’s generally a new girl to fuck as well. Or sometimes they just want to look at a naked man, or touch me, or watch me fuck one of the others; or they progress from one stage to another over a number of visits. Whatever they want to try is not a problem - any frustration they build in me is easily released around here.

My body, old as it is, has got used to it. I keep pretty fit with the swimming, and I suppose the blood supply to my balls and cock must have increased to meet demand.

The visitors are by definition interested in sex: Lettie and Janie are out as lesbians at school, Janie has a lot of boys too, and they’re very popular. Girls who are wondering about it tend to ask them about it. Then if the girl is sexy she gets invited to a swim in my pool.

Lettie and Janie's parents fell out some time ago and don’t talk to each other, so as far as Janie’s parents know she’s staying at Lettie’s, while Paul and Amanda evidently accept the façade of their difficult younger daughter sleeping at Janie's and doing their school summer project here. I’m pretty sure they’re grateful just to have somewhere Lettie can be in safety.

The whole situation is incredible, unless you know Lettie. Once she saw my pool builders’ sign at the end of my drive my fate, if you would call it that, was pretty much sealed.


Anyway after we’d finally finished Vicki, Graham pretty quickly left, unnerved by the realisation that if Vicki HAD told someone about what went on here he’d have been in prison for a long time.

The rest of us stayed nude by my long indoor pool, with Vicki gasping quietly in her post-orgasmic haze, on the mats between Seeta and Lara.

Seeta was on her first visit, a gorgeous British Pakistani girl, about the same small stature as Lara, who is a little green-eyed blonde beauty. Lara had been our first ‘pupil’.

Lara has slightly thin, straight hair with a simple middle parting, framing her fairly round face with its big eyes set quite some way below her full eyebrows. Her small mouth has lips that turn up at the ends into a guileless slight smile all the time, so the overall effect is like a built-in innocence. Knowing that this impression is misleading makes her more irresistible than ever.

Now the two young girls were stroking gently, with instinctive affection, over Vicki’s slender back while I stood with Lettie and Janie, surveying the scene before us.

“That was hot,” said Janie, rubbing herself against me. As usual the feel of her fabulous, highly-sexed body was arousing; and after two hours’ watching the delectable Vicki being seduced one orgasm hadn’t finished me by any means.

“It was,” agreed Lettie, rubbing against me from the other side.

“I’m hot too,” said John, standing with his adolescent cock sticking out. Seeta had sucked him off but that was an hour or more ago now.

“Oooh whatever can we do about that?” Janie giggled. She let go of me and went over to him, and in a few seconds they were on the mats with his four-and-a-half inches buried in her ever-ready pussy. John worships Janie, and Janie really likes him and his smooth, hairless boy’s body; he’s a nice boy, and has Lettie’s hazel eyes which I think appeal to Janie too.

Lettie came round in front of me and rubbed herself against my reviving cock; in a moment the two of us were fucking as well.

Lettie’s body feels fabulous. It’s quite like Janie’s - about five feet two or three, with a big pelvis and thighs, then a more slightly-built chest topped with pert tits that aren’t huge but stick out very noticeably. It’s a deeply sexual build, with strength concentrated where it will make the most difference...

In other ways Lettie and Janie are dissimilar: Lettie’s round face and Mediterranean complexion are a contrast with Janie’s delicate freckled features and grey eyes. They are both very sexy, confident and full of life, and I’m very fond of them. Lettie has a strong life force, if you know what I mean, while Janie is a very kind person who is immediately likeable.

When Lettie and I had enjoyed another wonderful cum we looked over to see Seeta recovering from her first-ever shared orgasm, with Lara and the newly converted Vicki having worked over her gorgeous little brown body. Seeta is quite small and slim, but her tits are heading for a C-cup already, and they were heaving gently as she recovered.

“Alright Seet?” asked Lettie with a grin, “what do you think?”

“I loved it,” Seeta sounds as British as the other girls, “I’m glad I asked, thanks.” I guessed her parents had immigrated and she’d been born here.

“It’s just like School of Sex Vics, see?” Lettie couldn’t resist making her point.

“Yes alright Batface,” Vicki grumped, though with a smile and a hand on Seeta’s lovely slender thigh, “no need to gloat.” The sibling rivalry would always be there, I reckoned, though hopefully in a more sisterly way than before. Vicki’s resentment and jealousy seemed to have faded, at least.

Seeta and Lara got dressed and I ran them home with their bikes in the back of my car, which these days is a people-carrier for just such occasions.

I dropped off Lara at the end of her road, and then Seeta at the end of hers.

In hindsight that was careless.

The next evening we were lying around, with Vicki over again, naked under the infra-red lamps but just channel-hopping on the TV, when Lettie’s phone went. She looked at it and answered: “Hi Seet!”

She listened and I watched her stiffen, looking more and more alarmed.

“Your own sister? Your mother?”

She listened a bit more, increasingly disbelieving.

“Pakistan? Married? But how can you marry someone?...kill you?’re kidding!... just because you did something with a girl?... No Seet, seriously, this is your own family, how could that be honourable?... Seet? Seeta?” She took the phone from her ear as the line evidently went dead.

“Shit!” she stood up, looking horrified. “Someone came so she had to ring off. Somebody saw her being dropped off last night, it’s like everyone’s a cousin or uncle or something, in the whole street, and word got back to her family and they’ve grilled her all afternoon, all her brothers and parents and sister, about who was the white guy and why was she in his car, till she told them about here and the lezzie sex.

“And now she has to marry someone because of something called izzat otherwise people won’t respect her family and won’t even talk to them, like at the mosque. So she has to go to Pakistan and be married. Even though she’s hardly even been there. They can marry her over there, even though she’s so young and doesn’t want it.”

“Let’s call the police!” said Vicki in alarm.

“There hasn’t been a crime yet,” Lettie pointed out, “they won’t do anything and the family will just hide her and take her anyway. And if they can’t marry her off they might kill her, she said, for bringing shame on the family. And anyway how are we going to explain it?"

“It is hard to believe,” I put in, “I’ve heard about that kind of thing though. Hard for us to understand, but it does happen. Izzat is a cultural thing, it can be pretty powerful.”

“We have to do something,” said Janie.

We argued for a while, then put clothes on and piled into the car. We would go and talk to them, at least. We couldn’t just not do anything.

As I drove Lettie called Lara who called someone for Seeta’s address, and by seven thirty we were pulling up two houses down from it. It was a little terraced house in a street of them. I stayed in the car, out of the way but able to see, while the girls went up to the door; we hoped that might look less confrontational.

Lettie rang and a man opened the door. He looked about forty perhaps. He didn’t invite the girls in, and I saw Lettie’s usual hand-waving as she talked, obviously asking him to let them see Seeta.

The man was refusing, evidently, and I watched with growing alarm as things started to heat up. After a minute he waved them away and Lettie wagged her finger at him. He wagged his back, starting to look angry. I imagined he would not be used to having girls wagging fingers at him.

Then three young men came out of the house and stood around the girls on the pavement. Sons, I guessed, in their mid and late teens.

Vicki instinctively took a step back but Lettie didn’t, and Janie wasn’t going to be leaving Lettie’s side, so they were almost surrounded. I would have to get involved after all.

I got out and walked the few yards to the house, trying to ready myself for a confrontation, which is not my thing at all.

I heard what looked like the eldest son getting into it: “It’s nothing to do with you. Mind your own business.”

“But we just want to see her,” Lettie had the determined tone she takes on when she isn’t getting what she wants, “why won’t you let us? She’s here isn’t she? So why not? We’re just friends from school.”

“We know what you are,” said the boy, who looked about eighteen and seemed very aggressive, “fucking white trash lezzies. Fuck off, it’s all because of you in the first place.”

“Yeah go on,” said the middle boy, “fuck off.” He gave Lettie a small shove, then Janie.

“Go on,” added the youngest, “before we show you what proper sex is.”

“No need to get physical,” I got in before Lettie could retort, making them notice me for the first time. The three boys turned aggressively towards me. I could feel a rare anger building. I can hardly explain how protective I feel about Lettie and Janie. And about Vicki too, of course.

Two of them were shorter than my average five feet nine, though not by much, and one was a little bigger; none of them heavily built but acting like a gang. They felt dangerous. The father came out of the doorway towards me so that they formed a line in front of me, leaving Lettie and Janie behind them, with Vicki behind me.

I suddenly knew they absolutely weren’t going to let us see Seeta. That was all over their attitude. We were aliens, and a threat. Interfering. Were they also a bit afraid?

It was either leave Seeta, or get to her; that was the choice.

Now we’d made an issue of it, surely that desperate phone call meant that if we left her she wouldn’t be here the next time. Calling the police meant prison for me, most likely, and I wasn’t even sure we could rely on the cops to get her out of it and keep her family away from her; so the police weren’t an option.

