i met a young horny girl online named Nalani, ahe picked me to fuck her aa her daddy.
the folloqing ia a real excerpt from a im chat i had on yahoo. on a sex chat site..(.babblesex )(ssssshhhh)

5:22:41 PM
bboyxxxx: Hiiii

5:24:02 PM
bboyxxxx: Hows las vegas, is it really hot there,? It is here aaaa

5:25:05 PM
curiouslilteen: Hello

5:25:16 PM
curiouslilteen: Yes it kinda is lol

5:38:11 PM
bboyxxxx: How r u doin?

5:38:28 PM
bboyxxxx: Ph is dying

5:38:32 PM
bboyxxxx: Brb

5:40:11 PM
curiouslilteen: I'm good and you?

5:40:16 PM
curiouslilteen: Oh okay

IM Aug 22, 2013 6:51:05 PM

6:24:32 PM
bboyxxxx: hi im on my pc now

6:28:10 PM
bboyxxxx: u there?

6:51:05 PM
curiouslilteen: Yeah my phone died too lol

IM Aug 22, 2013 7:12:22 PM

6:53:15 PM
bboyxxxx: lol

6:53:30 PM
bboyxxxx: so what r u up to?

6:54:54 PM
curiouslilteen: Getting ready for a night on the strip with my girl friends and some guy friends

6:55:18 PM
bboyxxxx: sweet b crfl

6:56:08 PM
curiouslilteen: Be careful?

6:56:12 PM
bboyxxxx: yes

6:56:29 PM
bboyxxxx: cops muggers drunk friends

6:56:49 PM
curiouslilteen: Oh I know lol I'm the dd with my friend Manny. Everyone else is gonna get f'ed up

6:56:51 PM
bboyxxxx: u kno all of the people who can get u in trbl

6:57:17 PM
bboyxxxx: let em drink n steal the car ha ha ha

6:57:26 PM
bboyxxxx: im the dd too

6:57:27 PM
curiouslilteen: Yeah true lol thats why our group has two dds

6:57:32 PM
bboyxxxx: sucks balls

6:57:41 PM
curiouslilteen: So we both can keep each other in check

6:57:54 PM
bboyxxxx: lol

6:58:04 PM
bboyxxxx: ive been there once

6:58:04 PM
curiouslilteen: It does but its fun watching everyone when they're smashed

6:58:22 PM
bboyxxxx: to see camalots opening

6:58:35 PM
bboyxxxx: drunk people irritate me to no end

6:58:42 PM
curiouslilteen: Cool. I never been lol

6:59:09 PM
curiouslilteen: Yeah me too but I love these guys and girls

7:01:31 PM
bboyxxxx: goood

7:02:26 PM
curiouslilteen: Yep

7:02:34 PM
curiouslilteen: So what are you up to?

7:05:14 PM
bboyxxxx: got off wrk n gonna soak til i wrinkle all up like a prune lol

7:05:31 PM
bboyxxxx: mommy n kids r coming home from college in a few

7:05:55 PM
bboyxxxx: then beddyby n work at 4

7:06:25 PM
curiouslilteen: Oh am I bothering you?

7:12:10 PM
bboyxxxx: no im just sleepy

7:12:22 PM
bboyxxxx: first day new job

IM Aug 22, 2013 7:14:53 PM

7:12:34 PM
bboyxxxx: bother me n e time u like kk?

7:12:44 PM
bboyxxxx: <ding>

7:12:57 PM
bboyxxxx: lol i hate when people buzz me lol srry

7:12:59 PM
bboyxxxx: i had to

7:13:02 PM
bboyxxxx: <ding>

7:13:07 PM
bboyxxxx: oooops srry

7:13:39 PM
bboyxxxx: im gettin naked and gonna hop in bath ttyl have fur be good as u can lol

7:13:42 PM
bboyxxxx: nite

7:14:53 PM
curiouslilteen: Um okay? Lol goodnight

IM Aug 22, 2013 9:18:45 PM

8:55:09 PM
bboyxxxx: are you up to?

