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Three men enter my live. How will each of them hurt me?
The Story of Ann Chapter 4: How to Hate Men without Really Trying

Rick came over for dinner that Sunday night and he made a good impression on both grandma and on Frank. He was polite and kind even helping grandma with the dishes. Rick also found out that I had a child. He seemed not to be concerned about it. He even picked Michelle up and held her. Michelle just stared at him then looked to me as she held out her arms and said, “MAMA.”

After dinner was over and the dishes done grandma, suggested Rick and I go for a walk around the ranch. She told me she would look after Michelle. I asked Rick if he would like to go for a walk. He told me he would love too as he took a hold of my hand.

I walked Rick straight to the barn with my car in it. Rick told me nice car as I led him up into the hayloft above. Rick wrapped me in his arms as I wrapped mine around his. We kissed and swapped tongues as we did. I broke our kiss as my hands went to the jeans he had worn.

Rick grabbed my hands as he said, “You feel OK,” giving a little laugh.

“I feel wonderful and so will you,” I replied as I undid his jeans.

I slipped them from him and then pulled his under wear off him as well. Rick lie there with just his shirt and his limp dick hanging against his leg. I stood up telling him I was going to get more comfortable. I slowly unsnapped my jeans as I swayed my hips for him.

The shirt I had on covered my pussy as I removed my jeans. I turned around and bent over looking to Rick between my legs as I showed him my ass and my hairy pussy between my legs. His cock jerked and jumped as it started to grow.

I ran my hand up between my legs rubbing at my pussy. I rubbed my fingers between my hanging pussy lips for a while making my pussy wet. I turned back around as I slowly removed my shirt then my bra. I stood in front of him with nothing covering my body. Rick’s cock was standing tall and throbbing as I pulled a tit to my mouth. I licked at it with my tongue before I took it into my mouth sucking on it. My tit fell from my mouth as I ran my hand down to my pussy.

Rick watched me intently as I ran my hand through my hairy bush. I parted my legs as I parted my pussy lips. I slipped one finger then two fingers up inside my pussy taking them in and out, as he watched.

I fingered my pussy until my juices had coated them. I brought them to my mouth where I licked at them before I slipped them into my mouth sucking the juices from them. Rick’s cock seemed to grow even bigger when I did that. It rather throbbed out calling my name.

I jumped onto Rick pushing him back as I straddled his cock with my pussy. I grabbed his cock and placed it at the entrance to my pussy. I sat down fully on his cock. I took all of it up into my wet pussy. I started to bounce up and down on it as his hands played with my tits. Rick started to pull at my nipples with his fingers.

“AHhhh pinch them,” I moaned out as I started to grind back and forth on his cock.

Rick pinched my nipples hard and as he did, my pussy had a wet orgasm squirting fluid onto his cock and above it. Rick pulled me down as our lips touched and we kissed. I was now moving up and down on his cock as his hands went to my butt. He helped me my slamming my butt down upon his cock each time I rode downward on it.

I broke our kiss as I moaned out, “Fuck me Rick.”

His hands pulled at my butt cheeks as he started to buck his hips under me. Rick’s cock was going fast and deep into my pussy. My wetness filled the night’s air as we fucked each other. I felt his cock start to swell and throb so I jumped off as I took his cock into my hand.

“Cum in my mouth,” I said as I pumped at his cock.

I lowered my head taking his cock into my mouth. I worked it up and down his cock until I once again had it all in my mouth. My mouth was pressing against the hair upon his cock as I started to suck hard onto it.

“AHHHhhhhh ANN,” Rick yelled.

I felt his cock jerk them cum splashed against the back walls of my throat. I sucked and worked my mouth up and down his cock. Cum kept spilling into the back of my throat. His cock stopped twitching and I removed my mouth from his cock. I licked the rest from the head of his cock with my tongue.

Rick sat up taking me into his arms as he said, “Ann that was great,” “I love you,” as he kissed me deeply upon my lips.

I thought his I love you was just a slip of his tongue. However, it was not. Rick courted me yes he was very polite about dating me asking Frank or grandma if it was OK if he saw me. I slowly fell in love with him and he helped Frank and me to restore that Chevy Nova. It was one sweet ride after we were finished.

At nineteen, I was married again; our wedding was a small one that we held at the ranch. After our wedding, we went to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon and had a great time together. We returned home where Rick, Michelle and I moved into a house we rented.

Rick had a job and I still worked at the ranch. We would kiss each other bye in the morning, he would go to work as Michelle, and I went to grandma’s ranch. Our life was going great other than Michelle just did not like Rick and cried anytime he picked her up to hold her. The baby came to be my responsibility not his. I could live with that I thought and we all were happy.

Less than a year later, Rick joined a motorcycle club and he started to change. He was no longer that nice polite person I knew. He seemed stressed or high on something. I found out later that week he was high on just about any drug you could name. When I confronted him with it, he jumped in my face telling me that it was none of my concern. I jumped back into his and he slapped me across my face. I went to slap him back but he caught my hand with his.

“He put his face into mine as he said, “Do that again bitch and I will kill you and that fucking baby of yours,” as he bent my hand back bringing pain to me.

I was scared so I ran and hid in our bedroom with the door locked. The next day when he went to work, I loaded Michelle and all the stuff I could get into that Chevy Nova which was not much. I drove to grandma’s house and told her what had happened. She told Frank who called the sheriffs. They had me sign out a complaint against Rick and they delivered it to him.

They returned and told me he would not be troubling me as they had found enough coke on him to put him away for a while. I moved back home and lived with grandma and Frank once more. I had my marriage annulled to Rick as we were married for under a year. I swore off men and went to training horses, as they were smarter than men were anyways. I had been through two marriages, which ended badly, had a child without a father to help raise her at the young age of nineteen.

You would think I would have learned something from my mistakes. However, I did not and when I turned twenty I had allowed another man named Carl to sweep me off my feet. We were married and that sweet talking man turned out to be a con artist as he took me for everything I owned and had in the bank. He just up and left us two months into our marriage. I found out later he had three different wives in three different states.

I know it was my fault with Carl, as he knew just what to say to me. I did not know what he told me had been nothing but lies. Be careful of sweet talking men as their tongue may be poisonous.

At the age of twenty, I found myself once again living at grandmas and raising my four-year-old daughter alone. I swore off men permanently after Carl. I would not even talk to them, as they were all full of lies. I did not even look at another man as they all make me sick to my stomach.

I kept to myself and the only friend I still had was Janet. Her marriage to Hank had failed as well. They were divorced after only a year of marriage. It seemed that Hank came home early one day and found Janet with their older neighbor in bed.

“He had a big cock and I just wanted to try it,” Janet said to me when I asked her why she had done it.

Janet was my only release for sex during this time. Grandma and Frank accepted her and she would spend the night. Janet and I had sex here and at her home as well. Janet was becoming much more than just a friend. Our sex was just me and her, no brother and no dog. Janet told me she was not thinking clearly back then, as sex was so new to her. I told her we all make mistakes.

“Like the one we made going to that party when ninth grade ended,” Janet said.

“JANET, we promised never to talk about that night,” I replied.

“Sorry Ann I forgot,” “I am going to go shower,” “You be ready for me when I get back,” Janet said smiling going into the bathroom.