Where my next actions came from I still don’t really know - I can only suppose they were conjured up from memories of things I’d seen on TV.

“This is official,” I said in my most Army Major voice, and I pushed quickly between two of them to the door. It’s a cliche but the element of surprise IS key. Nobody expected me to just push into the house, and my tone made them hesitate. In a moment I was through the door and running up the stairs two at a time. My instinct was that Seeta would be banished from downstairs and alone in her bedroom.

Ignoring the commotion behind me I opened three doors in quick succession...there was Seeta, sitting on her bed in the gloom with curtains closed, luckily fully dressed in pullover and trousers.

I didn’t waste time explaining. “Come with me Seeta, quick,” I said, and towed her out onto the landing by one wrist, feeling no resistance. In the brighter light of the landing I saw both sides of her face were bruised and swollen.

Seeta is quite small and only young.

I looked down the stairs - to see Lettie! Saying something to two Pakistani-looking women, who were standing in the hall seemingly not knowing what to do. A girl and a woman. The front door was closed.

I realised the reason why four enraged guys hadn’t followed me up the stairs was that my superstar quick-thinking Lettie had followed me in close behind and slammed the door on them.

I ran down the stairs, still towing Seeta, who kept her balance somehow.

In a rage I slapped her mother and then backhanded her sister in one quick, hard stroke, and they fled shrieking. I passed Seeta’s hand to Lettie and opened the door. It was only about fifteen or twenty seconds since I’d come in, and the four males were clustered round the doorway, while Janie and Vicki stared from behind them.

The first one was the father. I poked him in both eyes with two fingers of one hand, pulled him into the doorway by his shirt with the other, and while his hands flailed towards his eyes I punched him in the temple. He sank to his knees and kept toppling.

The sons fell back, daunted by the instant downfall of their leader, and perhaps the expression on my face. With my hands braced on the door frame I jumped over the father through the doorway and kicked straight-legged at the knee of the nearest boy. It was the eldest son. I barely registered the awful sound of ligaments rupturing - my focus was moving on.

My momentum carried me forwards and I grabbed the right hand of the middle boy, while he punched me weakly in the face with his left. I bent his hand over forwards and the pain made his arm flex and his shoulder drop so he was off-balance. In a second I’d whirled him and his face hit the brick wall of the house. He wasn’t unconscious but he wasn’t a threat now either.

The youngest son was trying to kick me, keeping his distance. I rushed him, grabbed him by the throat and pushed him up the wall. This was the one who’d threatened to ‘show Lettie and Janie and Vicki about proper sex’. He was lightly built and my strength seemed limitless. I have pretty reasonable upper-body strength these days but it was more rage than anything. He didn’t even try to defend himself; rather I fought with myself to control how hard I squeezed.

“Tell the others,” I snarled into his face, “I will kill you. I can, and I will. Not just me, but my army mates. If I hear from you, if Seeta disappears, anything happens, anything at all, I will kill all of you. Understand?”

There are no army mates of course, but he wasn’t to know that. He nodded, terrified. Quite rightly because I was in a killing rage.

“Don’t get brave,” I ranted on, “after I’ve gone. Don’t think you can get others involved and win. We have guns. People in places. OK? I wouldn’t mind killing you, you can believe that can’t you? People who’d kill their own daughter and sister; just for trying a relationship. You don’t deserve life. Honour? Izzat? You SCUM. Make sure everyone understands.”

He stared at me in terror and hatred. I hated him right back.

I took the little finger of his left hand and bent it backwards, hard and suddenly, till I felt it snap. He whimpered. I closed my grip on his throat, tighter and tighter so he could feel death in the offing. Then I managed to get hold of myself and let him go; he turned away, gurgling and retching.

People were starting to come out of other houses in the street. I realised the eldest had screamed when I ruptured his knee.

I ran to the car, where Lettie was getting everyone in. In a few seconds we were driving down the street, past the gathering crowd of people outside Seeta’s house.

“Are you all OK?” I asked.

Nobody said anything. I looked at Vicki in the passenger seat next to me and she recoiled slightly. I looked in the mirror and caught Lettie’s eye. Even she was scared of me.

“I’m sorry,” I said, trying to find my normal quiet voice. I was hoarse, my throat stinging painfully, telling me how hard I’d been shouting.

“Sorry,” I said again, “I lost my temper.” Still nobody said anything. I took a deep breath and tried to work out what to say. Not coming up with anything I drove us home in silence.

Once we were back in the pool room Janie put her arms round Seeta, who looked too shocked to cry.

“I didn’t know,” said Vicki.

“It wasn’t your fault,” Lettie understood her sister was feeling responsible, “Seeta came here to find out about it, she was going to do it with someone.”

“It’s not any of us, it’s them,” said Janie, “look at your face,” she indicated Seeta’s face which had clearly been slapped hard and repeatedly.

“I’m sorry I dropped you off there,” I apologised, “it was too close.”

“It’s alright,” murmured Seeta, “I ought to have said. I’m sorry I made all this trouble. I just wanted to try it. It didn’t seem wrong, here.”

“It’s not wrong,” said Lettie, “it’s just their stupid superstition...sorry are you a Muslim? I don't even know."

“Not really,” Seeta shook her head, “I have to go to prayers but I don’t really believe in it. There are always arguments about it. My brothers are on at me to wear a hijab now, like my sister, but I won’t it’s stupid. I looked it up: you have to wear one in some countries, but you don’t in other countries, or you have to wear something else. It’s not really from Allah they just make it up, so they can tell girls what to do all the time…”

The words poured out now.

“They were mad about David, in case he’d been grooming me or something, or I’d been with a white boy, cos I mix at school, and I couldn’t think how to explain it and they got more and more suspicious and angry so in the end I told them it was only with girls not boys; it seemed better but it wasn’t they went mad and said it’s homosexuality and a sin and hit me and said nobody must know, it would be a disgrace on the family, and I’d have to leave and be married or just die...then they caught me phoning you so it was even worse…” A few tears started and she wiped them away.

“Just as well you lost your temper,” Janie smiled at me as she cuddled Seeta.

Janie is someone with a lot of loyalty. I raised a smile back, loving her more than ever.

“It’s not like me,” I apologised again.

“It worked,” said Lettie, looking hard into my eyes. “I never knew you were like that though. It was scary. I can’t believe you just broke his finger.”

“Yes, sorry,” I said again, “I was just desperate. To scare them off.” I had been too. But full of hate as well.

It wasn’t like me at all. I was thinking I could probably have got Seeta out of there without hitting women and maiming people, nearly strangling a teenage boy...but it was too late now.

Well...I had no experience of fighting. Perhaps I’d been afraid that anything less than berserk might have failed and Seeta would have been basically enslaved in Pakistan, or even murdered by her own mother and father and siblings. Incredible, but I knew it happened.

And at least the police weren’t going to be after me - Seeta’s family weren’t going to call them and have the ‘sin’ all over the papers, nor their daughter’s bruised face. While I thought about it I took some photos of her, just in case.

We sat round for the rest of the evening, supporting Seeta, with nobody even hinting at sex, and my alienation gradually wore off as I suppose my normal placid self reassured the girls.

One thing came into my mind: “So are your sister and brothers at the school?” There’s really only one big state secondary school in the town.

“Yes but we don’t mix with them,” Lettie answered, “they go round together, that sort of them, and so do we. I don’t even know their names.”

Janie and Vicki were nodding. I thought it seemed a shame. And what was Seeta supposed to do, torn between two camps? I wondered if the hijab thing was part of that; it would tend to separate her from the white kids, I was sure.

“We’re going to get to know them though, next term,” Lettie added with menace in her voice suddenly, “we’re not going to have them saying that to us. Our guys will have a word.” I could imagine Lettie and Janie would have some big friends. “And we’ll make sure they know Seeta’s one of us, and if they ever want to be able to have kids they’d better leave her alone,” she finished.

“I never knew you were scary like that,” I said with a grin.

“Touché,” she smiled back. I felt somewhat rehabilitated.

“I think it might mean you changing school,” I said to Seeta, “there’s that Free School that started up last year, we could take a look?”

Seeta nodded, rather blankly. She was passive, more than anything.

We did our best to make her feel cared for, then quite early we put her to bed in the spare room. Vicki went home over the road, and I went to my bedroom while Lettie and Janie went to theirs.

I woke next morning trying to work out what to do with Seeta. She could stay here, in terms of space, but who might look for her? How would we work it with the authorities?

Would her family leave it alone now or would they come after her?

I had a suspicion that once the fright had worn off they’d be left with their original desire to control and punish her. get rid of her in fact. This izzat honour thing probably still applied; more than ever perhaps with her being taken away by non-Muslims.

Over breakfast we looked it up: a big part of izzat is revenge. Damn.

“There are some Muslims at school who’re alright, I can ask?” suggested Lettie.

We all agreed and she went off to phone in the quiet of the dining room.