8:57:43 PM
bboyxxxx: it that you said u wanted from the sex site? if I may ask

9:00:03 PM
curiouslilteen: Babble?

9:00:52 PM
bboyxxxx: Yea thats it babblebble bllll

9:00:54 PM
bboyxxxx: Lol

9:01:29 PM
bboyxxxx: If you're not busy that is

Outgoing Voice call with curiouslilteen ( 9:04:44 PM)

9:04:52 PM
bboyxxxx: Srry

9:04:59 PM
bboyxxxx: Accident

9:05:41 PM
bboyxxxx: :-t

9:09:30 PM
curiouslilteen: Lol

9:11:57 PM
bboyxxxx: :-bd

Outgoing Voice call with curiouslilteen ( 9:12:08 PM)

9:12:14 PM
bboyxxxx: Damn

9:12:19 PM
curiouslilteen: Lol

9:12:27 PM
curiouslilteen: You make me laugh

9:12:27 PM
bboyxxxx: Stupid touchscreen aaaaaaa

9:12:47 PM
bboyxxxx: I also hate autocorrect

9:15:17 PM
curiouslilteen: Me too lol

9:18:45 PM
bboyxxxx: U go out

IM Aug 22, 2013 9:27:36 PM

9:24:28 PM
curiouslilteen: Yeah I still am. Why?

9:26:55 PM
bboyxxxx: Just curious

9:27:09 PM
bboyxxxx: Goin to crash now

9:27:34 PM
bboyxxxx: Aaaaaaa #@%?!!!#%!!! Ow lol

9:27:36 PM
bboyxxxx: Nite

IM Aug 25, 2013 3:43:47 PM

3:31:50 PM
bboyxxxx: hiii

3:32:11 PM
curiouslilteen: Hello

3:32:40 PM
bboyxxxx: how was your night when u went out have fun?

3:33:40 PM
curiouslilteen: Yeah I had a blast. I took a lot of pictures of everyone. Especially when they were acting stupid

3:34:08 PM
bboyxxxx: sweet

3:36:11 PM
curiouslilteen: Heck yeah lol they hate me for it but I didnt post anything so they love me again

3:36:17 PM
bboyxxxx: lol

3:36:33 PM
bboyxxxx: hold them for leverage someday

3:37:08 PM
bboyxxxx: my friends have a pic of me covered in shaving cream w a girl sitting on my head from my bachilors party

3:37:34 PM
bboyxxxx: what are you doing today?

3:38:06 PM
curiouslilteen: That's a great idea lol

3:38:15 PM
bboyxxxx: ya

3:38:27 PM
curiouslilteen: Well my little sisters birthday is today.

3:38:36 PM
bboyxxxx: cool

3:38:45 PM
bboyxxxx: soo paaarty

3:38:48 PM
curiouslilteen: And my best friend is leaving for basic tomorrow :/

3:38:57 PM
bboyxxxx: eeeww

3:39:05 PM
curiouslilteen: Not really lol she's 8 now

3:39:21 PM
curiouslilteen: How is that ew?

3:39:40 PM
bboyxxxx: no party yeay...

3:40:20 PM
bboyxxxx: so how long have u been on babblesex?

3:40:32 PM
curiouslilteen: Yeah no party cause we spent all our money on her yesterday

3:40:41 PM
bboyxxxx: ohwell

3:40:48 PM
curiouslilteen: Hmm about a week now?

3:41:03 PM
bboyxxxx: meet n e one fun?

3:41:04 PM
curiouslilteen: And you?

3:42:05 PM
curiouslilteen: Yeah I guess here and there. I met some really sweet people both guy and girl. But I also met very pushy-horny guys too

3:43:47 PM
bboyxxxx: what are u lookin for there?

IM Aug 25, 2013 4:05:34 PM

3:53:11 PM
curiouslilteen: I just want to find myself serially. What I would like and not like. Figure out what I really want in a guy maybe.

3:53:20 PM
curiouslilteen: Is that weird?