I got undressed thinking about that party we had gone too. It was a night I just soon forget. Larry’s older brother Stan was a senior and he was going off to college in a few months. Stan was throwing a party as his parents were out of town. It was to be a party to remember as most of the senior class, that year was going to college, Canada or drafted to fight the Vietnam War.

Janet and I were only freshmen but would be going into the tenth grade next year. Larry invited us over as he told us the more girls there the more fun. Janet told her parents she was staying here and I told grandma I was staying with Janet that Friday night. Stan picked Janet up first then picked me up far down our farm road so no one saw whom I was going with.

I knew Stan from Larry and he was a nice person other than like most boys back then he wanted to see my big tits. I flashed him a few times when I was dating Larry but never did anything with him. I no sooner got into his car than Stan handed me a wine flask and told me to take a big drink.

Stupid me did as he suggested as did Janet. It did not really taste that good or it was cheap wine. It rather had a salty taste to it. Janet and I both made a face after drinking it. Stan drove us to his house and we asked him if we could go change somewhere and he showed us into a room.

We had worn normal clothes when we left home so no one would suspect anything. However, we had brought along some party clothes. We both had the shortest skirt we owned as well as our best push up bras on back then.

Our tops both low cut and our tits showed nicely as did our butts when we bent over in our little skirts. I had slipped panties on but Janet dared me to go without any. I told her I would if she would and Janet agreed.

The party was great as there was music, food, drinks and boys. None of the boys there knew Janet or me as our High School was only 10th, 11th and 12th grade. Stan told everyone we were his hot cousins who were off to Penn State next year. With our big tits and make up on no one knew any differently.

We should have thought something was up when we noticed we were the only girls at the party. Stan told us the others just had not showed up yet. However, we were enjoying ourselves, as we were the center point of the party. All the boys there danced with us some slow, some fast and most dirty danced with us.

Janet and I were both drinking and allowing the boys to feel us up if they wanted too while dancing. Some of the boys did not dance with us and we wrote them off as being gay. It did not take the boys long to find out that we had not worn any panties. We both had hands up our skirts feeling our pussies and our butts.

I even managed to have a wet orgasm as I danced with one boy who slipped a couple fingers up inside of me. Some of them had wonderfully feeling big cocks as well. Janet had even pointed out one boy who seemed a little older than the other did. She told me he was rather shy but told me he had a big cock as she had put her hand upon it while they danced. Janet told me he removed her hand and told her he did not know her well enough for that. Janet and I both laughed at him for some reason.

We had become uninhibited and had no control, as we both were horny for some cock. A few hours into the party, Janet and I did not feel good as we both became dizzy and could barely stand up without someone holding us. Stan told us we had too much to drink and he suggested we go lie down.

Stan walked us into the house and into a bedroom with two double beds. He placed Janet into one and me into the other. Stan told us to close our eyes and he would be back to check up on us. I think we both passed out shortly after he left the room. I must have been very horny as I dreamed.

In my dream, Stan came into the room and he lied down next to me. He was saying something to me but it was as if I could not understand his words. However, I understood when he unzipped his pants and placed his cock near my mouth. I rolled over and took his cock into my hand.

I pumped at his cock then took the head of his cock into my mouth. I sucked at it then licked all around the head of his cock. I dipped my tongue into his pee hole as pre-cum oozed from the head of his cock. Stan grabbed my head and he started to shove his cock in and out of my mouth.

I tried to get him to stop as I could barely breathe however, it was if I could not move or do anything as he fucked my mouth with his cock. He finally pulled his cock from my mouth stringing his pre-cum as he did. Stan undid my shirt and removed my bra; he then pulled my skirt from me. I lie there in just my socks and shoes.

“That’s a lovely hairy pussy Ann my brother told me you were hairy,” I think Stan said to me.

Stan placed his head between my legs as he started to lick at my pussy. I remember it felt good in my dream almost as if it was really happening. In my dream, it went from him eating me to him putting a rubber onto his cock.

“Don’t worry Ann we all will use rubbers,” I remember Stan saying to me.

Stan fucked me with my legs up on his shoulders. I think I even had an orgasm I was not for sure, as suddenly it was not Stan fucking me but another boy then another boy. It got to the point where all I could see was a pair of eyes looking down at me.

The eyes seemed to race toward me. I tried to wake up but I could not. My dream had turned into a nightmare. I still have nightmares of eyes looking down upon me then racing toward me.

I also remember seeing Janet in my dream and she was receiving the same treatment as I was. I saw she was staring at me as I stared at her. Her lovely browns eyes looking upon me then they raced toward me. I awoke in the bedroom the next morning with no clothes on only dressed in my socks and shoes. Janet was waking up as well as she was dressed the same as I was. I sat up in bed feeling soreness between my legs. I looked to Janet as she sat up in bed.

“ANN, what happened?” Janet asked. “I can’t remember anything or coming in here,” Janet added.

I scooted to the edge of the bed and I saw a pile of used rubbers on the floor. I looked to the bed Janet was on and saw a pile at the foot of her bed as well. Our normal clothes neatly folded on the bed beside us. I realized Janet and I had been gang banged by the boys at this party.

“GET dressed, Janet,” I screamed.

As we were dressing Stan walked into the room and he said, “I see the schools newest sluts are awake,” giving a little laugh.

“What did you do to us Stan?” I asked screaming at him.

Stan pointed to the pile of rubbers as he asked, “Do those rubbers tell you anything.”

“You fucking drugged us,” I yelled at him.

“Maybe but you know you wanted fucked,” Stan replied.

“We will tell on you Stan,” Janet yelled at him.

“You won’t unless you want me to show these,” Stan said as he handed us each one photo from a stack of them.

I looked at the Polaroid photo I held which showed Janet and me in a sixty-nine. I could not remember if that happened or if they had posed us like that. Janet handed me the photo Stan gave to her and I looked at it. The photo showed their dog licking her pussy. Stan told us he had other photo’s he had taken as well and would show everyone if we ever told anyone about what happened at the party.

“Fuck you Stan we are not the ones who will go to jail,” I replied.

“Let’s just leave Ann there is nothing we can do,” Janet said as she grabbed my hand.

Janet and I walked home to my house, as it was closer by. On the way, she told me if anyone saw her having, sex with that dog she would kill herself rather than face everyone knowing she had did it with a dog. Janet and I made a pact that day never to talk of it again. It was also when I drifted apart from her as well and stopped dressing like a slut and then I met Sonny.

I placed my head into my hands as I sat there on my bed. I have tried to forget that day but it was always coming to me in my nightmares. I had the same nightmare repeatedly. In it, all types and color of eyes looking down upon me then suddenly they raced toward me waking me up from my sleep.

When Michelle came along and I would have the nightmare and the last pair of eyes were hers racing toward me followed by a pair of hands handing her to me. I saw that differently for as I took her into my arms I would feel at peace, as warmth would fill my body as I awoke.

“Is something wrong Ann?” I heard Janet asking as she came back from her shower.

“NO, I have a head ache that is all,” I replied lifting my head from my hands.

“I have just the cure,” Janet said as she dropped the towel she had wrapped around her.