“We can talk to one of their imams,” she said when she came back, “that’s like a priest. Faisal says his is a good guy and he can talk to Seeta’s family’s imam and perhaps get it sorted out.”

So later on we went back into town, just me and Seeta, and Lettie who is not easy to leave out of things. The imam was indeed a kind and gentle man, not that old, and he listened carefully while Seeta told him what had happened.

He said little, which was impressive, and didn’t condemn her when she hesitantly told him about doing ‘it’ with two girls. Seeta wisely didn’t mention sucking off a boy. At the end he put his fingertips together.

“I will talk to their imam,” he said, “it is a familiar problem, that families have these conflicts - the parents come with their traditional culture and then their children who are born here have a different experience and see everything differently. Some children keep the traditional ways, some don’t. It is their temperament, more than anything.

“I have to tell you homosexuality is indeed a sin under Islam, though attitudes are changing, but slowly. But I will talk to their imam and we will see what can be done. Is she safe in the meantime?” He asked me even though Seeta was right there.

I explained she could stay with Lettie, and left him my number.

The next afternoon he called and we went back, to meet both the imams. It wasn’t quite so sympathetic this time.

“Seeta’s family is a traditional family,” said the original imam, “from North-West Pakistan. This sin is a great shame on them. However we have told them it would be unislamic to kill her and a sin itself.”

“She must marry,” said the new imam, “that is the only way she can become respectable, and avoid shaming her family.” He was older and severe. I presumed he was from some stricter mosque.

“Well she’s too young to marry,” I said, “even in Pakistan, legally, surely? And she’s here and a British citizen. It would be a crime to take her out of the country for a forced marriage. Just as it was a crime to assault her.” I indicated Seeta’s face which was a little less swollen today but had some dark purple bruising.

“You must understand that we can advise, but traditions can be strong…” he looked disapprovingly at me.

We all looked at each other.

“I don’t want to marry anyone,” said Seeta, “I don’t want to go to Pakistan and I’m not going home either. They said they’d kill me.”

“Of course you can’t go back,” Lettie stated flatly, “and you don’t have to do you?” She looked meaningfully at me. I could feel all the ingredients for her to have a go at the older imam, but she was resisting the temptation. It gave me strength.

“No she doesn’t.” I’d made up my mind. It was clear even the imams didn’t think she’d be safe there.

“If anything happens to her,” I said to the imams, “it will be obvious who did it. I will make sure it’s a story in the media: another forced marriage or another Muslim honour killing. More bad press for Islamic communities everywhere. Perhaps you could explain to the family that their shame will be far greater? ...And that at the moment nobody else knows about her harmless little experiment...”

There was a pause.

“If she is not seen and nothing is said about her, no-one will enquire,” said the older imam slowly, “it will be as if she has gone to Pakistan to visit her grandparents, perhaps. I will explain to her family they must forget her, for the good of the community and Islam.”

The younger one nodded sagely.

I nodded with them. “She stays with us, then. We’ll see about another school.”

“Anything she must have, they will forward through us,” said the older imam, still grimly. “May Allah have mercy on her.” He looked at Lettie, blaming her. Lettie so free, who typically had worn a short skirt, to challenge them. The imam’s eyes flickered and fell onto her sexy young thighs and Lettie grinned at him. He knew, though he avoided looking at her.

It wasn’t until we got back and told Janie, and Vicki and Lara who had come round anxious to know how it had gone, that it started to sink in that I had pretty much adopted a girl. Illicitly, really.

At least I wasn’t doing it alone through. Everyone clustered round Seeta.

“You need a new family,” said Vicki, for once getting in before Lettie, “and I’m going to be your big sister.” She gave Seeta a kiss and hugged her.

“Me too,” said Janie, stroking Seeta’s ass.

“And me,” added Lettie, “and David’ll be your dad, won’t you?” She looked at me.

“Yes I will,” I stroked Seeta’s long black hair. The situation brought back feelings from when my two sons had been this age; Seeta was so much more vulnerable of course.

“Thank you,” Seeta smiled at us all. She wasn’t as emotional as I’d been expecting. It made me wonder how close her family life had been, though she seemed to be a pretty resilient character anyway.

“I’m going to be your best friend and lover,” Lara smiled her beautiful smile and I saw Seeta react as Lara eased her arm into the huddle. It was instinct for us all to make space for Lara, and in a moment the two youngest girls were cuddling gently, Lara’s arms round Seeta’s shoulders while she rocked her gently to and fro.

They are about the same height and Seeta’s face slid naturally alongside Lara’s, nose to ear. Lara’s broad shoulders enveloped Seeta’s narrow ones, and as we looked at the two nestling together we all sensed the same thing and moved away, leaving them to it. Intimacy was probably the best therapy.

“We did it,” Lettie looked at me as she started undressing, and Janie did too. In a minute the two made-for-sex bodies were having sex on the mats, as they did every day.

“I think I’ll have a swim,” I said to Vicki, and started stripping as well. She stood just looking while I got naked and slid into the pool.

I swam a length, enjoying the feel of the water sluicing over my skin, turned and swam back to the shallow end. There was a pair of feet on the bottom, under two slender, sexily-shaped legs, topped by a fluffy brown bush and a delectable smooth ass. I stopped and stood up.

Above the water were Vicki’s neat little waist - which is absolutely lean and flat - her firm B-cup tits, lovely square shoulders, narrow neck and gorgeous face, along with her long brown hair. She is, as Janie had observed, like a fashion model who is only five foot five. I was curious that she isn’t more confident, though I supposed having Lettie for a sister couldn’t be easy, if Vicki had this feeling that she ought to be senior.

Anyway her hangups didn’t make her a bad person. Seeta’s ‘big sister’. I smiled at her.

“I’m sorry I was a bit off yesterday, after your fight,” she smiled back, “you were right. It was amazing, actually. Now here she is, safe, when otherwise…” we both looked at Seeta and Lara, who were still cuddling.

“I don’t know anyone,” she carried on, “who’d have done that - just gone for it and not been fobbed off and argued and waited till it was too late; just gone straight in and got her and then fought them all.”

It was a little dazzling to have this from a girl who looks like Vicki. I am not any kind of hero whatsoever. I scoured my meagre social skills for something to say back.

“It was nice of you to say you’ll be her big sister,” I offered.

“She’ll be an easier little sister than Lettie,” she grinned.

“I bet. I don’t think anyone could be a BIG sister to Lettie.” I felt a grateful reaction somehow.

We watched Lettie and Janie writhing happily together.

“They make it look very natural,” Vicki murmured.

“They do, don’t they?” Their naked bodies were clearly giving each other a lot of pleasure. “And so do Lara and Seeta.”

Lara and Seeta had hit it off straight away, two days ago; now they were stripping too. The golden-tanned blonde and the light-brown Asian looked amazing together. Lara’s little hand cupped one of Seeta’s surprisingly large tits, and started to fondle it. Seeta pushed it forwards a little, loving the sensation, the nipple sticking out looking half an inch long.

“Do you...fuck...them all?” Vicki’s voice was so low I had to move towards her to catch it. I realised that was the idea: it was to be a private conversation.

“Not all,“ I found myself murmuring too, “and not Seeta. Just the ones who want to - safely, because I’ve had a vasectomy, but some of them just want to look, or play with it and see what it feels like.”

“When it’s hard?” She was looking down and I saw my cockhead sticking out above the surface of the water. The sex and Vicki had got it going, though the buoyancy had meant I hadn’t felt it; now I was super aware of it.

“Yes,” I smiled back.

“Do you fuck Lettie?”

It was a question loaded with issues.

“Yes, we fuck.”

“Cos I thought she was girls-only.”

“Well she is otherwise, as far as I know, but somehow it just works between us.”

“I can imagine.” Vicki paused. “She just does what she wants.”

“I know,” I smiled back, “you can’t pigeonhole her; she’s not like everyone else.”

“Everyone thinks she’s so special. She’s so clever. Even Mum and Dad prefer her to me…”

“Oh no!” I blurted, alarmed, “I’m sure that’s not how it is. She’s over here because your mum and dad find her difficult, I think. You mustn’t think every difference between you is an advantage for her. Not everyone wants a human tornado all the time.”

“You do though. I think you love her. The way you look at her, and talk about her.”

“Well…” I felt a bit cornered. I didn’t want Vicki adding me to some list of people she imagined preferred Lettie to her. But I hardly knew Vicki. And do I ‘love’ Lettie? I realised at some levels I probably do. And Janie too. They are special to me. Some of my berserk rage had been about the threat to them.

I realised I mustn’t deny it, anyway: ”Yes I do love her, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love other people too, and more normal people, like Janie; and Seeta in time I expect. It’s not like being ‘in love’ with just one person when you’re marrying someone. You can love a lot of people.”

Vicki’s narrow, feminine hand touched my arm. “You’re a loving person, I think. That’s what’s so attractive.”