3:55:13 PM
bboyxxxx: not at all

3:55:18 PM
bboyxxxx: smart

3:55:36 PM
curiouslilteen: Really?

3:56:02 PM
curiouslilteen: I told this to some other people and they thought I was stupid

3:56:32 PM
bboyxxxx: dont listen trust me

3:56:53 PM
bboyxxxx: u r right just b careful with what you do n try

3:57:03 PM
bboyxxxx: what are u curious about

3:57:25 PM
bboyxxxx: id love to answer any and i mean any questions u have

3:57:43 PM
curiouslilteen: Okay thanks for getting me

3:58:09 PM
bboyxxxx: yw n e time

3:58:15 PM
bboyxxxx: getting you?

3:58:22 PM
bboyxxxx: oooh lol

3:58:23 PM
bboyxxxx: ok

3:58:25 PM
curiouslilteen: Well to be honest I was wondering what the heck is daddy domain and little girl mean?

3:58:27 PM
bboyxxxx: uhhh duhhh

3:58:44 PM
bboyxxxx: ? what do u mean?

4:00:10 PM
curiouslilteen: What does daddy domain mean? And little girl?

4:01:13 PM
bboyxxxx: whered u get daddy domain? little girl to me is just something to sayy to make someone hot not real little girl

4:02:14 PM
curiouslilteen: Daddy dom I meant lol my stupid auto correct

4:02:28 PM
bboyxxxx: i like the daddy thing cause it gets some girls really horny

4:02:34 PM
bboyxxxx: lol i hate it too

4:02:49 PM
bboyxxxx: dom is dominate

4:03:20 PM
bboyxxxx: so daddy dom means a daddy who bends u over n takes u n tells u what to do

4:04:44 PM
curiouslilteen: Ohh okay

4:04:55 PM
curiouslilteen: If you like being called daddy why do you hate it too?

4:04:59 PM
bboyxxxx: lol get it?

4:05:13 PM
bboyxxxx: what fantasys do u think about

4:05:34 PM
bboyxxxx: do u have something u think of when u masturbate?

IM Aug 25, 2013 4:17:49 PM

4:05:42 PM
bboyxxxx: do u use toys?

4:05:58 PM
bboyxxxx: have u had sex?

4:07:22 PM
curiouslilteen: Yes I have. But with only two guys. Separately of course

4:08:00 PM
bboyxxxx: aha how many times a billion?lol

4:08:50 PM
bboyxxxx: ive had 4

4:08:59 PM
bboyxxxx: girls not guys lol

4:11:59 PM
bboyxxxx: u there?

4:12:59 PM
curiouslilteen: Yeah I kinda got that lol

4:13:07 PM
curiouslilteen: Unless you like guys too lol

4:13:23 PM
curiouslilteen: I only had two

4:13:26 PM
bboyxxxx: lol no maybe a lil curious

4:13:37 PM
bboyxxxx: but im not attracted to men

4:13:52 PM
curiouslilteen: Ohh okay I get you

4:13:59 PM
bboyxxxx: u kno

4:14:07 PM
bboyxxxx: u ever want a girl?

4:14:13 PM
curiouslilteen: Well I'm attracted to guys lol

4:14:21 PM
bboyxxxx: good

4:14:29 PM
curiouslilteen: To be honest yes I have

4:14:42 PM
bboyxxxx: do you play with your pussy alot?

4:14:47 PM
bboyxxxx: ooo really mmm

4:14:50 PM
curiouslilteen: But only curious

4:14:57 PM
bboyxxxx: ok i get that

4:15:24 PM
curiouslilteen: I wouldn't a lot but I do yes

4:16:20 PM
bboyxxxx: lol i bet ha ha

4:16:32 PM
bboyxxxx: do u like sex?

4:17:06 PM
curiouslilteen: Yes I do it's very relaxing at times lol

4:17:09 PM
curiouslilteen: Do you?

4:17:13 PM
bboyxxxx: oya

4:17:24 PM
bboyxxxx: ever play dress up w ur bf?