Janet pushed me back onto the bed and she dropped to her knees in front of my legs. Janet placed her hands onto my knees and she parted my legs. She kissed and dragged her tongue along the inside of my thighs. My body tingled as her tongue worked its way up to my hairy pussy.

Janet took both her hands placing one at each sides of my pussy. She used her thumbs to open my pussy lips. Janet then licked lightly between my lips.

“Ahhh Janet your tongue always feels the best,” I moaned softly.

Janet used her tongue on the inside and the outside of my hairy pussy. She finally pushed my thighs upward spreading my legs even more on the bed. Janet buried her face into my pussy as she drove her tongue deeply into my pussy.

I was not for sure but it felt as if she was spelling something with her tongue. I found out later she was doing the alphabet inside my pussy with her tongue. My pussy was flowing by the time she was halfway through it.

Janet moved her hand up to my clit as she drove me into ecstasy with her tongue. She rubbed her hand at my clit then pulled at it with her fingers, as it grew bigger. She jacked at it as if it was a little hard cock.

“AHHhhhh Janet you are going too…” I softly moaned so not to wake the others in the house.

My pussy fluttered then convulsed before it let go a big squirt of its juices. It was not a long squirt but a forceful wet one like a garden hose does with your finger place nearly over the end of it. That which Janet could not swallowed splashed against her face.

Jane started to kiss at my pussy as my orgasm passed. She kissed her way up my body kissing my belly button, then my tits. Janet then put her face with mine. We kissed deeply as my arms wrapped around her, our tongues dancing in our mouths.

I broke our kiss as I said, “Get up into the bed on your back and spread those lovely long legs.”

Janet did as I asked as I opened the nightstand next to my bed. I pulled out one of those hard plastic vibrators that I had sent away for. I turned it onto low as I dragged it across her pussy lips.

Janet’s lips opened showing their wetness as I did. I ran the toy up and down between her lips coating it with her juices. I gave it a quick lick before I placed it up inside of her pussy as I went through the three speeds on it.

Janet started to rock toward it as I did. I turned it to medium as I started to run it in and out of her pussy. Janet’s clit grew into a little bud sticking out from the hood of her pussy. I moved in closer with my face as I stuck my tongue out at it.

I licked at it as I ran the toy faster and deeper in her pussy. Her juices were starting to flow as my mouth enclosed around her clit. I flicked my tongue at it inside my mouth before I started to suck on it.

“AHHhhhhhhh ANN,” Janet moaned softly.

She began to squirm in the bed then suddenly became stiff as soft moans filled the bedroom. I knew she was in orgasm as she moaned. I sucked harder at her clit and removed the toy from in her pussy just as I did her juices started shooting onto the toy and onto my hand.

I removed my mouth from her clit. It looked just like a little cock standing tall at the top of her pussy. I flicked at it with my tongue. Each time my tongue touched it Janet jerked on the bed.

Janet finally sat up as she said, “Enough Ann I can’t cum again.”

I crawled up her body kissing my way to her face. Our lips locked in a deep passionate kiss as we rolled onto our sides in the bed. I broke our kiss as I stroked her long blonde hair and stared into her eyes. Janet stroked my hair as she looked into my eyes.

Neither of us said a word but I know we each heard the words that we were thinking, “I love you.”

Janet and I became lovers after that night if she was not here I was at her house. She would go to work and I would come home to the ranch to work. We spent most of our nights together at one house or the other.

Janet would go out sometimes however I did not go with her after a while, as I got tired of men hitting upon me. Men at most bars were just drunks and eventually one of them would try to feel my tits or my ass.

On my twenty-first birthday, Janet called from work on Friday morning and told me she was taking me out for my birthday. I told her my birthday was not until Saturday. Janet told me Friday is a better fun night. I told her I would rather just stay home with her and be alone.

I allowed her to talk me into going out but only if she promised she had not set me up with anyone or had any other plans for the night. Janet promised me it would be just her and I. I showered and was getting dressed that evening to go out with Janet. I picked normal plain Jane type clothes from my closet and placed them onto my bed. I looked at them then stood in front of the full-length mirror in my room.

I dropped the towel from my body as I looked at my soon to be 21-year old body in the mirror. My hair was down to about my shoulders curly at the ends. I stuck my chest out as I stared at the 40C maybe even D tits staring at me in the mirror. I cupped my breasts then caressed each nipple bringing them to life.

My nipples grew rock hard as they arose from my tits. There was no sag or hang to them and they bounced freely each time I moved. I looked to my pussy in the mirror. I had not realized just how hairy it had gotten through the years. The sides of my hair was bushy and sticking out onto my thighs.

I looked down to my pussy to see I had a thick batch of a hairline that ran right up disappearing into my belly button. My belly was flat and you could not see any trace of ever having a baby, no fat, no stretch marks around my belly area were present as working on the ranch did have benefits. I turned to check my butt in the mirror. It had that natural round shape to it at the very top of it was a small clevis I suppose where my tail in my ancestors had been. I took my hand and spanked at my ass.

“ANN, you’re sexy still so dress the part,” I said looking at myself in the mirror.

I went back to my closet and I found my tightest pair of blue jeans. I went to my drawer and removed the lowest cut top as well as my best push up bra. I dressed and put my old cowgirl boots on once again. I looked in the mirror and was surprised at just how hot and sexy I still looked.

My tits spilled nicely over the top of my shirt. I turned to see my ass in those tight jeans. You could bounce quarters off that fucking hot ass I thought. I smiled at myself in the mirror as I saw I could still dress as the slut if I wanted too. I took a deep breath and walked from my room and I went down the stairs into the living room.

“MOMMY, lovely,” Michelle said as she ran to me hugging my legs.

I picked her up as I replied, “I get my good looks from you,” hugging her tightly.

Frank and grandma looked at me from the sofa as grandma said, “You do look lovely Ann, so very lovely.”

“You look fucking hot and sexy to me,” Frank yelled as he whistled at me.

Grandma smacked him up along side of his head as she yelled, “FRANK.”

“What I was just saying,” Frank replied winking at me.

I went into the kitchen and got my purse and my keys. I walked back through the living room and gave grandma and Frank a kiss as I told them not to wait up for me. Then I picked Michelle up and gave her a big kiss and a hug. I placed her back down onto the floor.

Michelle looked up at me and she said, “You have funny mommy Happy Birthday.”

Her choose of words made me laugh and I picked her up thanking her as I told her my birthday was not until tomorrow. I put her down and she ran to grandma as I walked out the door and to my car. That Chevy Nova still looked good and as I started it up it still sounded good.

I drove to Janet’s house and picked her up. She took me out to dinner then we ended up back at that local bar where I had once met Hank and Rick. We walked in and we took a table. I looked around the place to see if I knew anyone there. The place was full but not packed full at least yet. My eyes went to the bar and I looked down it. At the very last seat sat a big tall man with short cut blonde hair. He looked familiar and I asked Janet if that was Jack.

Janet looked his way then replied, “Yes, he is out of the service now and works here in town somewhere.” “He is not like Hank told us as I have talked to him before when I have been here.” “In fact he is always here maybe he is an alcoholic,” Janet added laughingly.

“Did you have him also?” I asked her looking to her.