It was a little bit of a challenge, somehow. Perhaps the way I was looking at her was giving her confidence. And she was standing rather close to me.

“Thank you,” I replied, rather weakly.

“It’s funny, that you’ve fucked me, you know, but here I am having to seduce you.”

I grinned inanely at the beautiful girl. I couldn’t think what to say.

I felt her fingers go round my cock; it made me jerk so that ripples spread out across the pool.

We both sensed a movement and glanced over to the mats: Lettie and Janie were sitting up looking, big smiles on their faces.

“Can we go somewhere, please?” asked Vicki. She didn’t want to do it with Lettie watching, for some reason.

Well, I reflected, perhaps most people would feel like that, if they weren’t yet into the sex-mad culture Lettie had built here. Or possibly Vicki was afraid she wouldn’t be as good at it as her sister.

We got out and towelled off, then I led Vicki out into the garden. We walked round, nude and holding hands in the late afternoon sunshine, while I waited for her to move things on in whatever direction it was she wanted.

After a couple of minutes she stopped and pulled herself to me, sandwiching my erection between us. She felt divine.

“I know this is going to sound stupid,” she said, “and weak. Stupid and silly; but it’s how I feel...would you do something with me that you haven’t done with her? I don’t mind - anything...” She was meaning Lettie clearly.

“Yes, of course,” I said, feeling for her and starting to think. It was quite brave of her to ask, I thought. I gave her a kiss, savouring the lovely girl while I thought about it. I’d done quite a lot of different things with Lettie; she’s not exactly a girl who can only do it with the lights out...


“Well, the longest I’ve done it with Lettie is about twenty minutes,” I told Vicki. Lettie’s sex is more of the intense kind than lingering, and it’s very hard not to cum when she orgasms and her potent pussy starts working my cock over. Plus she gets impatient quite easily.

“Okay,” Vicki liked the idea, “how long could you last?”

“Well I don’t know,” I didn’t want to spoil things by telling her my record, “but longer than that, if it was with a really beautiful, special girl who wanted a long one as well.” I gave her a squeeze to match the words.

“Alright what’s the time now?” She was grinning, enjoying the compliment.

“About five I think. Let’s go up to my bedroom, so we don’t get cold.”

It was warm outside and I let her work out the implication while we went upstairs. She got it as we went into the bedroom.

“But it doesn’t get dark till, I don’t know, almost nine!”

“Well it gets cold before then,” I teased her, “still, let’s have a wee before we start.”

So we both used the en-suite then crawled onto the bed. She is beautiful. Such a delicate, feminine form. I stroked a hand over her hip.

“Don’t mess about,” she said, her eyes huge with arousal already, “I’m not a virgin am I?” She seemed a bit more confident on her own, away from Lettie.

“No,” I grinned, and manoeuvred my head down between her thighs, which opened wide. I wasn’t going to say so but her pelvis isn’t big like Lettie’s and Janie’s, and I wanted her to be really completely ready before I started.

My cock is on the thick side, not short either, and I didn’t want to be making her sore right at the outset. The previous time I’d slid my cock into her she’d already been worked over for two hours, doped up, and fucked by Graham.

So now I ate her for a minute, feeling her wet and swollen straight away. I sucked her clit for a moment then stopped, because it felt like she wasn’t far off already and I didn’t want to spend her energy too recklessly.

We smiled at each other, not saying anything, as I shuffled up and lined up my cockhead with her entrance, then eased forwards. She gasped; in a good way.

It felt amazing. My cockhead started to spread her and her wet labia slid electrifyingly over its hard, hypersensitive surface.

I nudged it gently to and fro, each movement taking me a few millimetres further in. I felt her fingers on my ass, encouraging me, and listened to her breathing. She was loving it.

I took a couple of minutes getting half way in, then started to lengthen it into a fuck stroke. The sensation on my cock was fantastic, and so was the whole experience of fucking this stunning girl.

“You realise,” I murmured to her, “that it’s lovable to be vulnerable and not the strongest and cleverest and bestest?”

I let her digest that while I gently fucked her, first with half my length then gradually a bit more and a bit more.

“I’m just a bit of an idiot,” she gasped after another couple of minutes.

I kissed her neck and carried on slowly fucking.

“I can’t believe I thought there was something wrong with it,” she added.

“Well...” I whispered, still kissing her neck. I couldn’t think how to finish the sentence without it coming out wrong, but it didn’t matter.

In another minute I felt her pussy relax, somehow, and I was all the way in. I pressed in, making the point, and squirmed my bone around on her. She pressed up against it, on the brink already.

I stopped; waited while we both subsided; then started again.

Now my awareness was just sex, and I could feel hers was too. We were in a dream-like state. Everything was perfect. Me and Vicki.

We went on for a long time, hovering just before the edge, immersed in the sex drug and each other.

On and on;

and on.

“Can I cum?” she asked eventually, “I really need to. Really.” I could feel she was getting twitchy, shivering. Frustration was about to overtake pleasure.

I needed to as well. I speeded up, and immediately we were there.

Her body thrust up, the sensation round my cock went off the scale, and I was concentrating on spurting my seedless cum into her without bashing into her; savouring the release without the animal hard thrusts that instinct was calling for.

The climax took us over, filling me with ecstasy, and her too I could feel, while my cock pumped into her and her pussy squeezed and pulsated around it.

As it faded I was able to press gently in, all the way; deep into this lovely, lovely person, without bruising her vulva.

“Wow,” she breathed.

“That’s forty-five minutes,” I smiled at her. She couldn’t see the bedside clock.

She pulled my head down and kissed me. “That’ll teach her,” she grinned. She was laughing at herself; at doing this as a competition with Lettie.

“More?” I asked.

“Oh God!” she breathed, “Yes.”

I pulled my softening cock almost out, to the ring of muscle just inside her opening, and before I could shrink too much I slid my cockhead to and fro, to and fro, giving my corona a zing each time. In a minute the sensation revived it, then I sank my re-hardened cock back into her.

“Godddd….” she gasped in pleasure.

We started fucking again, staying up there, and Vicki began thrusting back, gently, keeping our level. We were in tune.

After a while I could feel the intensity dropping, so I got us rolled over, without separating, and Vicki rode me for a while, learning how to move and rub and grind, and how to hover sometimes letting me thrust upwards.

When that started to pall we swivelled her round, and her flexibility meant we could switch to doggy without separating, so we fucked like that for some time, still very slowly, and I fondled her clit and tits and kissed her neck to keep her aroused and wet.

We allowed ourselves a second delicious orgasm together, then switched back to missionary so I could gaze at her to help my second restoration.

Now I didn’t need to ask if she wanted more - I would know by the feel of her when she’d had enough. And by a change in her gaze, because she was spending a lot of time staring into my face.

That time wasn’t yet, anyway, although gradually I was having to use more angles and fuck faster to keep her going.

After a while - quite a long period - we needed something new, and to finish. We wriggled to the edge of the bed, I got my feet on the floor, and then still connected by my cock in her pussy I stood up and carried her to the wall.

I leaned her against the wall and slowly let her ass drop, until a good proportion of her slender body’s weight was supported on my cock, sandwiching her clit.

“God!”” she groaned, “that’s so deep! Christ!” I rocked my pelvis side to side. She hugged me harder, her hands round my neck, her legs round my hips, and started to jerk. Her pelvis thrust against me. She was cumming.

I was too.

I lifted her ass so I could fuck her, and pistoned my manic cock in and out of her gorgeous young pussy as fast as I could.

Now I was waking her vulva in earnest, landing with a bump each time. I’d been saving its sensitivity, making sure it didn’t go numb, and now it was there for her, filling her with ecstatic sex, giving her an orgasm to match the long, long buildup.

She came and came, convulsing between me and the wall, while my cock spurted into her depths.

She shuddered and groaned and writhed while the orgasm ripped through her, gripped her, then ripped through her some more, and some more after that.

And my orgasm kept going too, as though my life depended on leaving not one tiny droplet of cum in my balls. Every molecule had to be pumped deep into Vicki.

And Vicki’s gorgeous feminine body was working furiously at receiving my cum and working it deep inside. Every molecule.

Eventually we were over the climax, together, and winding down. Panting hard, both of us.

I eased my cock out of her and set her down, holding her to stop her sagging onto the floor.

I sniffed her hair, nuzzling it. I stroked lightly over her back, then her ass. It doesn’t stick out a lot, it just curves out from her back and then in to her thighs in the most perfect way.

“Tell me the time,” she mumbled, her face in my chest.

“Nine o’clock,” I said. I knew she could hear my grin.

When we’d recovered a little we had a shower and went downstairs.

“You bitch,” Vicki grinned at Lettie as we got into the pool room.

“I know,” said Lettie, quick as a flash, “I kept it quiet didn’t I? Looks like you’ve been making up for lost time though.” I could see the shared joke was airbrushing over Vicki’s past prudishness.