4:17:49 PM
bboyxxxx: make him wear your pantys lol

IM Aug 25, 2013 4:39:04 PM

4:20:59 PM
curiouslilteen: I don't have a boyfriend lol

4:21:21 PM
curiouslilteen: Dress up? No never had before lol do you?

4:31:26 PM
bboyxxxx: Gh

4:33:27 PM
bboyxxxx: srry my wi fi died

4:33:30 PM
bboyxxxx: i reset it

4:34:11 PM
curiouslilteen: Its okay

4:34:48 PM
bboyxxxx: lol

4:35:06 PM
bboyxxxx: one of these days i wanna play w u,

4:35:21 PM
bboyxxxx: get u wet n make u cum for daddy mmm lol

4:35:37 PM
bboyxxxx: i kno im bad lol

4:39:04 PM
curiouslilteen: Lol it kinda is but it's kinda hot lol

IM Aug 25, 2013 5:03:13 PM

4:42:15 PM
bboyxxxx: what is?

4:42:43 PM
bboyxxxx: id love to see u naked n ingering mmmm

4:43:43 PM
bboyxxxx: fingering

4:44:00 PM
bboyxxxx: mmm is that too much to hope for? lol

4:44:11 PM
bboyxxxx: what mkes u wet

4:45:01 PM
bboyxxxx: tell me pls dont b shy kk?

4:45:22 PM
bboyxxxx: i promise ill b nice

4:47:13 PM
curiouslilteen: What makes me wet? Hmm

4:47:16 PM
bboyxxxx: u here

4:47:19 PM
bboyxxxx: yes

4:47:26 PM
bboyxxxx: tell daddy pls

4:49:06 PM
curiouslilteen: Well I love being teased to the point of me begging to be fuck hard

4:49:08 PM
bboyxxxx: cmon u kno u have somethin u think about when u cum lol

4:49:20 PM
curiouslilteen: And dirty talk oh my gosh that gets to me

4:50:53 PM
bboyxxxx: mmm dirty talk huh

4:50:58 PM
bboyxxxx: what about

4:51:21 PM
bboyxxxx: id love to see u all worked up beggin for it mmmm

4:51:31 PM
bboyxxxx: god u r so cute

4:52:32 PM
curiouslilteen: Like what you want to do to me. Or something like "you like it?""you like how I fuck you?" stuff like that

4:55:46 PM
bboyxxxx: sooo would u wanna play sometime? cause id love to strip u all naked n get you on all 4s and push ur head to the floor n have u stick ur ass way up high so ur pussy mound pushes out between your legs and making your slippery pussy lips split open showing daddy how u lust for me to spank your horny young little tight pussy w daddys dick... like that u mean?

4:57:36 PM
bboyxxxx: mmm you are 18 i hope ?

4:59:19 PM
bboyxxxx: u ok? too much?

5:01:40 PM
curiouslilteen: Mmm Yes like that

5:01:59 PM
curiouslilteen: No its not too much it just right actually

5:02:16 PM
curiouslilteen: I'm actually kinda turned on right now lol

5:02:31 PM
curiouslilteen: And no I'm not 18.

5:02:36 PM
curiouslilteen: I'm 19

5:02:58 PM
bboyxxxx: sweet

5:03:01 PM
bboyxxxx: me too

5:03:13 PM
bboyxxxx: i wish i could see u naked mmm

IM Aug 25, 2013 5:20:17 PM

5:13:36 PM
bboyxxxx: mmmm id love too i bet your pussy tastes sweet

5:13:50 PM
bboyxxxx: i wanna nurse on your titties bad

5:13:59 PM
bboyxxxx: while we fuck mmmm

5:14:17 PM
bboyxxxx: ill tie ur hands to your ankles

5:14:30 PM
bboyxxxx: itll open u wide n ull be helpless

5:14:42 PM
bboyxxxx: at daddys mercy mmm

5:15:02 PM
bboyxxxx: i want to see yournipples someday kk oplsss?