“No, I wanted too but during our talk he had told me he was not interested in just having sex with me,” Janet replied.

“I think he might be gay as who would refuse to have sex with me,” Janet added laughing once again.

I turned back to Jack who was looking toward me. I stared at him wondering if he remembered me. My eyes went to his and from clear across the room; I could see those lovely blue green eyes of his. I even thought I saw them twinkle and I had to blink my eyes a few times, as Michelle came into my mind.

Jack smiled at me and raised his glass to me. I looked away not wanting to give any man any type of encouragement not even him. I waited awhile before I turned back to look at him again. I found he was once again just sitting there looking straight ahead, as he sipped from the glass in his hand. To me he looked lost in thought or as if, he was thinking about something intently.

Janet saw me looking at him and she said, “I can introduce you to him Ann.”

“That is alright Janet I am happy just as I am,” I replied to her.

Janet and I had a few drinks and we talked as the bar began to fill with people. Janet even brought up that matter which we took part of one summer after school which I just soon as forget. I told her we promised never to speak of that matter ever again; she told me she was sorry and moved on to something else.

Every now and then, I would steal a look toward Jack. There was something about him I just had this feeling. I felt as if I knew him or that I should know him. I kept telling myself to forget him Ann you know how your feelings get you into trouble especially with men.

I turned to look at him again but I saw his seat was empty. I looked around the room, I did not see him anywhere, and thought he had left. Janet and I went back to talking at our table. We were laughing and having a good time together. Janet was telling me just how much fun we would be having later back at her place. Suddenly I heard a voice from my past, one that I knew all to well.

“Well if it isn’t the little whore who sent me to jail,” the voice said filled with anger.

I looked up to see Rick standing along side of me. I had heard his was out of jail but I did not think he would come back to this town. I raised my arm from the table and flipped him the middle finger as I replied, “Fuck you Rick.”

Rick grabbed my arm as he said, “I am going to do more than that to you,” as he started to bend my arm back.

“OWWw Rick, let fucking go of me,” I screamed as he was hurting my arm.

A man came up behind Rick and tapped him on his shoulder as he asked, “You have a problem son.”

Rick did not say anything he released my arm and turned toward the man. As he turned, Rick drew his arm back and swung it at him with his fist closed. His fist landed squarely to the side of the man’s face.

The man's head jerked violently to the side as Rick’s punch landed. The man slowly turned his face back toward Rick as I saw whom it was Rick had punched. It was Jack standing there in his flight jacket. Jack glared at him for a second or two.

Then Jack rubbed his hand at his jaw as he stared at Rick then he said, “Son that is two mistakes you have made tonight care to try for three.”

“Fuck you FLYBOY,” Rick replied as he swung again on Jack.

Jack grabbed Rick’s fist before it was near his face. He rather twisted it around bringing it up behind Rick’s back as he moved behind him. Jack placed his other arm around Rick’s neck choking him. Rick struggled but Jack just twisted and pushed upward at his arm behind his back as the expression of pain filled Rick‘s face.

“That was your third mistake son,” Jack said to Rick. Jack looked to Janet and me as he added, “Excuse me ladies but would you back away from your table.”

Janet and I got up from our table and Jack removed his arm from around Rick’s neck. Jack grabbed a handful of Rick’s hair at the back of his head. Jack slammed Rick’s face down onto the table and then picked it back off the table. All of this took place in a split second so fast I think I heard his face hit the table before I saw it.

However, I saw the blood gushing from Rick’s nose as Jack picked his head back off the table. Rick’s eyes looked dazed as Jack slammed his face down again onto the table as Rick moaned in pain. Rick’s nose had to be broken with as much blood that was flowing from it as Jack picked his head up once more from the table.

“Are you ready to leave son?” Jack asked Rick letting go of his hair.

Rick shook his head yes then Jack grabbed him by the back of his hair again as he said, “Son, tell the ladies you are sorry as well as goodnight.”

Jack turned Rick’s head toward Janet and he said, “Sorry lady and goodnight.” Jack then turned Rick toward me as Rick added, “Sorry Ann and goodnight.”

Jack released his hold on Rick’s hair wrapping his arm around Rick’s neck and with his arm still up behind his back escorted him to the door. Jack tossed Rick from the bar kicking him in his ass as he push him out the door. Most of the bar flocked around Jack shaking his hand or patting him on his back as he made his way back to the end of the bar where he had been sitting.

Janet and I both stood there looking down at our table, which had blood and our spilled drinks flowing on it. The bartender and his server came over to us. The server cleaned our table then the bartender sat two full drinks of what we had been drinking onto our table.

The bartender smiled as he said, “Compliments of Jack our bouncer and he is sorry for messing up your table and also for ruining your night.”

Janet and I sat back down as Janet said, “So that is why he is always here he is the bouncer.”

We both turned to look at Jack. He was looking at us and he smiled lifting his glass to us as he gave us a little head nod. I stared at him, as I was not sure of him or of his intent.

“You should go thank him, Ann,” Janet said looking at me.

“Why he was just doing his job,” I replied turning away from him.

“Then if you won’t I will,” Janet said as she stood up leaving me at the table before I had time to stop her.

I did not look to see just how Janet would thank him. I imagined in my mind that she would throw her arms around him and kiss him deeply. Then shove her tongue down his throat while rubbing her big tits into him. In a minute, Janet returned to our table however, she was not alone.

“Jack, this is Ann the girl you saved tonight,” Janet said smiling.

I looked up to see Jack standing beside me looking down at me. I stared up at him looking into his eyes. My mind went very blank as I stared into those strange eyes of his. I did not want to go over to thank him because in a way I was frightened of him after seeing him violently dealing with Rick.

I was not sorry for Rick as he had it coming. However if I thought Rick was the violent type then what did that make Jack, after all he had done all of the hurting this night. I found myself speechless and unable to pull my eyes from his. His eyes shined and sparkled just like Michelle’s eyes. I sat there wondering how this man can have the precise same eyes as she does.

I was still just lost in staring into his eyes when Janet said, “ANN, say something.”

I snapped out of my daze as I replied, “Sorry I was just day dreaming I guess.” I held out my hand to Jack as I added, “Thank you for coming to my rescue tonight.”

Jack took my hand and he raised it to his lips. He kissed my hand gently as a strange feeling raced through my body. I would describe it as almost like a hot flash but then it turned to a soothing, warm, tingle that filled my body. This feeling was not like the ones I get when I meet a person and got that horny feeling. This feeling was one, which very few could give to me. It was more like the loving and peaceful feeling I get when grandma or Frank hugged me.

Jack removed his lips from my hand as he said, “I know your grandma quite well,” “A lovelier and finer woman I do not know, that was until I met her granddaughter one night and her name was Ann,” as he smiled at me letting go of my hand.

“ANN, you’re blushing,” Janet yelled. “Would you care to join us Jack?” She then asked.

“Only if it is OK with Ann,” Jack replied looking at me.

“It is fine with me,” I replied smiling at him.

Jack sat down and as he did, the server came over with another glass filled with something. In a way, it looked like beer or maybe a mixed drink but only lighter. She placed it in front of Jack as I wondered just what his taste was whiskey or some other type of firewater that can turn good men into bad ones over night.