“Do you want some supper?” asked Janie, “you missed it, and you do look knackered. I’ll do you some pasta?” She meant both of us.

“Thanks Janie,” I smiled at her. I was starving. I gave her a quick kiss as she passed me. I had to admit it was a relief not to have to stand at the cooker.

“I’ll give you a hand,” Vicki went with her. At seventeen she had energy again already.

“You’ve done it now,” said Lettie as I flopped onto the mat next to her. I wondered what that meant, but I was too tired to pursue it.

I smiled at Seeta and Lara who were cuddling casually on Lettie's other side. Naked of course. They smiled back, quite relaxed, in post-sex intimacy.

“She’s not what she seemed is she?” I found I had to fish for a bit more.

“We thought she’d be sexy, didn’t we?” said Lara, including Seeta who nodded with her. They seemed to be close already.

“I mean it didn’t take her long to get wet, when I started playing with her, did it?” Seeta giggled. “I got one finger in and POW!”

“It’s weird how she was that uptight way to start with, if you ask me,” said Lettie, “anyway it looks like you’ve fucked her back to life.”

“I think you have to take some of the credit for that Lettie,” I smiled.

“She needs someone,” Lettie was explaining her ‘done it now’ comment I realised, “she’s not good on her own. She always wants to be doing stuff with me and Janie but then it’s never right, she has to find something wrong with it. And other people...she pisses them off with her attitude.”

I digested that news in silence. After a minute I felt Lettie’s small hand take mine and hold it. It’s a small hand, but I could feel the strength of character in its grip.

Vicki constantly fighting a sense of inadequacy, I could imagine. Trying to be strong by being judgmental. Feeling put down by Lettie’s energy and confidence and quick brain; her trust in her own perceptions.

Lettie held my hand for a few minutes while I started to doze off, until we heard Janie and Vicki coming back and she let it go.

Once I’d eaten I ran Lara back with her bike, since it was dark now, then when I got home I took my clothes back off and settled down in the pool room on the end of the row of girls, with Janie playing with Seeta’s hair, then Lettie then Vicki then me. Vicki nestled into me and for a few minutes we all watched the lesbian video Lettie was playing on the TV.

I realised there was a little issue: would Paul and Amanda be wondering where their eldest daughter was? Why wasn’t Vicki saying anything about it?

“Are you going to stay?” I felt I had to get it settled.

“I’ll ask,” Vicki gave me a brilliant smile, one that had a hint of relief in it, and went off to phone in private. She wasn’t gone long.

“OK it’s cool I can stay,” she said when she came back. “Mum seemed to know I was here already, though I hadn’t said. Anyway I just started explaining I’d come for a swim and there’s someone who needs some extra support tonight and she was saying ‘fine fine’ already!”

This seemed to confirm my suspicion that Amanda had a fair idea what Lettie had got going here, which was all good, but I thought I was picking up a hint of anxiety from Vicki... was it about which bed she’d sleep in?

“That’s great,” I said, pulling her to me, “just don’t completely kill me.” I grinned at her and she grinned back, pulling herself half onto me.

“I reckon four of us could finish you off,” said Lettie. She said it with a smile but there was an undertone.

“Yes sorry,” Vicki was backing off. “Alright. I didn’t mean to be greedy.”

“Janie needs cock,” Lettie pursued it, in a softer tone, “and she’s given up boys so that there aren’t any STD’s being brought in, and she’s fed up with condoms anyway cos they rub…”

“Yes OK, I get it,” Vicki was on the defensive.

I felt I ought to say something, but I couldn’t decide what. I didn’t want Vicki to get possessive. But at the same time I really wanted to be close to her, to make her feel wanted and appreciated and loved and special, and not inadequate. And, already, to be inside her again. Because, already, she did feel special to me.

At the same time I did want to keep fucking Janie and Lettie and Lara and the other visiting girls too.

I didn’t feel like fucking Seeta though, even if she wanted to; she was too young for an adult to get involved with. Kids more her own age, like Lara and John, are different. Lara and me was different, being really ready and her initiative, even if they look the same age...

Janie was looking at me, with her big grey eyes.

“I could do with a swim,” I said, looking back at her, and as I got up she did too and we slipped into the pool together.

“Me too,” I heard Lettie say, “come on,” and to my relief I turned to see the little superstar take Vicki’s hand and Seeta’s, and bring them into the pool with us.

There’s something about the pool that makes a difference - it’s easy to be intimate in there somehow. We swam around a bit, bumping into each other, swimming under water, through each other’s legs, having fun together, and the difficult moment was consigned to history.

I found myself face to face with Janie. She pressed her sex-mad little body against me and in a nanosecond I was rock hard with a massive tingle. Her freckled tits were begging to be kissed, so I kissed them.

I checked sideways to make sure Vicki was okay with it, and saw Seeta holding Vicki’s arms behind her! I gaped. Well...Seeta isn’t strong enough to hold Vicki by force. Not really. But Lettie was wading up to her sister in the waist-deep water.

I felt Janie’s gorgeous big, warm, strong thighs on mine and then her potent pussy lowering itself over my cock, while we both watched Lettie taking things to the next level. As I should have predicted of course - it’s what she does.

It was the answer, that was suddenly so clear. Well...the other half of the answer.

I started to fuck Janie, very slowly as you have to in water, while Lettie’s right arm moved near to Vicki. Her hand - it was barely visible but deliciously obvious - was stroking up the inside of Vicki’s right thigh.

“So Vics,” Lettie grinned, “I reckon you’re too sexy to resist now. Too sexy for me to resist, anyway…”

Vicki gasped and lurched, and dipped a bit lower in the water; her legs had opened. Lettie stepped right up to her and started working her over, while Seeta played the role of captor. Seeta’s long, black hair trailed in the water, the ends fanning out over the surface, while her plump tits - surely almost a C - disappeared and reappeared behind the writhing Vicki.

I felt Janie stiffen, and pulled her onto me as she came, so quickly, cumming into her myself; spurting into my gorgeous, lovely redhead teen while watching the Mellors sisters and my new ‘daughter’ getting it on.

Lettie and Vicki were kissing now, and meaning it I could see. Vicki’s arm was by Letti’s leg, and Lettie was starting to writhe...

Seeta, no longer needed, looked over at me and Janie. Janie beckoned her over and slid off my cock. When Seeta arrived Janie took her jaw gently in her hands and kissed her. She stroked delicately over her face.

“How’s it feeling now?” she asked.

“Fine,” said Seeta, “it was worth it to get out.”

There is quite an independent person in that little body, I though to myself. Well, that was probably the source of the trouble.

She looked at me: “I didn’t really say ‘thank you’,” she said, “but I really am grateful. They were so mad. They’d only let me marry a Pakistani and if I wasn’t pure and everything I’d need a huge dowry for anyone who wasn’t desperate. So it would have cost them a lot of money and I’d have ended up with someone really awful.

“Or they really might have killed me to save money and honour. Where they come from you can get killed by your family for being raped, everyone expects it: once you’re not a virgin that’s it, you’re no use to anyone.

“Girls are just things they use, for money and to have babies, and they have to totally own the girl - or woman. My mother can hardly speak a word of English and she’s been here twenty years, she just stays in the house and talks to neighbours who are all the same.

“A girl mustn’t even have kissed someone before, it’s like so they’re totally totally owned by their husband…

“It’s about money too. Sometimes if a man gets fed up of his wife he sets her on fire to kill her and save having to give the dowry back. They’re called stove deaths, cos they make out it’s an accident at the stove. Or girl babies get aborted or killed to save the dowry.”

I blanked out the awfulness of her story and smiled at her. “That’s alright, it’s nice to have someone to look after again.”

“Shit!” Janie hadn’t blanked it out, “David just suppose we’d left her…”

“Yes, well we didn’t.” I didn’t want any more anger, I wanted to stay in the present with this pool full of lovely girls and affection. Janie gave me a little touch to show she understood.

Seeta had drifted across from Janie to to me and I put a protective arm round her. “Well you’re safe now,” I said, “you can be here as long as you want, and grow up here and be whatever you want to be.”

“I want to be more than safe,” she smiled up at me, “is that greedy?” I became aware she was rubbing up against me, then grinding against my leg.

Her face really is gorgeous. Her tits were rubbing on me, their long nipples hardening; her slender thighs were wrapped round one of mine now, feeling amazing.

“Not yet Seet,” I said, contradicting my cock which was rising again in spite of having orgasmed only a few minutes before, “we need to wait till you’re more like Lara’s age.”

“Why?” she pouted, “I’m as far along as Lara. I have periods and tits and a bush, just the same as her.”

“Yes but you’re just too young, for me to do it with you. It’s alright between you and Lara and John, or the others, closer to your age.”

“John might be fertile now,” Lettie had come over, her arm round Vicki’s little waist, “so actually you’d be more alright than him.”