5:15:06 PM
curiouslilteen: Mmm you could do what you want daddy

5:15:19 PM
bboyxxxx: and my little girls pussy too

5:15:25 PM
bboyxxxx: mmm is urs bald?

5:15:39 PM
bboyxxxx: ogod i love when u say that

5:15:41 PM
bboyxxxx: mmm o bby

5:15:49 PM
bboyxxxx: im so so horny now

5:15:57 PM
bboyxxxx: im hrd for u too 4 real

5:16:32 PM
curiouslilteen: Yeah it is why?

5:16:48 PM
bboyxxxx: mmm i love bald pussy

5:16:58 PM
bboyxxxx: its better to eat n fuck

5:17:09 PM
bboyxxxx: slides in easier

5:17:19 PM
bboyxxxx: doesnt pull the hair

5:17:30 PM
bboyxxxx: besides it looks amazing

5:17:44 PM
bboyxxxx: sorta like a girls pussy hmmmm

5:17:50 PM
bboyxxxx: is that bad?

5:18:01 PM
curiouslilteen: No its not

5:19:18 PM
bboyxxxx: good girl lol i like u

5:19:26 PM
bboyxxxx: r u touchin yourself?

5:19:41 PM
bboyxxxx: did daddy make u wet?

5:19:52 PM
bboyxxxx: is my bby grl horny?

5:19:57 PM
curiouslilteen: I love being called a good girl

5:20:07 PM
bboyxxxx: oooo good girl

5:20:17 PM
curiouslilteen: Yes I'm horns and it's daddy's fault

IM Aug 25, 2013 5:26:39 PM

5:20:23 PM
bboyxxxx: will u be my good girl?

5:20:37 PM
curiouslilteen: Yes anything for daddy

5:20:39 PM
bboyxxxx: mmm daddys lil fucktoy? my sexdoll?

5:20:56 PM
bboyxxxx: mmmm can u finger your pussy right now?

5:21:08 PM
bboyxxxx: im very hard

5:21:19 PM
bboyxxxx: wish we could fuck mmmm on my bed

5:21:21 PM
curiouslilteen: Mhmm

5:21:24 PM
bboyxxxx: mommys bed

5:21:24 PM
curiouslilteen: I'm eating dinner at Olive Garden right now

5:21:34 PM
bboyxxxx: ooo u r a bad girl

5:21:43 PM
curiouslilteen: But yes I am touching myself

5:21:48 PM
bboyxxxx: does n e one knoiw what ur doing?

5:22:00 PM
bboyxxxx: ogod good little girl mmm do it

5:22:22 PM
curiouslilteen: No there's a table cloth and I'm in the corner seat

5:22:41 PM
bboyxxxx: i want u to cum for me today idc when or where here n now or later but cum 4 daddy 2day

5:23:37 PM
bboyxxxx: r u wet?

5:23:42 PM
bboyxxxx: slippery?

5:23:50 PM
bboyxxxx: mmmmmm too bad ur not here.

5:24:09 PM
curiouslilteen: Okay I can do that for daddy

5:24:14 PM
bboyxxxx: wed fuck all day n night till u cldnt fuck n e more

5:24:38 PM
bboyxxxx: sneak out n take u for a ride in my truck

5:24:54 PM
bboyxxxx: i bet u look good naked

5:25:04 PM
curiouslilteen: Mhm so wet my fingers are all wet and sliding easily in and out of my pussy

5:25:06 PM
bboyxxxx: will u show daddy later?

5:25:17 PM
bboyxxxx: u shld taste your fingers

5:25:35 PM
bboyxxxx: lick them as if its from ur food

5:25:48 PM
bboyxxxx: im leaking alot

5:25:56 PM
curiouslilteen: Mmm I taste so good

5:26:09 PM

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2013-11-05 02:14:40
curiouslilteen is a cop.

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2013-10-29 17:23:28
That was just a conversation,so if it was a story then it would be good.

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2013-10-27 14:24:17
This is the worst story I have ever read on this site. It fucking sucked

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2013-10-26 22:32:48
Write more please! That was so hot!


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