“Here is your ginger ale Jack,” the server said to him. She looked to the bar then added, “Jimmy told me to tell you to keep your eye on the two standing at the bar as they are getting a little loud with each other.”

“Thanks Susan and I already have my eyes on them,” Jack replied giving a long hard look to them from our table as he had sat down facing them.

I was staring at the glass sitting in front of Jack. He picked it up as he said, “Go ahead and take a sip you will find it is only ginger ale.” He handed me the glass as he added, “I do not drink while on duty or much any other time.”

I took a sip and as I sat it back down I asked, “How did you know I was thinking that?”

“From your eyes just as I knew that man who came in was going to give you trouble as he had hate and rage in his eyes when they looked upon you,” Jack said to me.

“Sorry Jack, that asshole was my ex-husband,” I replied.

“It is him who should be sorry for losing such a pretty little thing as you,” Jack said smiling to me.

“Hey Jack, what about me?” Janet asked throwing her arm around him.

“Janet, you are still one of the loveliest I know and someday you will find Mr. Right however I am not the man for you,” Jack replied to her as he removed her arms gently from around him.

Jack turned to me and he placed his hand on top of mine as he asked, “Ann, how is that lovely baby of yours doing?”

I pulled my hand from under his repulsively as I replied harshly, “She is doing just fine thank you.”

“Sorry for touching you Ann.” “I meant nothing by it and I think I have better be getting back to work.” “If you ladies will excuse me, sorry again Ann,” Jack said as he stood up and hung his head as he walked back to his seat at the bar.

“Ann, what is wrong with you he was just trying to be nice to you that was all,” Janet said to me shaking her head from side to side.

I probably did over react when he touched my hand with his. Maybe it was because I feared men ever touching me again or I just could not stand the touch of a man after being with Janet. I was not sure but I did have an answer for her.

“He is just like the rest of them a smooth talking man out to get what he wants,” I replied to her.

“And just what do you want Ann?” Janet asked looking at me.

The two men at the bar started to have words. They started to push each other and Jack got right in between them. I thought how stupid of him as if they took to fighting he was right in the middle of it all. I saw Jack talk to both men then they walked outside peacefully with him.

“I want to leave that is what I want,” I replied to Janet

I told Janet to finish her drink, as I was ready to get out of here. I saw Jack reentering the bar as he walked over to the bartender. Jack said something to the bartender who got onto the phone as Jack walked over toward us at our table.

Jack stopped and he looked at me as he asked, “Ann, would you please follow me outside?”

“Why should I?” I asked him back.

Jack hung his head down then picked it up as he replied, “There is something I need to show you.”

I started to ask more question but Jack said, “Please Ann just come outside with me.”

Jack turned and started for the door. Janet and I followed him out into the parking lot. Jack led us to the side parking lot. As we turned the corner, I saw why he had brought me outside.

My beautifully restored Chevy Nova sat there in ruins. All the windows smashed out, the tires slashed. The headlights and taillights busted out from it. The body had little dents all over it as if someone had taken a baseball bat to it.

“I am sorry Ann,” Jack said to me. “I have an idea that your ex took his revenge out on your car instead of on you tonight,” Jack added.

I looked to the watch Jack wore and I saw it was little after midnight as I replied, “HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY Ann,” as I started to cry.

Janet wrapped me in her arms giving me some comfort as I stood there crying my eyes out into her shoulder. My car was a total wreck just as my life was. A police car pulled up and Jack went over to the two officers getting out of it. Jack walked them around my car talking to them and pointing to us.

After they talked to Jack, one officer went back to the car while the other came over to me. He asked me Rick’s full name then he told me there was not much they could do unless someone or we had seen my ex vandalizing my car. The officer told me they would go talk to him anyway and give him a stern warning to stay away from me.

Janet was still holding me when the same police officer walked back to Jack who was near us. I over heard the police officer telling Jack not to be taking the law into his own hand. Jack seemed not to be paying any attention to him. The police officer poked at Jack’s chest with his finger as he told him it again.
“I suggest you keep your hands to yourself,” Jack said to the police officer glaring at him.

The police officer shook his head from side to side, as he walked away leaving Jack standing there. Jack turned to us and he walked over to us. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. He handed them to Janet and pointed to a new pick up truck in the lot.

“Take her home Janet and I will see to her car,” Jack said as he walked back toward the bar with his head down.

“What about your truck, how will you get home?” Janet asked Jack.

“Ann can use my truck for now and I will walk home,” Jack replied not stopping or lifting his head.

Janet walked me to his truck and put me inside. Janet asked me if I wanted to go to her house. I told her I did not feel like doing anything and for her to take me home instead of to her house.

It was a long quiet ride home with only sobs from me and an occasional, “It will be OK Ann,” from Janet.

Once at home, I asked Janet to spend the night with me, as I did not want to be alone this night. Janet wrapped me in her arms and walked me into the house and up the stairs as I cried my eyes out once more. At the top of the stairway, grandma and Frank came running out of their bedroom. I must have awakened them with my crying.

“Ann, are you alright?” Grandma asked us.

Janet explained to them about my car getting all fucked up at the bar. She told them she would put me to bed and stay with me tonight. Janet told them we would talk about it in the morning, as she wanted to put me to bed.

Janet walked me into my bedroom closing the door. She helped me out of my clothes and placed me into the bed. Janet got undressed and climbed into bed next to me.
I cuddled up next to her in a fetal position as I said, “Hold me Janet, please just hold me.”

Janet wrapped me in her arms as I closed my eyes. I wondered what else could happen to me in my life. I had been through three husbands already, a classic truck and a classic car. My twenty-first birthday ruined as well.

I fell fast asleep and did not wake up until I started to have the recurring nightmare of two eyes looking down at me. I endured all the colors and the types of eyes knowing I would soon see the prettiest pair of blue green eyes I ever saw. They looked so lovely but then they filled with anger as they raced toward me. Fear gripped me for I could not wake up from this nightmare as they just kept coming for me.

I awoke sitting up in bed with my heart beating fast. I was alone in bed as well. I grabbed my robe slipped it on and went to Michelle’s room. Her bed was empty as my heart started to race even faster.

I ran down the stairs, through the living room and into the kitchen. My heart slowed and returned to normal when I saw Michelle sitting at the table on her lift seat. She was having breakfast as she sat beside Janet.

“Ann, your up,” “Sit down and I will make you breakfast,” Grandma said to me.

I sat beside Michelle and she hugged me as she said, “Happy Birthday mommy.”

I fought back my tears as I told her thank you. There was nothing happy about this day at least to me. Michelle asked me if she could go play. I told she may and helped her down from the table. She happily ran away off to play in the living room.

Frank came in from outside and he kissed my head telling me good morning as he sat down at the table. Grandma served us all breakfast and then she sat down joining us. She took my hand into hers as she asked me what happened last night.

Janet and I both explained about Rick coming into the bar. How he had grabbed my arm and was hurting me. Janet told them how Jack had showed Rick the error of his way last night.

“Jack smashed his face good into our table,” Janet told them.

“If Jack, had not interceded my car would still be in one piece,” I said with a tone of anger and no respect in my voice.

“ANN, if Jack, had not intervened you might not be here,” Frank replied sternly as a father would and should do.