I looked hard at the little minx. She wanted me to fuck Seeta. I supposed she was thinking it was what her sex commune needed to stay cohesive. And just sexy. The intelligence and determination gleamed in her hazel eyes and I could tell I was up against it.

“Well alright,” I argued, “she can get an injection then or whatever’s the best thing these days.”

“OK,” she said. I started to relax then remembered who I was dealing with as she continued. “So she can go on the pill to fuck but you’re deciding who she can and can’t do it with?”

“Well surely I can decide who I do and don’t fuck?” I retorted.

“Oh well if you don’t WANT to fuck her, obviously…” she felt down with her sexy little hand and caressed my throbbing cock. “This is to fend her off with I suppose? This long, hard pole?”


“Anyone can tell she’s ready,” Janie joined in, “she’s sexy as anything, otherwise we wouldn’t all fancy her. Especially you. These tits are the biggest of any of us.” She gave the nearest one a quick fondle, making Seeta sigh in pleasure.

“I just don’t feel right about it, sorry,” I started to sound a bit cross.

“Oh OK, if you’re going to be so rigid about it” said Lettie.

To my surprise with this parting shot they gave up. Janie started on Seeta and I swam a few lengths while my overworked cock went down in relief. Lettie and Vicki got out and watched some Youtube, and the rest of us joined them when we’d finished.

I lay down next to Lettie rather than Vicki, to keep things on an even keel because I could still feel a slight pull to pair up with Vicki. It was hard to tell if that was me or her, or both of us. Janie lay down next to Vicki, with Seeta next to her.

After a while Lettie switched away from Youtube and loaded one of her lezzie sex sites. We all watched various girls enjoying each other’s tanned, naked bodies, and gradually the sexy feeling grew up again.

Lettie started fondling Vicki, then when Vicki’s legs opened Lettie squirmed down and started eating her. Vicki groaned and thrust up, and I watched entranced and turned on as the slender ex-prude was worked over and finally brought to orgasm by her own sister It had seemed unimaginable only a couple of days before; now it seemed perfect. Vicki smiled beautifully at me.

Lettie surfaced and presented her glistening face for me to lick, which I duly did. Then she straddled me and sank gleefully onto my hard cock. She fucked me vigorously for several minutes, until her strong pussy started and I came with her, savouring the orgasm and the amazing girl I was spurting into.

She subsided onto me, tremors running through her body, and I stroked her lovingly, with just a corner of my mind starting to wonder if there’s a little streak of domme in her.

By eleven I was ready for bed. I made sure Vicki knew I wanted her to sleep with me, and soon there she was: gorgeous, lithe, sexy, naked in my bed and looking at me in that way.

“Can you be inside me all night?” she grinned, pulling her body onto mine.

“I think I’ll come out,” I said, “but we can try…”

We fucked and it was beautiful, but after one cum my old body had finally had enough and I fell fast asleep with her warm, slender girl’s body on top of me.

When I woke she was asleep next to me, and neither of us knew at what point we’d separated. It didn’t matter. It was wonderful having her there.

We showered and went down, had breakfast, did some housework, cut the grass, until around eleven Lara arrived and we all had a swim. Vicki and I were making sure not to be too ‘together’.

After a few minutes I’d done about twenty lengths and stood up in the shallow end. Lara swam up to me and slithered all the way up me as she stood up. Then she rubbed her abdomen gently on my pulsating cock.

“It seems ages,” she said. With the drama about Seeta it had been three days since I’d fucked the little blonde beauty. Not that she needs as much as Janie but we don’t often go that long without.

Lara isn’t especially assertive but she has learnt that I always want to fuck her, as long as she can get me up; so when she feels like some she doesn’t bother to ask.

Now she grinned up at me, her face swamping me with desire. She is apparently the most beautiful girl in the school, and I can believe it. Her green eyes are wide-set and her cheekbones are really prominent; she has full eyebrows, long lashes, and somehow with her button nose and small smiley mouth it all combines in a magical way. Teeth, chin, forehead - whatever part of her you look at would be impossible to improve on, is how it feels. Her skin is sublime. Then her slender neck, wide shoulders, pert B-cups, waist, hips, thighs...

She moved to the edge of the pool, put her hands on the edge and popped easily out onto the side, looking girlishly athletic; knowing I would follow her onto the mats. As I did.

She stood there smiling up at me while I caressed her neck and shoulders, ran my hands down over her pert little tits and on down over her waist and hips. When I got to her hips I pulled her and we were grinding again.

Lara lay down, legs apart, and in a moment I was easing my cock into her. Even being only five foot one she can take it all, but it needs a few minutes. I have no idea what goes on in her insides but I suppose various organs have to stretch and move around. Anyway it’s beautiful in its own way to start so gradually, and then to fuck her delicately as I know she needs. Janie and Lettie can like it strong, but not Lara. She doesn’t like to be made to feel small and hates being pushed around; she likes to be cherished. And I love to cherish her.

I immersed myself in the fuck for a few minutes, vaguely aware of the others coming onto the mats and Seeta lying down next to us, with Lettie, Janie and Vicki starting to work her over.

I fucked gently on for a few minutes, feeling Lara starting to thrust back, gasping beautifully.

We heard Seeta moaning and looked sideways: she was arched right off the mat, her lithe little body visibly shuddering as she came furiously, from Lettie’s eating and Janie’s stroking and nibbling of her gorgeous tits. Vicki was kneeling next to them, playing with herself.

Lara started and and so did I. I savoured the joyful spasms in her stunning little body as I spurted into her, pressing gently but deeply while my balls unloaded into her. When it was over I rolled off so as not to squash her.

“That was sexy,” commented Lettie.

I’ve known her long and intimately enough to see it was a trap. “That’s because she’s old enough,” I grinned.

Lettie grinned back, but pushed her point anyway: “Don’t you think Seeta was sexy too?”

“Yes she is,” I had to be honest. That foiled Lettie’s move though, and I waited for her to think of something else, caressing the young beauty in front of me while I watched the cogs whir. As usual, the outcome was exciting.

Lettie turned to Vicki and pushed her over onto her back. Vicki was a bit surprised, but not alarmed.

Lettie looked at Janie, and Janie as though getting it by telepathy moved round above Vicki’s head and held Vicki’s hands back there as Lettie passed them to her.

Lettie pulled Vicki’s slender legs apart and lay on one. She’s heavier than Vicki and it pinned the older sister down. Lettie flicked her head at Seeta and looked at Vicki’s other leg, and Seeta somehow knew to go and lie on it. Now Vicki really was at their mercy. It was highly erotic.

Lettie started on the the beautifully shaped B-size tit on her side, with her mouth, while her left hand started on Vicki’s pussy which was soaking and distended already. Seeta promptly did the same thing on her side.

Vicki groaned and writhed, completely turned on. She had an orgasm straight away, then immediately started off towards another one.

It dawned on me that Lettie was using sex to get Vicki to accept a subordinate role. And Vicki liked it! I recalled how she had, as Seeta had said, been turned on pretty easily when she’d been tied to the pool steps a couple of days ago.

Over the next minutes Lettie marshalled her troops to dominate her older sister. It ended up with Lara and Lettie kneeling, each holding one leg over their shoulder, wide apart, while Janie held Vicki’s arms over her head and Seeta worked her over. I realised there was a second prong to Lettie’s plan.

Vicki came again and again as Seeta fingered, sucked, licked and nibbled her defenceless exposed tits and pussy. The lissom seventeen-year-old writhed helplessly, gasping and groaning, shuddering from one irresistible climax to the next, while the nimble little fingers and tongue and teeth roamed over her naked body, helping themselves to all her sensitive places.

I sat up and watched, mouth agape I daresay, while the erotic scene was played out in front of me. I could tell somehow that I wasn’t supposed to join in, so I didn’t try. I just watched Vicki cum and cum.

Eventually, after half an hour and some absurd number of orgasms, Vicki was released and allowed to flop onto the mat and half curl up. She managed a tired grin at me before her eyes closed and she dozed off, exhausted.

Lettie looked innocently at me: “Sexy isn’t she?”

“She certainly is,” I smiled back, “and so is young Seeta.”

Lettie stuck her tongue out at my calling her on her gambit, reminding me that she is only sixteen.

Still, I couldn’t help looking at Seeta a bit differently now, however hard I tried to rationalise that she’d just been playing the role Lettie had given her. She’d had so little experience...her instincts had to be really sexual, didn’t they?

Things calmed down after that, anyway. We had lunch when Vicki woke up, and after that she and Lettie went over to see their parents before, as they said, their parents decided to come and see them here.

Lara had to cycle home, and Janie decided she’d better go and see her parents too.

I knew it was no coincidence that I’d been left alone with Seeta. As the door closed behind Janie she looked at me, a naughty grin on her lovely face. I smiled knowingly at her, feeling up to the challenge.

“Can I put posters up in my room?” she asked.

“Of course you can,” I smiled, “it’s your room.”

