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Cindy gets her tits "milked", and gives more head.
Stewardess Cindy Ch 2 – Humour & Satire

Originally written by Frankel

Stewardess Cindy pushed the drinks trolley into the first class aisle. She liked working first class normally but today the other stewardess had come down sick at the last moment and she was having to work it alone.

At least it was a reasonable crowd. Old Vietnam veterans on their way to a reunion. Cindy was still a little nervous though. The purser had told her that, as they were seniors, they had quite a few medical issues that needed to be attended to in flight. “The most important is their mental state. Some of these old veterans were badly affected by their experiences in the war. You must do whatever it takes to keep them happy.”

Cindy just hoped none of them suffered from penis pressurisation syndrome. The captain and passengers on her last flight had suffered badly from this and she had had to suck the sticky white liquid from their penises to stop them from exploding. “Why don’t they teach that at stewardess school,” she wondered. “Thank God the captain showed me that. I am a lifesaver now.”

Cindy reached the first passengers. “Anything to drink?” she asked. The two ex-servicemen were looking at her chest and for a moment Cindy thought she might have something on her shirt. She looked down and was pleased to see it was clean, although she wished the airline had bigger sizes. Her breasts really worked hard against the buttons. “It doesn’t look straight with my breasts pushing against it like that,” she thought. “Perhaps if I unbutton myself.”

Cindy undid the first three buttons on her shirt and her breasts pushed forward. She was glad they were still firm enough not to need a bra because they never seemed to make a bra large enough for her. “Drinks?” she asked. Neither man answered. She noticed they were both drooling. “Oh dear,” she thought. “They are in a bad way.”

She was about to move on when one of the men spoke. “Do you have any milk?”

“Oh no,” she said. “Sorry. Just beer, soft drinks and water.”

"What about in there?” he asked. He reached up and grabbed her breasts.

“Of course,” said Cindy. “Breast milk. I wonder why that has never been offered before. Oh, wait a minute. Don’t you have to be a baby to get it out or something?”

"No, no,” said the veteran. “Anyone can. You just have to know what you are doing.”

"OK, then,” said Cindy. She opened her shirt the rest of the way and let her breasts spill out. She leant over the man and let her left nipple hang in front of his mouth. He reached up and started sucking on her nipple.

“Could I have some milk too?” asked his friend beside him.

“Of course,” said Cindy, and offered her right breast. Both veterans sucked and groped her breasts greedily.

”They must really be thirsty,” she thought. She couldn’t see or feel any milk leaving her breasts but from the way they sucked she knew they must be getting something. Finally after ten minutes, they seemed to have their fill.

“Get enough?” she asked.

“Maybe too much,” said one veteran smiling. “It seems to have filled up in my testicles. Perhaps you could get it back out?”

"In your testicles?” said Cindy. “But how could I get milk out of there?”

The old man pulled out his penis. It was rock hard. ”Perhaps you could suck it out of the straw.” he said.

“Well,” said Cindy. “We can’t have you uncomfortable.”

Cindy felt guilty. She had clearly over fed these veterans. It was up to her to set things right. She got on to her knees between the two veterans. “How about you?” she asked the other one. “Did you have too much as well?”

"Oh, yes,” he said. He quickly pulled out his cock. It didn’t look as hard as the other one but Cindy didn’t want to take any chances.

“It could be the air pressure again, too,” she thought. “And that could be deadly.”

Cindy opened her mouth and lowered it over the first veteran’s cock. She sucked on it like a straw, but felt his hands reach into her hair and begin to move her head up and down. He began to groan and Cindy knew she had to work fast. “They might fire me if they knew I caused a passenger this much discomfort.”

Keeping his cock in her mouth the veteran stood up. Gripping the back of her head as she knelt before him he thrust his cock further and further into her mouth. As it reached into her throat he held her head down. She tried to pull away but he wouldn’t let her go. “Oh, that’s it bitch,” he said. “Suck that milk out of me.”

Cindy was having trouble breathing. He slowly moved his cock back, but just when she thought he would let go, he forced it further in causing her to gag. “My goodness,” she thought. “He must be suffering. He seems so urgent.”

He thrust his cock in and out of her mouth harder and harder. “Tell me you love it,” he said. Cindy had always loved the taste of milk. She wanted to answer him but was waiting for him to take his penis out of her mouth first. “Say it,” he demanded.

“I wuv it,” mumbled Cindy around his cock. He turned her head in his hands so his cock pressed against the inside of her cheek. She could feel the head of his penis bulging out, making it hard to keep sucking. “I’ll never get the milk out at this rate,” she thought. The veteran reached down and started massaging her breasts. “He can’t want more,” she thought. “He already has so much in his testicles.”

She reached out and touched his testicles as he held her head still and fucked her mouth. She cupped them in her hands and could feel the milk inside. “Oh, Christ,” he said. “That’s it. Look at me while I cum!”

Cindy looked up at him as he pushed his cock to the back of her throat. The testicles twitched in her hands and his penis convulsed as white liquid erupted into her mouth. “It sure doesn’t taste like milk,” she thought. “More like that stuff that happens because of the air pressure.”

"Swallow it,” the veteran said. Remembering that the captain had said that was the only way to safely get rid of it, Cindy swallowed.

“Thank God I don’t have testicles,” she thought. “They seem no end of trouble.” She crawled over to the other veteran and put his cock in her mouth. This one seemed content to let her suck at her own speed. She liked the way this guy’s cock tasted and found herself licking the shaft with her tongue as she bobbed her head up and down and sucked.

“Oh, oh, oh,” the man cried in obvious distress. Realising she had to work fast she began to stroke his penis with her hand in time with the bob of her head. She looked up at him and gave a reassuring smile around his cock. She wondered if licking the testicles themselves might help. She lowered her head and licked her tongue over the testicles, then put the sack in her mouth and sucked while continuing to jerk the penis.

“Suck it,” said the man. He grabbed her head and forced it back onto his dick and began to roughly fuck her mouth. “I’m going to cum!” he cried.

“Come?” she thought. She took his cock out of her mouth. “Come where?” she asked. “I thought you were going to Phoenix.”

At that moment, cum burst out of his cock and splashed across her mouth and cheek. She looked down and another wave shot into her eyes. She put her lips around it and managed to catch the last three spurts. She swallowed then returned to her drinks station. All the veterans in first class watched on as she took a spoon and scraped the cum from her face and swallowed it. She looked over to the veterans on the other side if the aisle. “Drinks?” she asked.
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