“Sorry, I know it is not Jack’s fault,” I said hanging my head.

There was a knock at the front door and grandma went to answer it. She came back in and walked over to Frank. She whispered something into his ear and he got up walking from the room. I asked her what that was all about looking at her.

“Nothing my dear just a man to see Frank that's all,” She replied taking the dishes from the table.

I turned to Janet as I said, “Let me get dressed and I will take you home and get your car then we can take Jack’s truck back to him.”

Grandma turned around as she said, “You can give it back to him now as he is out front with Frank.” “In fact speak of the devil,” she added looking to the entrance of the kitchen as a big smile came across her face.

“Good morning Grandma, you are still as lovely as the first time I met you,” Jack said as he walked in and kissed her on the cheek. He pulled some flowers from behind his back as he added, “These are to brighten your day and may the light always fill you with warmth as you have me.”

“Jack, if I was not married…” Grandma started to say until Jack cut her short.

“Promises, promises, Grandma,” Jack said laughing giving her a big hug.

Jack hung his head as he turned toward me. I looked to him wondering why he had called her Grandma. He had kissed her cheeks as if she was his own mother. The sweet words he spoke to her gave me the feeling they had known each other for a long time. I had heard words such as those from another man once who turned out to be a con artist.

“What are YOU doing here?” I asked yelling and filled with anger.

“ANN, I did not raise you to be rude,” Grandma yelled as she glared at me.

“Sorry grandma,” I replied looking to her. I turned back to Jack as I said calmly, “Sorry Jack, I am just hurting from having my car destroyed.”

“That’s OK, Ann,” Jack replied. “I am here to right a wrong from last night,” he added as he stared at me.

Michelle came running into the kitchen screaming loudly, “MOMMY, MOMMY for you.”

Michelle handed me a dozen roses. As I took them from her, I asked her where she got those. Michelle pointed to Jack smiling at him. There was a card with the flowers so I opened the card. Grandma told me to read it aloud.

“Happy Birthday to the fairest woman in this land whose name I know to be Ann.” “Sorry about last night.” “Signed Jack,” I read aloud.

I blushed as I looked to him and told him thank you. I told him he did not owe me anything and that I was the one who owed him. I got up and I went to him and had him bend over so I could kiss him on his cheek. I still had to stand on my tiptoes and as I did, the back of my robe rose up as well. I felt the morning air tickling my behind as my butt hung below my robe.

“MOMMY BUTT,” Michelle yelled out pointing to it.

I was not for sure whether Jack or I turned the reddest in the face when she yelled that. I picked Michelle up as I gave Janet a little head nod. Please excuse me while I go get dressed I told Jack. Michelle and I both smelled my roses then I handed them to grandma. I asked her to care for these until I came back to find a vase. I walked from the kitchen with Michelle in my arms.

“BYE, BYE,” Michelle said turning and waving to Jack.

“Bye sweet little one,” Jack replied to her smiling.

I dropped Michelle off in her room as I told her to go play. Janet and I went into my bedroom closing the door behind us. The door had no sooner closed than Janet spun me around to her.

“ANN, stop being rude to Jack,” Janet said. “He is only trying to be nice to you,” She added.

“Why, Janet?” I asked followed by “Why would he be nice to me, Janet?” “He does not even know me.”

Janet pushed me in front of the full-length mirror. She pulled my robe from my shoulders letting it drop. Janet stood there staring at my naked body in the mirror.

“Look at yourself Ann,” “You are a lovely sexy young woman and Jack is a handsome young single man,” Janet said to me. “What do you see Ann?” Janet asked smiling into the mirror at me.

I looked at my nude body for a few seconds then replied, “I see a woman who is alone with but her child.” “I see a woman with nothing to offer or to give to a man like Jack.” I paused for a second or two then added, “I see a woman destined never to know the true love of a man or for her child to know or to feel what it is like having a father.”

Janet turned me toward her as she said, “That is not true Ann and you know it.”

“I know Jack is a man and I am but a woman with another man’s child,” I replied as I walked toward my closet to get some clothes. I stopped and asked her, “Who or what kind of man would ever want us?”

Janet did not answer me she only stood there shaking her from side to side. I slipped a bra on, a loose fitting top that showed nothing. I slipped into a pair of panties followed by a pair of loose fitting jeans. I sat down on my bed as I pulled socks then I slipped into a pair of sneakers. I walked by Janet back to the mirror. I stood there looking into it then turned to Janet.

“I see Ann, a plain simple country girl with nothing in common with Jack, for I have nothing to give and I want nothing in return,” I said to her.

“You’re wrong Ann, very wrong for I and others see you differently as does Jack,” Janet replied almost in anger.

“Lets not fight, Janet,” I said as I held out my hand to her.

Janet laced her hand into mine and we walked from my bedroom. We walked down to Michelle’s room only to find it empty. As Janet and I walked down the stairs, I heard laughing and giggling coming from the living room.

I looked around the corner to find Jack and Michelle sitting on the sofa together. They were playing cards; I had got her a deck of old maid’s cards and she loved to have grandma or I play it with her. The two of them looked like they were having the time of their life. They were laughing, talking and carrying on as if they had known each other forever.

“Now imagine that I wonder what kind of man Jack is?” Janet asked me smiling.

Janet and I walked into the living room as I said, “Michelle you leave our guest alone and go play.”

“It was I Ann who asked her to teach me how to play this game,” Jack replied as he stood up from the sofa.

“Your turn ACK,” Michelle screamed.

Jack smiled at me then gave a little laugh as he said, “She doesn’t have the J down so well yet.” “If it is OK with you Ann one more game then I would like to talk to you,” Jack added.

“PLEASE MOMMY,” Michelle asked me.

“OK but if she is any trou…“ I started to say but I saw the two of them were back already playing cards and laughing.

Janet leaned into me as she whispered into my ear, “Don’t you just hate it when a child feels what it is like to have a father.”

I walked Janet and myself out into the kitchen. I saw my roses all nicely placed and arranged lovingly into a vase. Grandma turned and looked at me as I looked at her.

“Don’t look at me child, I took care of my own flowers, that man in there took care of yours,” Grandma said as she smiled to me.

I looked to Janet as I said, “Don’t even say anything Janet.”

Grandma looked to Janet then to me as she asked, “Is something troubling you my dear?”

“Ann thinks she is but a plain simple country girl with nothing in common with Jack, for she has nothing to give and does not want anything in return,” Janet replied.

Grandma told us both to sit with her for a few minutes. We all sat down around the kitchen table. Grandma took our hands into hers as she told us she wanted to tell us about Jack. Loud laughing filtered out into the kitchen as grandma looked toward the living room as a big loving smile came over her face.

“That laughter from that man is something I thought I would never hear again,” Grandma said to us.

Grandma told us the story of how she met Jack when he was but a young boy of about 11 or 12. The couple a few farms down from us were unable to have children so they adopted one. The boy they adopted was Jack she told us.

Jack was a troubled young boy; he was alone in this world as his real parents just up and dumped him in the city streets when he was six or seven. He has never known his real parents and probably never will she told us. That boy grew up in an orphanage. They did not take the time for a troubled youth such as him she explained.

