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Following your positive responses to Parts 1 and 2 of my story Mistress Lin commanded and produce Part 3. For those of you who have not read the previous instalments, my name is Amy, or Slut Amy as mistress refers to me. I am just 18 years of age, female, white, 5’9 in height, with long blonde hair and hazel eyes; my legs are a bit longer than I like and my 34DD titties are out of proportion to my size 10 body. I am in my first year at university where I am studying to be a teacher. I met Lin in a wine bar and in two short hours she had seduced me, taken my virginity and made me her devoted follower.
I woke on Sunday morning to the smell of hot bread, grilling bacon and fresh coffee, for a couple of seconds I actually believe I am in my bedroom in my parent’s house and expect Cheryl, my kid sister, to come bounding into the room to tell me breakfast is ready. But I am not at home, and this is Mistress Lin’s bed, the bed where Lin and Josie spent the night tormenting me with their lips, fingers, pussy’s and an enormous dildo, it’s no wonder my pussy and ass are so sore.

The sound of voices and laughter tells me that Lin and Josie are downstairs, I think about the relationship between these two females, had I got it all wrong; initially I had thought of them as mistress and servant, after all Lin is at least 25 while Josie is probably still in her teens, and the first impression they presented lead me down that road, but was that just a ploy on their part?

My mind returns to home and oh shit, I have not phoned mom since Friday night, she’s gonna be going ape, I scan the bedroom for my purse, where the fuck did I leave it. I almost jump out of bed, my clothes where are they? Then my memory returns, I recall being stripped on the sofa by Lin and Josie and some steamy moments on the floor watching a hot porno film, God 48 hours ago I was still a virgin, now I am a slut.

I see the robe laid out on the bed, it was obviously put there for me, putting it on I look in the mirror, my hair is a complete mess, but no brush or comb, oh well not gonna look my best when I go down.

Lin is looking immaculate; she is wearing a black Diane Von Furstenberg mini dress, something I can only dream about.

“The sleepy sluts finally got up Josie” is my welcoming from Lin, but it is delivered in a pleasant manner.

“Morning babe” and a nice kiss on the lips is my welcome from Josie who is wearing white American Apparel running shorts and a white vest, my God she looks so stunning. Josie hands me a cup of coffee. I definitely got these two wrong. I am looking round the room, searching for my purse.

“What you lost babe”.

“My purse Josie, I need to phone mom, she will be going frantic”.

That big disarming smile again as she leaves the room returning seconds later with my purse.
“Oh shit, dead battery” I throw my mobile back into my purse.

Lin hands me her i-phone 5, I didn’t know they were available “Use mine Amy”

I sit at the table with Lin as Josie joins us; they obviously want to hear my conversation.
“Hi mom....yes I know, sorry, yes ....well so much happened.....oh yes real battery died; yes I’m fine, no really good....yes I am glad you made me go out Friday, met two great girls.....yes having coffee with them now. No I got up early and walked to their place”.

This sends Josie into hysterical laughter.

“No it’s just Josie laughing at the TV”

I lightly punch Josie

“Sure put Cheryl on, high babe what you doing....colouring, what you colouring....a picture for my bedroom, that’s nice.....put mom back on it’s not my phone....Yes I’m good...yes Uni tomorrow I’ll ring you.
I let out a deep breath as I terminate the call and hand the phone back to Lin.

Josie is laughing so much that there are tears rolling down her cheeks and Lin is desperately trying to maintain her straight face.

After a very deep breath “So is you mom always like that Amy”?

“Pretty much so, yes”.

“And who is Cheryl”?

“My kid sister, she’s just turned 9, she wants to stay with me one weekend”.

“We can accommodate that can’t we Josie”

Josie nods adding “Yes it would be fun”.

Breakfast, well more like brunch progressed in relative silence, but it is a comfortable silence, not one of those where you feel you need to say something. Despite her protests I help Josie with the washing up as Lin reads the Sunday papers.

“So what do we do about you slut”?

I tense at the sink, this is the moment I have been waiting for, yet dreading.

“I want to serve you mistress, you and Josie, I have never been so happy”.

Josie squeezes my hand and smiles.

“Then we need to set the rules, sit down Amy, I want to see your face as we agree them”.