She slipped a little hand into mine. “Thank you,” she said. For some reason I was suddenly freshly aware that she was nude, and so was I. “Could you show me round?”

So we went into every room in the house, naked and holding hands. Dining room, kitchen, living room, hall, stairs, landing, my bedroom, Lettie and Janie’s bedroom, and Seeta’s own room.

“This wardrobe will be useful,” she said, standing in front of its full-length mirror. I couldn’t help seeing in the reflected image a gorgeous girl with C-cup tits, hips, and a neat but quite solid dark bush.

“We’ll have to get you some clothes,” I said.

“Oh thank you,” she gave me a hug, “they can be ever so cheap, from charity shops and eBay; and I can sew. I’m quite good on a sewing machine. And they don’t have to be big, do they?” She gave a little giggle.

“Well you’ll need to be respectable for school,” I said, trying to sound parental. In fact I felt parental.

“OK but I’ll be able to choose the rest of the time, won’t I?”

“Yes, but check with the others,” I said, “if you go out showing too much skin you’ll attract the wrong kind of attention: catcalls and people staring, saying things that are disrespectful. You won’t like it. So don’t go mad; check with the others. Miniskirt yes, microskirt no, is the right area. Be stylish, not tarty.

“You mustn’t go out on your own, anyway, in case you run into someone who knows you. Some nice big sunglasses and a hat might be an idea too, for a while.”

“Alright,” she agreed. “Can we do the garden?”

So we went outside and toured my big heavily screened garden. It wasn’t sunny, but it was quite warm.

“This is fabulous,” she laughed, letting go of my hand and running across the lawn with her arms out, hair flying, ”I’m so free, I can’t believe it. You wouldn’t believe how different this is, it’s amazing. Naked! Outside. It’s awesome!”

She ‘flew’ back and leaped into my arms. My senses reeled with the gorgeous warm little body. I hugged her to me.

“I’m not going to try and seduce you any more,” she said, suddenly serious, “I owe you everything. I want you to fuck me, lots, when you want to. But I’ll wait. I don’t want to trick you like Lettie.”

“Lettie doesn’t see it as tricking,” I said, feeling the need to defend my resident minx, “she’s just sure it would be right But I’m not.”

“I’m sure it would be right too,” she looked me in the eye with her glowing brown eyes, “but I’ll wait.”

Her simple sincerity affected me. “Well we’ll see,” I gave a little ground, “perhaps next year, since you are quite precocious.”

“Alright,” she said, “thank you.”

I mulled over this gorgeous young girl thanking me for...what? Agreeing to fuck her sooner rather than later. It was more than a bit ridiculous. I blamed Lettie. Or perhaps Seeta was a little bit like Lettie? That was a scary thought I grinned to myself.

We went back in and composed an email to the friendly imam, asking if he could have Seeta’s phone, clothes and personal bits and pieces sent to him. It seemed unlikely but it didn’t cost anything to ask. I asked her if she had a laptop, and when she didn’t I gave her my old one that I’d never got round to selling and kept as a spare. It’s slow but better than nothing.

“Thank you,” she was thrilled anyway, “this’ll be miles better than my ancient phone.” She settled down in the pool room to start setting up her various accounts and I put some clothes on and went out to cut the front hedge.

I was just tidying up when to my alarm I saw Amanda crossing the road to talk to me. Guilty nightmare scenarios flashed through my mind: she’d found out her sixty-six-year-old neighbour was fucking not one but both her daughters and presiding over all kinds of sex orgies, dope and lesbian incest, not to mention her son...

She was smiling warmly though. “Hello David, I’m glad I saw you. I just wanted to say I don’t know how what you’ve done but Vicki and Lettie...well...they’ve never got on like they are today. It’s such a change. They really are like friends more than squabbling sisters, suddenly. It’s such a relief. It’s been a bit of a challenge sometimes to be honest. I’m so grateful, however you’ve done it. And Paul will be too.”

I grinned in amazement and relief, which she saw I suspect: “So we know Lettie will be pushing the boundaries, don’t worry we know what she’s like. As long as it’s alright for you of course. You know you can chuck her out don’t you? If she gets too much. She can be..well…don’t worry about anything anyway, we don’t expect anyone to be responsible for her. And we do trust her, strange as that may seem! And Vicki too.”

“Oh good,” I said, searching for the right thing to say; did Amanda know Lettie was living here with Janie?... ”Well they’re both lovely girls and I certainly wouldn’t chuck either of them out.”

“Yes Vicki’s been asking if she can help look after your rescue girl and join in this ‘summer project’,” Amanda smiled to show she knew full well it was a pretext, “and that's fine but we don't want it to be too much for you. So just be frank with them and don’t let them be a nuisance. And the girls have been telling me all about Seeta and I do want you to know I’m as impressed as they are, and Paul and I would love it if you would allow us to contribute. Not that you can’t afford everything I’m sure but we know how expensive girls can be and Paul and I are quite comfortable, you know, and we would like to help. I’m sure she needs all kinds of things and phones and clothes are expensive aren’t they and she mustn’t have cheap ones, at school. And our pair must be costing too so I’ll be sending a cheque over and I do hope you’ll let us do our bit.”

Amanda is talkative and not easy to resist, like a mellow, dilute version of Lettie. Though I had indeed been thinking about how my pension would stretch to get Seeta everything she’d need. Well, it seemed to me it would be wrong of me to deprive her of anything just to massage my pride.

“Thank you, that’s very kind,” I said, “and I do understand why you trust them; I do too.” I smiled at her, hoping she wasn’t going to ask to meet Seeta, whose clothes were all upstairs.

But Amanda said she could see I was busy and she had to go back to have tea with her girls, before she let them go again, and said goodbye.

As I put things away I thought about her cheerful acceptance of Lettie and Vicki being over here, and decided she must think they were enjoying playing house and having some independence and the pool.

I was still in the front garden half an hour later when the sisters returned. They manoeuvred me out of sight of the road and kissed me.

“Mum can’t understand how we’re getting on, all of a sudden,” Lettie giggled. She thought it was highly amusing.

“If only she knew.” Vicki grinned at her, gave her a quick snog, then hugged me. She rubbed against me. She was wearing a skirt now. Over her shoulder I saw Lettie going to close the gate.

It’s a tall hedge and in the far corner no-one can see without coming down the drive a little way; the far corner was where Vicki was now steering me. She backed into a small tree and pulled off her panties.

“I know I know,” she said, undoing my trousers, “it’s an overreaction. I’ll calm down in a few days I expect.”

So I fucked Vicki against the tree, with just the hedge between us and the public gaze. It was erotic, she felt gorgeous, and we didn’t last long.

After we’d cum she kept clinging to me. “I asked Mum about staying,” she said in my ear, sounding both worried and hopeful, “after the holidays? Cos I’ll be eighteen not long after term starts. And I can help look after Seeta? I’d love to do that. And Mum seemed okay about it. To give me some space, you know, and independence. But you might want some peace and quiet...anyway I thought I’d ask...”

Wow. I realised that Amanda had been checking things out for this, and making sure she could pay Vicki’s way.

And this was what Lettie had meant, I supposed, when she’d said ‘I’d done it now’.

Well it was an easy answer: Vicki is a lovely person under her insecurities, and she could grow here, with me; and with an easier little sister in Seeta. It would be good for Seeta to have some feminine affection and care.

And being able to have a sexual relationship with Lettie here was obviously great for Vicki. After term started Lettie would no doubt be coming over a lot even if she was living at home again. Well there was no telling with that little minx, but Vicki...

“That would be perfect,” I said, giving her a squeeze. Christ, this gorgeous seventeen-year-old was going to be living with me. She could be as clingy as she liked, as far as I was concerned.

It wouldn't be long, probably, before she found the right young man and moved on, but over the years I’d learned to enjoy the moment not fear the future. Who knew what other good things the future might bring?

“Oh fantastic,” she eased away enough to smile beautifully into my face, “it’s going to be so great. I’ve promised Lettie I’ll be nicer and not such a bitch, and I won’t monopolise you.”

“It’ll be wonderful,” I gave her a tender kiss. My girlfriend. I more or less giggled.

When we got into the house Lettie had obviously had a quickie with Seeta as well, and we put some music on and all got into the hot tub to unwind together. I found myself between Seeta and Vicki.

“So it’s next year now,” Lettie challenged me with a smile.

She’d been asking Seeta about it.

“As she’s quite mature for her age,” I parried.

“So what about Lara?”

“It would depend how developed she was,” I smirked. I’d seen that one coming.

“So is it about age or is it about development?”

“Both. They have to be old enough AND ready.”

“Seems a bit odd to me,” Lettie reasoned, “as you just changed the age because of the development. Surely if you can do that then age isn’t really the main thing?”

I had to think for a second. I looked too long into her face, which was a distraction. She was intensely alive, her hazel eyes alight with fun, her wide mouth in a teasing smile...