“Can you imagine the hate and anger growing within a boy that was dumped into the streets unwanted and unloved by your own parents?” Grandma asked us.

Jack had been over looked by most couples because of his age or they sent him back when they could not handle him or he simply ran away. Most couples wanted young babies not a grown child or one about to enter into his teens. I asked Linda his adoptive mother why she had chosen him over all the others ones.

“His eyes, there was something about those lovely blue green eyes,” She told me.

Janet and I both wiped at the tears forming in our eyes as grandma went on with her story. They brought Jack home to their farm and two days later, he was gone. They had left him alone for only a few second and he ran away.

Jack was a city boy he knew his way around in the city but he did not know this area to well. It was about a year after you and your mom left here Ann that Jack came into our life. Your grandfather went out to the barn early one morning and found him asleep in the hayloft.

He brought him inside the boy looked like hell. He was dirty and all cut up from walking through the bush and being cut by the barbwire fences around this area. We asked him his name, where he had came from and whom he belonged too?

That boy just stood there with his head down never lifting it or saying a word. Your grandfather told me to make breakfast as a way to get him to talk. I made breakfast and as we sat down the boy just stood there with his head down looking at the floor. Your grandfather told him how good the food smelled and fanned the smell over his way. The boy raised his head as he looked at us.

“You tell me your name and you may join us,” your grandfather said to him.

“They call me Jack,” the boy replied.

Your grandfather pushed a chair out and Jack came over and sat in it. Jack looked to his hands then to me. I told him he could wash his hands in the kitchen sink. Jack did then he sat back down in his chair. Your grandfather started to pile food onto Jack’s plate as Jack looked to him in disbelieve.

“Something wrong Jack?” Your grandfather asked him.

“We are not given that much food at the orphanage,” Jack replied.

“So you live in the orphanage,” Your grandfather said to him.

Jack did not say anything he just hung his head once more. “Eat, we will talk afterwards,” Your grandfather told him.

That boy ate more than your grandfather did. After breakfast, Jack told us we could call the police and they would take him off our hands, as they knew what to do with him. He told us he knew most of them by name.

Your grandfather told him he would do just that but first Jack had to pay for what he had just eaten as well as for sleeping in our barn. That boy told us he had no money. Your grandfather then told him it looked like he would have to work his bill off on the farm with him.

Your grandfather took him out the backdoor as I cleaned up breakfast. I did not see them again until after noon. They came walking in and your grandfather had his hand on Jack's shoulder as they talked about the work they had just done. Jack spoke politely to him calling him sir.

The three of us sat back down at the kitchen table as I prepared them some lunch. As I was making it I heard, Jack asks your grandfather if he would call this number handing him a piece of paper and tell them where he was. Jack told him that was where he was to live, as they were to be his new parents.

Your grandfather called them telling them that Jack was safe. He also asked them if Jack could stay for a while as he was helping him on the farm. He told them he would bring him home after dinner. The man knew your grandfather well and he told him it would be OK.

After lunch, the two of them disappeared again and I did not see or hear them working around the farm. A little before, five they came into the house. They were talking, laughing and having a goodtime grandma told us as we heard Michelle and Jack once more laughing.

“Just where did you two run off too?” I asked them.

“We went fishing,” your grandfather replied smiling holding up a stringer of fish.

Jack came over to me and he handed me a bunch of wildflowers that he had picked. “These are for you,” he told me as he handed them to me smiling.

Jack and your grandfather went back outside to do the chores before dinner. I cooked the fish for dinner that night. After dinner, we took Jack back to the adoptive parents he had runaway from.

Jack walked up to his new parents when we got there and he said, “Sorry I ran away but when one is lost, one has to runaway in order that he might find his way again.” “I found my way back with some help,” as he looked to your grandfather and I.

Your grandfather told Jack he was welcomed at our farm anytime he wanted to come over there. His new mother asked him if he wanted to go clean up a little. Jack politely told her he would. We talked to his new father and your grandfather told him, “That boy only needs some understanding and love.”

We left shortly after that and on the way home, your grandfather told me about Jack’s life on the streets as a young boy. How he lived and slept on the streets as no one loved him. No one had ever showed him any love or cared about him until your grandfather and I had. It also made a great impression on Jack that allowed him to tell your grandfather of his struggle with life at such a young age.

Your grandfather told me that boy has bitterness, hate and anger in his heart because he felt as if no one wanted him, loved him or needed him. Your grandfather told me he talked to him and set him straight on just what he must do to get his life back on the right track before it was too late.

That troubled boy never ran away again. He accepted his new parents as his mother and father. They gave him the love he needed and he gave to them the love only a loving child can even when they are not your own as grandma smiled at me. Jack would help your grandfather every day even after doing the chores at his adoptive parents place.

Your grandfather took to that boy and he took to your grandfather. They not only became friends but Jack saw us as his grandparents as his adoptive parents had lost theirs already. Jack was only 16 when your grandfather died.

“Grandma that boy who was always beside you during the funeral was that Jack?” I asked her.

“Yes, if that daughter of mine was not such a bitch you would have met Jack then,” Grandma replied. “Your mom caught me having sex with Frank and when she found out her father was OK with that she told us she did not want anything to do with either of us and that we would never see you again as well.” “We were bad folks living in sin and she did not want you around us anymore,” Grandma added.

“I always wondered what happened between you two now I know,” I said to her.

“When Jack came along we sort of replace him for you, as we both missed having you around,” Grandma replied.

I watched Jack grow into the man the day your grandfather died. That boy helped me run this farm without him. I do not know how Jack did it as he went to school, played football and worked both farms. He never complained and never tired. I would often ask him if he ever got tired of all his hard work.

Jack would tell me, “Nothing ever comes to one that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.”

Jack also had time for the girls, as he was a very handsome boy back in High School. However, Jack only had eyes for one girl back then I think her name was Elaine. They were High School sweethearts and I think Jack loved her as she loved him.

Jack went to the same school you did he was a star football player he even earned a scholarship to play football at some college. However, he never went as he joined the army in 1973 shortly after he graduated never telling anyone why he had joined. I heard rumors that Elaine had broke his heart however I never questions Jack on that or of joining the army. Jack ended up in a helicopter unit where he was a crew chief until the end of the war. You came here to live with me in the summer of 74 at the age of sixteen a year after he went off to war.

“I removed all the photos of Jack as I did not want you to think we had replaced you,” Grandma said to me. “Jack came home on leave after one year in Vietnam. It so happened that you were spending the weekend with Janet or something as it was the end of the school year,” Grandma added as she went on with her story.

I had written to Jack and told him all about you. He was happy for me as he was not here to help me with the farm but you were now. I wanted you to met Jack however, he wrote me telling me it might be better if you did not as he also feared you would think he replaced you.

Jack told me he knew what it is like feeling as if you had no one as you must have felt when you came here to live. I wrote him and told him nonsense and when he came home on leave, I would get the two of you together and straighten this whole mess out with you both.

Jack surprised me that Friday when he came knocking on the front door. I had not known he was coming home then, as he wanted to surprise me. I could not believe it was Jack standing there when I opened the door.

Jack smiled at me as he said, “Just as pretty as I remember you grandma,” handing me some wildflowers that he had picked on his way up the road.