“At all times you will address me as Mistress”.

I nod in agreement

“You will meet my every demand without question, you will be taken to dark places your mind has never envisaged, but we will keep you safe”.

My eyes open wide and I take a real deep breath, Lin’s eyes do not leave my face, I feel them burning into my soul. We sit in silence until I nod my agreement. I hear Josie let out a deep sigh, she was holding her breath waiting for me to answer.

“Good slut Amy, you will only engage in acts of a sexual nature with persons I permit you to or on my instructions, you are permitted to play with Josie”

Was that a hint of a smile from Lin; again I nod, this is getting interesting.

“You complete your University Course – If you drop marks this all stops”.

Wow that is a surprise, I had not given uni a thought, and I shrug and nod.

“You will move into this house, you will be given your own room, but you will leave the door unlocked as we may feel the urge to use you. The rent for your rented room will be met; don’t want mommy worrying about you”.

That definitely struck home and I smile.

“You will seek part time employment; we need to be able to explain the new wardrobe you will be acquiring”.

Well getting a job is already on my priority list, so no issue.

“Is that acceptable to you slut”?

“Yes mistress”.

The atmosphere in the kitchen immediately lightens and I am kissed by Josie and permitted to kiss Mistress Lin.

Josie shows me my room, it’s amazing, it takes up nearly half the top floor and although it slopes in line with the pitch of the roof I can stand up in most parts; it’s just so ideal. I drop back on the king size bed holding my arms open to Josie.

Josie is on top of me, her hands slowly moving down to the belt of my robe, she moves forward her soft lips touching mine as we deeply kiss; the robe is opened Josie’s soft fingers tracing a line on my thighs I hold my breath as she touches my smooth pussy lips. I realise that this is the first time I have made love without being fueled by alcohol, and this makes it so special. Josie’s kisses become more demanding her tongue filling my mouth, running across my teeth, dancing some erotic dance with my own tongue.
“Oh sweet Jeeeesus” her fingers pinch and roll my nipple. “Oh goddddddddddd, as she rubs my swollen clitty.

Josie’s lips travel down my neck and across my chest until they descend on my right nipple, she bites and sucks, my senses go into overdrive, an instant orgasm is building up inside me, I can’t control my emotions

“I love you Josie” I blurt out.

This is rewarded by increased sucking of my already erect nipple and the vigorous rubbing of my clit. Josie lifts herself up on her powerful arms and looks at my shaven cunt.

“Oh how beautiful you are Amy, what a beautiful pussy you have”.

Kneeling between my legs she thrusts 2 fingers into her own pussy, she takes them out showing me the wetness coating them , I take her hand and draw it to my mouth tasting her sexual desires; she repeats the exercise this time sliding them into my already wet pussy, transferring her juices into me. I am wriggling and bucking on the bed as Josie introduces the third finger.

“I want to eat you Amy”.

I open my thighs wide as Josie lowers her face, her fingers part my outer lips as her mouth and tongue devour my pussy.

I raise myself on my elbows to watch Josie, but within minutes the first orgasm throws me onto my back as I scream in passion “I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmming”.

My legs go rigid as the spasms of orgasm engulf me, I ejaculate cum juice spurting into Josie’s eager mouth. We both collapse on the bed gasping for breath; I lick my juices from Josie’s face.

“Hurry up you two” came Lin’s voice from down stairs; “We have to collect Amy’s possessions from her bedsit”.

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2015-12-07 10:47:22
Most definitely getting warmed up now; drools

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2015-01-28 03:07:18
Love sexy

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2015-01-28 03:06:57
Love sexy

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2013-12-13 21:52:19
You are an excellent writer.


2013-11-12 03:44:49
With this comment I send Princess Amy thanks and praise for submitting such a fine work of erotic literature. Honestly, I love your style of writing, perfect grammar (the best I have seen in regards to erotic lit found on the i-net) the plot excites and teases, the characters are alive and so very well developed-I've been sucked willingly into the lives of Mistress Lin, Amy and Josie. Thanks Princess, hugs and kisses for now...gotta plunge myself further in to your smoking hot imagination... such a creamy sweet nectar you are dripping onto these pages!!!

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