“Well age can be a threshold,” I couldn’t help beaming back at her.

She reached onto the side of the tub and started rolling a joint. I started to wonder if I’d won. I felt her feet moving, rubbing on my legs.

“So it’s a movable threshold,” she said, passing me the joint.

I could feel Seeta listening, fascinated.

“It’s a threshold for how I feel, plus a threshold for how ready she is,” I replied. It seemed perfectly reasonable to me.

“But isn’t how you feel really about how ready you think I am?” Seeta asked.

I sighed and took a draw on the joint. Lettie giggled. Vicki was grinning.

“Yes but I don’t think you’re ready,” I explained. “Anyway I thought you said you weren’t going to try and seduce me?”

“I’m not trying to seduce you,” said Seeta, “I was just pointing out that your age thing begs the question.”

“Begs what question?” I tested her. She’s only young, she’d probably just heard the phrase somewhere.

“The question about when I’m ready,” she didn’t hesitate. “You’re saying I’ll be ready next year, but what you’re really saying is you think I’ll be developed enough by then. So changing the age because of my development is begging the question it’s trying to answer. If it’s development you can just see it, can’t you? The age is just to predict it or have it normal. And you can see how ready I am, look at these,” she cupped her lovely breasts, “so really it’s just dogma to say an age is the threshold. For one person, anyway. An age makes sense for a whole society, but that’s different, it’s just a way of predicting development. But you don’t have to predict my development, do you?”

I gazed at her. Lettie sniggered.

“Well I said I’ve had a lot of arguments,” Seeta added.

“Arguments about dogma?” Lettie put the boot in, grinning. She knew how I’d feel about being being accused of being dogmatic.

“You’re not very big,” I tried a different tack, looking at Seeta, “your pelvis is even smaller than Lara’s, narrower at least, and I only just fit in her. Why not wait until you’re really fully grown? It might hurt, you know.”

“You can try, can’t you?” Lettie demolished my argument effortlessly. “You can always just stop if it’s hurting too much. That’s what you always say to the new girls isn’t it? And you always can stop, that’s why everyone trusts you.”

“Alright well I’ll think about it,” I knew it was a shameless retreat.

“You could at least kiss her,” Lettie really can be relentless, “or a bit more, even? You don’t have to fuck her.”

“I’ve kissed her already,” I couldn’t remember clearly but I was pretty sure.

“Why not give her another one now then? That would help you to feel when she’s ready.”

At that moment Janie arrived back, giving me an excuse not to reply while we all watched her undress her sexy freckled body. She loves being naked, it really is her natural state.

She saw us looking and made a show of it, taking her bra and panties off really slowly and doing a twirl before she came and crammed into the hot tub, grinning happily. She saw Lettie’s grass and started rolling a second joint. In a moment we had two in circulation, which with Seeta being left out was quite intense. A discussion started about how Janie’s parents were, and Lettie and Vicki’s, while we all soaked and smoked.

We were pressed together, intimate in the small tub. Vicki put her arm round me and I put mine round her. She moulded to me, so lissom. She was touching me all down my thigh, and so was Seeta. Lettie and Janie had their arms round each other.

I felt Seeta moving to free her arm and eased forward to help her. She put it round me. God.

I had a huge hard-on.

“I don’t remember you kissing me,” she said.

I was boxed in; refusing to kiss her was not an option.

“You’re not going to try and seduce me are you?” I turned to her.

Her arm moved till her hand was on my neck and she replied with a kiss. I felt her tongue on my lips and opened them. I realised I hadn’t kissed her before, because I would have remembered: she is very sensuous and the feel of her was distinctive.

I wondered vaguely if it helped to have learned kissing with girls, as she developed it skilfully into a long, deep snog, working her lips and tongue, and her hand, to draw me in.

I felt her other hand on my thigh, sliding lightly over it and onto my cock. I lurched, sex surging into my bloodstream and taking me over.

I stood up, taking Seeta’s hand and guiding her out of the tub. Even in my doped-up, sexed-up state I knew she mustn’t have her juices diluted for her first time. There isn’t really room in the hot tub anyway.

“This is your bad influence,” I pointed at Lettie. She grinned at me, just a hint of triumph breaking through on her beguiling face.

I watched Janie’s fingers stroke over Lettie’s jutting right tit. “Lettie’s terrible,” Janie giggled. With her other arm she reached for Vicki.

Seeta was pulling me down onto the mats, and now for a while nobody else existed.

I lay down next to her. Her gorgeous, small, slender, feminine body. Her gorgeous coffee-coloured skin. Her eyes bright and clever and eager.

“I thought you promised not to seduce me,” I said.

“I know,” she was grinning, “it’s not like me at all, sorry.” She was on her back, urging me between her open thighs, pushing at me with one little hand while opening her pussy with the other. I’d meant to spend a lot of time getting her ready but she was soaking wet and so impatient I just let her guide my big cockhead up to her pussy and press herself on it.

“You set me free,” she said, wriggling cockwards and pressing on my back with one hand. Her words gave me an amazing feeling.

I kept still, holding myself low on my hands and knees to let her make the running. She shuffled and wriggled and in a moment I felt my cockhead start to slide into her. She was very tight, but kept pushing.

I felt a vague extra sensation on the end of my cock and realised it was her hymen. It could be easy or hard at this point, there was no telling, though at least she was well lubricated.

She didn’t even hesitate but pushed straight through, and I felt her stiffen and heard her hiss as she tried to mask the pain.

“Stop,” I said, and started to back out but she grabbed me with both hands.

“It’s nothing,” she said, urgently, “it’s what I wanted. It’s through now anyway.”

“OK well take a breather,” I said. She was desperate for me not to pull out.

“Alright,” she said, going still, “that was it, anyway. It just stings a bit now. But it’s OK.”

“Alright,” I smiled down at her. She was beautiful; and free now, after all; free to fuck me as she wanted.

In a minute or two she started moving again, thrusting her pelvis to get me in deeper.

“It’s what I wanted,” she was gasping a little, “your nice big cock to completely demolish it. No more virginity, at all. Now I just need to...stretch...a...little…”

She kept on working it in. It looked uncomfortable, but she was determined. I looked down, to see about half of it in. It looked too thick for her, not an awful lot thinner than her wrist, but there it was, half inside.

She lay back. “OK would you fuck me now?” she asked, “just start, and let’s see?”

I slid it experimentally out and then in by a few millimetres. She smiled up at me.

Gradually I fucked in deeper and deeper, feeling her adjusting inside. She was very tight, but nice and wet. I sensed the stinging pain had gone, and now it was uncomfortable, but pleasurable too.

After three or four minutes I felt myself about to cum. Seeta wasn’t ready to, with the discomfort, but I let mine happen. I kept still and spurted into her, and she knew, from my face and my little jerks as I prevented myself thrusting, and my quiet groan.

“There,” I said to her, “you’ve been fucked.”

“I don’t think SO,” she gave me a smack on my ass, “don’t you dare try and pull out. I have to cum too. We have to cum together, with you all the way in, so we’re really close and you’ll be looking at me like you look at the others.”

I gazed into her gorgeous face. “Alright,” I smiled. She was so sexy I still had some erection.

“I want you to love me,” she said.

“I do already,” I said straight away, “you don’t have to fuck me for that.”

“I didn’t mean it like that,” she apologised, “I meant... to be close, the way we’ll be close after we’ve fucked properly.”

“Alright I know what you mean.” I worked my arms under her and cradled her. My cock was softer now, as I’d intended; easier for her but still just about firm enough to fuck with. I started pistoning gently in and out.

I heard her breathing change as it became less uncomfortable and more sexy for her. Her legs opened wider and her hands clung to me. I did love her.

After perhaps ten minutes I was all the way in. My cock had hardened again but her pussy had kept opening up, stretching, making room, however it worked, and now I was able to press on her vulva at the bottom of the stroke.

I fucked her more deeply, still slowly but with a full stroke, and it had a powerful effect on her. She writhed and gasped in pleasure, thrusting back, clinging to me with her arms while her back and pelvis worked to get herself fucked. She was loving it.

“Yes, yes,” I heard her whispering. It was right.

Once we’d got to this point I could feel she wasn’t going to last long. She’d already had orgasms, on her own and with girls; she wasn’t inhibited and she really wanted the end result - the intense closeness of cumming while I spurted deep into her. I could feel it.

I speeded up, bit by bit; her hands, her reactions, spurring me on.

Aaaahhhh we were there. I felt her stiffen, the sensation on my cock went to 11 and I was cumming into her. She was groaning loudly, jerky and spasmic with her orgasm seizing her, hanging on to me while I pumped my symbolic fluid somewhere that felt like it was up around her midriff.

It went on and on for some amazing seconds.

Finally the climax began to fade and she clung to me, panting.

“You see?” she gasped in my ear, “I said I was ready.”

She IS a bit like Lettie!

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