I hugged him and then backed away from him. Jack looked handsome in his uniform and as I stared at him, I suddenly realized he looked just like my own grandfather when I was a child.

Grandma got up and she went to a cabinet where she pulled out a photo album. She opened the book to a photo of my great grandfather. The man in the picture was in an old style army uniform like from the Second World War. The picture of him colorized drew my eyes to his in the picture. The man in the photo had Jack and Michelle’s blue green eyes as well as their blonde hair.

“That boy reminded me of him as if he was him,” Grandma said.

Jack and I sat and talked. I asked him why he had run off to fight in that war without telling me. I also asked about Vietnam. Jack hung his head as he refused to talk about either of those subjects.

I hugged him as I said, “When it is time Jack I will be here for you.”

We talked about what was happening here. I finally talked Jack into meeting you and he told me Monday would be good as he some friends to see over the weekend. However, Sunday night he called me and told me he had to go back to Vietnam right away. I did not question him as to why as I thought they had called him back or something.

I never heard from him again. The letters I wrote to him went unanswered and even his parents had not heard from him. They went through the channels and some months later they found out he was at least still alive and not listed as a POW. I was always waiting for a letter from him that never came. I thank god that I at least never got a phone call from his mother telling me he was dead or a POW. Another year would pass before I would see Jack again.

I had not seen or heard from him until we ran into him at the store that day. When I found out his adoptive father had died. I went to their house that night to pay my respect to his mother and to Jack as well. Jack was there, he took me outside, he explained why I had never heard from him, and why he had went to Vietnam in the first place.

I figured it had to do with Elaine. Jack told me he was not proud of what had happened and only hoped the best for the girl. I told him there was no reason for him to go into detail of how his heart had been broken I just told him it happens sometimes.

“I am not for sure it was my heart that was broken or if I caused more hurt to someone by my foolish actions back then,” Jack said to her.

I told him to forget about it as that was all in the past now and one must live in the present and dream about the future. Jack told her he might have ruined his future a long time ago. Grandma told Jack she saw a glimpse into the future with the way he stared her granddaughter Ann in the store. She also told him that sweet child he had picked up that day could use a future, as someone else she once knew needed a long time ago.

“That child does not need a coward for her father,” Jack told me before he walked away from me, grandma said to us. “I did not understand what he meant by that,” she added.

Later in talking with Linda his adoptive mother, she explained Jack was and had not been himself since he went off to that war. She told me something was troubling him and he refused to talk about it. She and I thought something must have happened over there during the war as we were always hearing how men came back changed in one way or the other from over there. If only your grandfather was still alive, he would have gotten the truth out of Jack as he always could.

“I had hoped to get the two of you together back then, but I gave up on the idea after you met Rick,” Grandma said.

Grandma told us she herself became confused when suddenly Jack wrote her and he asked about you Ann. He wanted to know if you were still single and just how that lovely baby of yours was doing. I wrote back telling him you had gotten married again. Jack wrote me back and I saved that letter.

“I do not know why I saved it, maybe for this day,” Grandma said as she turned the pages in the photo album and pulled out a letter that she read to us.

I had asked about Ann because of the look in her eyes. I had that same look a long time ago. That uncertain look of never being loved or being able to love can make a person do things they wished they never had. There are many things I wish I never did and only one I wish I would have done but it is to late for that now. I will live that shame for the rest of my life.

I only wanted to know if happiness had finally come into her lovely eyes. The day I met that sweet little girl named Michelle as I picked her up my past came back to haunt me. I was looking into the eyes of one who like me was abandoned as I was. I wondered if her future could change my past.

However, I had been a coward for so long I did not have the will to change the past to give that sweet little girl her future. I only wish happiness upon Ann and Michelle and that their future is bright. Mine own will never be bright because the past will always haunt me as will my shame. The war I have fought over here for the last two years seems like a walk in the park compared to what the future holds for me.

If I am ever given the chance, I will right the wrong of one night. Thanks grandma for everything you have done and given to me. I only wish I had followed the words that grandfather told me once as a boy, which turned my life around then. I hope someday I may return home and be the man he taught me to be but right now I am but that lost one again who must runaway until I find my way once more.

Good-bye Grandma, I love you.

Grandma told us that she never heard from him after that letter. She waited for him to return home when the war ended and his service time was up however he never did. A few months ago, I got a phone call it was Jack. He told me he was back from being lost and was ready to face what ever would happen to him.

He asked about you and I told him how unhappy you were and why. Jack told me "We all make mistakes." I asked him if he wanted to meet you finally.

Jack told me, "She is hurting right now for she must feel unloved, unwanted and as if she is not needed." "They say time heals all wounds," "Right now that is all we both have," "Time to change the past and time to dream of the future."

We have talked everyday on the phone and he told me he wished grandfather were here for he could use some advice. I told him grandfather was here, as he became part of him when he told you as a young boy how to turn your life around then.

I looked to grandma as I asked, “What did grandfather say or tell him that turned his life around?”

A loud clear male voice replied, “If you want to be truly loved, you have to first give love in order to receive love.” “If you want to be wanted one must never take what they want, only one who gives it to you can give you the feeling that you are wanted and needed.”

I turned to see Jack holding Michelle as they both smiled down upon me. Jack walked over and bent down to grandma kissing her on the cheek. He handed Michelle to her as well.

Jack started to stand back up when I heard Michelle yelling, “Me, ME,” as she touched her finger to her cheek.

Jack bent back down and kissed her on her cheek as he said, “Anything for you little one,” smiling at her.

Michelle giggled and laughed as she hugged grandma. Jack turned to Janet and me. He looked to Janet as he asked her if he could borrow me for a few minutes. Janet told him it was OK with her.

Jack looked to me as he asked, “Could I talk to you outside Ann in private?”

I was getting ready to tell him anything he had to say he could tell me in front of them. However, grandma gave me the eye. Then Janet gave me the eye. To make it worst even my own daughter of four was giving me the eye as well. Therefore, I walked outside with Jack.

What did Jack want with me? Why was he even here? How could a man who said he was a coward at the time of war be so strong and not fearful of a man like my ex-husband Rick? Why was he concerned about changing the past in order to give Michelle a future? Why did Michelle get along with this man?

After all, I have been through three husbands already and not one did she ever take too. All those questions ran around in my head as I walked outside with Jack. I had a bad feeling about this man named Jack but then I felt that way about all men back then. Yet each time I looked into his eyes I only felt happiness, love and warmth as it filled my body.

This ends this chapter. I know it was a long one however; I had to bring Jack to life by telling my readers a short version of his life. It might give you a better view of this man called Jack or it might have only made you wonder as it did me back then.

Please let me know if you are enjoying my story and read my other chapters to get to know me and also where you may email me at with questions, comments and if I have any photos that would go with this chapter I will share them with you.


2017-04-14 20:30:48
Ann, your stories are wonderful, keep writing!

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Ann,your life is amzing. Go through 3 bad marriages and still go on for your daughters sake. You are an amazing women. I hope you find happiness with a man.

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Ann, I know this story was written several years ago but I have to tell you, this is the second time I have read it, and I have had trouble putting it down both times. Keep writing

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I love reading your story. I have been lost in your life for 3 days now,i think im falling in love with you.

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